Super Mario 3D World Looks Absolutely Delightful

Wii U owners have something to look forward to this fall. On November 22, we get this wonderful-looking Mario game, showed off during the Nintendo Direct today. New trailer above.


    Still not the Mario game I was hoping to get excited for.

    It took Mario dressed as a cat for me to realise how creepy his dress ups are.

      The Bumble Bee get up didn't hammer that home?

        I think it's the meowing.

        Just so... unsettling...

          Crawling around the abdomen of a queen bee for star pieces while dressed as a bee takes the cake for me.

      Agreed! It's like that episode of Dharma and Greg where Dharma looks after her friends cat who's a weird guy in a cat suit! It disturbed Greg greatly.

      Last edited 02/10/13 9:57 am

        That sounds disturbing similar to the plot of Wilfred.

    That game looks fantastic.

      Yep, looking fwd to it. Lots of fun mechanics shown off I didn't know about!

    That looks genuinely amazing. When I first saw this game I was super disappointed that it wasn't at a Galaxy level of innovation, but that gameplay looks so TIGHT and FUN! I wants it!

    I've gotta say, that trailer highly increased my opinion of the game. At first I thought it just looked like the 3DS version with multiplayer and cat suits, but it actually looked pretty refined, and with enough new gameplay mechanics to make it interesting.

    Ok how do Nintendo do this with their aging console hardware? This looks like, insane, graphically. The same with that new Mario Kart. I felt like a lot of their Wii first party games looked really solid for the hardware specs as well. Why can't any other developer on their consoles come close to this level of graphics?

      Although I guess their texture budget is significantly lower than other games, and that can use that added memory for shaders and lighting. Although I have no idea how that stuff works, so that assumption could be wrong .

      The big difference here is that this is the first 3d Mario platformer in HD. Proper HD.

    Oh wow. That really does look incredible. Loved the 3DS game, and this looks brilliant. Less annoyed I can't seem to secure a launch night PS4 pre-order anywhere now.

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