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    Oh yeah, this morning I got stopped by Cancer Council people when heading into the station. The girl asked me if I knew anyone with cancer, I paused for a moment to think about it. Then remembered that my Nanna had cancer, so replied.

    "No, they're dead now."

    So flippant :P
    It was kinda funny though. I mean I did try and be upfront and warned her I was a jobless student, but unlike most of them she pressed on. Asked me if I drank coffee. Nope. Ok, but surely I eat fast food. Nope. Total tightarse here, I only make considered purchases. Well, mostly :P

    Eventually she let me go, though as I left she told me I have nice eyes. Aw shucks.

      Holy damn, you're a ladies man!

        It's just a ploy to make you give them money.

          Same goes for the charity folk.


          I think you've got super powers, my friend. Use them wisely.

          OK, so yeah, now I am utterly disillusioned by the charity girl who called to me, "I just wanted to tell you you have beautiful eyes!" as I was walking away, having smiled and wished her luck (but no thanks) without breaking my stride.


          I shall take my hurt from this betrayal and use it to forge a steely resolve to wreak terrible vengeance on the world. ...Tomorrow. I'm tired now.

            For real? Oh man, that's so manipulative if it's something they do. :(

              Oh man, those poor girls must have no self-respect. None.

            It's ok. Both of us have beautiful eyes.

              OK, I'm going to cling to this out of desperation and because world-shattering vengeance looks like a lot more effort than I'm really prepared to put into it.

                I'd wear an eye patch so it would never happen again! D:

                  Don't lie, you're only doing it to play adult games.

            Ohhhh, I always wear sunglasses, and they have no idea what to say to me. Now I know why.

      This is how I choose to interpret that conversation.

      Oh, you're not going to give charity any money? Okay, that's enough business talk. Want to get some coffee? No? Oh, well, then how about some food (but it's gotta be fast, because I'm working)? No...? Well, I think you have nice eyes...! No? Well, nice to meet you... *girl goes home and kills self*

      They're such assholes sometimes, trying to make you feel guilty for buying a burger or coffee. One tried to make me feel bad for buying fucking spectacles that I require for my health.

    Beyond Two Souls late game.
    You two stay here. It's only a two man sub. *gets into a sub that can hold 10-15 people*

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      Obviously he was just socially awkward and wanted some alone time.

        Shane, what are you doing reading spoilers? :(

          This was my first one. It was a late night lapse of judgement. Also, I will probably never play the game, given my PS3 is unplugged and gasping its last :P

            *clenches punching fist*


              I'm picturing you sitting there, stroking your clenched fist with a twisted evil smile on your face. "Soon, my pretty... soon. On behalf of the little guys, like Stephen King, we will have our revenge!"

      Only tag me for good Quantic Dream posts! :D

        You know I'm really curious as to why you dismiss so many movies and TV shows for far less but so tolerant of this.

          Like what movies and tv shows?

          It's so weird, man. In uni and high school I was known as this guy who watched every thing. Who was forgiving of shows. Who wanted to see the best in things. Who defended the little guy and could find enjoyment in stuff others couldn't and I've some how acquired this reputation on TAY for being a stubborn jerk who refuses to watch things for no reason what so ever. :S

          Where'd that come from? Even when I've seen movies with you guys, when we saw Oblivion I'm fairly certain I was the only one to like it in the group. I loved Battlestar when everyone jumped ship. I loved Lost when everyone jumped ship. I watched Caprica when no one else did. Loved M. Night Shyamalan's stuff when it was becoming cool not to like it. Watched and loved Newsroom when critics were tearing it to shreds. I like what I like. *shrugs*

          Sorry man, this has turned into a bit of a rant. Not at all directed at you, just something that's been on my mind lately...

          Edit: Re-reading my post above, I didn't mean to criticize what you were saying. I just prefer to be blissfully ignorant when it comes to those sorts of plot holes or technical errors and stuff. Go out of my way to avoid reading that stuff and certainly don't want to be tagged when that stuff comes up. I know that ain't normal and... uh... I think I might go to sleep. Rambling DC mode activated. :D

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            Warehouse 13 is the first one that springs to mind.

            Don't mind me. I think it's just mostly just me and @strange who keep trying to get you to watch stuff that you just respond with a "nah." I guess both of us could have what is described as odd tastes.

            And what I put in the spoilers up there was just something that made me laugh. Wouldn't matter who did it. You're the only one I know for sure is that far into the game.

            About Beyonds ending (don't stress nothing negative) 5 minutes into watching me play at the start Mrs Freeze called the twin thing. Holy shit she was right. Not sure I should let her know in the morning. She'll be insufferable.

            People jumped ship on Battlestar? That was awesome the whole way through though.

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              Beyond ending spoilers:

              Haha! I guessed that too. :D I also guessed the Origami killer's identity in Heavy Rain! *flicks fringe* What decisions did you make?

              I talked Dawkins down, chose life and went 'home' to the Navajo. I felt like Jodie was most happy there.

              Warehouse 13 I actually was really looking forward to when it was being developed and had Jane Espenson's name on it. She was one of my favourite writers on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Saw the pilot, saw it was quality but knew the tone wasn't to my liking. I gave it shot, though. Didn't have any bad expectations going in, just optimism! :D

              Edit: Lots of people hated BSG's last season. :'(

              *hugs it out with Freeze*

              Just worried you guys think I'm a TV or movie snob. Just in case you do, I have a confession to make: I watched and liked Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman... last year... XD

              Any way, I might go to bed now, but just re-read the original character reference I wrote... I have nothing but respect for Freeeeeze.

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                Not sure what I did with Nathan. He shot himself though.
                Did what those 80's commercials said and Chose Life.
                Went back with Ryan.

                And you're not a snob. Just a snob with what I like :P

                I've said it before and I'll say it again: pilot episodes are hardly ever that great. Most shows need at least a few eps to find their feet and set the tone. So just watching a pilot isn't necessarily going to to give someone the best impression and may cause them to miss out on things they'd otherwise have enjoyed. I have a loose 3 episode rule for judging stuff. I find the third episode you can usually get a better feel for the show.
                Also, I've never thought of you as a TV or movie snob...just a game one. :P
                I really think you should try Dark Souls again and at least defeat that Demon on the bridge. That's like a three-episode equivalent. :P

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            It's because you don't like Dark Souls. That's the genesis of this reputation. Also, Breaking Bad. I suspect between those two examples, you've managed to find a point of contention with just about everyone here.

            Not that that's a bad thing. Taste is taste, of course. And to be honest, you seem to be enthusiastic about way more things than you are indifferent towards. Certainly way more than myself. It's just that around TAY, Dark Souls and Breaking Bad are reasonably high-profile :P

            That's my guess anyway. Also, your inexplicable hatred for buildings might have contributed.

            In case it wasn't clear in what I said, I don't think your reputation for stubborn critical jerk (if you've even got one) is really justified. In fact, I think that should really be my reputation. Maybe folks are getting us confused because twins...?

            Edit: Dr Quinn? Hahahahahaha :P

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              A stubborn jerk who didn't like X-Men: First Class

              I still haven't forgiven you

                I liked it! :D

                  @shane: Just to be sure, I should probably punch you in the face!

                  @shane I'll dig up the old TAYs if I have to!

                  Maybe you just said it looked a bit rubbish. Either way, you like Batman Begins so you're not totally awful.

                  It's basically Mad Men with Superpowers! That should've been the tag line! January Jones is even in it! XD

                  @cakesmith, I might have said I have no interest, because I didn't much care for X-Men 1-3. Don't think I would have said anything more judgemental than that. I haven't even seen a trailer for First Class. You might have to dig up old TAYs.

                  Edit: How long have you been carrying this grudge for? XD

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                  @shane Well, I started looking through TAYs from around the release date and then realised it was back when we were hitting a couple of thousand comments a day. :(

                  I don't really hold a grudge (I just may have watched it the other night and for some reason I thought you disliked it haha)

                  EDIT: I hope you understand this is all fun and games and it's not like I have a personal vendetta against you or anything.

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    I just want to go to sleep and forget that the next 15 hours even have to happen :( I have 20 minutes to write one more (rather complicated) SQL query then I'm going to bed, only to spend all of tomorrow flat out too :l

      SELECT *
      FROM folderOfQueries
      WHERE senseMade == true;

    Shit. It's my sister's birthday on Monday. Not only does that mean I have to think of a present, I also mightn't be able to go climbing.


      Take her climbing as a present.

        I don't think she's been climbing recently, possibly recovering from injury still.

        Perhaps I could bargain my way out if I brought up the issue directly with her... but I don't think I wanna do that.

      Tee up an extended lunch-date with sister. Your treat, somewhere nice she'd normally never eat if she'd have to pay for herself. If she's not the super materialistic type, she'll appreciate the novel experience, good food, and being able to enjoy it in your company.

      Edit: That's if you can both get someone to cover you for an hour or so.

      Edit 2: Bonuses:
      * Fixed duration so no-one has to be the one to awkwardly decide to leave
      * Not inviting others means you're not putting an obligation on others to both spend money somewhere they mightn't want to AND buy her a gift
      * One-on-one means you get some good face time to chat.
      * Lunch-time means the break will probably be a welcome change of pace from work, improving the day AND she gets the bonus of being the envy of all her coworkers for the rest of the day when she talks about it.
      * If her coworkers aren't totally in love with her, they'll probably have a morning or afternoon tea planned instead of a full-blown lunch, so she'll possibly be celebrated twice in one day

      I see nothing but win, here.

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        I'm such a horrible brother that I have no idea what she does Mondays - if she's at uni, or she's working, or nothing, or anything :P In fact I don't even know if she has a pattern for being home or not. Sometimes she's here, a lot of the time she's not. Shrug.

          Well, if you're a horrible brother, a text message at midday should suffice. Go climbing :P

    Three eps into Orange is the New Black. Best show I've seen in ages. So good and compelling.

      All these actors and actresses I've seen in more iconic stuff too who are way better here than the roles they're known for. The writing is excellent too. So, so good.

        I watched the shower scene separately. I'm good, now.


          Too much information, my friend.

            Too much? NAY, it was too short! And probably just a teaser because they can't show true pr0n on teh youtubes.

      Might give it a look. Is it Mrs Shane friendly?


        Has a weird Freaks and Geeks vibe to it some how. I can't pin point why yet. There's a lot of nudity, but that goes with most cable-esque shows these days. I think she'd like it...

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          Cool. Thanks! I'll tell her she can blame you if she doesn't like it. She might send me to Brisbane with a punch in the face for you.

            Haha! I just posted a punching threat above... at the same time! TWINS! :P

    I decided to forgive GTA V. We're on speaking terms again. Some of the magic has been lost, but it's still a solid game.

    Now, it's 12:50. I've done a lot of writing tonight, so I'm giving myself a ten minute early mark for bed. Night all! :)

    Welp, too late now. Just went and told my sister about the whole thing (well at least the bit about suspicious signals the other night, reluctant date Friday and leaving for the holiday on Tuesday). Then underwent the subsequent grilling. And it turns out that after all that, she didn't expect me not to go climbing in the first place, it's just Mum that has a problem with it - apparently we're actually going out for the birthday later in the week, especially since my sister's still recovering from dental surgery and can't really eat anything substantial yet.

    So now I gotta continuously get subsequent grillings whenever I go climbing, and then deal with extra awkwardness if anything happens on the whole Sketchbook Girl side of things (the shy one from school).

    This is hard. No wonder I spend so much time being single.

      Unzip, slap it on the table and raise an eyebrow.

      One way or another your problems will be solved.

        I don't know how things work with your sister, but for us that'd be kinda weird.

          She wouldn't be grilling you any more though would she?
          I was talking about the other girls but whatever works best for you.

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    I should've been in bed an hour ago...
    Anyway, goodnight!

    @kermitron my turnips are selling for 141 at the moment. Can't get to Wifi until tonight, but hopefully they'll be that or higher. The Stalk Market Wizard says I'm on a Large Spike pattern... but we'll see. Yesterday it said I was on a Decreasing pattern :P

      Sold them in Strange's town last night for 194 but thanks for keeping me in mind!

    I think I'll be buying tickets for the Breath of Life Festival 2014 (the local music festival). They've just made the first announcement, and it's pretty awesome. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis headline, plus Empire of the Sun, Public Enemy, Art vs Science, Parkway Drive, and Dead Letter Circus. It's also on the Saturday before my birthday.

      I saw Empire of the Sun at Splendour this year and they blew my mind. The costumes, the lightshow, the visuals, incredible! Acid is a hell of a drug.

      Pretty solid line up, I vote DO IT!

    I get off the plane at 4:30 and should be in the city by 5(ish)
    I'm not sure where to go so if anyone has any awesome ideas of where to go let me know, if anyone wants to meat up tonight also Please let me know :)
    Staying in the city but happy to meat wherever thats relatively nearby

        Oh, I didn't know Popdart was a Brisbanite. I'm actually pretty tied up tonight, I'm not sure if I'll be able to swing a free hour to get out and about in the city... but @gingerchris86 shouldn't be meat-less! I can probably swing some city-time between 6:30-7:30, give or take a half hour. Any ideas on the kinda place you wanna go for meats, Chris? Drinks? Meal? Movie?

          You guys could go to Beach House in the Myer Center again. That was good eatin'...

          Yeah I'm a Brisbanite. I'll be at one of the meats eventually however I can't really do anything tonight though unforunately. :(

        Bit of a long trip for dinner in a work night for me.

          Yeah, someone really needs to commit to at least second base for the drive to be worth it. At least.

        Oh hello! Is this like a proper meat? Whats happening?

          I'm not sure what's happening. Ginger Chris is up here for the night and needs some company for dinner and drinks. Looks like Transient Mind is going to be able to hang out with him but I don't think anyone else has said they can do it.

              Haha! Nah, kind of in a super emo mood at the moment. Wouldn't be much company.

              Keen to hang sometime soon though!

                Doofus. Super emo is when you need the company.

      I would love to, but I'm too broke atm :(

    Morning TAY.

    Pokemon related...

    Edit: its a fairly general question, before i get in trouble...

    Does anyone know if you can name change the Pokemon you get through the GTS? Right now i have a doodad with a funky name made out of Japanese characters... and I dont know what it says...

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      Unfortunately not. Any traded pokemon cant be renamed.


        Better find out what it means then!

          I CHOOSE YOU, 3 HORIZONTAL LINES WITH SQUIGGLIES INBETWEEN... has a ring to it, doncha think?

            But beneath those lines and squigglies lies something sinister.

          Post a pic here? I'm sure we can muddle through it.

            I took a photo, realised i could compare the photo to the name in the pokedex (because when you trade it gets all multicultural, so i have a japanese edition of my pokedex as well as english).

            Turns out its just the name of the Pokemon.

              Am I the only one who's slightly disappointed it wasn't something kinky, weird, sinister or all of the above?

      What @novacascade said. Does make that decision a little more important when you catch things, if you ever expect to trade it. That person will be stuck with it forever.

        Thanks for the tip Beavalicious

          I haven't been making the most of that opportunity! Curse my laziness for not doing that for the last 70 or 80 I bred.

    morning all! so my cute little Torchic just evolved into cock and balls... o_0

      I can never unsee this.

        yeah, i know... for comparison heres the previous form...

        how it goes from a cute little bird to a phallus is beyond me... at least it was only trying to learn double kick and not "double team"...

    i just wish to know , who else when the games industry either goes full digital or always online will be giving up or scaling down dramatically their future new game purchases

      Me. I like physical products. I don't like the non-transferrable section of digital licences.

      Edit: you also make a good point about the temporal nature of ownership when the product's functionality is tied to the existence of a server that won't be up forever.

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        same here im paying for a product i should get a product that is mine, and with always on it is just an illusion

          Technically the way the EULAs are written, even on many old games, your physical copy isn't actually a product that is yours, it's a medium for transporting the license you have to access the content on that disc, and the only time that ISN'T the case is when a country (such as Germany) specifically passes laws to override that civil contract you enter into by using the product.

          It's been that way for a while now. I honestly can't remember when software licensing took that turn, but my gut says it was sometime around the Win95-98 days, when Microsoft revolutionized their strangehold on enterprise and digital music was starting to terrify the shit out of record companies.

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      I'm really not fussed... While i enjoy my collector's editions, the vast majority of my "modern" gaming collection is through Steam anyway... If a physical collectors edition is still available for a few select titles that i'm hanging for i'll get that, but for the rest i'm quite happy with a digital library... my Xbox 360 and Wii collection is taking up way too much space as it is XD

        I guess i should elaborate a bit,
        I used to be physical all the way, but as i've become older/house filling up with crap, i've started appreciating digital more.
        I think what i've come to realise is that with games, i'm okay paying for the experience, because lets face it, digital or disc, once the disc is in or the game is downloaded the experience is the same... Hence, at this stage, aside from some kickarse art book or statue, i appreciate that i get the same experience without the clutter (i'm married, can you tell?)

      As primarily a PC gamer I've already become used to it. In fact, because of the price of many digital options my purchases have sky-rocketed, without really costing more. It'll end up the same with consoles, in time.

      EDIT: Sense-making...

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      Heres my stance:

      PC Games: All digital since about 2005

      PS3: All retail, with the exception of PSPlus stuff which is free i suppose...

      360: All retail

      3DS: Combination of Retail/digital. If its available retail,, i will always buy it, however some stuff, ie links awakening, is only available digital from the eshop.

      Vita: All retail, with the exception of PSPlus stuff which is free i suppose...

      To be honest, the day that consoles become digital only, im not touching another console again... i have several reasons for this... primarily, i tend to go back to consoles after a few years and re-experience some of them... The issue with going full digital is that at some point, cloud servers will stop supporting certain consoles, content will no longer be downloadable, any existing content will no longer have a means of having the license authenticated for you to access even singleplayer components.

      if that happened to steam? well they have always said if that were to ever happen they would release a patch that will strip the steam DRM... I trust that they would, although then again,if they got to that point, im sure they'd have bigger things to worry about then releasing patches for people to strip DRM. Personally, my solution would be to torrent all the games id bought, and crack them... and yes, at that point i would feel "entitled", that i have the right to pursue a means to still access my paid content :P

        They don't want you to go back and play them. They want you to repurchase the HD rerelease.

          yeah cause a remake of Wonderboy in Monster Land is ever going to happen... or a good killer instinct... or streets of rage... or Double Duke... :P

        thank you, we share the exact same view on this, i mean just the other day i was playing older games on my ps3 and realize that future games wont be able to be replayed after a while

      Me. I like physical things. Digital is very convenient but there are times I want something tangible.

      Steam has only made me scale up dramatically...
      *thinks about all the unplayed games bought in steam sales*

      I don't really care anymore, to be honest. As long as I can play my games offline and there's backups in place in case my hardware breaks/gets lost (ie. accounts) I'll happily go full digital.

      Mine won't change. In fact, my Steam library keeps ballooning, and I keep getting PS+ games without a physical copy.

      Me. Especially considering I've just been fucked up the arse on my 3DS' digital games. I still have access to them all, but my save data has all been made inaccessible.

      Offline forever.

      I'm not overly fussed on only having non-transferable digital versions of my games, but my future spending will depend on whether there will be opportunities to take advantage of competitive pricing. I don't mind going all-digital, but I don't want to be locked into paaying $109.95 because that's the RRP and there's now a monopoly on the content delivery.

      Also, I hate that Microsoft rarely reduces prices of games on the XBL marketplace to reflect their age. If something like Assassin's Creed 2 was in a 2 for $40 sale at JB a year ago, why on earth would anyone pay $99 for it now?

      This mentality needs to change before anyone will trust them enough to abandon discs.

        Yeah. Putting one or two games a month up for ludicrous sale prices (I've seen some good specials, 75% off kind of stuff on XBL) is NOT good enough to compare to Steam at all. It's not just in a completely different ball-park, it's in the wrong country.

      As most people have already mentioned here, PC gamers are pretty much already accustomed to digital purchases (I know I am). I know I have only bought a handful of physical PC games over the last few years and that's usually because it's a collectors edition with some bonus loots. Like the Skyrim collector's edition which came with the dragon statue.

      IMO, there are a number of things that consoles need to do before they can go full digital.

      1) Price - the advantage of buying games off Steam is you can usually get them for cheaper than retail. This doesn't appear to be happening on the console marketplaces yet. I remember seeing Payday 2 for $59 for a physical copy at JB, but it was $69.95 on PSN.

      2) Storage - Digital games take up space. And when you have a lot of games, you need a lot of space. I have a 3TB hard drive in my PC dedicated to games on Steam/Origin. Sure, I don't NEED to have most of my Steam library installed, but I like having the option of being able to just play something when I feel like it, so things rarely get deleted. If the same approach was taken on my 360 (which is a 250GB model), there is no way I would be able to keep them all installed on the hard drive. Games are also getting bigger in size which leads us to...

      3) Bandwidth/Download Quota - Not so much a problem in the likes of the states but definitely a problem here in Australia. Games are getting big. And I mean huge. There's talk of Killzone on the PS4 having a 50GB download off the store. Hell, COD: Ghosts on PC reportedly has that. We all know how awful Australian internet is and the rubbish speeds we get. Then there's download quota. I'm lucky in that I'm with Internode which hosts a lot of the Steam content servers in Aus and they offer free downloads from then. Through a simple IP filter I can force my PC to use their servers. Between new games and updates, I easily download about 50-100GB a month from them. But for the likes of Sony/Microsoft there's no way of knowing where your downloads are coming from and so it will most likely go against your quota. Unless you're paying a premium for a huge download quota, this is going to cause issues as games to become bigger in file size.

      4) Willingness to adapt - Sure, PC gamers are now used to digital games but it has taken us a long time to get there and there has been a lot of backlash throughout the years. There's an excellent Jimquisition (who totally stole my idea for a Pixel-otaku article when the Xbone DRM was announced) on why PC gets away with it that covers the points better than I can make them. It's technically about the DRM but it covers this as well.


      This is basically how I buy games:

      PC - Digital. If I need more space it's easier enough to throw in another hard drive.

      Xbox360/PS3 - Physical where possible. Storage restrictions.

      3DS - Physical only. The prices of the eShop put me off. Purchases are bound to the console, not an account.

      Vita - Digital. This is mostly due to PSN+. Out of all the Vita games I have, the only ones I've paid for are LittleBigPlanet ($10 during a sale), Persona 4 (because people told me it was good at 10pm at night). The only physical game I have is Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation because it came with the console.

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        So succinct! 9/10, 10/10 would recommend. One point docked for lack of dragons.

        EDIT: RETRACTION AND APOLOGY: Transientmind reviews wish to apologize to Corpsesmith for the incorrect assertion that the comment reviewed was lacking in dragons. Despite not being real dragons, dragon statues count for review purposes, and as such we have changed our review to reflect this.

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      Well I've been near enough fully digital master race for 5 years, maybe more.
      Depends on what they do with pricing but I bought so many more games since I did everything in steam. But it is also during the rise of the indie so prices were lower.
      But digital is just so much more convenient, click buy spend money out of your steam wallet and start installing.

      I'd probably either increase my purchasing, I think. At the moment physical products in a year make up about 1% of my purchases, and even then only because they're... *looks around shiftily* Er. For consoles. Otherwise the Steam Cloud is an enormous boon to me.

      My broadband is fast enough and generous enough on download caps that it's easier and faster for me to rifle through my damn-near-700 games using the in-app search engine and select something I want, download and install, than browsing through a manually-sorted CD library (of differing shapes and sizes) and changing discs, hoping I still have all the discs, and still have the CD-key to enter manually.

      MUCH easier to move around between apartments, too. Or install on friends' machines.

      I'll take a two dozen digital steam games on a Steam publisher sale for the price of one or two retail game DVDs on special at EB/JB, thanks.

    Not feeling good right now, I'll still be taking requests for the TAYlist, just don't be upset when I say I'm not going on air today.

      Feel Inside (and stuff like that) - Flight of the Conchords

      The Jezabels - Endless Summer

      Hope you feel less bad at some point!

      Obscure request:
      Time Travel - The Riot

      Proper request:
      Easy - Faith No More.

      Edit: Also, feel better man!

      Last edited 17/10/13 10:06 am

      Somewhere Only We Know -- Keane

      'nother one:

      Only Living Boy in New York - Simon and Garfunkel

    RPG folk!

    The guys who did Numenera are kickstarting another RPG on the same system, which is Fringe meets Gamma World!

    Given how cool the Numenera book is, i might just have to do this one...

      As I was reading the spiel, all I could think about was how often they mentioned The Strange (Hi @strange!).

        Also I'm getting a pretty strong Lovecraftian vibe from it all. I too might have to back this one.

          Just make sure you read the bit about shipping, it's a bit weird how they're doing it

      Man, only $170 for A @strange family
      Better not let Mrs Tigs see that, she is still enamored by that little flirt Master Strange


      When going through the Numenera stuff I was wondering if it could be adapted to other settings as well, since the core concepts of the game seem pretty flexible. I'd love to see someone do a cyberpunk-ish setting for it (not Shadowrun, I really don't like Shadowrun very much because of the jarring fantasy elements they have).

    How has it been 21 years since we last had a Wonderboy game?

      Was all like "Dafuq is Wonderboy, i'm obviously younger then i think"
      looked it up, and went "oh yeah, i played the crap out of that as a kid, just didn't know the name of it because #noenglish"

        Sorry. I'll rephrase.

        How has it been 21 years since we last had a Gurdyhurdy Borkbork game?

          Mang, i have Gurdyhurdy Borkbork game every day*
          *chest bump*
          *DARK SOULS \o/

          Last edited 17/10/13 10:02 am

      I'm holding out for a proper Banjo Kazooie remake / sequel. It will happen one day ... right ... RIGHT!?

    Reading the Canto article on the front page makes me realise that we really need to organise a MH3U playdate some time soon

      I'm hanging out for MH4 whenever that gets released (dang it Capcom, hurry up).

        That 3ds only right?

          Yeah. Japan got a special release bundle with shiny new 3DS decals (similar to the Pokemon ones) and I am mega-jealous.

            And no english release has been announced has it?
            Otherwise i'd be all over that sheez

              As far as I know, it only just came out in Japan and there is no firm date on releasing in the rest of the world aside from sometime (hopefully) next year.

              But yeah, I wants it so bad.

                Fairo... Kinda hoping for a console release as well though because while i like having MH3U with me at all times, seeing it all huge and pretty with proper sound system makes it AMAZING :P

                  Knowing Capcom, they will release MH4 on handheld first. A year later we will get MH4U for console. A year after that we will get MH4UOMGSUPERMEGAEDITION

              Nothing announced but they've moved 3 million copies of the game in Japan so at this point international sales are gravy, they'd have no reason not to. Plus it has online play which makes it actually a viable option for portables outside Japan.

    My company is currently running a promotion where if you purchase a $200 Leatherman you go into a draw to win a 2014 Jeep Patriot (plastered in Leatherman logos naturally :S).

    Just had a guy buy one and get shitty with me when I tried to fill out the form. So now I have a barcode and a receipt but no entry. I can't enter so does anyone here want to?

      I couldn't handle having a Jeep. Every dick head saying to you "You bought a jeep?" Or "it's a jeep thing".

      Why not. What do you need from me?

        back and front scans of your passport, drivers license, credit cards, medicare, bank statements.

        also,mothers maiden name, best childhood friends name, first pets name, first grade teachers name, and place of birth...

        also anyone elses details you have access to will surely help him...

        Is it weird that I'm pretty sure I already have all your necessary details?

          A little. But I'm okay with it. After realising just how extensive @dc's file on me was, I decided I had to get okay with having no secrets.

          Last edited 17/10/13 10:43 am

    Does anyone know a good computer store that sells already built towers for fairly good prices? (some kind of franchise i can access in SA would be nice)

    I usually go through MSY for myself, but this is for my girlfriend and she wont invest the same amount of time researching the bits for a good machine (which means neither will I :P).

      i can happily help you put together a list if you can give me a budget, what accessories she need, and what she is using it for...

        Shes looking around about the $600 mark.

        Uses it for study, movies, and casual gaming, although every machine she goes near The Sims destroys. That game's a menace. Adamant that it has to have a blu-ray drive and a compact tower.

        Is that ok? I'm pretty computer illiterate... just a google monster.

      Well you can always go the MSY pre-built system. Can't believe they don't just have set systems like CPL do but seems fairly straight forward. Pick the chip and then choose if you want optical drives, upgraded drives, etc...

        I had a look at that, but then a similar list to the part list popped up and i got scared. is it just under 'custom machines'?

          When you click one it does look scary. Basically pick your price from the first box.
          Then you have the optional upgrades underneath. For example you want to select a blu-ray player under option 3

            Oh ok wow. made a lot more sense after you explained it.


            You know, for a business that has supposedly been in the IT industry for more than 16 years, their website is pretty shithouse.

              Their customer service aint much chop either.. trust me..

    Arrgghh I'm so sore this morning!
    Summer Oztag started last night. I thought that taking the pup for a run a few times a week the past few months would have gotten me up to specs for it, nope, I was rooted after 10 minutes.
    It was pretty fun though. Had to apologise a few times to the girls on the other team. The intention was there to grab the tag but when you're both moving fast sometimes you miss and..uhh...get...bottom :|
    In other news news I've decided to give GTAO a break for a bit. I need to finish the singleplayer story and catch up on Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead. 2 eps in on the latest Breaking Bad and yeah, wow!
    I've had an itchy trigger finger lately. If anybody has COD4 *boo, hiss* on PS3 or PC and wouldnt mind a game or two let me know :D

    Happy Thursday!

      I love Oztag. Same skills and plays as Rugby League without the concussions and broken bones. The footy pissups just aren't the same though.

    Pokemon question to people regarding Honedge (spirit in a sword Pokemon):

    Are Fighting types supposed to be super-effective against it? It's listed as a Ghost/Steel type and I was under the impression that the Ghost part (where Fighting types can't affect) would trump the super-effective nature of the Steel type. Is that how certain dual-types are meant to function? (First time playing Pokemon since original Silver/Gold so mega-noob here. It just seems a little weird to me.)

      knowledge...inferior... must retreat...

      Last edited 17/10/13 11:06 am

      Ghosts should be immune to Fighting attacks, but if the attacker used Foresight/Odor Sleuth or something similar beforehand then the immunity is taken away!

        Ah that would be it. I forgot that the AI used Foresight before it attacked. Thanks Pow.

      So for dual typing, you essentially combine the strengths & weaknesses.
      Immunity always overrides weakness, so Ghost/Steel is immune to Fighting.

      Its remaining weaknesses are 2x damage from Ground, Fire, Dark and Ghost.

    Did some wonder trading last night on Poke Y
    I'd immediately trade most of them on however i kept a Chespin which I gave to my housemate, a Frogadier which I'm hanging on to, already have Wartortle but you never know...

    I also managed to grab a Dugtrio. Didn't even know they were in game!

      The trading is pretty full on. Everything is so easily accessible.

        Yeah it's ridiculous, even had a lvl 50 Noctowl, scrapped that though cause Pigeot.

      All I get is stupid monkeys :P

        Don't get me wrong, I spent a good hour just wonder trading while eating dinner last night. Those were the only notable trades. there were plenty of useless ones, but at least I'm filling out the dex!

      I haven't checked out GTS yet. How does it work? Is there a request option? Or just random give and take?

        I'm not sure what GTS means man but I'll tell ya how I'm wonder trading. In the PSS screen you tap the little button up top, kinda looks like a phone or a sports pedal. In there should be the wonder trade option. Just pick the 'mon you want to trade & the game does the rest.

          GTS - Global Trade System. Separate from Wonder Trade. You can deposit a 'mon, nominate what you want, and wait for someone to do it (you don't need to be online), or you can search for a particular 'mon someone else has deposited, and offer what they want if you have it.

            Oh wow I didn't even know that was a thing. How is it accessed?

              Icon down the bottom just like Wonder Trade. Might be page 2.
              This is what I used to get all the gen 1 and 6 starters and start my breeding program (are there any you want?) - the biggest issue with this system is you can only search or specify ones that you have already encountered. Can be really crippling since most of the time you'd want to trade for something new.

                Heaps generous man! I think I'm good for now, have combusken, quillion, pika, wartortle, pidgeotto & an abra. Abra is just being used as an escape rope for now, might actually use him in battle later on.

                  I stand corrected. Last night I discovered, below the A to Z buttons, there's a 'Which Pokémon' option that lets you type in anything. ANYTHING. Global trade just got a lot more useful.

                  I have 4 Japanese dittos now. You can have one if you want it.

                  There you go again, being ridiculously generous! I might actually take you up on this offer, should be online tonight, not sure when I'll get home from work however, but I'll let you know!

    @popdart5 I am a weak, weak man.

    Just backed it :)

      Good man. Went for the tier with physical shipping of the corebook?

      Also, I like how rather than adding extra rules to Numenera, they're creating extra worlds and places that use the ruleset as a base to build from. I'd much prefer that than seeing a clone of the DnD model where they crank out Player's Handbook 4 or something silly like that.

        Yep, physical book.

        What's cool is depending on where you are your focus changes- you keep the "Clever Jack who..." but you might get new powers

    Oh man, how good was Juno? :D

      It's no Children of Men, but it's very good.

        It's probably the Children of Men for coming of age dramas for me. :P

          Well, they both featured pregnant girls who didn't know how to look after children. Comparison is valid.

      You don't want the answer to that.

        I assume cause you loved it so much you want to avoid getting in a fist fight with me about who liked it more. It's okay, man. I'm not that violent. We can both love it!

      My english class sneakily watched Juno instead of a King Lear film when my teacher was out of the classroom. She came back in half way and yelled at us.

        You were right to do it!

        Also you were in high school when it was released? Oh man! #OldManDC

        Last edited 17/10/13 11:13 am

          Year 12, if that makes you feel any better? :P (Probably not)

      Beyond: Two Souls spoilers...

      When Jodie picked up the guitar, I was sad she didn't play this. XD

      I've never seen it. It looks too indie and hip for me.

        Diablo Cody has a pretty unique voice. Young Adult and United States of Tara were pretty great too!

          Despite the dream team of Toni Collette and Diablo Cody, I just couldn't get into United States of Tara. I gave it six episodes and everything!



            Must admit it had a damn fine opening sequence though. Pretty sure it's the lead singer from Polyphonic Spree. Young Adult is pretty good, about someone stuck in the past who refuses to move on. I could relate.

            Last edited 17/10/13 11:27 am

        It is. Even if you have a high tolerance for hip indie stuff. I'd say the levels of hipness and indieness need to be seen to be believed, but that would necessitate you actually seeing the movie, which I do not recommend. Instead, read the Abridged Script. It is 100% accurate.

          That abridged script is genius. I can't believe I've never seen it before.

      I actually really hate that movie. Yes, I know hate is a strong word. Yes, Michael Cera and Jason Bateman are pretty cool guys. It's Ellen Page. I have the urge to punch her in the face watching it.

      I really fucking hate that film with a passion.

        Atleast we have Gattaca!