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    Just had an awesome meal of fish and chips with my parents and their dog. Biggest piece of Blue Grenadier I've ever seen ...

    And both Mum and I are on a diet. Meh, back to it tomorrow.

    EDIT: And of course it's a pageget!

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    Gizmodo down there reminding us all why FTTP is so damn important. :P

      Related: Popsugar tells us the 30 most coveted hair colours in Hollywood.

      The fuck? I didn't even know there were SIX colours, let alone THIRTY hair colours. Forget there being even more than that for there to even be a 'top' thirty.

        1. Red
        2.-30. Who cares?

          Well, everyone knows that if you can't have red, then who the fuck cares, but I'm quite partial to weird dyes like blue or purple, if red isn't available.

        Bro, bro, c'mon, even I can name 12, no problem.

        There's Brown. Darker Brown. Dull Brown. Light Brown. Boring Brown (that's what I have). Very Light Brown. Very Dark Brown.

        Blonde. Strawberry Blonde. Blondes who say they're Blonde but they're really just Brunettes. Light Blonde.


        Pretty sure I've dyed my hair at least 30 different colours in the 20-odd years I've been dying my hair....

          When I was 17 I had black and yellow stripes.

          Went completely white for a while after that.

          Later dyed it bright red but it turned salmon pink within a day.

          Bit later had an upcoming job interview so dyed it black but got one that was supposed to have dark blue highlights in it. My hair turned bright purple.

            There are women I know who would have wanted that exact same effect and ended up with the exact opposite.

    Quick question,
    Anyone know of any ghost shows (like ghost stories or the history of haunted locations)?
    Or of more shows like weird or what?
    I've run out of them for mum

      Ghost Adventures
      Paranormal State
      Paranormal Witness
      My Ghost Story
      A Haunting
      Ghost Hunters
      Ghost Adventures
      The Dead Files
      I'll Haunt You When I'm Dead

        Thanks. She's seen all of them except I'll haunt you when I'm dead, so I grabbed that.

      The (more) serious ones I can think of are:
      - Ghost Lab
      - A Haunting
      - Unsolved Mysteries
      - Ghost Hunters
      - Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction
      - Most Haunted
      - Paranormal State

      The less serious ones are:
      - Supernatural
      - Ghost Whisperer
      - American Horror Story
      (I know that these are not what you're after, but Supernatural and American Horror Story are good!)

        Seen all those but beyond belief. Grabbed that. Thank you!

    Hello Mark or any other Kotaku Staff.
    A friend of mine just posted this link in facebook that links to a petition site claiming that GTA V "promotes running over and beheading animals and other acts of pointless cruelty"
    I haven't played GTA V yet so my take on the whole thing is that they are full of crap, and are using GTA V as a scapegoat because it is the "in thing" at the moment. They are only 100 or so petitions from reaching 46,000. What is your guys thoughts on this?

      Best way to contact a Kotakutype (other than through Twitter) is through the contact form:

      Or, if you're lucky, @markserrels.

      Also, why cilantro and not coriander?

        Ah, Thanks for that :D I had no idea how to contact them hahaha.

        Cilantro rolls off the tongue real reason though, really :D

      And there is some evidence that people who can't get their hands on a copy of the game are targeting animals in the real world for violence.

      So let's ban it completely so everyone will go out and "behead animals".

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      Petition signed!

      That's what you wanted, right? :P
      (I don't really agree with what it says, but we gotta look out for each other here!)

      Just for the record, I didn't actually sign it

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    Bought an afterglow headset... feel like Tron.

    So good.

      pics?! wanna see! dunno what the hell that is!

        ill try, not too savvy. gimme a tick.


        Last edited 17/10/13 9:45 pm

      What's the sound quality like? I've always figured its gimmick was fancy lighting at the expense of audio.

        I think its pretty good. This is my first decent quality headset in a while though so i cant make a solid comparison to anything.

      Pic require moderation apparently... who knew...

      guess they are pretty saucey

    What do we know about this musical chest that comes with Zelda?

      The treasure chest, which fits in the palm of a hand, plays the iconic sound of a treasure chest being opened in the Zelda games.

      I think I need this.

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      I know squat about it except it makes me wanna cry cos I don't have it or a 3ds :0

    So apparently people are following me on Twitter (thanks @strange @mawt @redartifice). I'm going to disappoint you so very much. :P

    (Clarification: I don't tweet much at all, if ever)

      Am I following you? What's your handle?!

        Same handle as TAY @popdart5


          As an aside, Twitter really needs to update its search functionality. I searched for popdart, assuming that it would prioritise folks followed by people I followed. Nope!

    @realrossnoble: After a feed when baby noble is all sticky I have to fight the urge to roll her on the barbers floor and tell people she's a monkey


    Signs went up today for out Halloween dressup day on the 30th. Need to come up with an idea for it.

    So far the only one I have left in my arsenal that I haven't worn to one of these things is my Little Mac getup, except the boxing gloves aren't really usable any more. At the time I just got some cheap ones from Target (Father's Day sales iirc :P) then spraypainted them green. It worked ok for the one day I needed them, they did start cracking and leaving paint flecks everywhere. But since then they got left out on the verandah and got covered in dirt from that dust storm years ago, so they're fairly horrible now. Dunno if I could respray them, or if I would want to.

      How about going as Seth from Street Fighter?

        I'm under strict orders from several people to remain clothed for the event :(

          They're jealous of your ability to attract the ladies, and don't want to give you any more of an edge.

      Do what I do. Go as the invisible man.

        Which one?
        The i'm-completely-naked-and-therefore-invisible-man?
        or the i'm-not-even-here-which-is-why-i'm-invisible-man?

    Finally got all my assignments out of the way today. Was a complete wreck afterwards, made Oliver come and pick me up and take me home because I flat out refused to walk, barely said a word, looked "like you're about to murder someone". and didn't smile once but we got there! And for some reason after all that and having a go at him he still bought me KFC, Maccas and some groceries :) Had an "I love you", "I love you too" back and forth today for the first time as well, which was kindaaaa (okay very) awkward but appreciated none the less :P

    I'm a bit cheerier now, at least, but I still feel awful, like really, really awful about how I treated him earlier today especially since he hadn't even done anything other than not answer his phone :( It's his big day tomorrow so I should probably cheer the fuck up by morning and practice smiling or something.

    Also I think I've decided I'm going to ditch IT and switch to a business degree. Will probably be a better idea in the long run than sticking with what I'm currently doing.

      His wedding is on a Friday? Interesting choice. All the best for the big day. Don't think of it as losing a hetero-lifemate so much as gaining a wife for you to share.

      Business degree will result in your job being full of bullshit. Like literally, your job will just to be a giant douchebag and speak shit all day every day, and kiss ass. If you're good at that sorta stuff, good on ya. IT on the other hand can pretty much be you alone, doing your thing, if you do it right.

        I know, I became fully aware of the culture of business from my management class this year :P I'm just happier doing it because it's more interesting and I'd rather be associated with that than the arseholes in computing. That and I find nothing I enjoy about what I'm doing anymore.

    @dc I'm afraid I have to tell you Beyond: Two Souls has lost some points from me.
    Just played Hunted and was horrified to find the game forced me to drive. D::P

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    South Park isn't being aired this week due to a power failure at the studios.
    Wow, for something like this after so many consecutive episodes... feels weird, man.

    Apparently an anecdote about how I met my wife enraged someone enough that they felt they needed to downvote it.

    It is amazing how much any slightest hint of sexuality is immediately condemned as something evil to be suppressed in the general articles on this site. I've really never seen anything like it anywhere else.

      Oh I don't know, still see plenty of "tits or GTFO" every time they have a female games executive doing an interview. :P

      Thus, whatever happened is clearly your fault.

      Last edited 18/10/13 1:12 am

        You'll also notice those are usually the only ones to get downvoted into oblivion. :)

        The audience swings pretty heavy toward the puritanical/'sexy=exploited' angle.

          I may have had my tongue-in-cheek while writing the above.

      Usually when I mention my wife it's in a gaming context and people upvote me and reply saying how awesome it is I have a wife who games.

      Maybe because we are gamers, the context becomes desexualised? Like, there's no way we can play Halo together AND bang. We are probably both virgins.

        Upvote for having a gaming wife. That's awesome.


          Didn't your wife not like Clementine?

            Yeah, but she made me hold the controller the whole time. I'm not sure this counts :P

    Why did I read, why did I comment. It's like once every month or two I slip and just have to respond to fuckery. If you don't like it, don't read it. How fucking hard is it?

      Depends on how hard you want it to be.

      And yah I'm reading things but feel like I can't really contribute to anything that much. So contributing here.

      I keep myself on a nice regular schedule. About once a fortnight I choose the "best" article for my purposes, I skim through it, and then I immerse myself in the fuckery of the comments. I embrace the stupidity. I laugh, I cry. I mostly cry. Actually there's no laughter. Just lots of crying.

      But then I get it out of my system for a bit. Then I can ignore the morons with their inconsistent arguments, their stupid viewpoints, their inability to form even a vaguely coherent sentence.

        I just avoid the comments and most Kotaku articles full stop. I literally load the page and click on my notifications to find the latest TAY. Then sometimes it's a slow day at work and I stray from the flock.

    Get into work. Problems everywhere.



      It's not that hard. All you have to do is trip over your chair and bang your head on the desk. Start speaking in tongues, and pretend not to recognise anyone. You get to go home (or at least trade your dingy cubicle for a semi-private hospital room), and you'll probably also have a decent worker's comp claim.

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        Hmm. Your ideas intrigue me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

    New Humble Weekly Sale

    Pay $1 or more for DeathSpank, DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue and Penny Arcade’s On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode One on Steam for Windows. Get The Baconing and Penny Arcade’s On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode Two by paying more than $6! Select games are also available on Mac.

    Last edited 18/10/13 9:03 am

      I'm a big fan of the original DeathSpank. So much that for several weeks, my internal monologue was conducted with his voice (and not by choice either).
      Don't bother with the second or third though, just the same formula recycled, especially when the last one was so clearly modularised - here is a new area, here is the level you'll be, here is the gear for that level themed to this area. Ugh, lazy development by the numbers.

      I loved the first 2 penny arcade games before they got ruined by that new mob :(

        Yeah, Tycho raves about how great Zeboyd is, but the mechanics, graphics, and music of the games aren't anything special. Cthulu Saves the World and Breath of Death were mostly fun to me because of the story/humour, and that's Tycho's job in the Rain-slick Precipice games.

        Part of me suspects Tycho's praise is because Zeboyd hasn't been crawling up his ass for script deadlines like Hothead were. After all, when they split, Hothead basically said they didn't want to do it anymore, and the diplomatic way of putting it was that Tycho was 'having trouble with deadlines'. (That's kind of a big deal to a dev studio - or any project, really. If your project is being held up by one person doing something, that means you're still paying a bunch of people to... wait.)

        If that's the diplomatic way of putting it, my guess would be that the less diplomatic way of saying it would be that he may have been acting like a fucking diva. I love Tycho's writing, and usually some of his thoughts, but I think in this instance he's excited about us getting to experience the consolation prize because he fucked up the real thing.

          I play a bit but it really didn't grab me. I did buckle and bought ep 4 at the summer sale. Think I might just read the storyline of ep 3 and try ep 4. Looks a bit better and hopefully plays better.
          I know many people like the version 3 more than 1/2, I got chewed out in comments once for saying 1/2 were better. I should have known that a man of your impeccable taste would know the truth

            Yeah, I still haven't finished 3 or tried 4. I'm just not feeling transported into that world the same way.

    Oh man, the heists in GTA V are brilliantly conceived. (Execution is all right, but the concept is genius, and I love the preparation and build-up to each one).

    Getting mega-hype for GTA Online. Won't be long now!

      It'll be interesting to see how the hesits work in GTAO, how much planning is actually involved, etc. While the heists in GTA were great fun, you did just basically follow a set of instructions like any other mission. I'm wondering if in online you have to set your own escape route, pick your own vehicles, etc.


      Could be a good way to legitimately make some decent money in GTAO. Rockstar have really nerfed the ability to make cash easily in this, albeit stating before the release that "it will be easier to make money than in single player".

      Easier, my ass. Even when you cheat it's not as easy.

        Haven't played it yet, but I'm keen to see how it all works. Getting XBLGold for my b'day this weekend! :)

          Hooray! It's not bad. A bit of a grind to get some decent stuff but I suppose that's part of the satisfaction.

          More fun with friends.

    Guys, I'm 19 years old and am financially well-off enough to buy both the XBONE and PS4.

    Am I a bad person for wanting to get both? I just feel like people will be like
    "Oh... you.. you got both? I-I could only get one of them.."

    So who's' getting Sonic: Lost World tomorrow?

    Wii U? 3DS? Both?

    I'll definitely be getting the Wii U version, undecided on the 3DS.

      I was thinking about it, actually! Probably not tomorrow, but eventually!

      Never owned a Sonic game :P

        I thought Sonic Generations was really good I have high hopes for this release.

      I will probably pick up Sonic on the WiiU. I played the handheld for a minute or two at PAX and felt "meh" about it.

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    So decided to chase FedEx this morning, and apparently my Pokemon X and Y will be delivered this afternoon. \o/

      Hooray! Now the important question - what would you do for a shiny Raichu?

        Unsavory, messy things.

          Well, I've linked you the picture I put up on twitter of the shiny Pikachu currently in my possession. I'm not going to use it. It's just going to sit safely in the PC storage for now.

            Wait wut. I saw the picture but thought you were just showing off a Pikachu. It's shiny? HNGH.

              Little red star... Take another look. It's a darker colour than a normal one.

                Does that mean it stays shiny when it evolves?

                  As far as I know. I'll evolve it in preparation once I'm a little further through the game and have free access to many evolution stones.

                  Don't evolve if you can, please - I'll take it as a Pikachu and just evolve it so I don't have to bother catching a Pikachu to fill the 'dex. And also - holy balls, you are amazing. I didn't even know it was a shiny, let alone any plans to give it to me.

                  I can give you another Pikachu for the 'dex. If I evolve it, that means I get to record both shiny forms in my 'dex.
                  And yeah, it had your name stamped all over it within about 2 seconds of me receiving it. You'll appreciate it far more than anyone else.


                  Ah, that makes sense. In that case, evolve away - I can catch any old Pikachu for myself, that's not a problem. Shiny Raichu will get a good home, trust me. =)

                  Hmmm, maybe I'll have to scratch that evolution plan. Supposedly, pretty much the entire learned move set is pre evolution (has to be Pikachu), so I'll just leave it as is.

          I'm not the OT but I can get the nickname changed in preparation of your taking possession. I was thinking 'Shinychu'...

            No! They must have original names. I do not rename my Pokemon. I'm weird.

              Ooh ooh, how about 'Nef Jnr'

              Edit: :p

              It's all good, just hit me up when you're ready for it, and it's all yours.

              Last edited 18/10/13 10:17 am

    Happy Birthday Lamboman!

      Happy birthday @lambomann007 - enjoy your final year of teenageness.

        It's all downhill from here. Hair begins to migrate from the top of the head down south, some setting camp on your back, others moving further down between the two mountains of doom.

        Responsibilities kick in and the worst part is that you now have to buy your own socks and underwear. :(

    oMG! Carmageddon 2 coming out on GoG today! Do yourself a favour and play it if you haven't!

      I set that email to 'unread'. I'll pick it up one day. So very many hours sunk into the demo of the original 3D one. :D

        :) It's a hella fun game! the amount of cars you can drive is just awesome! so hilariously awesome!

    This morning I locked up the house and was about to drive to the train station when the Aus Post parcel guy pulled up!

    - WIND WAKER GET! \o/
    - Although now I have to work through the day knowing that poor Wind Waker is sitting alone and scared in a box /o\
    - Also, my debit card has died (keeps getting declined when I try and use it), need go to the bank to organise getting a new one. /o\

      Also, I was playing Pokemon on the train this morning and battles a Hiker on a bridge that kept saying bridge related puns!


        Wood you care to elaborate? There's a gap in my knowledge when it comes to bridge puns, and I'm just not across what kind of span they have. The suspension is killing me, but I'd better steel myself against it before I reach the end of my rope.

        Last edited 18/10/13 10:03 am

          Could you please apply for a job as an NPC designer at Gamefreak?

      First you abandon SWTOR for LoL. Now I bet you do it for Wind Waker. Why so much hat Nob?

        We had like 30 mins to play. I figured there was no point in playing before shutdown. =P

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