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    Morning everyone! Just had to stop by and let you know that, whilst playing through my first dungeon of FFXIV on Friday night, one of my party member's name was Ivana Tinkle.

    Everybody put down your glasses, Ivana Tinkle.

    figured just to make things a bit easier, i added a pokemon section to taynames.
    to make trading easier..... add your name, version, friend code and what you are looking to trade/have to trade... Leave someone a message in the messages section... whatever...

    Pokefreaks.... pffffttttt....

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      Blah, work internet is blocking taynames. :(

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        i can add the deets for u if you stick em in a reply!

          Ah it's all good. I'll add them when I get home. Haven't fully decided what I want to trade yet either.

      I initially misread that to read that you were naming pokemon after TAYnames.

      (Edit: Dibs on Gyrados.)

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    Just got an e-mail from 'Paypal', they totally want me to update my 'Porfile'...

    *shakes fist* You guys!

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      quick, give them your username and password, before the fbi investigates you for failing to validate your identity.

        To late. He made their list.

          Most people would read this as "he is now on their list," but given DC's dedication to list making, I'm choosing to read it as "he was the guy who created their list."

      If you had money in your account they would call it a Richfile

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    Oh yeah, Only War (Warhammer 40K RPG) shenanigans (spoilerised for length, it's pretty wordy):

    We're currently stuck on a post-Exterminatus planet after our ship was brought down by an Orc rok (of all things). Our primary mission is to secure passage off this planet (Chargos I), past the array of quarantine death satellites, to report to our superiors on the viability of salvaging this planet (levels of archaeotech, etc). There are a lot of foul xenos and heretics down here so the effort to retake this planet would be monumental.

    The session revolved around us taking down a Heretech (heretical Techprist) who was impeding our plans for escaping this planet and also happened to have a very important piece of archaeotech, specifically a Relic Black Templar Razorback tank that existed pre-Exterminatus (which is approximately several millenia ago). Our Techpriest was especially keen to burn the Heretech as he was an affront to the Omnissiah.

    Fortunately we were able to get into his facility by passing ourselves off as representatives of a larger and more powerful faction of Heretechs (with me playing the role of a Servitor). The Techpriest, our Commisar (who was posing as a leader of a remnant cult of the Emperor), and me (as a Stormtrooper posing as a Servitor) were given a tour of the facility while our Medic, Scout, and Sharpshooter (all of whom are from the destroyed planet of Tanith) stayed behind at our designated living quarters/habcentre.

    We managed to get the jump on the Heretech when he was alone however he did managed to call up some servitors and several obedience-microchipped slaves to defend him, in addition to having a rotary carbine and four mechadendrite arms (think Doctor Octopus style arms). Our Techpriest managed to disable communications and other defenses while I went toe-to-toe with the servitors using my power fist and the Commisar blasted the Heretech with a handcannon and a bolt pistol. Meanwhile, our Psyker managed to rally our nearby additional squadmates and brought reinforcements via Valkyrie insertion (think the Penguin dropship from Halo with more guns). Our three Tanith comrades sought to take out their habcentre guards, however they were unable to take down a Command Servitor with advanced sub-dermal and external armour plating. Thankfully our Techpriest programmed an override virus that he transmitted to the Scout who was able to insert it into the Command Servitor and temporarily disable it and every other servitor within the facility.

    During this time, the Heretech attempted to escape via elevator to a different level of the facility however I dived in after him as the doors closed, leaving the Commissar and the Techpriest to deal with the remaining servitors and slaves. The Psyker was evading Hydra cannon fire as he was laying down support fire from the Valkyrie.

    In the elevator, I decided now was a good time to frenzy (essentially rage) the crap and proceeded to beat the everloving crap out of the Heretech, shattering one of his mechadendrite arms due to my power fist's power field. I eventually struck him in a way that broke one of his bio-energy generators, blasting us both apart and leaving me unconcious. When I came to, his body was gone and we were on the medicae level where we had been given a tour of earlier. In my (continued) frenzy, I bashed through the elevator door and spotted the Heretech lying on one of the operating tables, clearly dying. For good measure, I broke one of his legs and killed him.

    While I was focused on the Heretech, I was stabbed in the back by what I later found out was a power knife being wielded by the surgeon, who was also in charge of creating new servitors. That actually killed my character but thanks to the power of fate points, I managed to barely survive with grievous injuries. By the time the rest of the party caught up to me, I had been dragged to one of the operating tables and the surgeon had disappeared, along with the head of the Heretech, Fortunately I had not my own head or any other organs.

    Due to my near death experience, I was unable to pursue the surgeon with the rest of the party who located the surgeon in the nearby manufactorum, along with the Command Servitor who had reestablished its original controls and directives. The party easily took down these two enemies, although not without turning the fight into a slip-n-slide Benny Hill style fight when the Scout critically struck the surgeon with a chain sword, cut her in twain and sprayed blood everywhere, forcing everyone in the immediate vicinity to take an Agility test or slip in the blood.

    Upon closer examination, the surgeon had removed the Heretech's head and was carrying it in a stasis tube. We can only assume she was going to attempt to graft the head onto a new body for the Heretech to continue living. The party also discovered the surgeon was actually a Dark Eldar Flesh Reaver and was engaging in heinous surgery on the servitors. Fortunately we all managed to survive, defeat the Heretech, capture the facility and the relic Razorback tank, and are now one step closer to getting off this godforsaken planet.


    - me almost dying (yay fate points)
    - our Commisar thinking it's a good idea to jump off the side of the facility with a grav-chute because taking the elevator is too slow (he almost died from the fall)
    - punching people so hard they explode
    - our Techpriest being an awesome hacker and overriding most of the defenses
    - our Tanith squad members for wiping the floor with the surgeon and the Command Servitor (Sharpshooter headshot + Scout backstab = dead)
    - adding a Razorback relic tank to our arsenal of 1 Valkyrie, 1 Chimera (heavily-armed/armoured APC), and 1 Sentinel (essentially an AT-AT with an autocannon)

      I thought the whole point of Exterminatus was to scour all life off the planet so you wouldn't have problems like those!

        That generally works but this was a former Hive/Forge World that fell to heresy. So while the upper layer of the planet was glassed/vaporised, there were several hundred layers of the planet to go through and not everyone died.

    Wolf Among Us

    Opens a black screen for a second then straight back to desktop.


      I think you're playing it wrong ...

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      I really want to get the game, but I know it's not going to even get that far for me. Telltale games won't even start up at all on my laptop :/

        If it seals the deal there was a reference to Sam & Max in one of the background sounds.

          No that just makes it worse. Making the game sound better when I'm not able to play it >:'(



      Whenever I'm looking at my Pokemon list I keep seeing Mawile's name as "Mawt". =P


      Yeah, that is pretty awesome. I'm thinking Jack Black if he ever became a Pokemon.

        When I first fought that Pokemon I legitimately thought it was a guy wearing a costume.

      I was going to use him but everybody seems to be using him already /hipster

      Love that type combo though!

      On the other hand, I really like Helioptile but I hate that type combo! Normal secondary type adds nothing but an extra weakness to worry about >:[

        You mean, adds an immunity to Ghost type, aka the new type that rules supreme this gen. Also, Helioptile/Heliolisk can learn Thunder, Surf and Grass Knot and has Dry Skin as an Ability. It's a gorram powerhouse special sweeper.

          Well when you put it like that... :P

          Dry Skin? Aw man, mine has Sand Veil! I've gotta breed a better one anyway, just waiting until I get to a point where EXP is a bit more easily farm-able/get a Ditto

            SV is still kinda useful for going up against Sandstorm teams, I think Grass is a bit weaker during SS, but Surf should hit at full strength.
            Also, since it's based on a gorram Frill Neck Lizard and it's dex entry refers to drawing energy from the sun, everyone assumes that it's Hidden Ability will probably be Solar Powered, which makes it great for Sun teams - especially paired with Mega Charizard Y.

              How do hidden abilities work this gen? Is the Dream World still active, or is there a different way of getting them?

                Dream world is not currently active. Comes back online January 15th. But there are a few ways to get it in-game.
                Pokemon in Hordes have a high chance of having their Hidden Ability.
                Pokemon you get through the Friend Safari have a high chance of having their Hidden Ability.
                Also there's an item that changes a Pokemon's ability to it's other ability. The wording is a bit vague, and I haven't seen any in depth analysis of it, since it costs 200BP, and is presumably one use only.

    Somehow, I woke up at about 10. What witchcraft is this?

    Totally gotta call Nintendo today. Totally don't wanna.

      Write yourself a list of points to cover before you ring, makes it easier.

        Yeah, been thinking of doing that, especially considering that one of the nights last week when I couldn't get to sleep, part of the stuff I was thinking of was what I wanted to cover on the call. Of course, couldn't remember a single part of it once I woke the next day :P

        All I can remember now is that I want to ask her to explain exactly what the nature of this fault is, and also about what that $150 replacement would actually buy me - what data gets transferred, etc. Not sure what else there was to cover. Apart from mentioning that every single person I've told about this thinks that two years is a ridiculously short time for a Nintendo system to live for.

          Did you go back to the consumer group you were talking to?

            Not yet, no. I was planning on sorting things out at the start of last week, but Monday was public holiday, Tuesday was mostly lost thanks to a sleepless night and Wednesday ended up being about dealing with car insurance.

            I figured before I do, I should find out exactly what Nintendo's position on the matter is, hence asking about specifics on the fault and all that. Jodie mentioned that my 3DS was "due for disposal" on the 14th, which is today. So gotta get going on it.

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    @transientmind @popdart5 @novacascade @negativezero @mawt @tigerion @blaghman and i think that's everyone


    First, if you haven't read the recap of the last session that @popdart5 wrote up, it's here :

    Popdart, any chance of getting this chucked on a tumblr or something? I can steal it and do it, but if you're happy to remain as chronicler I'd rather you retain authorship :)

    Just a reminder, our next session will be wednesday evening from 7:30 SA time

    If you haven't already, please send me a copy of your character

    Also, if you have an image of your character you'd like to use, send that through to me as well, as I can drop it as a pog onto the virtual tabletop- will make it easier to judge distances etc.

    @mythamphetamine are you still interested in jumping in?

      I'll try and throw something together when I get home tonight. Probably going to create a tumblr for recaps and then a google docs spreadsheet so we can keep track of loot/cyphers and other stuff that people want to keep track of.

      I'll have a look around for relevant images to add as well to the tumblr too. Character portraits are a good idea. :D

      So 7:30pm ACDT (Central Daylight Time) right? So for any Queenslanders, that would be 6pm AEST and 7pm AEDT for the other eastern states and territories.

        730 SA time is 8pm Melb, 7pm Bris I think

          Herp derp yep you're right. Keep getting timezones mixed up and daylight savings makes things worse.

      Turns out I'm not going to be able to make it on Wednesdays very easily. :( Sucks as I think I had a pretty interesting character setup and everything.

        Bugger! If you need to pop in late or something we can do that, or even every now and then

          It might be an every now and then thing.

            If you just give us a day or two heads up when you can make it I can tailor the story to fit :)

      Oh yes, have to email my character profile through. Will do it tonight before I pokemanz

    I'm taking my time with Pokemon, seeing as this is a reunion long time in the making.

    The customization options are really hefty, I'm impressed. You can get facial hair, although considering your character is like 11 every 'stache is unfitting.

    Or more fitting, I dunno.

      I got kicked out of a clothes shop for not being fashionable enough.

    One thing I really love about Beyond: Two Souls is they wait to give you the trophies you unlock until after the chapter. Small thing, but keeps you in the game and not thinking about doing things differently to get different trophies.

    Last edited 14/10/13 11:49 am

      Spoilers for game structure:

      I hope there's a New Game + mode that allows you to play through the story in chronological order. I love the structure so much, though. Really cool way of doing things.

        If you read my post on the previous page, you'll see I hate the way they've structured things. I wish the game had an option for chronological play right from the start, but I guess a NG+ mode that allows it would do. Not sure if I'd play it again though, as I'd already know what happens (and unlike Heavy Rain, it doesn't look like the story branches as much based on your choices).

          Yeah, I definitely agree with you about the structure. Knowing that Jodie is still alive and well in a future scene takes away any sense of danger in what should have been high impact scenes. Having the game play out chronologically would have been much better, especially considering Quantic Dream proved they don't give a shit about main characters surviving in Heavy Rain.

      You can turn off the trophy notifications altogether if you want- they patched it in for The Last of us.

        This should be a system-wide option, not a per-game option.

        Nothing kills a beautifully-immersive experience quite like an obnoxious giant pop-up on your screen. *bwop!*

          It is- PS firmware 4.45 brought it in, it's under the system settings

        Oh! That's awesome, I'm honestly over trophies and achievements. Don't even check what I've unlocked any more. XD

    Went to a Devin Townsend gig on thursday night and the support band did a cover of the Count Duckula theme, Darkwing duck and Ducktales it was rather funny seeing a bunch of metal heads bopping along to ducktales and going "wooh ooh"
    Edit: support band was "Toehider"

    Last edited 14/10/13 11:45 am

      That Beardy fellow went to that same gig according to my Facebook feed Thursday night.

        oh really I didn't think anyone was going to it so i didn't bother mentioning it.

          He loves Devin Townsend haha. I wanted to catch him at Soundwave last year, but alas I am pretty sure he was on the same time as Slipknot and there was no way I would miss out on Slipknot haha.

            hmm, that beardy guy has good taste, perhaps we'd get along :D

    Yep, someone missed the joke entirely. (I blacked out the spoiler the idiot included too)

      If that's what I think it is, I probably didn't want to look at that.
      Can you add some context so people can decide whether to follow your link or not?

        I think it's a discussion about Breaking Bad, it references one of the writers. No spoilers, but the joke only makes sense if you know anything about how many seasons there are/will be.

          Were :P

          There were 5 seasons, and the person replying to me seemed to miss the joke entirely and spoiled the ending for those who hadn't seen it.

        Pretty much someone on an image on Imgur asked where they can watch season 6 of Breaking Bad, I said they'll have to wait as Vince Gilligan refuses to write a 6th season, someone who missed the joke entirely came along and said it won't continue whilst spoiling the last episode of season 5 (which I blacked out).. People are smart :P

    Woot! just saved around 70% on my flights. Even with buying them early and getting that general discount I'm happy with that

    Watermelon is the best thing ever. I could just eat and eat and eat until I bloat to death.

    And usually do.

      Best thing ever you say? I'm sorry but that title belongs to Lasagne. Nothing can de-throne the mighty Lasagne.

        Also as much as I looooooooove a home-made lasagne... it's got nothing on a good serving of gnocchi.

          Home made pizza (base included) is the tits.

            Maybe we could just generalise and say that Italian food is the best thing ever, because all Italian food is amazing now that I think about it.

              Yeah pretty much. Also home made curries are amazing.

              I can get behind this.

              Although I stand by watermelon being the best thing that doesn't need to be in any way prepared or cooked.

              Last edited 14/10/13 1:44 pm

        Hm. I'm sorry, crème caramel wants to have a word. As does chocolate mousse, tiramisu, Domino's jumbo chicken wings, mint-choc-chip ice-cream, and really greasy extra-cheesy/saucy pizza with shitloads of crispy pepperoni.

          You make a strong case, but Lasagne is too delicious! It's the perfect food! Nothing trumps Lasagne (for me anyway)!

          Oh man, my aunt used to do the best tiramisu. Pretty sure it left you unable to drive afterwards, or at least close to it :P

    So Gaijinworks finally pushed out the Class of Heroes 2 physical PSP releases they've been working on for a while. Not really that important.

    What is important is this:

    Gaijinworks' Ireland recently hinted at plans to "squeeze out at least 3-4 more PSP RPG titles (and offer them as physical+digital sets) before we're done with the platform," though specific titles have not been announced. The studio will gauge interest in a Class of Heroes 3 release starting in January.

    So presumably one of those 3-4 games they're evaluating is Class of Heroes 3. Presumably Valkyria 3 and FF Type-0 are both off the cards because in the former case Sega are dicks and in the latter case Squenix have been making some rumblings about doing that themselves. The Trails games are off the table because XSeed and Carpe Fulgur are doling Trails in the Sky SC next year, so I'm wondering what these other games might be.

    Previously they've released some of the old PS1-era Working Designs stuff on PSN (Alundra and Arc the Lad) and I know that Ireland has mentioned he wants to get the original Lunar games up there at some point, but I wouldn't think this would be their 'PSP RPG' titles.

    Thinking of PSP stuff specifically that never got released in English and which is actually good enough to bother with, the only stuff that really springs to mind are the last three Shining games (Hearts, Blade, Ark), 7th Dragon 2020, .hack//Link, Summon Night and Genso Suikoden. I think I'd probably buy any of them if they were to be localized.

    Someone needs to make a game that's a mix between FTL and Mount and Blade.

      I walked into Mind Games on the weekend, and walked out with what can be best described as FTL: The Cooperative Board Game.

        Is that Space Alert?

          Space Alert is rad.

          Just... don't play with the CD. It's pretty awful. Way better to have someone with a time card and a stopwatch actually reading out things.


    Yet another weekend, yet another couple of days where not nearly enough gaming occured.

    I cracked open NFS: Most Wanted (2012) from my free PS+ bundle, since I generally like the series. Raced around the open world, not really doing events, having fun. Once I started doing the events, I pretty much ragequit - dem cops. D:

    Basically, no spoilers requires: it's another game where you're in a Lambo with nitrous going 240km/h, and a standard Ford Cruiser (cop) rocks past you doing 300+ and blocks your road. I was extremely angry, as I put my gf's copy of NFS Hot Pursuit back in the box due to the ridiculous cop AI and general douchebaggery.

    Since then, I've slightly upgraded one car and now cops aren't such a huge hassle, but they still beat me @ 280km/h. I guess I'll have to live with the fact that they are hax0rz.

    Otherwise, really loving the game. Open-world, pretty graphics, cutscenes are lol-awesome, rockin' soundtrack, nice casual drive mechanics.

      I like that the cops are always able to pace you- if it was super realistic the chases would be no fun

      Add me on PSN so i can invade your autolog (red_artifice)

        Well, yeah, they need to be able to pace you for a little bit. But cruising on a highway for two minutes at 250km/h+, there's simply no way. They literally fly past and ram you at 350km/h+. It just totally breaks the immersion for me. I'd understand if it was the supercar cops, but I'm talking the standard cruiser.

        Also, I think you've added me already, but I'll check again!

    Oh wow, Al Pacino turned down the role of Han Solo in A New Hope. I never knew that.

      HA! I totally misread that...

      Last edited 14/10/13 1:34 pm

    God, I wish I could just go home and sleep, Uni can go shove it.

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