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    Woot! Contrast pre-order get :D
    Really hope this game lives up to the level of hype I have for it, looking amazing, As far as box quotes go you can't really beat It’s as if Limbo and Bioshock Infinite had a baby while watching Pan’s Labyrinth
    I guess I'll find out in a bit over a month


      People shouldn't be fooling around while watching Pan's Labyrinth! It demands full attention! :P

        There's something so sexy about eyeless monsters and Spanish fascists though.

          That bottle scene *bites bottom lip seductively*

          I feel dirty and sick

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      I think the Bioshock Infinite comparison is probably a bit of a stretch. But yeah, I saw that on Steam this morning and was very annoyed that Steam hadn't gone out of its way to let me know that one had been Greenlit. I had it favourited and followed and everything!

        It was greenlit a long time ago so you might have missed that one.
        The devs posted an announcement this morning so if you are following you should have the notification of pre-orders in your activity now. This was one of the very first games I voted for on greenlit and the one I have been most looking forward to. Even more so the road redemption.

        Edit: Just to follow on from your point I still think that is one area that really needs to be improved in greenlight. When a bunch of games are greenlit let me know which ones I voted for, or let me filter my voted for games buy status (awaiting, greenlit, alpha and released)

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    Is the Kotaku article community predominantly console fanboi? (or fangurl?) I don't have a problem, if it is, but it would be good to have some confirmation so I can adjust my commenting to suit.

    Because when I say that a 5600DPI mouse that can track 10G movements has greater precision than a 360 pad joystick with limited movement and a big deadzone.... and I get replies like "omg j00 can't prove that mouse is more precise, wheres ur references????" I get concerned.


      You mean like a vampire website?

      just don't read the comments.

        I'm really getting the feeling that TAYbies are far more casual in nature, and come here to spread their love and goodwill. On the other hand, the article commenters are another different crowd. The views of the two crowds are pretty different.


          Imagine a game of Left 4 Dead... TAY is sort of the safe-house, containing the survivors... don't open the door though, THEY'LL EAT YOU

            That's brilliant, that should be the description at the top of the page.

          YES. I hate that damn bastards so much.
          ... love and goodwill.

          It's really just dependent on where you're posting. I'm polite about being a complete arse on TAY, but in the normal comments I turn into a rage fuelled troll machine of dickery.

          I left some pretty insightful words at the bottom of the previous page.

      There's a community outside of TAY? must be DLC

        I wonder if there's bizarro versions of all of us. D:

          Somewhere there's a @dc that loves Dark Souls & buildings and isn't a fan of David Cage. His name is @freezespreston


            I should hate that guy. But I don't. I don't.

              It's because he's a cool guy! \o/

          That MostStrange person. As if it wasn't bad enough he was trying to one-up me, now you're telling me he was a bizarro version of me?!

            There's JamieDeeCee for me, but I think he makes a better D.C. so think there might be a Fringe thing going on here...

      But neither one is 'better'. It's all relative. It's a completely pointless and unwinnable argument. I like both, for entirely different reasons.

        God dammit Nef! We can't have that kind of logical reasoning in here. This is the innernette!!!!

      A few years ago: - good summary of the issue with links to a primary source.

        I used that. "Oh, but it's a rumour of a rumour of a possible rumoured test!"

          In that case, send them to the Dust514 forums, where right now, there is much rage about keyboard and mouse users who are destroying gamepad users, and that's with intentionally dev-handicapped sensitivity/turn-speed on mouse input. :)

            Or just telling them to play any shooter on PC, but with a gamepad.


        I've never used a mouse in Legend of Zelda games. I'm also curious for a Link.

          FWIW, I disagree that solely consoles have lead to the level design changes- I think it's the drive to "cinematic" games that has, which has coincided with the rise of console shooters.

            Yeha, wrong wording on my part, but I don't believe it's just consoles that are to blame for it. Although it's hard to deny they've been the major pushing force.

              I'd point to the "mainstreaming" of games more than the consoles- it's the transformation of games from a specialist hobby to a mainstream entertainment sector that's done it. The consoles played a part in that mainstreaming.

      No, they're just antagonistic pricks. You made the mistake of reading the comments in the first place.

    @shane: You caught up with Treme yet? December is soon and I want a pal to discuss last season with! We can't all have Treme watching wives! :P

      Haha, I was just this minute looking up prices for season 3 DVDs, and was going to come on here and brag about there only being one week left to wait, and then hype you up about 6 weeks until Season 4.

      ... That's kind of unnerving.

      Cut it out. That kind of thing is supposed to be for married couples, who frequently finish each other's sandwiches.

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        You know what else is unnerving? Your face, that's what! *decisive nod*

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    i54440 $209
    Gigabyte H81M - DS2 $69
    4GB Ripjaw 1600 Ram $52
    WD Green EZRX SATA3 1TB $69
    SATA Blu-Ray Combo LG $54 (will burn DVD's but only read BluRay)
    Coolermaster FOR-500-KKN3 Case USB 3.0 $49
    Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 1GB $115
    Litepower 500w OEM $46

    Total: $663

    Gone a little bit over your budgeot but it beats the hell out of getting an i3... or worse...
    the extra $63...

    Could have probably used integrated gpu if she wasnt planning on playing any new games, but this GPU will even allow her to play games like borderlands 2 and others.

    if she wants to burn BluRays (i dont see the point) you are looking at an extra $35

    if she is planning on playing back BD's bare in mind that the AACS security has been bypassed and is supported by players like VLC (youll need to install the keys, etc, i can tell you how to do that) but the latter BD+ encryption although it was broken a while ago, has not been made public so no player will support it... so basically 1 in every 3-5 new bd discs will work as BD+ is becoming more common.

    if she is willing to bump a bit further to $700, id bump the ram to 8gb in order to get the most out of the GPU...

    Mobo also has USB 3.0 ports

      Good man! I'm so out of touch on specs. Though I'd say the next time I get a PC built I'd be tempted to not even bother with an optical drive. I haven't used mine in three years.

        agreed on the optical front...i still have one for when i find old cd's and i want to check them out...

      Problem. :( These costs probably don't include shipping or putting everything together.

        Check with MSY if that's where you go. Last time I got my machine built it was only $50 - $100 to get it done if you purchase the parts from them.

        The other question is does she have a PC already, or do you need keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc..

          She evolved from laptop to pc. shes currently using a pretty old one of mine to test it out.. but sims has already chewed it up and spat it out. keyboard, mouse, sound system etc are no problems. just wants a new improved tower.

      Personally for a lower-end system not intended for gaming use I'd drop the GPU entirely. If an R-series i5 could be procured that would be perfect (R-series Haswell CPUs have Intel Iris Pro GPU on board, which is actually pretty decent, but I don't think they're easy to get hold of).

      Also need to allow for Operating System. Win 8 system builder copies are around $100. However bear in mind that Windows 8.1 releases at midnight today.

        hmm yeah didnt factor in the OS...

        as for the gpu, he said she will occassionally use it for gaming if shes planning on playing anything semi recent id keep it... the onboard crap usually is only good for anything pre-2006 and very basic beyond that...

        on a sidenote any major improvements to 8.1? i gave up on it after i bought an upgrade copy of windows 8 after being told by an MS rep that you can install it without a previous windows 7 installation, just needing to get the key verified. so basically when i want to format i actually have to install windows 7, then run the windows 8 upgrade... why they wont fix that shit and just allow a key verification to prove you own 7 is beyond me...

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          8.1 has a number of fixes but the most obvious stuff is you can boot into the desktop instead of the start window, and they added a start button back in instead of that hot corner rubbish.

            thank fuck for that... so basically its like a windows 7 interface with the cool windows 8 gimmicks and an optional metro interface? possibly sold... is it a free upgrade to 8.1 from 8?

              It's basically SP1.

              Also the start *button* is back. It still brings up the start screen. Personally I've gotten used to it but YMMV

          Onboard graphics will run basically everything by Blizzard, Valve and any non-AAA title.

          EDIT: Most Windows licenses include free downgrades to any previous version. MS will even provide the stuff for the downgrades if you ask. I had to do it on a work computer that was running Windows 7 but needed XP for some old software. Always worth just buying the latest version and downgrading if you don't like it.

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            That's... not usually how the license is supposed to work, as far as I know.

            Also support will be dropped for Windows XP in April. We intend to have a party that day.

              Maybe it's how the corporate licenses we had worked.

              The way the guy described it made it sound like it was an across the board thing.

      Biggest performance bottleneck I can see on that is the hard drive. Green drives (at least in my experience) have pretty terrible read/write speeds. Shelling out an extra $10 could get a pretty hefty performance increase, which seems like great value to me.

    so guys ive been getting back into my sketches and have been focusing on video game characters can anyone tell me who they are and what game their from as well as their opinions

      You draw good. *scribbles notes into bjh's file*

        me draw good *scribbles all over monitor*

        I'm assuming my file simply contains the word 'Gattaca'.

        I'm okay with that.

      That corvo one is pretty cool.

      I don't remember Elizabeth being quite as pneumatic- my impression was always "skinny kid," but otherwise pretty cool

      They look good, although I think something off with the faces (maybe the eyes?). Then again I would take anything I say worth a grain of salt because I can't draw anything better then stick figures.

        elizabeths are deliberately oversized, i dont know about the others

          It was mostly the Elizabeth one I was referring too. =P

    Finished Beyond Two Souls last night.

    Enjoyed it albeit in the same way I enjoy Bay movies. Turn your brain off, don't ask questions and just go with it.

    Only major negative against it is the way it was obviously written linearly then broken up into a bizarre order with out any reason or explanation. Really destroys any flow or build up the story might have had.

    Still worth a playthrough though.

      I think I'm the only one who loves the structure and it ain't for nothing:

      General spoilers about structure:

      One plot point contrasts another in a way that wouldn't have the same impact if they were six chapters apart. Kept me contemplating on how one thing would lead to another, cause and effect and all that. I thought it was pretty brilliant!

      Legit Beyond: Two Souls ending spoilers:

      The prologue where Jodie begins to tell her story is at the end of the game. I'm not sure what the Beyond ending is like but in the Life one it's her attempt to scrawl her memories into a note pad while she can. Before it's fragmented. The visions flashing before her eyes in the Condenser too, how all moments led up to here.

      Also? Michael Bay? -_-

      I think I need to stop talking about this game with people. I get too invested in my love of it. :P

      Just seems to me people are more likely to believe criticism than praise and it makes me sad when there's another criticism piled onto the game. Then again, everyone is entitled to their opinion and your opinion is just as valid as mine. Maybe even more so. (There's no fanboy love in your heart for Quantic Dream. XD) Just using absolute terms like 'Without any reason or explanation' when there is makes me sad. Haha!

      Any way, this is the last thing I'll say about Beyond: Two Souls for a while, I think. XD

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        Nah, the structure doesn't work for me because it removes any sense of danger. You already know in the future that Jodie is alive and okay, so it doesn't feel like anything is at stake.

          To me that never was the point though. It was a character study about Jodie. It wasn't supposed to have this imminent sense of peril as Heavy Rain or Fahrenheit.

          I respect your opinion though and feel like I'm coming across as a bit of a jerk.

          I'm sorry guys!

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            Don't apologise for having an opinion... ever

              I'm apologizing for ranting at people who are expressing theirs. XD

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        Although at least he's finished it and is offering a constructive opinion and not straight up shitcanning it, as opposed to the usual 'ERMAGHERD IT'S SHIT BECOZ THE INTERNET SAID IT WAS SHIT!' Because I fucking hate that too.

      Only major negative against it is the way it was obviously written linearly then broken up into a bizarre order with out any reason or explanation. Really destroys any flow or build up the story might have had.

      To build up EMOTIONS!!!

    You guys didn't tell me the Game of Throne show deviated so much from the books.

    I really enjoyed getting caught up. Ridiculously good. I think I still prefer the Twilight bad lip read, but this was very good.

      I watched this on my phone when I first woke up groggy, by the time It was finished I was well awake from laughing :D

    Any would-be fans of The Wire looking for a decently priced boxset?
    @Mythamphetamine @BDKIAF ?

      Cash Converters? Those guys are scum! No one should support them!


          Guessing this

            Is there a Today/Tonight piece on this too? I need corroboration from a second equally reputable source :P



                According to my oldest friend and godfather to my children that's worse than and ACA combined.

                And he's one of their national news editors.

        Predatory lending?

          They keep asking him for ID everytime he tries to flog his stolen jewellery there.

            I can now see @dc going into his local cash converters and saying Suddenly I heard a tapping, as of someone gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.

        I dunno about that one. I've used them a couple times in the past, when in tight spots. They provide a fairly unique, niche service that shouldn't be used except as a last resort, but it is useful in the very rare situation that it's your only option.

        The terms of their short-term loans are utterly outrageous, but they do tell you that, going in. They're very up-front about it. They have to be. Their procedure is learned by rote, and they go through the payments with you, pointing at the contract with a pen, adding up the amounts, confirming with you that you're agreeing to pay back that insane total amount.

        If you suddenly need to borrow $200, you WILL be paying back something like $350-400. It's a very, very, very bad rate, but when you need it, you need it. People shouldn't be using this to pay their regular bills, because they're effectively doubling the cost of whatever they're paying for.

        If anyone is taking the loans consistently, then it's something that they personally are doing very wrong with their finances or life is tossing an unreasonable amount of unexpected shit their way and they need to find a much better solution than payday loans.

        The reason the rate is so high is because it is an unsecured loan and they check your bank statements, not your credit rating. So if you're a really unreliable credit risk you can still get some spot cash if you need it, and you can get it fast, without waiting the week or two that any other personal loan will take. Additionally, that rate only applies to small amounts that wouldn't be covered by a typical personal loan, which is usually a minimum of at least $1000 and at some institutions, much more.

        It's really hard to figure out what kind of case people are going to make against these guys.

        Yes, they're basically legalized loan sharks, but that's OK. They can't take your knee-caps, but they can obliterate your credit rating and aggressively pursue a default which might force you into bankruptcy procedings, but if anyone felt forced to take out a payday loan and couldn't pay it back, they were probably already very close to that anyway and instead should've either gone without whatever they would've ended up having cut off, or negotiated directly with their creditors for hardship considerations and payment arrangements.

        I dunno, this class action smells kinda bad to me, I can't see this working out. Everything I've read in the terms and conditions and the attention to detail the guys doing the claims have paid to their process indicates to me that the Cash Converters legal team has been pretty thorough in making sure they do their 'due diligence' in making sure people understand they're making a very poor financial decision.

          I used to work in a PC shop next door to a cashies, and we used to refurb all their PCs for them. There was a couple of close shaves with people buying second hands PC's that hadn't been 'sanitised' and finding all kinds of unsavory shit on them. They actually sought us out to ensure PC's were clean of all the previous owner's stuff prior to going out on the shelf. They get a pretty bad rap unfairly for the most part. They do everything above board, because they have to. This particular cashies actualy had a direct connection to the local Police Station, and every single transaction in the place went through the Police station. The Police were also in there every day or two working with them checking any leads or following up on dodgy things. If anything, cashies actually helped the cops find all the dodgies and unsavories. As for exorbitant rates on up-front cash loans, what do people expect? Cashies tell you in several different ways exactly how it works with rates and repayments. They've always been above board for everything I've seen.

          They provide a service that many people use, and they do it fairly well. Anyone who goes in there should know what they're in for. You don't go to cashies because you want a great rate loan, you go because you need cash NOW. Also, you sell your shit to them because you can't sell it elsewhere or can't be assed selling it yourself. Thus you won't be getting top dollar.

          Dunno, I'm good friends with some guys that work for cashies, and after seeing how the place actually works, I get kind of sick of people bagging out cashies like they're scumbags or something. If anything, the people who use cashies are often the dodgier ones.

            Shit, thanks a lot. I'm just trying to alert people to bargains :(


              Well, that was in response to the link calling Cashies into question, not the posting of the bargain.
              Probably the best use of Cash Converters would be buying things.

            I dunno, maybe it's the advertising that people object to, making it seem like a more reasonable option than it is - when it really should be the LAST option when you have no other options.

            Or maybe it's folks not internalizing exactly what almost 100% interest over four weeks actually means.

            Maybe it's that they're really just angry that they're in the shitty situation they're in anyway, and want to take it out on folks who made such good money off their desperation. The whole, "This is exploitation!" angle.

            I kinda get that... it is kicking someone when they're down. But to my mind, the way they operate is much better than credit cards who will quietly, insidiously let people rack up more and more and more debt to the point that it might even rival their annual income, all without ever cutting them off directly or forcing them into the realization that in a year they spend more than they earn. (And when it gets to critical mass and the cardholder realizes they're in trouble, they just sit there leeching interest, such that no actual repayment ever happens, just interest paid on a mountain of debt.)

            If anything needs reforming it's credit cards, not payday loans. Middle and lower class Australia probably needs to spend a LOT less of their lives on credit.

              Like you say, at least up-front loans there's no mystery. Friends have their banks ringing them once every moth or two offering to up their credit limit.

              I think you're spot on with the people blaming cashies for their situation and exploitation angle.

              Admittedly the area this one was in is pretty much bogan/junkie central, but you should have seen what the cashies people had to deal with on a good day. Scum of the earth at times, and I genuinely admired them at times for not vaulting counters and belting people.

    So, looks like PS4 might have a tough launch. Drive club might be delayed, everyone seems to be all hush-hush with it which doesn't sound good. The XBone is looking more and more appealing.

      Then the PS4 games will come out and you'll hate yourself for buying an Xbone.

        Not really, it would go something like this.
        - Buy XBone
        - Realise all the good games have PC versions
        - Regret purchase.


      Atleast I'll have Killzone. Not looking forward to a Wii U style drought though. D:

        Don't think it'll drought. The big guys (Ubi, EA, etc) have committed much more to PS4 than they ever did to Wii U.

          I think there will be a drought, not on the level of WiiU but I reckon it will be a little quite on the PS4 for a couple of months.

            Then again, I remember 360 on launch was about the same. Spent more time on the backwards compatible Jade Empire than I did on any 360 game.

            let's hope indies save the day,
            Starbound inbound

              Really good point.

              Indies won't be a system seller, but they can definitely sustain interest in the platform.

                I'm a big Battlefield fan too so I'll have fun at launch, just sucks that there's all these last minute delays, I'm sure people's choice of console was affected by launch titles, I hope it's all issues with development and wasn't some sort of marketing ploy and they never intended on releasing at launch.

            There won't be a drought to the same extent because Sony have been actively courting shittons of indie devs to get stuff to pad the gaps between AAA releases.

            EDIT: Also I think this is why they held Infamous back to be released in February. Same way that with the Vita they held Gravity Rush for several months - it released in Japan less than a month after the system but took five or six to be released in English despite being done.

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              Yeah every time i hear about another game being delayed i just think at least there'll be indie games, I think I played as much if not more indy games than big studio titles over the last few years, there has been some really great quality games.

        Killzone is the main reason I'm buying a PS4. That and MGSV, when it comes out.

      Waiting until next August sounds like it might have been the most awesomest idea. I'm not getting upset at all. \o/

        *joins Shane in the 'I didn't preorder a console' corner* Yaaaay.
        I'll probably just get a PS4 with my tax return, at this rate.

        ...Oh. That reminds me, I have to talk to tax wizards later on and exploit the system. It's pretty amazing how much money I regularly fritter away out of laziness.

          Let us know any hints you come across. My tax agent last year was scrupulously honest. :(

            Salary sacrificing is the order of the day today, I believe. I haven't been doing it.

              Ah right, I've heard this advice. I can't afford to do it though :)

        I'm glad I decided to wait as well. Going to wait until Destiny gets a date and then buy one.

    Oh god! Just realized what I've become!


    People not liking Quantic Dream games is a Shakespearean Tragedy! XD

      You're confusing people having criticisms about it with them not liking it.

      Dark Souls is the only game I've ever considered near perfect but it has its flaws as well.

        Criticism is necessary for growth!

        It's like the girls in the office here, complaining someone hates them because they criticized them. I'm like... "Not really. I sit here and listen to you bitch about your boyfriend every other day... does that mean you hate him? Or that you just wish he'd improve? Same deal. Someone calling you out on a mistake doesn't mean they hate you, it means they wish you wouldn't make the mistake that makes their day harder."

    Fuck you, PlayAsia. Pokemonz are still in transit, looks like I won't receive it until tomorrow. So much for FedEx priority shipping. Only works when they pick it up immediately, not when you leave it sitting in your warehouse for two days waiting for the orders to pile up enough to justify a FedEx pickup. Asshats. I know it's not FedEx's fault because I've been watching it. Shipping info was transmitted on Saturday, so it should've been picked up first thing Monday. But no, it didn't get picked up until Wednesday morning. Then you email PlayAsia, and get the usual - 'Sorry.' - nothing constructive. Only reason I continue to buy from them is because at least they're reputable, and I need US 3DS games.

      This is why I've started ordering Vita stuff through Amazon US. You pay a bit more for the shipping but they ship on time.

      It's entirely possible that Play-Asia didn't actually have the game when they created the FedEx manifest though, it wasn't necessarily sitting in their warehouse. Because they re-sell stuff from other regions they don't have wholesale agreements for US/EU stock and have to import copies from those countries then resell (this is also why their stuff costs extra). Nintendo were really cagey about Pokemon's release to try and stop people selling early, so it's entirely possible that Play-Asia didn't get their stock until a couple of days ago since it'd be US release + transit time to Hong Kong.

        That would also explain a few things. Either scenario is still unacceptable. Don't mark it as 'shipped' and provide me a tracking number so I can watch it waiting two days in Tsuen Wan for pickup. Also, I kind of really want my Pokemon. I'm likely being impatient as well.

    Fairly sure that I just got a job. I'm also fairly sure that they decided to hire me before I walked in the door.

    It's not the perfect gig but the company itself looks like a good place to work and there seems to be room for the role to grow. I'm okay with that.

      Working is awesome, well done.

      (Wait... no it's not! It's KILLING MEEEEE. Oh, it's the 'having money' that's awesome, but which only occurs as a result of working.)

        I'm not a huge fan of working but after 6 months of not working, I can tell you that it's definitely a lot more appealing.

      A good place to work, it isn't crytek is it? I hear they even supply staff with dinner.

        You'll never see your loved ones for the final 3 months of each game's development cycle, but at least you won't be hungry*

        * unless you don't like Pizza and/or the rest of the office are monsters that like pineapple on theirs.

      Good show, old bean.

        Celebratory board games on Saturday!

    Would you believe I've never read Nineteen Eighty-Four before? I'm putting that right now, so I can make pretentious claims to be among the the ranks of the Literati.

      The first half of it is pretty good as a novel/story, but the second half loses itself a bit in the politics (still an interesting read though).

        Seems to be the Orwell structure.
        Animal Farm, Burmese Days, Clergyman's Daughter, all share that particular idiosyncracy. I don't have a problem with it. I'm actually pleasantly surprised that someone who wrote to expose the problems he saw in society focuses as much on characters as he did.

          When I had to read Nineteen Eighty-Four for High School the class was basically told 'Orwell is an essayist, not a novelist, so this is probably different to most books you've read before'.

            Interesting! Probably decent advice for high school kids, but it kind of sells his work short a bit, I think. His books work okay as novels too.

      It's my favourite of the "classic" spec fic/dystopian books. Admittedly its competition is really only Brave New World (which I didn't like), since I've only read about a quarter of Fahrenheit 451 and excerpts here and there from A Clockwork Orange, and I have no idea about what else falls under this heading.

      But I was a nerd, I read Nineteen Eighty-Four in year 9 because we were studying Animal Farm and I wanted to show off.

        Brave New World annoyed me to no end. Sure the world and the setting were interesting but those characters were just illogical and stupid.

        Have you read We by Yevgeny Zamyatin? It apparently inspired both 1984 and Brave New World.

      I had to read it for high school English.

      Last edited 17/10/13 2:04 pm

      I barely registered its existence until about a decade ago. A friend was mind-boggled that I hadn't read it yet, and lent me his copy.

      I was greatly amused. Also, @dire_wolf is bang on the money on the structure. Though, to my mind, the latter half could just as easily be explained away as a descent into madness.

        Watch the spoilers! God, the book's not even 65 years old yet.

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    @melbTay @interstatevisitors
    Starting to heat up again so the BBQ can come out. Looking and boardgames and a BBQ the weekend after next. Can either do a Saturday or Sunday. Either way we would probably look at staring around 1pm.
    Who is interested and which day suits

      Where abouts do you live my good mang?
      I'll investigate if i can indeedly make it to said shenanigans as i rarely turn down a good BBQ
      i should clarify you can send deets on ze twitterz or to:

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          At least it's a made up name. Imagine putting your real name out on the internet.

          I remember last time we did real names I revealed @shane's first name, and for that I apologise.

          It's actually Engelbert.

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            I'm sorry, I just can't upvote for Engelbert :(

            Last edited 17/10/13 2:55 pm

            It's not Fabio?

              I am all names to all people. Everywhere and nowhere, like a ghost in the machine.

        My place in glen iris
        Which day suit you (and the Mrs if she/you like) the best

    Hot on the topic of literature read in school, I have this conundrum that has been bothering me for a few years now.

    A book I am desperately trying to learn the title of, because I forget. I only remember the premise.

    It would likely have been year nine that I read it, but basically it is about a girl who is the lone survivor of biological warfare. She lives in a village which is surrounded by pollution, thus she cannot escape. One day a male visitor arrives wearing a bio suit. The story goes on.. I don't want to spoiler the ending but

    the male visitor attempts to rape the girl but she overpowers him and takes his bio suit and escapes into the pollution leaving him all alone.

    Does anyone recognise this novel from my description?



        So I was looking for a new text to read in between A Storm of Swords pt. 1 & 2. I've succumbed to my curiosity and purchased a copy of The Lesser Evil this afternoon.

        "Game of Thrones - Galactic Version" ... "Epic but deeply personal" - Robert Simon.

        Looking forward to it ;)