There Are Now 65 Million Steam Accounts

There Are Now 65 Million Steam Accounts

Steam is pretty friggin' big: the folks at Valve just announced that their digital distribution network now has 65 million accounts. For comparison, Xbox Live has 48 million.


    Um, Steam accounts are free.

      So are Xbox Live accounts...

        So you don't htink it's slightly disingenuous to compare Steam to Xbox Live?

        Steam to PSN would be a better comoparison because I'm pretty sure PSN has over 70. But comparing Steam, which is free and gets you the FULL service, to Xbox Live which can be SET UP for free, but costs money to be useful is just disingenuous.

        But judging by my down votes, it seems logic isn't an option here.

    I wonder how many doubles there are.

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      Doubles? I personally have 5. There are people playing TF2 who have hundreds (some have thousands) which they idle for item drops which they end up selling for cash.

    I'd be interested to know how many accounts have a purchase on it.
    What the average number of games per account is.
    What the average spend per FTP game is.

    65 Million accounts is still a pretty amazing number even including accounts with no purchases. nearly 1% of the worlds population has a steam account (if no one had multiple accounts).

      While there's no official figure, sites like SteamCalculator or sAPI do provide stats for accounts they've parsed. The former has been down for ages but last time it was up it had 600,000 accounts parsed with 72 average games per account, and sAPI has 4.2 million accounts parsed with 73 average games per account.

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        Good info, problem with Steam Calc is the people who are most likely to use it are people with bigger accounts (ie. people like myself) so it will skew the results a bit.

          Yep, but it's as close to a statistical sample as we'll get without Steam releasing its actual data. Grain of salt and all that, my guess is 40-50 across the whole Steam population.

    I want to know the stats for games bought to games actually played :p

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