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    @jimu, @greenius: WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING HERE? D:

      Checking notifications! :D


          I saw my MGS4 Slip Case edition the other day and thought about how much you wanted one back in the day :D

            Before I got one?
            Now I abuse it it cos I don't love it anymore :P

    Pokémon Stuff:
    Have you guys ever wondered if there's a ultimate catching Pokémon?

    A pokemon that can learn mean look, false swipe, odor sleuth(for ghosts I guess) and hypnosis or Thunderwave all in the same moveset?

      Yes, and there's Mew or Smeargle.

      I've always thought about the idea of a level 100 Pokemon catching Pokemon but I've never bothered to go through with it :P

      Ive thought about Pokemon.... a lot...

    Hey @greenius did you watch Survivor yet? I'm gonna watch it later today so expect tagging. :D

      I watched it!
      (@greenius @sughly @powalen )

      So glad the loved ones finally won. I hate it when Survivor starts out lopsided. Think they chose smart on not taking the fishing gear as well. You can make that stuff. Spices and a wok are pretty priceless. Also looking forward to seeing what the "switch it up" thing is. And definitely think Aras may have shown his hand too early.

        Disappointed Candace went home though. Was hoping she'd send her husband home :P
        Don't know why he gave the clue to Monica again though, it's pretty obvious that she's just going to waste it. Give it to someone who might actually use it and try and break up some friendships while you can! :P

          Yeah, Candace and Brad on Redemption Island all by themselves would have been hilarious! And John gave the clue to Monica again because he's not all that bright and didn't have his wife there to tell him what to do again.

            Haha, exactly what I was thinking. On both points :P

        Ahhh the loved ones winning was so exciting haha! I really like all the remaining people on that team, dont want any of them to go. Returning players team needs some culling. I was asking my sister though, when theyve mixed teams up in the past, have they done it with uneven teams? I dont think so... not particularly fair to the winning side. I think they only mix them up when its dead even. Maybe? Still, curiouser and curiouser... the family thing though is adding SOOO much more interesting strategy, way more than I expected. Crazy cool strategies going on.

          I can't remember what the numbers are now but they could do it when the teams are uneven and make the Redemption Island people battle for that extra spot :-)

            Ooooooohhhhh damn girl!

            I think it might be too early for that though. Redemption people dont usually return til merge. Usually...

            Last edited 22/10/13 2:30 pm

      I did but I'll leave the tagging to others :P. I'm not really posting, just sort of checking and responding to any notifications.

      I agree with what everyone said :). I wanted the loved ones to win as well since it's no fun when one team dominates the whole time, especially if it's a whole team of returning players (so unfair)
      As for stuff that hasn't been said. It's probably mean and all that but Laura B is so mehhhh. They've barely shown her and when they did (with her making that comment to Kat) it was all cringeworthy. I really wanted to watch another Rupert season and I'm sure the others really wanted to play with him too so it's really unfair to her but she's mehh. Kinda glad they went with Laura M though as it'll make Redemption Island interesting :-).

      @powalen @sughly @phoenix

      Last edited 22/10/13 1:14 pm

        Yeah I kind of agree with you about both Lauras. Don't really like either of them much, to be honest.

        As for not posting, that's why I was putting it here in Old TAY. :)
        Hope everything's going well for you, I miss you! *hugasaurus*

          Hey I like the other Laura! The one that isnt B. M? *shrugs*. Shes an idiot massaging Aras, but still. Im gunning for her in redemption.

          @sughly too

          Yeah, other Laura is cool. I totally don't remember her at all from Samoa but I think I liked her then? She seems fine this season except that whole massage thing was weird :P

        Oh yeah, Laura B... I like her still caus I can see what shes trying to do, and I think shes doing as best as she knows how as an outsider. But still... goddamn she has no skill for taking attention of herself and getting in their good books XD

      More Survivor. @greenius @ sughly @powalen @phoenix
      Just watched the last two episodes.
      Still can't believe Vytas didn't go. Splitting up Aras and Vytas should have been a huge priority. Also, I was right about Tina's daughter being useless. She came over with Vytas and immediately just started doing whatever her Mum told her. I don't really like Tina(for all their talk about trust she's proven herself to be the least trustworthy out of their supposed girl alliance) but her daughter is really just kind of useless.

      Best thing:
      When Brad got eliminated, my son (who's been watching with me) came up to me with tears in his eyes and a wobbly lower lip saying he needed a snuggle.He said Brad was his favourite. :( I think he just liked repeating Braaaad Cuuulpepperrrrrrr! though. :P

        I'm behind on Survivor and no way currently to catch up! Will have to either do a big catch up in a few weeks or suck it up and watch the latest episode on TV and guess what happened last week :P

        Mmmm I dont reckon Katie is useless... I mean, what else is she going to do going into that group? I think shes intelligent and could be good, but probably wont be because shes too soft spoken. I think she seemed to be pretty keen to get Vytas out, but probably didnt want to stir the pot, better to not go against the group lest you become Kat and get voted off. The other women are the dull ones strategically I believe.

        BUT, big crux of all this is... Ciera has no reason to stay with those guys come merge, so she'll go back to Katie, and in turn the other girls. Ciera knows Tyson wants Aras out, so they should totally tell Aras and Vytas, and keep those two. Then they have majority! Woop woop.

          Your theory totally depends on Ciera being smart,though.... :P

            Hahaha! Heyyy, I like her, shut your dirty mouth! No I have my reservations about whether she will or not too :'(

    OH HEY.

      Dammit Mr. White, I was going to make this old TAY all about Survivor! :P

        This could be a safe place where we can talk about Beyond: Two Souls! :D

    ok then, so last time i was on i posted my new video game sketches now i would like to take some request for what vg character i should do next

      Hey bjh! Just letting you know that most people won't check this as it's last week's Talk Amongst Yourselves. The latest one is here:

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