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    Man, wedding was really nice. I'm so happy for my lil' Oliver and his now wife :) Couldn't keep the smile off my face when she walked down the aisle. The few hours beforehand were a tad stressful, trying to make each other look nice and whatnot, but I think we did alright in the end! Was good meeting his family too, who apparently all know quite a lot about me :P

      Did you mouth along her vows while watching Oliver? :P

      Good to hear everything went well. It's kind of a relief when it's all over. All the stress and build up all gone and worth it.

      Last edited 18/10/13 10:25 pm

        ahahahahaha nooo :P

        And yeah, was good when the ceremony part was over at least. Spent half the afternoon just trying to calm him down

    GTA V patch 1.04 is in. So far from what I can tell, they've nerfed some of the games. Base Invaders only gives you $12,500.

    Seems like Rockstar are either taking the $500,000 bonus into account or they're trying to funnel people to buying GTA$.

    @shadow - No word yet on the sin bin. Everything was fine when I tried it.

    Pokemon talk. No spoilers.
    Goddamn, the market for Vivillon on the GTS is cutthroat. Anything but the Japanese purple pattern gets snapped up instantly. I'm constantly refreshing the GTS. The second I see a pattern that I don't have (and they're usually asking for a Vivillon in return) I click Trade. "This Pokemon has already been traded". Refresh. Trade. "This Pokemon has already been traded". Refreshing every few seconds and they've already been snapped up! It's a minigame of it's own!

    Such a good feeling when you manage to beat out the crowd and get a new pattern though! I've got 6 different colours now :D Their plan was clearly to get people trading across countries/showing off their global audience and it's worked. Love it.

      That's something I wouldn't have even thought about. Interesting!

        Also, glad I've never felt the need to 'catch them all', or shiny hunt, or anything along those lines. So much time spent already :|

          I'm tempted to try and catch em all this time but only because it is now soooo much easier to trade for what you don't have

            Agreed. The new trade system is way better than using the old Gameboy link cable.

    I don't know why, but I kept googling 3dfx to see what it was all about.
    Probably because I never had a 3dfx card back in the day.

      I had a 12mb Voodoo2, and it was the shit back in it's time. Piggybacking off a 2mb Trident onboard graphics card. Quake and Quake II in OpenGL - I was the envy of all my friends.

        Oh man, when I got my Titanium G4 powerbook, that thing had a separate GPU with 64 Meg of RAM, so it just destroyed everything else at the time.

        Sadly it was a mac, so it only had 12 games. :/

      I loved my original 3dfx card. Cost me a whopping $300 back in the day! So many good times though!

    Fuck yeah, there's not one, but two new Tim and Eric shows coming! 2!! With Zach Galifanakis :D This is gonna be great, it's been so long since they've been on TV.

    I know Rule #1 of the Internet is don't read the comments but god damn have some of these drop kicks completely missed the whole freaking point of this article

    What the hell is with Dunsparce? A Lvl 19 one just wiped out 5/6 of my Pokemon all leveled 26-34. D:

      I'm guessing it was flinch hacking you with headbutt and Serene Grace?

    Went to Friday Night Magic, for the first time ever.
    Drafted, also for the first time ever (Green-White)

    Didn't suck! did well enough to win a pack! had an epic move- guy was attacking with an uber buffed monster (up to 12/12), which would have got him the game. I waited for his attack then played "defend the hearth" which meant I took no damage and then I flattened him next turn to win :)

      I watched a friend of mine play Magic once. Prior to the game he's been showing me his deck, and he's like "this is an OP Black combo that has no chance of happening, but that has mad escalation of power." Then he played his brother, and the perfect combo happened and he pulled it off, and we were both just like YYYYYYEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

      i'm probably gonna start doing drafts next week, my friends did it this week without telling me, so when i showed up a little later, they were all drafting and i had nothing to do... so i played pokemon...

        I just went into the store, but I'll do a draft with my friends at some point. I think it's going to be the format I stick with- less deckbuilding bollocks, more playing the cards you get

          The only problem with drafting is that it's a bit pricey to do regularly.

            True, but I can always stick the cards into a cube later on. Besides, for $20 and 3+ hours of entertainment it's cheaper than a movie.

            Also: HANABI: It's just a couple of card decks, right? Saw it at thte game shop, but I didn't know if it was the full game or an expansion so I left it

              A single deck. Should be 60 cards total (10 per colour including 10 rainbow cards for the rule variants) with 8 clue tokens and 4 fuse tokens.

              It's an incredibly small and simple game.

              The box is about the size of two standard decks.

      I'm really tempted to try and teach people that play BOARD GAMES how to play. Mainly so that I can put together a draft cube (probably just a cheap commons/uncommons only one) to allow for super happy fun times.

        i'd join in... you know... if i wasn't on the other side of the country...

          The problem is drafting is that you need to at least have some idea about deck construction. That's the trickiest bit, getting everyone to have experience on that end of things.

    @beavwa Thanks again for the ditto offer, got home from the pub earlier, did a search, and someone was trading it for kadabra. I jumped on that right away because I can catch an abra whenever. Also this thought crossed my mind - doesn't kadabra evolve as soon as you trade it? Meaning he/she doesn't get kadabra, they get alakazam? Jokes on them!

    I'm so evil.
    And drunk.

      Their intention was probably to get an Alakazam in the first place! If you were really evil you would trade your Kadabra holding an Everstone for maximum troll-ness :P

        Yeah when I woke up I thought about it and you're probably right. Everstone would've been sweeet!

    So my Pokemon experience is limited to half of White which I really enjoyed before becoming sidetracked by 3DS and PSV games but somehow I had a dream this morning about Pokemon.

    I've added a new page to TAYnames called 'Co-op Goodness'. Feel free to add your list of games you wanna play with peeps and perhaps edit the format - it's pretty basic atm. :P


    Man, they really should have made turning on Streetpass/Spotpass in X/Y more obvious. I would've never thought to look in the Holo-caster menu all tucked away in the corner. So many people are going to miss out on these features!

    Shit, it's 25 degrees right now. It's warming up a bit! I have a long, fun week of studying ahead of me, but I'm taking a break from doing anything this weekend. I feel like I deserve it :P

    In other news today is the first time I've woken up with a hangover in quite a while... Whoever it was that put so much money on the bar just for the wedding party, I thank you :P

    Capitulated. Went into JB earlier to buy Pokemon.

    Out of stock. :(

    Going to be yet another 3DS game with no stock for months I guess. :(

      Why not buy it online?

      Are you after X or Y?

      If you are near a shopping compleXY, try Target. $49 according to the catalogue.

    I'm trying to motivate myself to draw...
    But instead I ended up at tvtropes, dA, xkcd, and TAY.

    Namco: another week without news of a localization for God Eater 2. You are still poppy-heads. >:(

    A parody song on DLC —

    It's amazing. D:

    Now Aladdin songs are going to be stuck in my head, taking over from the Duck Tales theme. :|

      I'm kind of tempted to rewatch Aladdin now.

      Even though I last watched it like 3 weeks ago,

        Aladdin sucks. Genie is way better. XD

    I traded in a couple old finished games and managed to get Wind Waker for $50! :D

    Time to join on the hype traaaain. My first proper WiiU game to boot.

    Haha, getting all Nintendo Defence Force in Mark's Wii U article. Ah well, it's fun to angry up the blood sometimes.

      Championing the underdog, eh? Well, people do strange things when they have chronic buyer's remorse. ;)

        You're right. I never should have sunk all that money into that stupid PC :P

    Stanley Parable. People are playing it, yeah? You should. It's great. The internet is being quite odd when it comes to reviews and such about the game, however-

    Periodically I find the most unexpected stuff on youtube.

    Today's discovery: at some point Andrew W.K. appears to have done an entire album of english-translated arrangements of songs from Mobile Suit Gundam. It's pretty amazing.

    So, Pokemon X/Y.
    Has anyone else had a passerby just constantly request to trade?

      Yes. Someone named Strawberry was constantly asking me to trade/battle/etc for a good half hour today. I think they eventually got the hint :P

        My person didn't. I ended up disconnecting from the internet

    My PC won't update to Windows 8.1. Some kind of device conflict :(

      Make them get along!
      Seriously, though.
      That's weird.
      Have you searched any forums?

        My Surface just shat itself and decided to change everything to display in Japanese instead of English. I had the IME installed a while back so I could enter kanji (it's useful). I suspect it's stopping me seeing the 8.1 update on the surface as well.

        Nothing will let me update. So frustrating. 8.1 is a less annoying 8 and I can't get off 8. :(

          My galaxy tab shat itself tonight too :( All teh sucks for us :(

      Upgraded all four of my machines yesterday, and they all worked perfectly. It's pretty good so far too, some improvements.

        Yeah, I've had it on my work laptop since RTM and have it on my desktop at work as well. Just my two personal machines missing it.

        The surface refuses to show the update in the store. I'm actually wondering if it's volume licensed and can't be updated.

    Having a pretty shitty day when all of a sudden my sister brings me white-choc coated raspberry licorice. Best sister ever! My day can only go up from here!

      White chocolate coated raspberry liquorice? Don't think I've ever tried it.

        I could lie and say it's only alright so that you don't feel like you're missing out, but it is delicious, a little moreish, but delicious!
        And please excuse my spelling of liquorice, I only like raspberry liquorice so I don't pay attention to how it's spelt :P

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