Steam Just Greenlit A Bunch Of New Games

A lot of people think there's a lot of things wrong with Steam's new Greenlight service but my issue was relatively simple: I hoped that it wouldn't result in less interesting indie games being made available on Steam. But I don't think that's necessarily been the case. Steam has just Greenlit 37 new games, in addition to the hundreds of other titles that were recently approved. That's a lot of games.

In fact, if anything, there's bloody too many new games on Steam now!

Among the games greenlit is Ikaruga. Didn't expect a game like that needing to go through that process.

What else made it through? Well, you can check out the whole list here. I had a quick scan and couldn't find any Australian-made games making the cut, but I could be mistaken.


    Just counting down the days for the greenlit Deadly Premonition to release. So close......

    Infinity Wars is Australian

    It would be nice if the previously Greenlit titles were all on the store before they announced new ones. I can only take so much disappointment at titles being Greenlit, only to find they don't come out until months or years after.

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      Greenlight just means that they are now working with the developers to bring it to Steam. It could still be up to 12 months (or never) before it is finally released. Its just a bit of excitement over nothing really.

    Inkfish and Aartform Curvy 3D look cool (for the artists out there).

    Infinity Wars is an Australian game, one that i'm excited to have releasing steam!

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