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    17hrs spent on Pokemon this weekend... And I'm probably not even the worst! :P

      damn man, i spent about an hour... trying to get GTAV and beyond: two souls off my back first...

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        Think I'm on the home stretch of Beyond: Two Souls. I'm going to miss it.

          are you getting all the feels??? cause im looking forward to them!!!

            There's feels a-plenty, but this is more a character study than emotional roller coaster of Heavy Rain!

      I only managed to get a total of 9.5 hours over the weekend, made it to the second gym... my team average atm is about level 29.

      Loving every, single, second so far... Except the roller blades, I like the concept, but I feel the execution was flawed... I want the option of being able to toggle them. I know the d-pad allows walking without them, but having to switch between stick and d-pad is not what I would call ideal. Oh well, having the dowsing machine equipped unequips the skates.

      Approximately 7 hours for me. Second gym.

        Man I must've been wasting a lot of time, I'm only a little bit after the second gym! haha

          I've been wasting time also. In terms of; I catch every Pokemon I encounter (that I do not already have) and I never run from a battle.

    Morning all!

    So kitty turned up Saturday morning... shed gone missing from Friday morning... Id left the garage door open just a smidge and put a bed inside there for her hoping she makes it back.... i was up all nightchecking the garage every half an hour. Imust have fallen asleep at about 5am, woke up at am and checked and she was right there... first thing she did was run in, rub herself against my legs, then jump in bed under the doona. so relieved... \o/

    Also damn all you bastards for organising a birthday meet in the city! the tally for the day was about $160 on games, $200 on blurays and god knows what else... i know im going to feel it closer to next pay day.... :S

    So picked up Pokemon Y whilst in the city, im realising that the game is going to take forever for me to finish because i take my sweet time levelling all my pokemon evenly, and being unable to leave an area until i capture one of every pokemon in the area... lack of funds for pokeballs may soon put a stop to that...

    But im totally stoked because I FOUND MY PIKACHOX!!! \o/

    So anyway, i pushed pokemon aside so i can finish GTAV, just when i think its over, it just keeps going!!! Story spoiler below (closer to the end of the storyline):

    I've just finished rescuing Lamar's sorry ass from a drug deal gone wrong. Did the big Union Depository job, managed to get away with a little over 200 million...

    Oh and also was glad to see that lawyer chick get sucked up intothe plane engine \o/

    also, is it just me, but damn, it seems like Franklin cant catch a break without his jealous homies bitching about how he's doing well for himself now...

    Also when i finish the campaign i might attempt to hit up the stock market... ie. buy cheap shares in a shitty company, then drive to the opposition and take them out? not sure if its possible, but will have a crack at it...

    so hopefully i can wrap it up tonight so i can move onto beyond two souls which i also picked up on saturday, so i can then focus on my pokepals...

      Excellent news about your cat pal!

      There have been conflicting reports but overall it seems that your in-game actions don't have too much of an effect on the stock market. I tried manipulating the market by blowing up clucking bell trucks and workers at the factory in the north but the share prices stayed the same. It could be that it takes the markets a little while to respond to actions

        Some sites I read showed how to read a relatively predictable pattern for the player-influenced stocks. Predictable over days/weeks more than in-game. If you don't like where your stocks are, though, you can always waste some time by sleeping to save game (don't have to actually save). Some of them end up in the toilet and stay there, though. Like LifeInvader.

      Did you do all the Assassination missions? Word on the street is that you wait until
      you've completed most of the game and got some sweet heist money before you do them, so that you have many millions to invest in the stocks before and after missions.

        unfortunately.... i only made a measly 200k because of that.... /o\

          :C I had done the first two before I realized, and did the random stranger pickup where he gives you a stock tip in exchange for getting him to the airport.

      Molly dying like that bothered me more than the torture scene honestly. Was just kinda brutal and undeserved I thought, especially since it was totally unnecessary in the end.
      Though I do like that she ran the fuck away from you like that - seemed to be the only character who really comprehended how much of an unstoppable, murdering psycho Michael/the player was.

    Uni today, One day round-trip to Adelaide tomorrow, Uni Wednesday with a presentation in the afternoon.

    Ugh, fuck this.

    Greetings and Salutations TAY, how be you all on this *shudder* Monday morning?
    I for one am greatly surprised by just how much I am enjoying Pokemon Y.
    I seriously don't think I have had this much fun since I played Pokemon Red, though I only just came to the realisation that my party consists of pretty much the same as what I played in Red (not sure about spoilers in regards to pokemon types, so I won't bother listing), so basically I just feel like I am playing an upgraded version of Red... which is frelling awesome!

      Yeah aside from my starter (Chespin ftw), my entire party is 1st gen Pokemon.

      It really feels like the entire series has been building up to this game, to me. At first I was disappointed with how few new Pokemon I seemed to be encountering, but realising just how diverse the selection is this time around it kinda put that out of my mind (encountering Dragon types before the second gym? Who'd've thought!)

    Morning Tay...
    Wind Waker HD is pretty freaking great.

    That is all

      Oh man, it really is. Like the game so much though it's losing me a little as I get closer to the end.

      So damn pretty, though!

        Pretty, amazing music, quirky humour... me likey a lot :P...
        Haven't gotten very far into it yet though
        I only just met with the Deku Tree
        But i am loving it so much... and the sailing... omg the sailing is awesome XD

          The sailing is incredibly relaxing. Especially when this music kicks in! :D

            Exactly! :P
            Am so glad that i get to experience this now, it's a game i can immerse myself in and just explore... AND I LOVE IT \o/

            I swear that song only ever kicks in when I'm like 10 metres from an island, and then I have to disembark. Stupid night-times, and stupid swift sail making everything so much faster.

      I'm racing my son to the finish of Wind Waker HD. I'm actually doing the side missions as I come across them, where he just does the story and then finds a walkthrough and scams the rest. I'll forgive him...for now. :)

    Oh man, Heavy Rain's a part of that Video Game Orchestra dealy! That had an amazing score!

    So is anyone else having trouble interacting with Franklin's dog Chop in GTA V (PS3)? I can't get the mutt to do anything. You're apparently supposed to press R1 to interact, but all Franklin does is duck for cover.

      Yeah, barely worked most of the time for me and seemed so useless in an otherwise well realized game. I just ignored the urchin mostly. :S

      same as me on the 360... kind of funny though... yesterday he jumped in a car with me, drove from Franklins house into the city, when someone swore at me for accidently running over his friend... Chop decides to open the door and jump out of a car moving at 80km p/h and start chasing after him... i tried to follow chop on foot until i got hit by a car, then i had no idea where he went and couldnt call him back.... hes not always at my place either so i have no idea where im meant to pick him up from...

        Yeah, a "Yo I got this, dog," button would be handy when travelling with companions.

        On a man-date with Trevor (as Michael), I parked the car outside the golf club and was tapping away on my mobile to transfer enough funds to pay the green fees... when some douchenozzle NPC pulls me out of the car to start beating me up. So I decide, "Alright, my strength stat needs some upping..." and go to duke it out, when Trevor pulls out a fucking machinegun and sprays everyone.


        And I'm grumbling, "Jesus, Trevor!" and trying to zoom us out of there, and Trevor keeps fucking spraying the cops and randoms with submachinegun fire out the passenger window.

        It was certainly very in-character, at least.

      Works fine for me, gotta be right next to him and his kennel though, hold down R1 then whilst doing that press L2 or R2 to take him for a walk or get him to search for special items.

    I pulled my upright JAMMA arcade cabinet out of storage over the weekend. Damn thing has some rust and corrosion which needs repairing before I am game to turn it on. Not that I mind, as that's half the fun of owning one!

    The plan is to get it working again, put in a new coin mech, and then pimp the sucker out. I'm leaning towards a black and chrome finish with a full set of Ghosts n Goblins decals at this stage. Once I've finished spending money on the cab, I'll get back to sourcing an original Ghouls n Ghosts PCB, cause those suckers are rare and damn expensive. /sigh

      I think @Freezespreston is making one of these dealies!

        Difference between planning and doing :P

        Also sounds like he's doing a legit GnG cabinet. I'm cheating with a PC MAME setup.

          Yeah it's a "legit" JAMMA cab. MAME will be for the next one, as I want an R-Type cab, but I'm damned if I want to pay for the original PCB...

          The Ghosts n Goblins original 2 board PCBs are pretty easy to find....pity the sequel is a different story.

    Repost because egotism.

    Dark Souls 2! \o/

    Ye gods that sucked getting up at 4:45am. Especially after Pokemoning until 1am.

    Anyway without further ado I picked the Warrior class (something I figured I knew to face the unfamiliar) and ventured forth.
    That wasn't quite what I expected. Still unmistakably Dark Souls but many of the quirks I associated with the game removed. Some changes I liked, some I think I will like given time to flourish in the full game and some I just don't think I'll ever particularly like.

    First thing that I noticed was the animations. Oh my god. The improvement is beyond anything I expected. You're character moves so smooth and fluidly. Even the bulkily armoured warrior moved with the practiced grace of experience. Every attack links from the previous one in one motion. It really is great to watch and control. The detail in the world is a real step up as well. The ground is no longer one texture just repeated along with the odd tuft of grass. The beta opened up in a forest and the ground covered in grass and rocks, irregularities here and there. Surprising how the small details make the world that little more immersive.

    Next thing I found was a message. The systems been given a small but important change. You can now write several statements in one message. Ie: [Be wary of ambush ahead. Use caution. Consider dashing through.] Makes the messages have the potential to be far more useful. Or misleading. I left a message at the top of a ladder at a fatal height [Giant enemy waiting on ladder. Try jumping off.] Makes you think twice about it with the threat of a giant enemy :3

    The enemies seem much more aggressive. The zombies are still just trash but the giant shambling fat things with dual sickles are deceptively fast and don't let up pressuring you, which is a pain since one blocked swipe takes your entire stamina bar away and the next one is only a second away. There's also some thieves who do almost no damage but are lightning quick and can attack 2-3 times a second. When encountering several at once it makes it a bit of a challenge.

    Some minor gripes.

    The world felt a little too open. I've always associated Dark Souls with being an open dungeon crawl. Everything tinged with a slight feeling of claustrophobia. This one felt a tad directionless. Might not be a bad thing in the entire game sense but it bugged me a bit throughout, perhaps unreasonably. They've taken away the jump (or changed how it works? Did see a ledge that looked like I could jump too with an item on it but couldn't work it out), while not really necessary I missed more than I thought I would. They've also taken a step back with the stat screens and used obtuse icons ala Demon's Souls rather than the plain english of Dark Souls.

    Major personal gripe.

    Started the game and noticed the weapon damage was 484. Thought wow they've started us off strong but first encounter with a zombie showed they have about 3000 hp. I hate when they just start throwing big numbers out. Makes them seem almost arbitrary and without impact. Dark Souls you noticed a definite difference between 20 and 50 damage. Dark Souls 2 there's not a lot between 100-200.

    Decided to try some different characters.

    Magic has been nerfed HARD (sorry @trjn). Gave me 20 soul arrows and it took 6 to kill the first zombie. Considering what lay ahead... Yeah.

    Dual Swordsman
    Fast moving and fast attacking he could deal out a lot of damage in a short time. No defence at all. Also took a lot of damage in a short time. I couldn't quite grasp the play style needed in the short time I had with him. Seems very skill dependent and should be a blast to master.

    Temple Knight
    Oh yeah baby. This is my jam! Heavily armoured, carrying a halberd, crescent axe and miracle bell, this guy is built for heavy melee. And his backstab is glorious. Kicks them behind the knee then two hands the axe overhead and buries it in their skull. Looks awesome and everything is identified as a Dragonrider. I think I found my starting class.

    Online features
    Completely broken. All I got were error messages whenever I tried to summon or be summoned. Didn't get invaded once and couldn't invade. Also once I quit and tried a new character all summon signs disappeared completely. So didn't get to try that. There is a normal White Soapstone and a Small one with the small signs being identified as Shades rather than Phantoms. No idea what that meant as I never got to try. Bloodstains, ghosts and messages worked as usual and with no problems.

    Overall I loved it and am hype overdrive for March. Cannot wait to get a hold of the full experience and lose myself in the game for another couple of hundred hours.


    I would love it If Pokémon X/Y had a better aspect ratio, the game feels a little narrow at times.

    Maybe it's just me.

      I wish the overworld was in 3D. The terrain was clearly designed for it in mind!

        totally agree...i guess they did that to minimise eye strain from extended play... you know cause some people spent like nearly 20hrs out of 2 days!!! not pointing at anyone specifically (ahem, @powalen ), but im sure their eyeballs would be hanging outside of their sockets by now, bruised, battered, and veins poking out...

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    Hola Tayberinos

    I had a busy weekend! Bowling with work Friday night, picked parents up from airport Saturday morning, mates over for board games Saturday night (CHOO CHOO) and Bathurst party on Sunday.

    Need another w'end to recover!

    A Monday Morning Question: Now that Bathurst is in both GT6 and Forza 5, it's time for more Australian landmarks to make it into video games. Which landmarks should be put into games of any genre?

      I'd still love a fallout style urban decay of one of the major cities, either Melbourne or Sydney XD... possibly with zombies... no wait...
      definitely zombies

        Imagine bogan zombies..



          The L4D pipebomb equivalent doesn't need any special tech or pheromone type stuff to draw them in. It's just a grenade with a pack of winnie blue taped to it

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      The Big Pumpkin and other related attractions, in a horror game. Can you imagine a banana and Cpt. Cook coming alive and hulk smashing everything??

    Everytime a pokemon game comes out its always the same. I always want to buy it and the console for it in this latest case, only for pokemon. I miss silver. I'm not used to this new stuff, though I would like to try playing it. Only if I had the time.

      The 3D is underused in this sixth generation of Pokemon. You may be more enticed to pick up a 2DS system on the cheap to allow you to get into X&Y.

    Weekend shenanigans were pretty great. I rocked up to the midnight launch of Pokemon at EB Albert Street in the city and there were easily 200 people there. So many streetpasses \o/

    Spent a lot of time playing Pokemon. Haven't gotten to the second gym yet but I'm enjoying it a lot. Currently rocking Chespin (grass starter), Beedrill, Squirtle, and Farfetch'd. I nicknamed Squirtle as Exxon Mobil. Yes I am a horrible person.

    Also saw Gravity on the weekend. It was a good movie but I think it's not a movie you enjoy so much as you experience it. Also (very minor spoilers)

    That introduction where it gave you a few facts about space bugged me to no end. Why use metric kilometres for distance and then use imperial Fahrenheit for temperature? Silly Americans.

      Albert St EB, eh! That's where I bought Beyond: Two Souls! WOOOO!

      (I make everything about Beyond: Two Souls. XD)

        Or is Beyond: Two Souls about everything?

          No, I'm just self-obsessed. Carry on. :P

            You never know, David Cage might have created Beyond: Two Souls as a complex metaphor/reflection on life and then wrapped it up in mystical/paranormal goodness.

            You never know with David Cage. :P


      Couldn't they have put up a different title card for the rest of the planet that doesn't use fuckwit units?

        The saddest thing about Gravity was:

        It exists in an alternate universe where we still explore space. Still have space shuttles.

        I guess this makes it science fiction. :'(

          FWIW, we do still explore space, it's just the shuttles were old and not really fit-for-purpose. They never go to the point where they were the "space ute" they were supposed to be.

            Why do the robots have to have all the fun. :P

      Gravity question:

      Would that debris ever lose momentum? Did the Ruskies destroy space indefinitely?

        Speaking without any sort of physics or other science experience, I would imagine that the debris would eventually slow down to the speed of Earth's rotation (ie. on par with the speed at which the space stations were in orbit) but it would take time for that initial speed to decrease. I have no idea how long it would take but possibly a few decades, perhaps longer.

          RUSKIES! *shakes fist*

            The Russians actually did detonate a rocket in space a couple of years ago, and the debris cloud was mooted as a serious threat

          There's no wind to act as resistance in space. The only force acting upon that debris would be the gravity of the Earth, which would (presumably) eventually pull that debris down, and any collisions that occur afterwards. Otherwise the momentum it had would be perpetual

            Not quite- there are other forces in space, including solar wind, other gravitational forces, and other matter that can impact the orbit of objects.

        The orbits would probably decay eventually. That said, debris fields like that have been used in science fiction in the past to effectively block access to planets.

          Just looked it up! Thanks for the heads up, IMDb!

            Ah yep, that's the one. Thanks, I forgot the name! :)

        The orbits may decay over time, as the matter is impacted by other micro-debris or space dust or even the force of light on the matter. They would not decay naturally if they were in a stable orbit, but orbits can be destabilised by other gravitational forces such as the moon- even the ISS must periodically correct its orbit. The orbits in the film aren't really accurate- Tiangong and the ISS orbit at greatly different heights.

          And different again to the satellites. As well as different inclinations. The debris wouldn't have bothered them.


              They weren't exploring. They were mechanics. Even the filmmakers knew space exploration would be pushing it.

            The debris may have, you'd just need to be unlucky.

              Maybe once at best. For it to be matching your inclination, trajectory and altitude to the EXACT same is pretty much impossible.

                As I said, unlucky :)

                Trick would be detonating it in a plane. If you really wanted to safely detonate something in space you should shape the explosive so it blasts into and away from the earth

        debris wouldnt lose momentum anytime soon, not whilst under the force of earths gravitational pull much like the ISS, it isnt actually floating in space... astronauts onboard and around it arent floating because of a lack of gravity.... they are actually constantly falling towards the earth, but because of the curvature of earths surface, they never fall to the center, rather they keep falling around it.... thats how satellites and everything stay within earths orbit and dont drift away....

        if you were to build a ladder high enough to reach the ISS, you would be affected by almost exactly the same amount of gravity as you would if you were standing on the ground.

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          *head explodes*

          Science is hard!

            Orbits are reasonably straightforward- objects remain in orbit by reaching a velocity where their angular vector is offset by the acceleration towards the earth. This diagram is pretty much all you need to realise :

              *head explores again*

              You and your science ain't welcome here, friend! :P

                Hey, I didn't get a four year science degree just to come here and talk about Beyond: Two Souls :)



                  @dc NO


          The real threat in Gravity isn't the Gravity, it's Angular Momentum :)

          also solar winds and another impact could steer the debris outside of earths gravitational pull. and they didnt totally screw up space for would be an expensive operation, but we would have the technology to clean it up... space exploration being palmed off to the private sector however means it would be interesting to see who would fork out the cash...

            Cleaning debris out of orbit is a bitch to achieve though- it's dispersed and tiny, so it's hard to get a fix on. Best way may be a net, but it would have to be huge and tough.

            Other options may be some sort of gravitational attractor- essentially a large lump of lead that you tow around and use its gravity to collect the stuff, but getting that in orbit and moving it around are prohibitively expensive.


      One thing I loved about Gravity was how makeshift everything was. Millions of dollars worth of tech, but makeshift all the same.

        How so? Most of the stuff in space is utilitarian, not makeshift.

          Make shift might not be the right word. Just low tech solutions that allow humans to do the impossible.

            It's just incredibly practical. Everything has been engineered to work- look at the clasp they were using on the tether- designed to be operable through spacesuit gloves :)

        What? Everything in space is built for a very specific purpose. Everything is intentional, not slapped together.

      Americans are fucking weird about metric. They scoff at the rest of the world for using it, claiming we'll claim the Imperial system out of their cold, dead hands... while their professionals in engineering, architecture, medicine, military and science go ahead and fucking use metric ANYWAY in anything they're doing that's actually important.

      Not to mention it's absolutely ludicrous that they're hanging on to the Imperial systems anyway, given that they've done everything else they can to distance themselves from the Brits. It speaks to a profound public ignorance or deliberate hypocrisy for no good reason other than being contrary...

      ...which basically sums up everything about the US you need to know, anyway.

        Of course, this happened last time they got the two confused:

    More @greenius, more of the time.

    You playing The Wolf Among Us, my friend? There's notes to compare!

      Bought it for this weekend!

        I think you'll like it! I've been tempted to play again already, just cause it was so damn immersive! :D

          The way you described it earlier, I'm imagining LA Noire with Walking Dead gameplay. Which sounds great.

          Or I could be completely off the mark thinking that haha

            Definitely noir. Definitely Walking Dead gameplay. Lots of fantasy too.

          Yeah, I was doing my usual Sunday "sit around and wonder what game to play" and I was like, I know I'll play more of the Wolf Among U- Oh. Oh right. Damn you episodic gameplay!

    Halfway into the final chapter of Trails in the Sky. Reckon I've got 5 hours or so left to go. Still enjoying it heaps, it's gotten really good. Still a little verbose but I've kind of gotten used to it - really wish you could make the text appear immediately though.

    Hopefully we'll get some news on the Steam version soon, and maybe a ballpark date for Second Chapter.


        Ohhhhh, that's what TitS means.

          It's a literal translation of the title that just happened to create one of the most amusing acronyms in gaming. I'm not even sure it was deliberate. Or maybe it was, one of the playable characters' names is Tita as well.

          And yet the game is more about politics than birds.


    I haven't worked out my team at all and I'm sad to say it only consists of two starters and a Pikachu right now. Regarding Pikachu (putting in spoilers just in case):
    I did not intend on keeping a Pikachu there but oh my god when you send it into battle it goes 'Pika Pi!' and when it faints it goes 'Piikaaa...' and that just killed me.

    I didn't use the wrong tags there. You did. Stop looking at me.

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      I wanted to get a Pikachu but I was running around trying to find one with that stupidly low encounter rate. Watching TV at the same time just spinning the stick, mashing A and glancing at the screen. Got a little caught up in the TV and looked down in time to see a Pikachu fainting.

      Gave up after that.

        I'll trade you one if you like! I hate Pikachu :P

        (So glad not every Pokemon says it's name. The cries are so much better!)

          Really? The cries they make just irritate me! THEY DONT MAKE THAT NOISE IN THE SHOW!

            We can no longer be friends.

            It's part of the reason why I liked the Pokemon Origin anime so much! No annoying name-saying! Proper animal cries!

            (I'm sorry Nob, you can be my friend again now)

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              The best bit is when Pikachu gets donked on the head

              Edit: spoiler tags, although probably not necessary.

              Last edited 14/10/13 10:38 am

          Heh. I have a grand total of 7 pokemon. I'd say the odds are pretty good I don't have anything you want :P

            If I could give it away I would :P Any random thing is fine.

            (That is if you haven't already found one by the time I get home at 8pm)

              Let's just keep sending them to him until he has a full party of rats!

            I have a spare one you can have for free if you like. Just catch some random thing and trade me.

            I originally bought it for my wife, and then her first 2 encounters in the necessary area were Pikachu.

        I have seen one wild one EVER.
        Pip caught about 10 of them and has probably knocked out another 20 or so. You got Y?

          Indeed I'm playing Y.

            Yeah, encounter rates are a bit different between X and Y for some that are in both. According to my friend list and various streetpasses, I'm seeing more people playing X, so trading should be easy.

        I thought they were relatively common where I first found them. Guess I was just lucky? (or not, depends what you think about Pikachu, really)

      I was using a Pikachu, but then ended up switching it out for Tyrunt, who is awesome.

    Hey guys!!!
    Pikeyyymooooon, etc...
    Sonic is out this week, it will be good unlike most of the previous games right? RIGHT?
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA-*breaks down and starts crying*

      I'm still interested despite being burned 78 times in a row so far.

        I'm going to pick it up. =P

        Apparently it runs at 1080p/60fps which is pretty amazing for a Ninty game.

        Also, generations was a genuinely good game, let's hope they can pull off 2 good games in a row

          I have Sonic Generations waiting to be played from the last time I hit up a 2 for $40 sale at JB. The last Sonic game I played before that was Sonic 2006. The last one before that was when I was flipping between Sonic Heroes and Shadow the Hedgehog on the PS2, both of which I actually really liked.

    I think I'm about to cave in. Is there any store doing a good deal for a 3DS XL and Pokemans?

      Big W apparently has the price on the Pokeymans.

        EB seems happy to price match Big W's $44, too.

    I think I'm about a third of the way through Beyond: Two Souls. I'll probably try and finish it off tonight. Posting my thoughts on the game so far, which I'll but in spoiler tags, though I'm not really posting any story specific stuff:

    First up, the gameplay. I get that these are supposed to be like interactive movies, and I'm fine with that, but this thing has even less interactivity than Heavy Rain did, and that's a bit disappointing. I don't feel like I'm interacting with the world as much, or influencing the story as much. It's also way too easy. In Heavy Rain, fights felt intense because you could screw up, and while Ellen Page can still get punched in the face, the stakes just don't feel the same. I imagine part of that is because you're only playing as one character, so it's not like she can die before the end of the game, but there's more to it.

    The way the story is being told, with it all jumping around her timeline, is frustrating and removes any sense of tension from the story. Situation that should have me on the edge of my seat, and usually would, don't, because I already know how things turn out. The whole thing would be so much better if it was told chronologically from start to finish instead of jumping around, and it's no surprise that the best sections of the story are the ones that go a fair while (so you can start to enjoy them without suddenly being thrown into her childhood) and where you don't know how things will turn out (so the stories that happen towards the end of the timeline).

    I haven't read any of the reviews, but apparently a lot of them criticize the game for being so cliche, and boy is it ever. For the most part that's fine, as cliches can be enjoyable and the game does them well. There's only two instances I really take issue with (maybe three, but the third isn't too much of a big deal). One of them was trying to be serious but just came off as hilarious and didn't really fit with the game, and the other one felt entirely unneeded and poorly handled (the third, if you're wondering my issue with it, is because it felt like it was only added because Jodie's a woman).

    In case you think I hate the game, I don't. I love it. I've been really enjoying it. It's just that I wish it was told differently.

    Hi TAY, how was everyone's weekend? I spent mine as a hermit playing GTA Online. I earned $1,100,000 moneys then spent $1,000,000 now I'm broke but have all the things (well some of them). The crazy folks in my crew earned about 3 million each and all bought tanks and Buzzard choppers and we proceeded to teach a whole lot of jerks a whole lot of lessons about randomly picking fights :D. Also the crazy folks in my crew have reached ranks like 137, 105, and the rest are all about rank 80 (I'm only 42 so i'm the babeh of the crew). Also thinking of picking up pokeymans if i get to a shop anytime soon, which one do people recommend?


      You have done well in the online- i thought I was rich after i bought a garage!

        I got my garage for free :P

          yeah i had the free one too, I upgraded to the $400,000 apartment with attached 10 car garage, also did you notice you have a bike rack that holds up to 5 bikes that don't take up car spaces, the expensive apartments are pretty cool.

            I have no money, I intend on buying a nice apartment when Rockstar give me ma unemployment cheque for 500k :P

              My crew suss out any exploits/ glitches / high earning missions. It only took about 2 hours to earn that million cause we sorta found a glitch and were beating a mission worth $25,000 and 4500 RP in about 13 seconds, then rinse & repeat. I think they patched it out now though. There was a mission u had to collect documents and deliver them to someone but we discovered if you blow them up the mission would complete, so we'd just rain explosives on the objective and win.

                HAHAHA. Wow. To be fair it's been about a week since I played GTA Online

        yeah the guys i play with are nuts, most are unemployed too so they're unhealthily obsessed with it at the moment. It was hilarious yesterday we were going through servers scaring the crap outta people cause we had tanks, choppers, heavily armoured cars and a lot of firepower, one of my crew members got an 84 kill streak in his tank (he is also considered a very bad sport now). We got so much abuse from people accusing us of hacking, so funny. We kept putting a high bounty on one of our tank drivers so everyone would come charging in to claim the bounty and then run away once they saw us. Also you can spectate anyone in the server from your tv in your apartment so we kept watching the carnage from there. Good fun.

          Holy shit this is awesome, you're playing on which platform, and if its PS3 do I have you added? I can't remember who I have on PSN :P

            I'm on PS3 yeah you added me I'm Gutsoup on psn would you believe

              Righto, good :P I have the bestest memory.

                don't worry man I have terrible memory, I have to write everything down or I'd forget everything, I'm like the guy from Memento

    Morning all!


    Moving along:
    Visited my parents on the weekend. I vaguely mentioned to my dad I was contemplating getting back into pistol shooting (used to do it years ago). Took him all of three seconds to offer me a free gun and like a years supply of ammo. I think he might be slightly keen for me to start shooting again...

      Then you said you didn't want to do shooting in the "traditional" or "legal" shooting ranges

        And wanted to switch jobs to a postal worker.

      Do you have a license and everything? My Dad used to have his firearms license and it was an absolute pain in the ass. You'd get cops showing up every 6 months or so to inspect the firearms cabinet and stuff and then they'd act all suspicious because he didn't actually own any guns, just the license (we had firearms in New Zealand but left them behind when we migrated to Australia)

        Nah, in the process of renewing my old licence.

        I have no problems with that sort of stuff. If the alternative was a completely lax approach to gun safety I wouldn't be getting back into it.

    Morning, all.
    My stomach hats me.
    ! :-(

      If you had your pick of nemeses, 'my own body' would not be an ideal enemy to choose.

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