Steam Celebrates Halloween By Assaulting Your Wallet

Most people celebrate Halloween by either a) dressing up, b) giving strange children sugary treats or c) doing absolutely bugger all but not Steam. On this the day of Halloween Steam is celebrating by engaging in an all out assault on your poor, unprepared wallet.

So of course Steam is doing what Steam does: having a sale.

Creepy games seem to be the overriding theme of this Halloween sale, and there's some decent stuff in there. There is an insane volume of titles in there.

A couple of my favourites are...

— The Walking Dead, 70% off at $6.24 — Limbo, 75% off at $2.49 — Don't Starve, 50% off at $7.49 — Brothers, 50% off at $7.49 — Amnesia: Dark Descent, 75% off at $4.99 — MacGuffin's Curse, 75% off at $2.49

So yeah, a lot of good games on sale, and that's just the tip of the um, witches hat? I guess that's the same shape as an iceberg. At a push.


    Greenman Gaming has a lot of these titles for the same price, or cheaper and they have a 25% off code to make the prices even sillier.

    Also, Typing of the Dead: Overkill is amazing and everyone should play it.

      I want it so bad but Steam :(

      They should make a Wii U version. Just for me.

        Steam :( Why Steam sad face?!

          Yes, @mrtaco. Joinnnn usssssss.
          (Edit: They let you keep the piece of brain they cut out. It's bliiiiisssssss.)

          Last edited 31/10/13 2:54 pm

    Fortunately for me, already own most things on the sale and not impressed by what I don't! Wallet is safe!

    ...Until Christmas. *whimper*

      Which is probably going to run for a few weeks... so you got
      *looks at watch*
      about | ----- | this long to prepare

        I've so far only bought 3 games and with the exception of Typing of the Dead they're all games I've been waiting to go cheaper.

        Now to never play them.

          I favourite every game i haven't played/intend to complete in the steam library... which means i think it currently contains about 60games

    They've also got Deadly Premonition on the list. If you haven't experienced it on Xbox or PS3 yet, this would be a good opportunity.

    Monster loves you! is the only game I have bought this sale and I highly recommend it.

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