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    Ordered the fancy Zelda treasure chest.

    I keep telling myself I'm done with collectors editions so why do I keep ending up with so many?


        Wizards who specialize on retail and study the arcana of buyers remorse.

        Get us every time.

      well if it makes you feel any better, I could be persuaded to take it off your hands. You know.. just to save you from regrets

      I suspect I'll do the same thing if I walk into my local EB.

    Preordered the Zelda 3DS XL, I assume I'll lose the game if I do a system transfer? any veterans in this department?

    Unsure why the Wind Waker theme was playing in my head as I wrote this.

      Well, that's where the wording is different. Previous game inclusive ones have had the game preloaded. This description says it comes with a download of the game - conceivably could mean you can get the game after the transfer, which is a workaround of sorts for this awful system.

    Oh man, I'm not playing any RPGs this weekend so I have time for actual video games. \o/

      RPG video games?

        Nah tabletop RPGs. Stuff like DnD, Pathfinder, Warhammer, etc. It'll be nice to get back to video games for a solid slug.

          Was always interested in having a go at something like that but was always scared of the stigma. I play Warmachine now though so starting to get into stuff like that.

            Stigma? The one propagated by teens with an IQ of 80, STI count of >9000, and pending pregnancy to their ex-bf?

              Someone's wearing their cranky pants today...

                I miss your scent, you beautiful man.

    Confession time: my brain is broken. Come for a trip on the waaahmbulance. Or maybe because it's comics-related, we could call it the WHAM!bulance

    Ever since my joke link to The Lesser Evil yesterday that caused vonsack to buy a copy of the book, I've been feeling guilty about it. I know none (or few) of you see it this way, but I can't shake the feeling that I've tricked people (here or Facebook or Twitter) into buying something they don't want or need and that they won't enjoy. Every time someone tells me they've bought a copy, my first instinct is to apologise and offer a refund.

    I don't think I'm cut out for marketing. At the same time, I kind of feel an obligation to my publisher to keep it up. Nasty business. Also, I know it's the only way I'll ever make the transition from amateur to pro. Still, I just feel dishonest and dirty all the time whenever I think of my book sales - in some sense, it's almost a relief that so few people have been suckered in.

    And like I said, I know objectively that's not the real truth of the matter as far as you're concerned. And I'm not looking for any kind of validation or affirmation in response to this - just thought you all deserved to know the truth behind the dumb jokey self-promotion I continually shove in your face, and know that I am more apologetic for it than I seem.

    I really wish I could land an agent. I'd happily sign away 15% (or more) of my royalties in exchange for all this marketing stuff.

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      Just to make you feel worse, I've decided to order a copy today.


        I mean, I hope you enjoy it, man!

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          Jokes aside, you really need to push aside this guilty feeling. All the reception I have come across has been overwhelmingly positive, you have no reason not to feel completely confident in your product. Your hard work and effort are worth the price and the fact you have a publisher shows they have confidence in you as well. Not only this but I suggest you look deep inside and think about how badly you want this to work out, how much you want this to be successful for you and your family. Don’t shy away from shamelessly plugging and pushing your product, this is important to you and the direction your life can take.

            Don't worry man, I never said I was going to stop.

            I know how much I want this to work out... I just wasn't expecting all these weird feels along the way! :P

      Being shane is hard. *pats on back*

        You speak from experience, sir! :P

        It's not hard being Shane. Shane has a charmed life - he just has a hyperactive guilt chip and an annoying moral compass that punishes any behaviour that's not absolutely honest.

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          I was going to make a 'inshane' pun to make you feel better but the meta-ness of it all might've imploded a distant universe or something.

      Are there mistakes that have made it to the latest edition that you're aware of?

      Maybe that's it. Unless of course, it's pure perfection. :D

      How have you tricked anyone? You linked a product and they made their own decision.

      You're talented. Suck it up and deal with that fact.

      Hmm. That was meant to be jokey but came out kind of harsh.

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        I'm pretty sure I have claimed in the past that The Lesser Evil will fix everything that's wrong with your life. WHAT IF SOMEONE BELIEVED ME? :(

      Yep, pretty sure those feelings aren't uncommon and the reason that many creatives are happy to hire those marketing types.

        Yep, all those free-minded bohemian sensibilities (that I possess only the tiniest smattering of) come with an inherent distrust of marketing and capitalism in general... and an intense distaste for the need to sully the purity of creativity with the filth of money. Still fighting my way through all that, I think.

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      It's okay...we all know you're a doofus. :P

        I kind of understand. Every time I make something for someone I think the money they offer would be nice, but then I turn them down because it feels weird taking money from friends.

          Wait... so you're saying I shouldn't be taking money from friends? Oh man, I'm doing this all wrong. ALL WRONG.



      You wrote because you wanted to share a story with people. It's more than fair on our part that we compensate you for it by buying the damn thing.

      Marketing is never easy, but it's not dishonest that you sell your work. We're all adults here, we can make a judgment whether to buy your book or not, and we wouldn't keep buying the new ones if we didn't enjoy what we've read.

      Jokes on you, you gave me the books for free!

      (Now I'm the one who feels guilty :P)

        Oh yeah, that phase of giving away books was a very expensive therapy session for me. Never felt more comfortable in my writing guise, though.

      Woah mate don't feel guilty! I'd been interested in getting a copy for some time. I'm coming up to finishing what i'm reading now it was the perfect opportunity. I'm still a newbie around here but you seem like an interesting fellow and I'm curious as to what you've produced.

      Also I like supporting home grown talent and batting for the little guy. My best friend is an amazing artist and writes/draws his own material and for years I've been suggesting he try and get his stuff out there, but his focused on his music, which is fair enough. This sort of reminded me of it. If that makes sense..?

        Sorry, I didn't mean to start a thing; I just thought it might be interesting to share some of the totally unexpected consequences of being published.

          All is good ;)

          Happy Friday friend.

    My PCs are starting to die, which is hardly surprising seeing as they're between 5-8 years old now. It's been a fairly long time since I've built a PC from scratch - anyone got any good guides or sites with recommended parts for different budgets?

      I usually just set a budget than visit sites like centrecom, look at prices and specs of parts and make a decision.

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      hit me up on steam or facebook and we can chat about it if you like!

      EDIT: This comes via the NeoGAF "I need a new PC!" thread.

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      glad to help if you need me to man. just let me know!

    Hah! So apparently my card was frozen because of "suspicious activity" from Kickstarter. Oh well, atleast I don't need to wait for a new card!

      How many Christie Sims books can one man need? This many seems suspicious.

    I caught a Ralts last night which I called Jodie. It has a quirky nature. That seems appropriate.

    Alphonso Cuaron doesn't think Gravity deserves an Oscar.

      Oh, is that how it works?

      I don't think The Lesser Evil deserves a Nobel Prize.

        Oh my god @shane. The Lesser Evil jut won the Nobel Prize for...uh...chemistry.

        Congrats man. How does it feel?

          A little odd (though admittedly, winning the Literature category would feel odder), but I won't be demanding a recount. CHA-CHING!

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            They felt The Lesser Evil deserved a Nobel Prize but the Literature category had already been won by Ravaged by the Raptor.

            Edit: I love how it's called Ravaged by The Raptor but the cover has two Tyrannosaurs on it.

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        Don't forget the Rockbjörnen, Sweden's most coveted music award!

    Ha, called up by Nintendo. It was some guy I don't know, apparently Jodie wasn't in today. Said some bullshit about friends offering me their 3DSes, and that I was going to check one of them out over the weekend to see if it's any good. Stay of execution granted til Monday :P

    Think I might try Fair Trading again, because catastrophic electronic failure in just two years is bullshit. Especially when they themselves have said that I've done nothing wrong to cause it.

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      That stuff probably takes time. Have you mentioned this intent to Nintendo? Aus Consumer Laws are pretty neat. Either way, you need to follow process: advise Nintendo that you believe they are in breach of Law by refusing service. Wait for response. If negative, advise that you plan to make a formal complaint. Wait for response. If negative ... uh.. I'd just leave it - get a letter in writing explaining everything. Then, either wait patiently while ACCC works its magic, or buy a new 3DS for like $20 (?) more. Note down that you either want a free 3DS, or a monetary compensation.

      Alternatively - where did you buy this 3DS from? If it's from a local retailer like EB/JB, the onus is on them to arrange the warranty repair.

        I did bring it up earlier but they kind of shrugged it off, and since then I've gotten more details on what happened which should help me I think.

        I bought it from Dick Smith back at launch, that online preorder special they had for the first hundred orders. I wanted to deal with NAL directly because of the whole data transfer issue.

    So after all those Ramen Burger sightings I made my own last night.. No idea if it tasted anything like what people are buying and raving about in Sydney, but it tasted awesome nonetheless. I went for an asian flavour profile and was pretty happy, especially because even the kids loved it.
    Didn't take pictures because my husband got home late so by the time dinner was ready I was too hungry to stop and take a picture. :P

      Where can one acquire a Ramen Burger in Brisbane. I am interested in trying it!

        Strange's place, have you not been paying attention!?

          I stopped paying attention after Ramen Burger! It happens a lot when people mention food, like one time ...



        I do not know, that's why I had to make one.

      I think I missed this whole discussion. What is a Ramen burger?

          Interesting, I wonder if I could do that with rice noodles

    I saved a Koala last night, poor little dude was looking rather unwell wobbling around on the road, jerks kept speeding past it narrowly missing it so I got a bit of the rage virus, put on my big man voice and meanest face, puffed out my chest and began cursing at jerks and stopping traffic like a jerk (i think my mean ness worked cause people became very compliant once I was looking angry swearing at them) ,I then chased him up a tree and called rescue people and waited with him, he'd wondered into suburbia after crossing the road so he had no business being there. turns out the poor thing had a horrible infection and the Koala rescue folks were very appreciative that I called them. Sometimes I'm an ok guy :P

      That's a much better story than my complete failure to help a baby Maggie (by which I mean delay its death by a couple of hours).

      It had been sitting at the front of a driveway down the street all day, and I'd been swooped repeatedly in my attempts to do anything earlier, but I decided to man up, and I walked down there just planning to move it on to the grass a few metres away. It had managed to move itself 5 metres onto the middle of the road, its mother was sitting near it yelling at a Miner Bird, and its father was up in the trees swooping down at me repeatedly. So I went "Nonononono" and left it. :/ Stupid idiot bird.

        yeah it suxks that they don't realise you're trying to help, the Koala went totally nuts when the dude grabbed it, he copped a few scratches on his forearm,
        At least you tried man, a lot of people wouldn't even do that much, good on you :D

    So I now have all the Gen 1 and Gen 6 starters in Pokemon X. (Evolution spoilers)
    Seriously loving the way they actually had a theme for the final evolutions for gen 6 starters. The whole warrior/rogue/mage thing is so cool!

      I just obtained the ring to enable Mega Evolution but I still don't see the purpose of it. Is something else supposed to happen during the battles? Different attack options? Power increases? Everything just seems the same to me, other than a cooler looking Pokemon.

        They get different base stats (presumably higher), and it changes their ability (I'm gonna say in most cast cases for this one, not entirely sure though). In some cases it changes their type as well.

      Plus it (half) satisfies all those people who have been screaming for Dark/Fighting/Psychic starters for the past 3 generations :P

    Dear EA / Bioware,
    I would really appreciate it if you would make a game set in the Mass Effect universe with the gameplay of XCOM Enemy Unknown.
    Biotics & Tech powers etc, pick your squad from all the races, level them up etc.

    get on it, EA.


      Dear 35

      EA would like to apologise for the servers currently being unavailable. Please come back later and try submitting your request again.


      Perfect! They can make it an always-online competitive multiplayer-only galactic 'territory control' type game, where you join factions and engage in gank-fests against impossible-to-beat Koreans.

      It'll be a freemium mobile game, where cash will buy you access to certain race/class combos and let your troops beat the level cap, plus you can buy access to 'gold' weapons, which are incredibly powerful but available for a limited duration. You'll also be able to buy fuel or something which will allow you to engage in more battles or expand your xcom-style base further than the free limits, or buy better generators/labs/workshops/research options.

      (Edit: I forgot to mention your base size will be limited so that it can't be entirely self-sufficient but you'll be able to boost it by spamming your friends with requests over facebook and twitter.)

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      Well the newest X-com sounds kinda like that in reverse. Xcom universe with mass effect style combat

        its.... sort of like that.
        but it just doesn't work as well as it could have unfortunately.

        Edit: mainly due to the horrible squadmate AI.

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    I'm sure you'll all be happy to know I've made some progress on the Goodra front.

    Spoilered since not everyone wants to hear about Pokemon all the time. I used a bunch of new lines, so hopefully we don't get infinity spoiler brackets.

    It's got a weird movepool.
    It learns Muddy Water and Aqua Tail, but not Scald or Surf.
    It also learns elemental beams/blasts - Ice Beam/Blizzard, Flamethrower/Fire Blast and Thunderbolt/Thunder.
    It doesn't learn Calm Mind or Bulk Up. I don't think it learns Dragon Dance by level, but I would expect it as an Egg move.
    So Hydration with Rainy Day + Thunder and Rest abuse might be the best offensive set.
    Dragon Dance could make it a decent mixed sweeper.
    Going to look into its potential as a wall//tank, despite it's relatively low Defense. Bold + HP/Def EV spread could fix that, and one of the new move, Conspire (I think??), sharply reduces the foe's Sp Atk. I think it could work as a phazer coupled with some entry hazards.

      My Charizard knows Ember.

        Come back when you have a level 100 Gyarados with splash! =D

      What's a Goodra?

        Final stage evolution of the Gen 6 dragon. Pure dragon type. Good special attack and special defense.

      Completely unrelated to what you're talking about, but anyway:

      (no spoilers or anything, just spoiling for the benefit of others :P)
      So: opinion on Fairy type now that you've had a play of the game? I kinda think it fits pretty well, actually. Seems pretty balanced (which I was worried about, adding types this late in the game) I'm pretty glad that Poison is SE against them. Needed a bit of a boost! Was hoping Grass type would be SE though, it really needs a boost :P

      Also: you weren't kidding about there being not many new of any type! :P Can't make a balanced in-game team because I don't like enough of them haha I've added Klefki because it looks funny :P

        RE: Fairies
        Back in June, there was a question about how much Fairy type would mix up the competitive scene. I took it as an opportunity to make some predictions + wishlist what I thought the type would be like.
        Turns out I was almost spot on.
        So I'm quite happy with what they've done with the new Type Chart.
        I am a little disappointed that, despite all that, there's no hard counter for Garchomp - Klefki, Mawile, Carbink, Dedenne all have a second type which is weak to Ground. I guess if you can load Klefki up with Air Balloon, you might be ok.
        Grass is still in a weird spot. I didn't expect it to be SE vs. Fairies, and I'm not really sure how to "fix" Grass types. Probably the best way to do it would be to make something "cool" like a Grass/Dragon that'll get picked up by the competitive scene in a big way, and watch how people make teams around supporting a grass type.

        Possible actual Gen 6 Pokédex spoilers:
        As for the short 'dex - it's weird: I'm a bit disappointed that there's no new Legendary Trio, or stand alone non-Event legends (eg: Heatran), but I love almost every new Pokémon - even Klefki! It does feel a bit like only half a generation, and there's already rampant speculation about what sort of events/DLC/Gen6.5/Gen7 might add to X+Y. Since people can't hack 3DS carts the way they were able to hack DS carts at the moment, there's a lot of mystery about what comes after Pokemon #718. Coupled with the fact that they very much have the potential to add new content through title updates, I think it's pretty exciting.

          I was expecting Xerneas to be a powerful Grass/Something type so thought maybe that might give Grass a bit of a go. Especially now that they're immune to powder moves, but alas.

          And yeah I was thinking about DLC last night when I caved and looked through the new Pokedex for my two final party members (turns out I'd seen 99% of the new Pokemon and didn't realise haha). I think they'll definitely add new Pokemon later. It's much better this way I think, now it'll actually be a surprise to see what event legendaries are coming instead of the usual seeing everything ahead of time

          Last edited 18/10/13 3:21 pm

            Ah yeah, I keep forgetting the whole Immune to Powder thing (and Electrics being immune to paralysis). I don't know if Spore was really prominent enough in the metagame that we'll see a huge jump in grass types to counter it but I guess now there's an option worth considering if you feel that your opponent is going to trying and use a Spore Breloom to take your team apart.

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    The time has come to clean up my act - I have not been playing games to completion. It's a nasty habit that was probably inspired by my MMO-tourism, and the desire to leave certain TV/anime series unfinished because I knew the ending was shitty and I wanted to preserve my memories of a good game.

    In some cases I wasn't able to progress due to bugs which would've meant replaying literally hours of stuff.

    SO. 2013 ends in a little over 2 months. Here's my list of games I actually thought were worth playing... but haven't finished. This list does not include games which are apparently pretty great, which I own but have never touched - only ones I've started and kinda enjoyed, but not finished, and would kind of like to. Does not include games I started and loathed and will not go back to ever.


    Advent Rising
    Agarest: Generations of War
    Alan Wake
    Assassin's Creed (fucking every one of them except the original)
    Batman: Arkham Asylum/City
    Bioshock 2
    Borderlands 1's DLC
    Borderlands 2 (+DLC)
    Breath of Death VII
    Brutal Legend
    Castle Crashers
    Command and Conquer 3
    Costume Quest
    Crysis 1
    Dark Messiah of Might & Magic
    Darksiders 1 & 2
    Darkstar One
    Dead Island
    Deponia series
    Deus Ex: HR DLC - The Missing Link
    Doom 3
    Dragon Age: Origins Awakening (plus other DLC)
    Dreamfall (The Longest Journey 2)
    Dungeon Defenders DLC
    Dungeons of Dredmor
    Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon
    Evil Genius
    Fable III
    Faerie Solitaire (SHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUP)
    Fallout: New Vegas
    Far Cry 2, 3 and Blood Dragon
    Frozen Synapse
    Full Pipe
    GTA 4 + DLC
    Grotesque Tactics
    Half-Life 2: Episode Two
    Heroes of Might and Magic 5-6 + DLC
    HeXen 2
    Hitman: Absolution
    Hotline Miami
    Jagged Alliance: Back in Action
    Just Cause 2
    King Arthur - The Role-Playing Wargame (1 & 2)
    Knights of Pen and Paper +1
    L.A. Noire
    Left 4 Dead 2
    Legend of Fae
    Legend of Grimrock
    Magic: the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers (2012-14)
    Magicka story DLC
    Majesty 2
    Mark of the Ninja
    Mini Ninjas
    Neverwinter Nights 2
    Nexus: The Jupiter Incident
    Nikopol: Secrets of the Immortals
    On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness: Episode 3
    Papers, Please
    Plants vs Zombies 2
    Poker Night 2
    Prime World: Defenders
    Prince of Persia
    Puzzle Agent
    Puzzle Kingdoms
    Puzzle Quest 1 & 2
    Quake 4
    Remember Me
    Revenge of the Titans
    RIFT (yes it's a MMO, but I haven't hit max level/seen story content)
    Rogue Legacy
    Runespell: Overture
    S.T.A.L.K.E.R - Call of Pripyat and Clear Sky
    Saints Row 3
    Sam & Max (telltale series)
    Sanctum 2
    Sang-Froid: Tales of Werewolves
    Scribblenauts Unlimited
    Septerra Core
    Shadowgrounds: Survivor
    Shadowrun Returns
    Sid Meier's Pirates
    Sleeping Dogs
    Space Hulk
    Space Pirates and Zombies
    Space Siege
    Star Wars: KOTOR (haven't completed many class quests, which are basically different mini-campaigns)
    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (1 & 2)
    Star Wars: Republic Commando
    Strike Suit Zero
    Stronghold 2 & 3
    Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP
    Tales of Monkey Island
    The Binding of Isaac
    The Elder Scrolls 3, 4, 5 (Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim)
    The Last Remnant
    The Walking Dead
    The Witcher 1 & 2
    Thief: Deadly Shadows (I cheated and watched the cut-scenes to see the end, but didn't actually FINISH it)
    Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction
    Torchlight 1 & 2
    Total War (ANY of them except the original Shogun - never seen a campaign through to completion. Medieval, Empire, Rome, Shogun 2)
    Trapped Dead
    Trine (1 & 2)
    Tropico 3
    UFO: Afterlight
    Unreal 2
    Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines
    Vigil: Blood Bitterness
    Warhammer 40k: Space Marine
    Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War 2
    Winter Voices
    Zeno Clash (1 & 2)

    Somewhere in the order of around 130'ish games. That should be doable... uhm. Maybe not in 2013 though.


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      Finish the Batman ones. Because Batman.

        Yeah, if I had to pick any games from that list, it'd be those.

      If it means anything, I have a massive pile of shame myself, but here's some games from your list that I finished and thoroughly enjoyed.

      - Batman Asylum
      - Crysis 1 - it's a bit of a grind at the end... but it's an adventure.
      - Fable 3 - I finished the story mode. No real bad parts.
      - Just Cause 2 - finished story, and then some. If you haven't done the story at least, what the fuck is wrong with you. Probably my fave game evar.

      Otherwise, good luck to us both to slog through our lists. I'll be needing a 6mth vacation. :(

      These are your unfinished games from 2013? Or from forever?

        Just from my Steam library. There are probably more CDs and DVDs floating around I can't keep track of. :P

          My steam library is mainly stuff I purchased and never played, rather than stuff I never finished. But my never finished pile is very big when taking into account physical purchases on consoles etc. as well :(

            I'm totally going to draw up a list of things I've never played but intend to, and things I've either played/not played and never intend to(again). Just to see how much stuff got bundled in that I didn't want or need.

              I did that for shameless gaming month one year and every few months when I get bored I up date it. Think it is a bit out of date but this was mine (Select backlog)
              Need to clean it up as there are things on there that I will not go back to

              I used to maintain a list but it got crazy and depressing so I stopped :(

      Bastion! One of my favourites \o/

      Magicka is fun with buddies, I never finished so if/when you get around to it holla at me.

      Wow your list is very similar to my own one
      Agarest: Generations of War (Just started)
      Alan Wake (Started recently, playing through with Mrs Tigs)
      Assassin's Creed (Have revelations installed but not started)
      Bastion (Completed but have a NG+)
      Batman: Arkham Asylum/City (Finished AA but haven';t started city)
      Bioshock 2 (Still trying to finish 1)
      Borderlands 1's DLC (I also have borderlands 1 DLC so if you want to co-op that hit me up)
      Borderlands 2 (+DLC) (Play occasionally)
      Braid (Same situation)
      Brutal Legend (Haven't started)
      Crysis 1 (Have warhead)
      Dark Messiah of Might & Magic (The only game I quit because fuck those spiders)
      Darksiders 1 & 2 (Finished 1 need to start 2)
      Dead Island (Started, think it needs co-op)
      Deponia series (Part way through the first one)
      Deus Ex: HR (Need to start)
      Dishonored (Need to start)
      Dragon Age: Origins Awakening (Started with Mrs Tigs but started other games)
      Dungeon Defenders DLC (So much time required)
      Dungeons of Dredmor (It's a rogue -like. Can you actually finish)
      Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon (No started)
      Evil Genius (No idea how many times I've started this game)
      Faerie Solitaire (SHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUP) (Completed)
      Fallout: New Vegas (Waiting until I finish things to play with Mrs Tigs)
      Far Cry 2, 3 and Blood Dragon (Just have blood dragon)
      Frozen Synapse (Yep need to get back to it)
      GTA 4 + DLC (Same situation)
      Grotesque Tactics (Completed)
      Half-Life 2: Episode Two (Completed)
      Hitman: Absolution (Need to start)
      Just Cause 2 (Completed)
      L.A. Noire (Need to start)
      Left 4 Dead 2 (HAppy to co-op this with you as well)
      Legend of Fae (Started on hard and hit difficulty spike)
      Legend of Grimrock (Need to start)
      Machinarium (Same situation)
      Magicka story DLC (Same situation)
      Majesty 2 (STuck on final mission)
      Mark of the Ninja (Getting through this now)
      Puzzle Agent (completed)
      Puzzle Kingdoms (completed)
      Puzzle Quest 1 & 2 (completed once but need to whore it out)
      Revenge of the Titans (Same situation)
      Runespell: Overture (completed)
      S.T.A.L.K.E.R - Call of Pripyat and Clear Sky (Need to start)
      Saints Row 3 (Completed)
      Sam & Max (telltale series) (Part way through season 1)
      Sleeping Dogs (Need to start)
      Space Pirates and Zombies(Same situation)
      Space Siege (Completed)
      Star Wars: Republic Commando (Completed)
      The Last Remnant (Need to start)
      The Walking Dead (Same situation)
      The Witcher 1 & 2 (Same situation)
      Torchlight 1 & 2 (Completed both)
      Total War (Don't even talk to me about this series)
      Trine (1 & 2) (Have goblin DLC to do)
      Tropico 3 (Tropico 4 for me and 1 mission before I start DLC)
      UFO: Afterlight (Gave up and now stuck on new xcom)
      Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines (Need to start since repurchasing)
      Warhammer 40k: Space Marine (Completed)
      Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War 2 (Need to finish retribution)

      I recently created a list of the top games I own that I had never played but wanted to. Before purchasing a new game I refer to this list and if the game isn't better than things on the list I don't buy it.
      1. Alan Wake - 18 hrs
      2. Batman: AC - 20 hrs
      3. Bioshock Infinite - 15 hrs
      4. Transformers: War for Cybertron - 10 hrs
      5. Darksiders 2 - 29 hrs
      6. Deus Ex:HR - 30 hrs
      7. Far cry 3: Blood dragon - 7 hrs
      8. Hitman: Absolution - 19 hrs
      9. LA Noire - 25 hrs - 35 hrs
      10. Sleeping Dogs - 20 hrs
      11. The cave - 12 hrs
      12. Total war: Shogun 2 - 35 hrs
      13. Deponia - 10 hrs
      14. Xcom - 31 hrs
      15: To the moon - 4 hrs


    Be sad with me. :(

      My god, the top comment atm on that article is hilariously neckbeard.

        Yeah, that's what I thought too. I mentally read it in the Simpsons Comic Book Guy voice.

          In episode 2F09 when Itchy plays Scratchy's skeleton like a xylophone, he strikes the same rib twice in succession, yet he produces two clearly different tones. I mean, what are we to believe, that this is some sort of a magic xylophone or something? Boy, I really hope somebody got fired for that blunder.

            You forgot the nasal scoffs before the magic xylophone :P

        I laughed, then I felt bad because I'm just as nerdy about some fictional universes (bad that I laughed, not that I'm nerdy).

        Oh dear. Although I was under the impression an Inquisitor's authority exceeds all - anyone can be scrutinised, even (especially) Space Marines.

      Aww mannn :( Crushing...

      ...Unfortunately, while i was reading it i had the same neckbeard thoughts.. mainly because anyone whom is judged to be a heretic by the inquisition is instantly put to death..
      Plus a single 'rogue' space marine with the ability to create his own chapter... there is just no way the 40k nut in me could have enjoyed that story line..
      I'd be happy to see the whole "escape and go rogue" thing - because that happen - hell, there have been numerous marines, companies and chapters that have done that done that (dark angels, fire hawks, flame falcons etc) - but to make his own chapter?
      The thing is that i'm happy to take liberties with cannon material - to bend the rules, if you will - but his ideas just seemed to go against everything in 40k - especially with the Space Marines.

      Awww mannn ow i feel like such a horrible neck beard.

    opinions on Valkyria Chronicles?

    Been looking for a decent strategy RPG sorta thing & that one keeps getting mentioned.

      Pretty darn great.
      Critically great reception, great aesthetic and art design, solid gameplay.
      Only thing I can fault it with is that there is an optimal way to 'solve' each mission which is not so great if you're a strategy nut, but you won't care otherwise.

        thanks man.
        its sounding pretty ok. I'll check it out.

        That was one of my only complaints as well. You CAN dick around and figure things out yourself, and think you're doing pretty damn well... but there is an optimal strategy to follow unique to each map if you want to get the highest possible rating.

        I avoided looking those up, just had fun with boosting my dudes' stats and having my favourite stand-out characters in key positions.

          "Optimal Strategy" -> Scouts bum rush everyone.

          Toward the end of the game when you've unlocked those extra condition things Alicia gets stupidly OP. Theoretically a motherfucker with a rifle should come off second-best against a tank, but theory falls down when you've got a team of badass scouts.

          I should get around to finishing VC2 some day. It's not on US PSN so I can't get it onto my Vita and I'd have to dig out my PSP for it (bonus: I have it undubbed)

      I almost kinda recommend watching the anime of it first... Kinda. Uhm. Uhm. Who would know better about that. @negativezero ?

      On its own, I played the game halfway through, first and I loved the shit out of it. I kind of appreciated being able to take the storytelling at a slower pace. But after I watched the (truly excellent) anime and played the game again, I was playing it with their voices and filling in the gaps in detail with the (obviously) better-animated anime run.

      I'm pretty good at editing my memory, so neither side negatively impacted the other, but I THINK that if I were doing it fresh, I'd... I dunno. Slightly lean toward the anime first. (I worry that maybe you'll consider the game less well if it just feels like a bad translation rather than great on its own merits, but I may be overthinking it.)

      There are a couple dramatic moments and the impact of those in the anime hit me about a thousand times harder than in the game, but I hadn't actually got up to that point in the game yet.

      Regardless of all that waffle it is absolutely worth playing.

        I thought the anime sucked. It loses all the tone and nuance of the game plus the game is visually stunning where the anime is bog-standard and doesn't have that amazing watercolor look. Vastly better as a game.

        EDIT: Also the anime was a cash-in on the unexpected success of the series, to promote their terrible Every-Bad-School-Battle-Anime-Trope-Imaginable sequel which was developed on a budget of nothing and basically destroyed the franchise forever in the west :(

        Last edited 18/10/13 1:46 pm

          Harsh! I pretty much disagree on almost every point. :)

          I thought the story points got strung together much better in the anime, whereas the game only gave you bits and pieces to work with, buried in peoples' profile often without context or introductions, and lost a lot of nuance the DID get captured in the anime. Static portraits with text underneath is almost the worst medium for storytelling I can think of (another reason I can't stand most Japanese 'visual novel' games).

          I'll grant that playing the game for the first half-dozen missions definitely made me feel possessive of the characters and like I'd had an actual connection to them, but the necessity of turn-based combat and 'back to the barracks' post-mission tooling around (and skippability of cut-scenes) really broke the flow that the anime was able to get.

          Also, the water-colour effect in the game really is gorgeous, it's true. But I felt that even if the anime wasn't getting the brush-stroke effect, it definitely captured the visual theme in terms of colour and tone.

            The problem is that the actual plot of the game is generally trite anime bullshit when divorced of the game it belongs with. I suspect you're also conflating memories of the two. Admittedly it's long enough ago that I can't actually remember if I even finished the anime. I didn't finish the game until a long time after I got it, I was stuck on the level with the train cannon.

            I also seem to recall a lot of people complaining about how much fanservice was shoehorned in for the adaption, but I think that that's kind of splitting hairs since the game had that Edy DLC and the beach episode.

            The game has a lot of properly animated conversations, there's not much 'static portraits with text underneath' that I recall at all. It's got a storybook-style presentation, always reminded me of something you'd have seen in a really well-illustrated kids book from the 50s or something. I really missed that. They took it out of the PSP games too. :(

    The KFC in the shopping centre where I work has run out of chicken.


    Last edited 18/10/13 1:56 pm

      You work at KFC?!

      Can I please have that character reference back?

      Edit: thanks to your edit, I now look like a crazy person.
      Can I please have that character reference back? :P

      Last edited 18/10/13 1:58 pm

        The KFC in the same building as where he works.

        (Yes, I know thatwasthejoke.jpg) :)

      You would be surprised how often I used to hear that at my local KFC.

        How bad does management have to be for a business that purely sells chicken to run out of chicken?

          Yeah it seems like a colossal fuckup for a chicken place to not have any chicken. It'd be like a cheese shop with no cheese.

            I love Monty Python.

          The sad thing is that it constantly happened on Friday nights.

      I worked at a servo that would routinely run out of prostitutes.

        Must have been included as part of the staff discount

    HaiTaku get
    Day = made

      I don't even participate anymore, I just come to glare at/admire the people who get these usually obscure games so fast.

      I nearly got it today, but I ran out of syllables. It's about time I let someone else win one though.

      Congrats! :)

    @beavwa has a shiny Pikachu for me.
    I am now even more excited for Pokemon. Holy balls.

      Well done. The new Pokemon game is amazing.

    Whenever @dc isn't on screen, all the other characters should be asking, "Where's @DC?"
    Also, I think he needs to be louder, angrier, and have access to a time machine.

    Beyond: Two Souls

    Party scene
    I went for the revenge, took it way to far and felt bad after I remember Dawkins probably stuck his neck out for Jodie to make it happen, goes to show absolute power corrupts absolutely all I needed was a little bullying to set me on a murderous rage, scary take on human nature.

      I demand vengeance! Blood for the blood god! Burn them all!
      - Me, playing that scene

      Last edited 18/10/13 2:17 pm

        That sounds so cheesy, you should write raid boss quotes for World of Warcraft =)

    Pokemon X/Y get. Now, do I start X or Y first? What usually happens is with each release is I play both through, and at the end, migrate all my Pokemon from both to one of the titles and play that. Thinking I start with X, because eventually I'll have Y as my 'main' copy.

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