Stand Still And You'll See Los Santos Is A Beautiful Place

Spend your time driving and everything whizzes past you in a blur. Spend your time running around and you're likely more focused on shooting people than admiring scenery. But if you just stopped for a second and watched Grand Theft Auto V's world pass you by, maybe you'd appreciate just how beautiful it is.

A lot has to do with the game's under-appreciated star: the lighting. if you haven't taken the time to notice how gorgeous a sunrise is, or how convincing dusk's "purpleness" looks bouncing off a building, take one. It's the secret sauce that's making a game running on seven-eight year-old hardware look so damn modern.

Random V — Timelapse [YouTube, via Gamefreaks]


    I think my girlfriend is a little sick of me nudging her and saying "Look at that! How awesome does that look!?!?!" hahaha

      Yep, my lady keeps staring at her phone off in space until I say it over and over and over... then she'll look up and go, "Mmm".


      Damn wimminz, just don't know how to appreciate digital beauty. :p

      There are a few of us. My wife gets annoyed and tells me she doesn't care one bit.....I still nudge her.

    I think the fact it's running on hardware this old like this is what is most impressive. Graphically, the game is a masterpiece. The attention to detail is honestly staggering.

    The water effects especially in this game? Best I've seen in any video game - ever.

    An incredible achievement and I can only speculate with wonder what they're going to be able to achieve in the next GTA on next gen hardware later.

      As good as it looks, it's still 720p and makes my retina bleed. Can't wait to see it on my PC super rig and proper resolutions.

      But yeah, they did a good job considering ancient hardware.

        I agree the GTAV ocean is the best of any game. Also agree with lillee that the resolution / aliasing look like a sack of balls though. I got used to it after a week of solid GTA, then when back to my PC. I went "WOW everything is so crisp!"

        Looking forward to a PC / next gen release of this, where it will properly shine. I guess this GTAV is a bit like Diablo 3. Beta test with the first medium, next lot get the polished one :P

      The water is awesome, although i think for me it's a tie between GTA5 and Far Cry 3. The tropical atmosphere of the first island in FC3 is amazing and makes me feel like i'm gently floating in the sea, just of the coast of some exotic locale. Just need a fruity drink with a little umbrella in it and i'd be all set.

        FC3 has decent water but an amazing setting. I was 'stuck' in European winter at the time, enjoyed the s*** out of being in the virtual tropics :P

    Question: How are these vids taken? Do you keep pressing a button to stop the character from going into free view? Are they taken from inside a char?

    The game look amazing!

    The only one thing that bugs me about this game, and what bugged me a lot in GTA SA, is that the same cars always spawn when your in that certain car. Yesterday I got into a truck, first one i saw in awhile, straight away there were trucks left, right and centre. Also in this video at 1:06, you can see the same cars at the lights each time they pass. Not sure if this was purposely coded this way or just something they can't fix...

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