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    Mornin' all.

    Just wanted to give a big thanks to everyone who came to the Can'd Meat, I had a lot of fun, and I hope you all did too.

    Apologies for the lack of preparation, the undercatering, and the fact that I'm a terrible terrible person, but you all should have at least been prepared for that last one.

      If I had the money I would of come, but I've heard good things about the meat and I'm sure everyone had a blast!

      Literally the worst. So glad I didn't have to stay for more than 90 minutes.

      I spent most of the weekend on empty TeamSpeak singing "Allll byyyy myyyyselfff" and crying. So basically, it was a good weekend!

        Oh my god, I was there too doing the same thing!
        But you know, separately.


      I whole heartedly appreciate the tribute.

      Oh, meant to say that if my leftover flotsam is causing grief, I can pick it up. Equally happy for you to take it to Flipside and recoup some of your meat-hosting expenses. Let me know if you want me to get it - otherwise, don't want to know :)

    New TAY, let's make love. All-TAY long. Just don't tell old TAY.

      I won't tell if you won't...

        Yeah, until some idiot lets slip to his girlfriend and SHE tells old TAY because she feels like she has a responsibility to let old TAY know.

          Old TAY already knows. We don't stop by nearly as often, and we barely speak. It knows.

            Yeah, but you can at least let old TAY have its dignity, let it cling to the illusion if it wants to!

    Morning all!

    $2.99 until Sept 30.

    Also, meat was good.
    My man cave is now the right amount of unclutter.

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    Every day is great at your Junes

      Nearly every day at my local Junes these four kids run through the store and I am pretty sure they have stuff like armour and swords on and I am not sure what is going on???

        And they all seem to really like that one TV in the electronics department.

        Actually, I lie.
        Maybe once every few weeks they come on through because you should be able to clear out a dungeon in one session so as to not waste time for your social links.

          That's exactly how I played it. Spent like a week IRL time grinding and kill the boss in one "game day". GOTTA MAXIMISE THE SOCIAL LINKS!

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    Morning all. How are we all doing?

    DnD shenanigans recap:
    Our entire group should never try and do an Acrobatics onto a sarcophagus again. I enjoyed my 4th Edition Dragonborn cleric, even though I failed pretty abysmally both times that I tried to Turn Undead.

    The best moment goes to our rogue who phase stepped out of a trap, much to the DM's dismay.

    Worst moment was when we realised we missed an entire chest of loot. D:

      Kinda cruel of the DM to tell you you'd missed it. :)

        I thought that was the DM's job.

        Even more cruel when he told us it was in the very first room of the dungeon and we simply hadn't looked around for it. Fair is fair but how often do you get loot in the very first room? Mucho sadness. D:

    Weekends are too short. Also, I watched Oblivion and Looper yesterday. Oblivion was actually pretty good, and Looper was also great - different to what I was expecting though.

      How was that JGL looking almost like Young-Bruce Willis?

        It was a little offputting at first, but I got used to it. Was more surprised at how the movie went in a completely different direction to what I was expecting. Great film though.

        He really didn't look close to a young Bruce Willis.

        We know what Bruce Willis looked like 20 years ago. He looked like Bruce Willis does now but with hair. He really could have played himself if he just wore a wig.

    I gave State of Decay a go on Sunday. I gotta say, it's a really cool game. I have 12 survivors and we all just moved house! \o/

    If you decide to buy it, be warned you MUST have a 360 controller, also it has a "few" bugs.

      Also worth mentioning it's early access alpha, so there's a lot of work to still be done.

        What he said! ^

        Still in super alpha phase so they are working on KB&M support and fixing bugs. If you are a fan of Day Z but like a bit more direction / story, definitely buy it. Soooo much fun!

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          I'm hanging out until I see they have KB&M support, then I'm in.

    Happy monday....

    Looking forward to EB Expo, thinking of getting a ticket to an extra session though - Might need it, because I remember last year being lines for bloody everything....

    Woo TAY! Spent the weekend playing tech support for Mum at her place.

    Their ADSL connection had been going over-limit a lot, and she barely uses the thing for emails. Certainly not enough to justify 1GB download a day.

    Hopped into the wireless router (secured with WPA) and discovered that including Mum's devices, mine, those of my brothers who visit occasionally, and potentially other guests, I could identify maybe - MAYBE - 12 of the 30'ish MAC addresses which had passed through it. So. MAC filtering it is. Poor Mum had apparently had this issue the last six months or so and been convinced by BigPond that it was her doing something wrong. And she hadn't been able to surf much or check emails for more than a few days of the month (post-reset) because the shaping speed is incredibly low - too low for most pages to load.

    Edit: I felt the urge to inflict non-specific violence upon the perpetrators.

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      If they were connected to your network doesn't that give you access to their machine? I guess it depends on their security settings. There is all sorts of things you can drop onto somebodies PC to get them in trouble. Guide to cheating on your wife, Divorce attorney website saved, collingwood supporter material.

    Hola Tay

    I had a busy weekend- went to a wedding Sat arvo and a 60th yesterday, behaved myself at both. Snuck in a couple hours of GTA V too- I don't like Trevor.

    Last night I watched the first part of "The Hollow Crown," the BBC's all star adaptation of Shakespeare's Henrian cycle (Richard II, Henry IV parts 1&2, and Henry V). Great cast- Patrick Stewart, Ben Whishaw and Rory Kinnear absolutely killed. Looking forward to Henry IV tonight or tomorrow.

    So a Monday Morning Question: Which Shakespeare play would you make into a video game? The Merchant of Venice as a management sim?

      I actually had the opportunity to play a little GTAV over the weekend. I have to say, I am not too keen on the Los Santos setting. Los Santos or Los Angeles... either sounds about as close as you can get to my idea of hell on earth.

        HELL-A, amIrite?


            According to transientmind, Los Angeles (LA) = hell.

            Hence, hell-ay.

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              ... uhhhh?

          They must've read the lyrics to Tool's 'Ænema' and thought it was a love letter/good guidelines.

      Hamlet - SCUMM murder mystery adventure game.

        USE poison WITH ear

          You are in a graveyard. There is a skull here. Horatio is here.

          > Talk to skull


          > Alas, poor Yorick. I knew him, Horatio. A man of infinite jest and most excellent fancy.


          > Where be your gibes now? your gambols? Your Songs? Your flashes of merriment?


          > Now get you to my lady's chamber, and tell her, let her paint an inch thick, to this favour she mist come; make her laugh at that.

          Hamlet, no

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      King Lear as a super-dramatic interpretation with exploration and puzzles being key. Especially when he descends into madness.

      Much Ado About Nothing as a sandbox game where you play as Don John and have to spy on people and sabotage their relationships.

      I suppose Taming of the Shrew would be a moot suggestion since the tsundere is one of your standard character tropes these days.

        Until I actually wikipedia'd that word over the weekend I didn't realise that tsundere was literally a cold/standoffish character coming around emotionally and becoming "lovey dovey". because the phrase usually applies to female characters who beat up on male "accidental perverts" (e.g.: Narusegawa vs. Keitara in Love Hina) I always assumed "tsundere" meant something along the lines of "severe overreaction", i.e.: this guy saw you in your underwear even though there's a rational and innocent explanation so you kick him so hard in the crotch that he flies into the next county.

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      A Midsummer Night's Dream as a third person cover shooter with zombies.

        If we shadows have offended,
        Think but this, and all is mended,
        That you have but slumbered here
        While these visions did appear.


          And this weak and idle theme,
          No more yielding but a dream,
          Gentles, do not reprehend.
          With this shotgun thy flesh shalt rend.

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      Taming of the shrew as a dating sim
      Not only to you need to manage your own action and love interest their is the 2nd relationship over which you don't have direct control and can only provide advice and support.

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    I was sick on Thursday/Friday and by 8pm I was done. I crawled into bed and lay there in a coma until awaking with a ravenous hunger at 4am. After taking a hot shower and finishing off my leftover mongolian lamb from the night before, I proceeded to play GTAV for some 12 hours, only taking a break to pop out and get a healthy breakfast of McDonald's for myself and the wife when she arose at around 10am, herself having been up until about 3am playing GTAV.

    As she had been playing it in the daytime during the week and I was limited to a few hours post-work in the evenings, she was some time ahead of me. I did not realise how much time she was ahead of me until I set the controller down at 5pm-ish on saturday and she informed me I still had catching up to do. I played a littlem ore after dinner but became frustrated by the fact that for the fifth time in a row when switching to Trevor I had to deal with his antics immediatley causing or being in the midst of causing a wanted rating and attempted escape from the police that always ends badly. I temporarily ragequit, also frustrated by the lack of money I was obtaining for my efforts and cars disappearing from my garages that I had spent a pretty good chunk of money modifying. Apparently there is a reason for this as far as Michael is concerned but I spent some $35,000 upgrading Trevor's truck only to have it replaced with the default version the next time it appeared in a cutscene, which made me surpassingly unhappy.

    Anyway, I surrendered the game to my wife for half of Sunday until she convinced me to give it another chance, and I played several more hours. When I stopped playing last night it was not out of anger, so I look forward to spending more time trying to catch up with my wife's progress, which I imagine will extend an additional five or so hours ahead of mine.

      I just wanted to add to the above by recounting one particularly interesting "switching to Trevor" incident.

      Spoilertagged for GTA V gameplay elements - nothing story related.

      I was driving north on one of the highways that leads out to the desert, in Trevor's slow-ass truck, being pursued by 6 patrol cars with a two-star wanted rating. I simply could not outrun them in the truck, the only bursts of speed I enjoyed was from being repeatedly rammed. I decided to swerve into oncoming traffic to shake them off but this only put me in the path of oncoming police cars. In a tunnel.

      So after that carnage of twisted metal and swearing (by me) I emerged from the tunnel with my truck now, as a team leader I worked under in a warehouse once referred to a poorly maintained forklift, "running like a busted arse".

      I noticed I was also leaking gasoline, which was hardly ideal under the circumstances.

      In a last ditch effort I ploughed off the road and up a hill, which amazingly the polcie were unable to follow. Truly my masterful driving must have dazzled them for they immediately lost track of me and began swivelling their line of sight cones every which way. I found myself on railroad tracks and quickly drove off them as an oncoming train threatened to do me some serious mischief. I sat in my leaking truck and heaved a sigh as my wanted rating finally diminished.

      Then I noticed the fire.

      I don't know for sure what happened. I don't know if the game is sophisticated enough for this, so I am only hypothesizing, but I believe that a spark from the train's wheels on the tracks ignited the line of fuel that I had been trailing from my chase below, and the flames now engulfed my truck. I ditched the truck and ran for the hills, not looking back as a flaming door flew overhead and embedded itself in the geography. The explosion attracted the attention of the authorities, so I just kept running, eventually finding myself in a shanty town and uncovering the first fragment of a confession letter.

      Having tweets about other adventures playing out, I almost regret that I wasn't able to end this tale with "and then I was eaten by a cougar", but there's always going to be another day when I will have to switch to Trevor.

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        In some ways, I feel like this should be spoilertagged for those of us who haven't started playing yet, but on the other hand I loved reading it anyway! :)

          Sorry. :(

            No, man, didn't mean it that way. I was more commenting that it's curious that I'm not too fussed by spoilers re: this game despite my level of hype for it. :)

              I know, it just didn't occur to me until you pointed it out that people might feel spoiled on things that aren't story related.

              But I remember I avoided Mass Effect 3 trailers/gameplay videos because I wanted everything to be as much a surprise as possible, so I can see how reading a chunk of narrative based on gameplay elements might take away the initial wow factor for someone who hasn't played yet.

        The mechanics seem able to support it. Hiding out behind a gas station from cops, I found a gas can. A few stolen vehicles and an oil tanker later, I was able to rig up a chain of explosions just from fuel trails left by the gas can.

          Yeah, that part is fair enough, the ability to pour/leak gas was definitely intentional, but usually you have to ignite it with existing fire or shoot it. I am wondering if the train's wheel sparks actually ignited the gas or if the fire started through other means like maybe a car accident that happened further away and the fire just took longer to catch up with me. That's where I'm speculating.

          Recent GTA V Mythbusters vid confirms you can light gas trail with the backfire from a car engine. The mechanics definitely support it.

            Ooh, that's very interesting. They really wanted to open this thing up for experimentation didn't they?

              Did you see the vid last week about the guy who headbutted a car and made it explode?

                Is that the Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter one that got posted here? I'm about 2 weeks behind on all their content because I've been distracted with other stuff, but i'm gonig to try and get caught up as soon as I finish the GTAV story.

      I felt the same kind of rage losing a car I spent a lot of cash on. I'd upgraded nearly everything on it and spent a good deal of money doing so. I parked the beast in Franklins garage in Vinewood, saved the game, went for a cruise and the game froze. When I reloaded and opened the garage it was gone.

      Dude where's my car?


        Theoretically a car is marked as owned by you if you've saved it in a garage and modified it to some extent. If you're real lucky it'll turn up in impound but I think the impound only saves two cars at a time. If you don't clear it out periodically I think cars get pushed out and disappear.

        I really wish they'd just used the Saint's Row garage system. Maybe it's not realistic and I know they WANT you to keep stealing cars because it's Grand Theft Auto, not Car Showroom Simulator, but I'm over 50% completion and I've got dick all money so far so it kind of sucks that a bunch of money I've spent has amounted to nothing.

          Question because I'm curious:

          In a game that celebrates the availability and disposability of vehicles, is there any counterbalancing incentive to keep one car and upgrade it? Or is it like the other GTA/SR games where I just won't feel compelled to keep my current car if a dump truck or sports car is parked by the side of the road?

            Each character has a "default" vehicle that stays with them for the whole game. Franklin's is definitely worth pimping the hell out of. You'll always be tempted to ditch it for a sweet car that's nearby, but your default car always comes back - Franklin will usually be driving his when you switch to him, or otherwise it'll be parked outside his house.

            As I said above, I upgraded Trevor's and for some reason it reverted to the starting standard due to some kind of glitch the next time it appeared in a cutscene, so I'm still pretty miffed about that.

            I wouldn't put any serious money in Michael's cars until late in the game, but I won't elaborate further because spoilers.

            You can upgrade cars and save up to four in garages, but I don't recommend seriously upgrading these cars because they're prone to vanish from the game for reasons that are not entirely clear. You can buy cars and save them in your garages and apparently these cars will stay more persistent - once you unlock something by paying for it the game does ab etter job of remembering it's unlocked, but I haven't done this yet.

            You're also supposed to get a bonus car (as well as bonus haircuts/beards and a weapon) when you link your Rockstar Social Club profile to your gamertag/PSN ID, but for some reason this only worked for my wife. It might be because I don't have a gold subscription at the moment so I don't have access to any online services - however I have been able to use the companion iPhone app to order vehicle upgrades and do some other things I won't spoil for you, so I dunno. It's a bit gimpy, probably because the social club servers have been getting smashed since launch.

          Oh I didnt think about the impound! Heres hopings its there. I just figured that because the game froze while I driving it went to hyperspace somewhere.

          Someone on here mentioned that whenever you hear tips about the stock market to buy big, I did that and waited until it seemed like the share price wasnt going to go any higher then sold. Worked like a treat. Before yesterday I knew zero about the stock market haha. Might be worth a try though if youre struggling for cash.

            I've only used the stock market when

            doing assassination missions for Lester, because he explicitly tells you which stocks are going to go up/down. I also bought Life Invader stock after donig the sabotage mission but it hasn't paid off yet - apparently Life Invader stocks don't recover until late in the game.

            Also apparently Ammunation is supposed to fluctuate based on real life sales, tracked through Social Club, but the stock goes up when people spend money and goes down when everyone buys stocks, so it's really unreliable.

    Motorbike got stolen. Felt like raging. Then felt like going all Batman on the case and came up with a suspect and a plan for the future if I get another one. though no solid evidence. So if I get another one I got ways of getting soid evidence now. Those things aren't friggen cheap, so probably ain't gonna happen.

    Gaming wise. Haven't been on kotaku in ages. miss it a little. Just got state of decay on pc, can't wait to play it. Don't have much time these days.

      That's shit about your bike man, you should go all batman on the guy/a that stole it. VIGILANTE JUSTICE!

      State of Decay is great, spent most of my Sunday playing it.

      Thanks all. Should be alright. If the guy rides it it'll be spotted by the cops. Probably took it for parts of get another one from auctions and switch the plates?

      Anyway. State of decay. I hear that if you don't play the game for long, your stats go down. Is that true?

        "Anyway. State of decay. I hear that if you don't play the game for long, your stats go down. Is that true?" That happens in GTA-Online, your stats will drop if you're gone too long.

          I hate that. its like im expcTed to not play anything else or to not have other things to do. Bah I'm just raging now. Btw spelling errors andweird caravters are from my phone lagging.

    TF2's halloween submissions opened up!
    Anyone gonna submit anything?

      Not planning on submitting anything but I do like the halloween themed items

    So Streetpass Can'd Meat was pretty great. Good to meet @nomad and @mrtaco too (I still don't know whether to call you Gooky or Taco :P). There was a surprising number of Melbournese people there too. I think they outnumbered the Sydneyers (you're letting us down, people who didn't come!)

    ps. I didn't take any of your junk, @shane. Your plan failed.

      Downvote for calling it junk.
      It was quite clearly identified as 'crap' or 'shit' in previous posts!

      Last edited 23/09/13 9:28 am

      I dunno man. Gooky sounds kind of racist. But it would explain the piano...

      Also, QLDr's almost outnumbered the Sydneysiders. For shame.

      And not all of it was junk. Why @shane personally handed me what appeared with a quick flick through to be a homoerotic pulp romance novel in graphic novel form. (I also took the Ezio statue and feel terrible about it.)

        You are the only person who understands what I was trying to say with those books.

      If it makes you feel any better, I don't know what to call me either.

    My diet for the last 3 days has consisted almost entirely of alcohol and McDonalds.

    I feel a little off :S

      I think the problem there is that you didn't consume enough Maccas to absorb the alcohol.
      For your next trip, I expect you to follow an exact ratio and for you to note it down in your dietary notebook.

      I basically had the same diet when I stayed at Faction's house before PAX. I think my problem was I didn't eat enough Shapes.

      Do you know what I've consumed today? Some dregs of a packet of chips, and 3 JDs and coke. IT'S 10 AM. I THINK I HAVE A PROBLEM!

      I'll attribute that to a suspected lack of sleep

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    Morning all
    My Weekend was exhausting, played boardgames on friday, took housemate to Airport on Sat morning, Played Boardgames with @trjn on saturday, almost passed out on their couch, that was awesome... then went and got the expansion for smashup on sunday. Many other things happened I cant remember though.

    How is everyone else

    Felt kind of upvote-y this morning.

    Must be because of the NO UNI FOR TWO WEEKS *happy dance*

    Reposting from Old TAY:

    I have some spare Nendoroid Petits that I want to get rid of.

    These are small super-deformed (they have large heads and are super cute) figurines made of PVC, standing about 65mm tall, as opposed to the main series which are about 110mm. Sold in blind packs, there's usually 6 in each set plus 1 secret. I tend to buy a box when they release them and thus get a full set + one random spare.

    Anyway, the three I have spare are all from The Idolmaster. I have spare Futami Mami and Hoshii Miki from the Idolmaster 2 sets, and Takagaki Kaede from the first Cinderella Girls set.

    I don't need them. They're spares and I have the full set they belong to, so I want to give them away. If you're interested then reply here or hit me up on Twitter.

      Three links!? *faints*

        Hold on, I gotta test this.

        Yet if you edit your post it'll go to moderation if there's more than one link :(

    A week off work and I didn't get nearly as far into GTA V as I thought I would. Back at work and it just seems pointless. I miss my students days when I could slack off, play games and watch the simpsons all day every day. Damned responsibilities

    Also, Brisbane Heat capitulated as expected in the T20 Champions League last night. Can't believe I got back up to watch the end of that match after deciding to head to bed when the floodlight went out. One day I'll see that team actually take advantage of the powerplay

      Working and being a responsible adult with nice things sucks balls. At least the having of nice things sort of makes up for it.

        I definitely prefer being an adult to being a kid. People lament how life was easier when you didn't have to worry about anything but homework and school but I was a very socially isolated teenager and a massive underachiever after having it pretty easy in primary school and never developing any study habits. I didn't have a terrible time at school (like I wasn't bullied a lot or anything like that) but I still look back at high school as being some of the most miserable times of my life.

        Moving in with my girlfriend, getting a full time job, getting married... I much prefer working a 40 hour week to earn money to pay bills than I every enjoyed having copious amounts of holidays. At least when I get home from work, my life is my own. The only people I know who really miss high school are the people who peaked there. Some people were great in high school and got into their preferred university course, but still didn't manage to end up where they wanted to.

        I don't really know what I wanted out of life when I was 18, apart from winning the lottery, but the next best thing is working a job I find interesting enough that keeps the bills under control.

          "The only people I know who really miss high school are the people who peaked there. Some people were great in high school and got into their preferred university course, but still didn't manage to end up where they wanted to."

          That would be me! High school was probably the best time of my life, or at least a very close second. Almost complete agency, beloved by all, big fish in a small pond, and almost everything in life was easy. Study, sports, drama/art co-curricular activities...

    The man love thread!!
    Proclaim your man love!!

    First of all - Man love to Bill Murray. <3

    What a guy!

      Hugh Jackman.

      He sings and dances, he slices apart people with adamantium claws, slays vampires and gets oral sex while hacking.

      Plus he's so ruggedly handsome.

      Last edited 23/09/13 10:21 am

        All incredibly valid reasons.

      Man love for Chino Moreno, Ewan McGregor and Lance Henriksen.

      Stephen Fry.
      I would just sit there and stare at him for hours while he rambled on about anything and everything. Every time he drew breath I would whack him with a stick and shout "KEEP TALKING".
      Oh goddamnit, I've leaked my crazy thoughts onto TAY again, haven't I?

        All that needs is tea and scones and David Attenborough for him to talk to.
        I have no idea how long I could sit and listen to those two talk to each other

      Bruce Willis.

      The reason: Bruce Willis.

      (Edit: Really? Bill Murray? Well, go ahead and proclaim your man-love, I guess... You'll never be his biggest fan, though. No-one loves Bill Murray as much as Bill Murray does. But he certainly seems to expect everyone to try. :P)

      Last edited 23/09/13 10:32 am

        Bill Murray is a fucking legend and I question your credentials as a human being for not sharing my opinion.


        As the codester says - Bill. Fucking. Murray.

        BUT i would like to add. BRUCE. FUCKING. WILLIS!!!

          Bruce fucking Willis is also a thing.

      Stephen Fry & Professor Brian Cox.
      I would have a man love threesome with those two guys. no questions asked.

      oh shiz!!!
      I need to proclaim my biggest man love.


      Hm, who else have we forgotten... Sean Connery, Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

        so you prefer the older gentlemen? ;)

          They're only older NOW. There are no new young heroes. Only pup whippersnappers!

      There is a distinct lack of Morgan Freeman in this thread

      Robert Downy Jr.

      I think it started with Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. But then Iron Man pretty much locked it in. And after Tropic Thunder, there was absolutely no turning back.

      Wil Wheaton

      that guy can play board games with me whenever he wants ;)

      no i'm serious, i'd love to play board games with him.

        Because you know you'd win?

    BioShock Infinite (PC) is like $12 again.

    Is Shin Megami Tensei (put long name here) worth picking up? If I recall @bish has been playing it.

      Shin Megami Tensei... 4?

        I don't know, the devil soul hackers one or whatever it's called. I think it came out in Japan / US ages ago.

          Right! That one. (Thought I heard 4 was getting released soon in AU but maybe I got confused)
          It's an interesting game if you've delved into the main series and spinoffs just to see mechanically what they've done and how they did it, but as a game, it feels a little archaic compared to, say, SMT 3: Nocturne or even Strange Journey, which is probably a better comparison. The battle system plays more like Persona 1 if you've ever played that; if you haven't, it's not much like Persona 3/4, so comparisons there are stretching it. It doesn't have quite the same refined combat, and that's probably the crux of many of the latest SMT games, at least for me personally.
          Would not recommend to the general RPG gamer.

            Cool, thanks frond I will probably give it a miss then!

    Morning amigos!

    I had a pretty laid back weekend, having a couple months off alcohol and whatnot for a bit of a health kick. Went to a driving range with a few friends for the first time in ages, oh man standing still I couldnt hit the ball to save my life, Happy Gilmore-esk swing I managed to hit it straight 175m. So that was my technique the rest of the session and boy it worked for the majority of it.
    We headed back home and started setting up for a BBQ while watching Sudden Impact, a cheesy Van Dam movie that is HILARIOUSLY bad. Basic plot is Van Dam is a fire fighter who must save his little girl from terrorists who have taken her and the vice president hostage at a hockey match, holding them ransom for $1,700,000,000.00...yes 1 billion 700 million. Im glad we watched it though, it felt like more a comedy with how much we were laughing at it.
    Batman: Under the Red Hood came on TV afterwards, such a good movie.
    Played some GTAV, felt like a bit of a pychopath. I had a collosion with a gentleman who proceeded to pull me from my vehicle and lay the smackdown on me. I reversed over his legs, poured gasoline over him and ignited the trail via blowing up his vehicle.

    Happy Monday \o/

    EDIT: Spelling.

    Last edited 23/09/13 10:37 am

      Reading: . o O (Oh well, GTAV does probably make you feel like a bit of a psychopath just due to the unavoidable collateral damage. But I don't know if that qualifies for... *reads* ...Nope. You a straight-up psycho, Vonsack. You damaged as hell.)

        You're beginning to sound like my therapist.


    Stuff in dot point form!

    - woke up with the beginnings of a migraine today. but instead of staying home in bed & being a totally justified sook, I'm at work popping painkillers every few hours trying to to throw up. because thanks barry o'farrel for taking away our one-day-of-sick-leave-without-doctors-certificate things. fun times.

    - parents have a talent for making any conversation awkward (i think they do it intentionally). on the phone with my mother last night, mentioned going to see Sharknado the other week.
    "oh who'd you go with?"
    "just a friend"
    "is it.... a girl?"
    *seeing where this is heading* "sigh...yes."
    "a... girlfriend?" *tone is getting more suggestive by the second*
    "why not? are you gay?"
    "no, she's just not interested"
    "in that case, there's a girl I work with about your age. she's cute. I'll give her your number &..."

    - GTA V (early-ish game spoilers. before the first heist at any rate.)
    that mission where you infiltrate the facebook / apple expy to sabotage the prototype phone... is its just me, or was anyone else proper shocked when the the CEO gets half his face blown off? I mean, it seems that was played for laughs, but it was just way too abrupt to be funny.

    - more GTA V stuff. I don't like Trevor. though he does sport a rockin' beard.

      I wasted a lot of the available time I had with GTA V driving to every available barber shop, hoping to find new styles.

      To my despair, no-one would shave Michael's head.

      [Edit: Also: Oh godammit, no! Don't start a mission, I just want to get into the house to change wardrobe from this crap! And maybe watch TV on the couch while I try to eat/have a conversation! The game seems determined to conspire to keep you from your current goal, and while that may be cool most of the time, it's a pain in the ass if you have a RL reason for trying to reach a certain activity in-game.]

      Last edited 23/09/13 10:37 am

        After toying around with hairstyles for a bit, I discovered one that made Michael look almost exactly like Mr Blonde

      Siblings are the best because when my sister got married and had a kid, on both occassions my other sister and I were all "AW YUS, PRESSURE IS OFF" and then we high fived.
      Parents have their grandchild. They are happy.

        I have 3 younger brothers, all of whom have partners.
        You'd think the with 3/4 sorted that the pressure would be off, but that is not the case, unfortunately...

        My parents despair of grandchildren. One of their sons is gay, one is shy and lazy, and another is an incurable commitophobe/lech.

          just coz you're gay doesnt mean you cant have a kid.

            Well. He also doesn't want to. He'll probably get a cat, at best.

              pets are a viable replacement for children. thats the path i'm going down anyway...

          My mother has accepted my childfree lifestyle but she has started acting as a surrogate grandmother to the small children that live in the town where her and my stepfather operate the local postoffice/general store.

        My parents tried to talk me out of having kids. Le sigh.

      I don't think it was played for laughs as Michael is all "I'm sure he was an asshole but I don;t think he deserved to get his head blown off on TV."

      I was well shocked.

        i swear he was laughing when it happened. in a HOLY SHIT THATS MESSED UP sorta way, but laughing nevertheless...

      I used to get that from both sets of grandparents,
      Luckily my parents stopped them doing that... I dont know how you could get your parents to stop.
      Main thing is, as long as you are happy with where you are that's what matters :)

        But if their genetic line ends with you, then their bid at immortality has failed! That's of significance to them! Who cares what YOU want, you were simply a step in their plan for defying mortality!

          I dont think they'd want to take the chance that their grandchild might be a *shudder* ....

      I kinda expected that bit with the Lifehacker Phone - because everyone knows, 1) there's room for an extra mobo in a mobile device, and 2) hackers can make your device blow up by hacking it - heck, the hackers in Die Hard 4.0 managed to download C4 into that one guys computer.

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