Super Mario 3D World Continues To Look Amazing

Yeah, the name could have been snappier, but if you're in need of a new Wii U game to look out for, they don't get more promising than this.

What you're seeing up top is a refreshingly exhaustive (it's six minutes long!) look at gameplay from the upcoming Super Mario 3D World, courtesy of Nintendo Japan.

It shows multiplayer, it shows character strengths, it shows all kinds of powerups, levels and enemies. But really, the star here is the good long look at Catsuit Mario in action.

Super Mario 3D World Continues To Look Amazing


    The more I see the more I want !!!!
    Already got it pre-ordered but it keeps looking better and better.

    Mother of God it looks good. Nintendo sure know how to bring the quality. It makes me a bit sad to think of how many people miss out on these amazing games because they think Nintendo is just for little kids.

      Don't feel sad. I dont think people are dismissing these as 'kids games.
      I'm sure many people (like myself) played Mario All Stars and Mario World to death on SNES as a child. No doubt these new generation Mario games are just as fun, but i'd say most of us have moved on since having played Mario on at least one generation of Nintendo already.
      However, Im sure when i have kids, Ill be buying these games again.

        Yeah definitely. I'm more thinking about the generation much younger than us who never had Mario as a kid, but who are still older than the kids whose parents are buying it for them. Kids who are brought into gaming by Call of Duty for example. I get the impression that Mario isn't interesting to them, and without the nostalgia or parental influence they are missing out on some amazing stuff! I will stifle my tears with that sweet sweet cat-suit action. :)

    As someone who has had more then enough Mario *twitch* over the years, this does look pretty good.

    Again, more and more I'm wanting a Wii U. By the time I get round to getting one, probably midway through next year there'll be a decent library behind it.


      12 months ago, I wouldn't have considered it. But with some recent releases, plus other games slated to be released in the next 6 months or so, it's suddenly becoming very enticing.

      If it wasn't for the price there would be enough to justify owning one by now. I'm super happy I brought one but it's still at that hard to explain rationally phase. I think it's reached the point where at the end of it's life it'll be at worst a GameCube. Not many games but the ones worth playing are really worth going out of your way to play.
      Unfortunately I don't think the best case scenario is that much better. If Watchdogs shows how the gamepad can make a game significantly better it'll hopefully see a boost and a little commercial success, maybe catch some mainstream interest. If they release a DS accessory that lets you use the gamepad and TV to play Nintendo DS/3DS games it'll help things a lot but I don't think that's going to happen.

    Could they just... could they just put a bit more effort into the titles?

    I'm pretty psyched. I loved the 360 last gen, had a great time, but I was pretty let down when Nuts and Bolts came along instead of Banjo Three. Nuts and Bolts was great but I was really hoping Banjo Three would fill this gap. I've really missed these sorts of games so I'll be making up for lost time with the Wii U. =D

    So I've got this, the new Zelda/Zelda 3DS XL, the PS4, and Killzone Shadow Fall at the end of November... I must say, it seems to be a great month for gaming!

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