Stephen Colbert’s ‘Government Shutdown Game’ Is Appropriately Unfair

Usually, comparisons to games are kind of flippant — which is probably why both Republicans and Democrats alike say the government shutdown is not a game. But if it was? But if it was? According to Stephen Colbert, it would be called Not A Game: The Government Shutdown Home Game. The rules would be… interesting.

As you might’ve guessed, boy howdy, does it look confusing and unfair. Just like real life!


    • They’re… they’re not on it anymore? Jesus, why would anyone ever get the Comedy Channel then? I mean apart from the occasional stand-up special on a Friday night or whatever.

      Oh. Huh. This was actually informative:
      From the link:

      Randomperson called ‘Mara’: Have Daily Show & Colbert been cancelled? Comedy Channel is running double eps of South Park now instead? What?!
      Foxtel: Thanks for your query, Mara. The Daily Show and The Colbert Report both return Tuesday July 16 on the Comedy channel.
      Mara: Thanks for the quick response! Do we know why they were taken off?
      Foxtel: Hi again, Mara. A number of episodes were cancelled in the US and because we bring these shows express, when they break we’ve gotta break too. We filled their usual timeslots with South Park episodes.
      Mara: Thanks for that. Daily Show seems to be still airing the US though…
      Foxtel: Hi Mara. They may be replaying episodes of The Daily Show in the US. When new episodes are available we bring them to our viewers express, within 12 hours, of their premiere overseas.

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