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    Spent all day watching Brickleberry pretty much. I gave up on it after the horrendous first episode of the season, but omg it's gotten so good after that! This parody of Wrecking Ball had me in stitches. I've watched it like 20 times now :P

    Has anyone seen AC4 PC standard edition cheaper than OGS' $53? Happy to buy it completely digital but the Steam price has $20 Australia Tax on it...

      Greenman is $60 and Mightyape $55.

      Maybe one of those mental Russian sites of dubious veracity?

        OGS is $53 so that seems like a better approach even though it'd mean waiting a couple of weeks.

        I might just hold off and see if anyone sells a CD key. Not one of the dodgy Russian places though.

        Oh I still have $10 unused credit with GMG from when I preordered Tomb Raider. That makes things easier.

    Caught a Wobbuffet.

    Only took 8 Ultra Balls, 6 Nest Balls, 3 Net Balls and 37 Great Balls....

      I caught Xerneas with one Quick Ball in one turn.

        I hat you a little. I never seem to be able to catch anything.

          Serious tip: Quick Balls! They have a 4x catch rate on the first turn of battle (goes down to 1x rate after the first turn). You can generally catch most things without any weakening or anything!

            Spent 50 000 on Quick balls. They're not helping *shakes fist*

              Are you using them only on the very first turn? Before any Pokemon has made a move?

              If so... then yeah, you're bad luck :P

    Would anyone like a copy of Civilization 5? I just found I have a steam key for it that I haven't redeemed. I already have the game so I can't activate the key to check if it's still active.

    EDIT: claimed

    Last edited 19/10/13 11:26 pm

    My cool little Dragon/Dinosaur looking thing transformed into a box with 4 stubby legs. :(

    The Stanley Parable is definitely a thing.
    Kinda like Antichamber, only set in the (sur)real world, and now with added narrator.

      It's awesome. Just tried the demo and immediately bought the full thing. Such a cool demo.

      The start was hilarious.

      With having to move the mouse because the wall looked like the intro credits.

    GTA V ending

    Multiple choice ending?

    Is there really any choice but C? Did anyone actually choose to gun down Trevor or Michael? How did that go?

      Yeah, I couldn't do it.
      I know I talked big about wanting to kill Trevor at some point, but not by Franklin... not like that. Or Michael, really. I mean. Those two guys really did care about each other.

      Strip Trevor down sometime and check out the tattoo on his upper arm. Sigh.

      I picked killing Trevor purely because I thought Deathwish meant Franklin was going to be killed. Thought they were putting on one of those horrible choices you don't want to make. Turned out I gave the writers too much credit and there was an easy sunshine and rainbows choice rendering the choice pointless really.

        I picked C because I wasn't sure how the game handled how you can play with the characters after the game was finished for collectibles. I assumed it didn't matter, but still. Plus I liked all 3 characters in their own way.

    Some moron must've decided to light up in their apartment, tripping the complex's fire alarm. The alarm for our floor is directly outside my door.

    Evacuation resulted in numerous hot neighbours in various states of undress.
    Silver lining.

      Shoulda tried my line on a couple.. never know your luck in the big city! ;)

    Happy Birthday, @shane! Hope it's a damn good one! You're awesome, look forward to hanging at Supanova!

      Happy Birthday Kristen Bell and @Shane.

      We can see Kristen Bell's fashion evolution below, where is yours Shane?


    Dear Apple.

    Stop trying to force QuickTime as my default player and stop trying to change my system to make QuickTime associate with everything. I barely tolerate you as is and only because my phone requires you because it's not allowed to be simple apparently.


      Quicktime is to Apple as Windows Media Player is to Microsoft.
      Useless, outdated, and superseded by the competition.

      Last edited 20/10/13 12:26 pm

    Thought on "Cloud Processing". If it's going to be used to handle stuff way too intensive for the Xbone to handle how is that going to work on my internet connection that struggles with a low res YouTube video?

      I don't think it's the sort of thing that's going to use a lot of bandwidth - just calculations being sent back and forth. Just means questions are answered elsewhere is all.

        Isn't there going to be some lag though?

          Don't see why. I'm sure it'd be managed in such a way that it'd process stuff in advance, or process less critical stuff in realtime. I'm no expert, but it could only work a certain way.

            There's many ways you could theoretically leverage cloud computing. One of them is to be able to suck in huge data sets, pre-process them and then return processed information to clients as necessary, so like the stuff that Forza is doing where they're taking telemetry about the way you drive and processing it to create an AI model which then feeds into other people's games.

            It's also geo-located so you can also use it to spin up servers on demand to meet load in specific areas at specific times of the day without having to have servers provisioned, so for example Titanfall is hosting all their Xbone servers in the Microsoft cloud so that if for example a couple of hundred people all start playing in Argentina unexpectedly, servers are created to host the games immediately. Potentially this would help avoid situations like the SimCity or Diablo 3 launches where they provisioned servers for average usage but in the first couple of weeks the load is much higher.

            The Cloud is a big buzzword in IT management at the moment. It's the new Web 2.0 or XML or Java or whatever. They like to have something to claim is going to solve all our problems. It's got some useful applications but it won't cure cancer and solve world hunger like they make out. Also the backtracking on the always-online requirement for Xbone probably hamstrung their plans with cloud computing a fair bit.

      If you have the time, this is a decent theoretical look:

        That's... not exactly a positive article. Though it did clear up a lot of questions I had.

      When I think of the cloud, I now think of Rockstar's cloud saves... and it sends a shiver down my spine. It's a different thing, I know, but still.

      It could work well once the tech matures more.

    Stanley Parable. People are playing it, yeah? You should. It's great. The internet is being quite odd when it comes to reviews and such about the game, however-

    ... I feel... a sense of Deja Vu. Ah well.

    I'm also playing Goodbye Deponia, and only @dc will care. You play it yet guy? it's pretty neat.

    I also own a phone now. The fact that I'm on a two-year plan is probably the biggest commitment I've made since my relationship with my ex, and that ended with me getting hit with a folding chair.

    So needless to say I feel kinda.. odd about it. Also, does this mean I finally have to use twitter? Crazy thought.

      I'm waiting for the GOG release of Goodbye Deponia, apparently it's still four weeks away. :'(

        Give me the heads up when it's available. I need to wrap up that trilogy.

      Doh! Exactly what I posted 2 posts below. Should have read this first. :P

      I played the demo and was sold immediately. It was the best demo... ever! Well maybe not ever, I did sink about 50 hours into the Fallout demo back in the day. Probably more than the full game itself!

        I think... it's the perfect example of what a demo should be. It tells you exactly what the game is about, without really telling you anything about the game. I mean, I don't think all games should have demos like that, but for the game itself it's pretty damn amazing, and I think a lot of games could learn from it.

    Started playing The Bureau. It didn't grab me.

      Still 1000 times better than Resident Evil 6 as I have since discovered.

        That reminds me. I started playing RE6 with a mate online but just didn't get drawn into it enough. Still want to finish it though but the logistics of playing with this guy... he's barely online.

    Everyone should totally check out the Stanley Parable demo available on Steam:

    Played it and was immediately sold on buying the full game.

      Yes. More people to promote The Stanley Parable. So good. Soooooo gooooooddddd.

    After reading this:

    I'm kind of glad that JB had sold out when I went to buy it yesterday, as I suspect I'd run into the exact same issues. :(

      Negative hats fun. So negative.

        Not at all. I hat things I don't find fun. Which might be different to the things you find fun.

          Same predicament I had. Was at the shop ready to buy it but then I had a long hard think and realized that I'd only be getting it to satisfy my OCD when it comes to collecting things. Which is a big chunk of what the game is about. Gotta catch 'em all!

          The story in Pokemon games sadly never appealed to me much and as the article pointed out, part of it is due to the seemingly young target market. Alas, I'll always remember the games in the series that I did play quite fondly.

    I've noticed I've been a moody jerk the past week for some reason. Overreacting to things and the like. Blergh. Sorry to any one I might've upset. You guys are awesome.

      I blame David Cage for giving you all those EMOTIONS.

      Nope. Not going to do it.

        It wasn't David Cage.

          We should organise a TAY rendition of The Wizard of Oz.


            I'll be busy that day. :P

            Also, I've already been on a Wizard of Oz-like quest. (cc. @transientmind) I found my productivity! All the thoughts I have conducted would no longer be obstructed if I only was productive...

            Last edited 20/10/13 8:47 pm

      Meh. We're used to it. :P


          COLON PEE!!!

          You need to remember that even if you were a jerk, which you weren't, whoever you were one to would forget about it and forgive you long before you forgave yourself. So just forgive yourself for being (like most of us) merely human.

          Last edited 20/10/13 9:23 pm

    Picked up Serial Experiments Lain today.
    Looks interesting from what I've watched.

      It's a pretty abstract anime, might be worth mentioning to avoid the dub, the dub has been widely known to take away a lot of the unease and eerie feel to the anime.

      I don't think I've seen that again in a long time. It gets pretty weird.

    I take back everything I said about Trubbish.

    Klefki is the most retarded Pokemon I've ever seen.

      Bahahahahaaa....just did a quick image search. Who even comes up with something like that?!

        I'm waiting for one based on a USB drive.

      These key collectors threaten any attackers by fiercely jingling their keys at them.

    I'll post this on new TAY but do you guys want to lock in Sat 9th of November for Brisbane Supanova meat? Meat @Shane! PUNCH @SHANE!

    Last edited 20/10/13 10:10 pm

      I also would like to do something on the Thursday prior if folks are available.

    @cj, was that you dominating in GTA Online Deathmatches? If so, good to hang out with you briefly, man! You carried our team. I was dead weight (often literally).

    Connection dropped out, but not before many good times and many weird times were had. I may go back for more.

      Yeah boi!!! Sure was me. Rolling all them gangs and doing the criminal activities.

      (I have no idea what your talking about and haven't played a single second of GTA 5 yet. However am curious as to why you thought I might of been said mystery player)

        Username was somewhat like your RL name.
        Also he had a tattoo on his chest that said "I am @CJ from TAY"
        That last bit may not be true.

        ... well, whoever you are, mystery not-CJ, thanks for carrying us last night! :P

        Last edited 21/10/13 8:09 am

    The Stanley Parable had/has so much more depth than first implied. Holy crap that's a cool experience.

    Managed to break it twice by OOBing though, but hey, it's all good :D

    Been lying here in bed for over an hour now, with my brain absolutely buzzing with thoughts about the whole Nintendo deal and what I have to do about it tomorrow. Also that I have to find my sister a present. And get out of having to skip climbing (though got a passable story for that I think). All the while I can't stop Prisoner Of Society running on endless loop in my head, and I'm trying to flush it all out by trying to think of something more sedate like the Sketchbook Girl situation instead. It's not very effective.


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