Spin A 3D Render Of The New Steam Controller


    So this is just one person extrapolating the shape based on the images released so far and not necessarily accurate, right?

    Am I the only one that thinks the placement of the face buttons seems counter-intuitive?

      Nope. But it's just because they use X Y A B on the front buttons. A/B are actually on the back as additional buttons (under fingers, when you grip the controller), which makes the A/B buttons on the front of the controller equivalent to X/Y on Xbox. The benefit is that you dont need to take thumb off aim-stick/pad to press 'A/B'.

      X/Y on the front becomes L/R on the D-pad, so we're still missing two buttons. I guess the touchscreen makes up for these, which seems believable to me.

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      The face buttons aren't meant as equivalent to XBox/PS/Nintendo controller face buttons. They're sort of meant more as back/start (times two). If you read the Tommy Refenes post about the controller (http://tommyrefenes.tumblr.com/post/62476523677/my-time-with-the-steam-controller) he mentions using the right touch pad as the face buttons for Spelunky, and mentions it "worked great". Considering his comments in the same post about feel and twitch control I think that speaks volumes, despite how weird and stupid it sounds.

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    so are valve going to have these available in stores for us to actually try? i can't say i'd want to buy one until i can feel it in my hands and try it out.

    I'm still really confused about how one could play a game that uses left and right thumbstick control as well as face buttons

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