Space Engineers Makes Crashing Spaceships Into Things Look Crazy Fun

Because, clearly, the best thing to do with a freshly built spacecraft is to crash it into an asteroid. From the makers of Miner Wars 2081 comes Space Engineers, a heavily physics-based multiplayer sandbox game about mining asteroids and engineering, building and maintaining space stations and spaceships.

It is, per the developer's words, inspired by "reality and how things work". It can be played either as a co-operative building game or as a tactical combat game.

Here's some earlier footage which showcases what the building looks like (while still crashing a few ships, of course):

Space Engineers is currently in alpha and is expected on Steam's Early Access on October 23.

Space Engineers - "Crash Test" - Alpha Footage 9/2013 [YouTube] Space Engineers - Alpha Footage 8/2013 [YouTube] Space Engineers [Official Site]


    Well Im very interested. Doesn't look a single bit like it has credible physics but I don't care. It looks FUN.

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