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    Just finished Beyond: Two Souls. So amazing.

    I think this is my game of the year. I loved every moment of it.

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      good to hear, sounds like people are being too hard on it.
      Edit: did you like it more than TLOU? Did it make you feel all the feels?

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        Everyone's entitled to their opinion, but I can't understand why others don't see what I like about this. I know it all comes down to taste and all that, but holy damn some of the stuff I've read has been so negative. People reveling in not liking the game.

        I liked it as much as The Last of Us in different ways. I totally felt feels. I might've had manly tears in the 'ol eyes atleast twice. Haha!

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      I find it amazing how this contradicts almost every other review out there.

      Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

        I wouldn't want every game I play to be like this, but when one comes along that does I'm so damn psyched. That's why I'm so happy Telltale has become Quantic Dream Jnr. XD

      and you were so hyped about GTA V, I am so disappointed with you DC..

        GTA V wasn't even a GotY contender for me.

        2013 has been an amazing year:

        Beyond: Two Souls. Pikmin 3. The Last of Us. The Night of the Rabbit.

        Any other year these could all be GotY for me!

          GTA V was the only game I played that came out this year that impressed me and made me want to keep playing after I finished it :P

          Man, this makes me feel bad that the only games I've played from 2013 are Tomb Raider and GTA V :( There's no way I could really pick a GOTY this year, because neither of them are up to my GOTY standards. (They're both fun, GTA more so, but neither of them are anything I'd make a point of remembering the experience.)

          Edit: Oh wait, Animal Crossing. Yeah that's not GOTY material either.

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          Get Wonderful 101 already.

            Nah, didn't really like the demo. My sister who loved the demo abandoned the game midway through too.

              I haven't tried the demo. It took a while for it to click, but once I did it was AMAZING.

              Gameoftheyearier than any other game.

              (also: Monster)

            I have a feeling that if I do end up buying that (I will) once I have a bit more money that'll be my goty. Looks so good.

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          are you done with GTA online or are you going to resurface one day? I have a bike rack full of bikes that need breaking in.

            We haven't played Online once, now that I think about it. I'm pretty sure I'm done, though. Got Wind Waker HD and then there's Arkham Origins and Asylum later this month.

              you should at least donate your stimulus package to someone if your not coming back. :P

      Oh man, I've been waiting for you to finish!

      What choices did you make at the end?

        End game spoilers:

        I managed to convince Dawkins and I chose life. I figured Beyond ain't going any where and she'll get to experience that someday too. Decided to go back to her 'home' with the Navajo. Felt right. I was worried that the game would try to force my hand to fall in love with CIA guy, even though I rejected him like three times. XD

        What about you, my friend?

        Still have the Special Edition chapter to play, which I'll do soon!

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          Same, except I chose Ryan at the end. I hated him up until the final scenes, then he totally redeemed himself. I figure it might not work out, but Jodie at least deserves the chance at a real relationship.

            Did you talk during the interrogation scene, btw? I like the way Ryan handled rejection though. Took it in his stride. Didn't get all bitter. XD

              I did, by accident. At that point I was on auto-pilot a little, so I just reacted to the prompt. I probably wouldn't have, or at least waited a bit, had I been paying attention.

                Oh man, I didn't talk and felt guilty for the rest of the game. Ryan got hurt bad. D:

                  Oh. Well I don't feel so bad about my decision then. They hadn't even started torturing him when I spoke.

                  @bdkiaf: I think that makes sense for Jodie too. She's compassionate and not a natural born soldier, just recruited through circumstance. You could totally justify talking and I probably would've if I replayed the scene. (Though I like how you have talking regrets and I have not talking regrets. XD)

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                  Yeah, that's pretty much how I justified it. I won't be playing it again though, same as Heavy Rain and The Walking Dead. As far as I'm concerned the story I experienced is the only story, I don't need to go back and see what could have been different.

                  Yeah, same here. I will replay the game, but will most likely make the same choices again.
                  It's your version of the story for better or worse.

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      Anyways, I'll try to tone down my Beyond ramblings now that I'm done.

      Thanks for putting up with it!

        Thank God.
        How DARE you be happy and excited about things.

      ANOTHER game of the year for @dc. Sigh. Must be a day ending in Y :P

    so sitting at home right now I have Beyond : Two Souls, GTA V & Pokemon. I really wanna be playing them all at the same time.
    I cant decide which one to go with so I boot up Torchlight 2 again.

    I'm doing games wrong.

      I'm in a bit of the same problem. I have Pokemon plus a truckload of games to finish (Skyrim, LA Noire, other older ones I haven't gotten around to) and yet I keep getting stuck playing LoL.

      Gosh dang it.

        Haha I have the exact same problem - Steam library is full from sales, I have many games on my old Xbox and Wii that I've yet to finish, but I keep going back and playing LoL.

        @popdart5 Thought I would come back and mention that myself and a few other kotaku peeps play LoL semi-regularly. We have a teamspeak server that we chat on when we team up as well. My LoL username is Steveo The Devo, so if you're keen for some games hit me up.

          Sounds cool, yeah I'd be totally up for some games. My ign is popdart5 (I only just added it to TAYnames) and I will have to see if I still have teamspeak installed. Might be on later in the week as I am hella busy for the next couple of days.

      You play games like a girl
      Specifically my wife. Over 500 games in the account and she is approaching 700 hours in torchlight 2

        How many hours is she up to on Puzzle Pirates? I swear she lives on that game.

          She has hit 4 figures in that one

            Holy hell! I'm guessing she likes that game.

              Yep. Although it has the same issue that lots of MMO based games have, lots of time spent waiting to try and get a group together. So part of that is housework time

        It's like gaming comfort food.

        CK2 is a comfort food game, as is Lumines.

          Lumines is awesome for that. I'm so glad I bought it digitally so it'll always be on my Vita when I feel like something like it.

            Lumines is the closest to a gaming addiction I've ever got. During my Honours year I was suffering from insomnia, so I played Lumines to switch my brain off.

            Once Honours ended and the stress levels dropped it cleared up

      Nothing wrong with that. Torchlight II is brilliant, and endlessly replayable. I won't judge you.

    So I reckon I've played about 6 hrs of Poké Y over the weekend. I've restarted said game twice now.

    (mild spoilers follow for the first 2-3 hrs gameplay.

    Always knew I'd be getting a Charmander from the Prof when I met him, so I started the game choosing Chespin, the grass starter. Upon battling the prof I realised that I had no real attack against fire types, and 2 for water (pikachu & chespin). So I decided to restart, picking Froakie, the water starter. Got back up to prof, picked Charm under again, and started playing some GTA online. Meanwhile a friend comes round, and being who he is, he starts to make progress in my game for a couple of hours. I'm a little shitty about it, but I figured if I really didn't want him doing it I would've stopped him from saving. As I start it back up with no idea where I am, I notice there is an event to get a free torchic. I finished playing last night having just defeated the prof for the 3rd time. Current lineup consists of Chespin, Pidgey, Pikachu, Combusken & squirtle. Let's see how long they last!

      Because of the free Torchic, I chose Chespin at the start and Squirtle from the Prof. I've ended up with two fires though, because I'm also using Fletchinder.

    Ah, I forgot! I played some Dungeons & Dragons goodness with my pals on Sunday. We're using DnD playtest (not the latest one) if you're familiar.

    Spoiler tag for length, cos I'm nice like that.

    I play a Rogue, and we levelled up at the start of the night. I got some new ability called Uncanny Dodge, which upon reading seemed useless as it was just reiterating my Evade skill (can use reaction to halve damage). Pretty disappointed with my new ding, we carried on.

    Later, I re-read what I actually got: "DEX save throws to take half damage [read: Evade] can use your EXP DIE [yep, I read this before, seemed useless]. In addition, if making the saving throw you take half damage on a failed save, and zero damage on a successful save". Ohmagawd.

    So now I pretty much take half damage guarantee'd (if I can see the attacker hit me) with a very high chance of negating the attack due to high DEX and an EXP die. :D I used this to full extent when I got hit with a Sun Death Ray or similar, negating all damage. One of my crew raged hard because not only do I dish out the most damage, I can theoretically be the best tank too haha.

      I haven't followed the playtest super closely, but is that an ability that can pop every time?

        Well, that was the argument that the rager presented. "You can't use both, you can only choose one!"

        But it's not a spell or a feat, or anything like that. It's a race ability/feature? Evade describes my reaction (which can be used at any time). Uncanny Dodge doesn't even do anything, it just describes extra bonuses when doing DEX sav throws and reactions in particular. In that way, it's like the description for an EXP die or attack bonus - it's just a description of some bonuses that you apply to other things.

        So, I think my logic is sound. I use the reaction (use = once per hit), and the reaction works as long as I can see the attacker and the attack. E.g. it didn't work for the trap which made me go to -7HP :(

          What's the exp die?

            Some characters get an 'expertise die'. Mines a D8, and I use it for DEX saving/check throws. Basically, I add it to my roll. Different classes/etc have it apply to different skills, if they have it at all.

              Interesting, though it does probably slow things down a bit from more dice and "does this apply at this point?" sort of questions.

              One of the things i really like about Numenera is that it is low-roll.

          It does seem to read that way to me. But I'd argue that the ability seems incredibly OP because it's automatic - if I was putting it together I'd probably change it so that a successful save is 100% mitigation but a failed save has no effect. What'd probably end up happening is the DM is going to just start twisting stuff such that you can't use evade. :P

          Also nothing wrong with being a rules lawyer and arguing the specific wording of everything. As a Rogue you have to do that, you always need to be exploiting stuff like flanking and dodge and generally being very particular otherwise your damage output is only average.

            Actually yeah, permanent half-damage seems pretty OP

              Indeed, it does seem OP. But alas, such is the game. I also have 10HP less than a wizard... I'm 47HP @ lvl 8.

              In the last playtest my Paladin and Ranger buddies had double attacks at like level 5. Ranger had dual-weild crossbows too, so 4x damage... :P

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                ... how does he reload?

                  As I said, we're pretty casual players. Additionally, the DM at the time allowed a special 'crossbow mod' that featured a clip and auto-reload. Stretching the boundaries, I think.

                  @redartifice @stickman: I was assuming something along the lines of the way the dual-wielded shotguns worked in Marathon 2. "Many years of loving craftsmanship went into the design and construction of this brutal tool of mayhem, I hope you can appreciate that. I won’t waste my time trying to explain the loading mechanism to you -- your primitive mind could never grasp its complex nature."

      Well that certainly sounds interesting. I haven't been paying attention to the DnD playtest at all so I'm hoping I'll be surprised when it is finally released.

      Also btw Mr Stickman, myself and @redartifice seem to be the primary TAY RPG tragics. Join the club. :D

        Also @mawt!

          Also me. I play two games a fortnight :) At the moment, both are 3.5, but there's been cinematic unisystem and BRP in there too.

          I started pen and paper RPG in 4th ed and have become increasingly tragic since!

        Haha, sure thing! :P We're pretty casual DnD players in terms of gameplay, but it's definitely fun to catch up with the gang every fortnight.

          I haven't played steadily for a while, though we are Numenera-ing online atm.

          i did DM a 4e one-shot for some noob friends the other week, think we'll do a follow-up session soon :)

            I'm about to start playing in another campaign. \o/

            This will be my sixth, possibly seventh, concurrently running game. I probably should stop but I'm having too much fun. :D

    After playing GTA Online, I think I'm more open to playing coop multiplayer next time there's a Borderlands-style game released. (Probably The Division?)


      You'll be getting a PS4, yes? So you'll have the headset?

        Headset built into controller?

          PS4 comes with a mono headset that plugs into the controller

            Oh man! Now I'll have to make another excuse for not talking! Laryngitis? EVERY TIME A NEW MULTIPLAYER GAME IS RELEASED!

              Or, now hear me out, you could talk.


                Easy for you to say, awesome voiced guy. (Had no idea who you were when I heard you talking, but thought: damn this guy has a cool sounding voice. XD)

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                  @dc come on, can't be any worse than my reedy high-pitchedness.

                  I've got the deepness of Flu's voice, but on the opposite of the pleasant spectrum. :P

                  i played COD for several years, no sound or nothing you could say would ever be as annoying as COD douchebags.

                  Seriously, you need to talk, even if it's just to tell me to stop yelling GET IN THE CAR at you

              I got a shock yesterday when I was trading Pokemon with @novacascade. Game asked if I wanted to start "Game Chat", which I said yes to, assuming it would open an instant message window... Nobody told me that meant voice chat! haha

                "Ha ha ha, I'll send this sucker my crappiest critter, he won't know any different. I'm really screwing him out of something good here!"
                "Voice chat? You can hear me? Ahhh..."

                I thought Nintendo were super-against this because pedos were going to use it to contact your children or something? But they built it into Pokemon of all things?

                  I assumed it was only voice because we were already on each others friends list. Could be wrong though

      Borderlands 2?

        Over stayed my welcome on that planet. Don't think I could play that game again any time soon. XD

    Hypothetical question TAY - Say someone who doesn't have a 3DS and wants to play pokemanz were to go against his budget (and fiances wishes) and pick up both, what would be the best/cheapest option? 2nd hand 3DS on Ebay? The 2DS?

      Whichever one is easiest to take with you when she makes you pack your things.

      IIRC the 2DS is about $138 and Pokemon $44 at Big W, so that would likely be your cheapest option. Unless you happen to get lucky with a secondhand 3DS, but who knows how likely that is.

      EB has the 2DS going for $148 and if you price-match Pokemon from Big W for $44, you could get everything going for under $200. Not sure about 2nd hand 3DS but brand new still retail for $199 for standard or anywhere from $230-$250 for XL. 2nd hand basic 3DS from EB is apparently as low as $129 but quality might not be great.

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      I still have my original 3DS sitting in it's box in my cupboard that I don't use anymore, actually...

        If you would like to turn it into some cash, let me know.

          Feel free to email me at: ben-at-powalen-dot-com

          I've never posted a parcel before though so I'll have to check what's involved in that! It's in it's original box though so I can't imagine it being too much hassle.

      2nd hand gen 1 3DS goes for 129 at EB (can be lower during sales, wouldn't expect that any time this year)
      If you prefer new hardware, it's hard to go past the 2DS - it's all about creating an affordable and less breakable option for the pokeymanzzz. 148 at JB.
      Game is 44 at big dubya (only until Wednesday), you may have trouble with that, my local was sold out on Sunday (and reverting to 59 by Thursday). Next best was Target at 49, JB at 54, and EB and download at the full nearly 60 retail price.

        I'd argue it's very easy to go past the 2DS as that thing looks hideous. Better off with a 2nd-hand standard 3DS.

        @steve-o_the_deve-o: I imported my 3DS XL from the UK and I think it was marginally cheaper than buying it locally. If you do that you may need to go buy a separate 3DS charger though.

          Ah, good point. @steve-o_the_deve-o - I have seen on occasion, if you walk into the right Dick Smith or Hardly Normal, you may see a new original 3DS for 119. Pretty scarce though, I wouldn't plan or bank on it.

        Hang on, Pokeymans is going up in price?

          One week special. Fine print says $58 after special, catalogue says special available until 16/10. (Big Dubya that is)

            Hrmm. Might just have to take the hit on that one, seems to be out of stock online and not sure I can make it to a Big W.

          Big W seems to do that a lot. Undercut everyone else for the first week or so then put prices back to normal.

    Literally just sitting here staring at my phone. I almost wish they'd just call me instead.

      Nike, man.

      Just do it. Or they'll throw away your 3DS

      Do it for Pikachu.

        I hate that guy :P

          Do it for Chewie and the Ewoks...and all the other puppets


            Hamill is one of the greatest Simpsons guest stars ever. Especially when you realise he pulls double duty in that ep

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              he is the best in Metalocalypse, so funny. He's the manager and random fans

    Need to figure out what to play next as I think I'll probably be done with my current stuff this week. Tossing up going back and finishing the story in FFXIV (I kind of lost momentum because of a terrible boss fight and some bad group experiences) or Xillia (stopped playing because of FFXIV) or maybe something else entirely. Also got Agarest sitting there on Steam but it's a bit buggy still. Plus Disgaea D2 should arrive late this week or early next week. Too many games :(

      Disgaea D2 is pretty awesome. I wouldn't play anything that requires a lot of investment because D2 can take up a lot of your time.

        Does it have decent mechanics for leveling up characters through the early stages of the game quickly? The way that the only effective method for leveling lowbies in 1-3 was to have them do group attacks with a high-level character or grind low-level areas used to really suck, I was super happy when Disgaea 4 added that system where you put down a thing and then the dudes inside the square shared some kind of bonus, because one of them was that one character would earn like 50% of the XP of another character. Meant you could put your top-end dudes (in my case it was usually Valvatorez and one of my Mages) in the leader positions and then put lowbies into the rest and quickly level them up. Great for when you reincarnate into a higher-level class and start again at level 1. The other games didn't have a good mechanic for it like that. Coincidentally the only games I finished in the series are 1 and 4, but I'd argue that's mainly because 4 has the best story after 1, and because both have Flonne.

    Beyond:Two Souls.

    Looks fantastic. Very cinematic and I'll begrudgingly suspend my dislike of Ellen Page to say she's done well. The more intense action scenes in particular are brilliantly shot.

    Dafoe is wasted though and I can't shake the feeling the scripts handed out were written in crayon with the 'e's backwards and all spelled wrong.

      Worst review ever, no mentions of "EMOTIONS!"


        Surprisingly restrained in the EMOTIONS! department. I mean its Cage so he can't help himself at times but not horribly overdone.

      Yeah, this is pretty accurate. I'm not an Ellen Page fan at all, but she's done a great job in Beyond. Some of the dialogue is just so incredibly bad though.

      Still loved it.

      4 out of 5 emotions.

        I'm enjoying it enough to recommend it to someone. David Cage needs to keep making games as he is damned good at it but someone needs to take the pen out of his hand.

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          Yep. The writing is by far the weakest point of Quantic Dream's games. A game by them written by a decent writer would be fantastic, though there ain't no way David Cage is going to let anyone else write but him.

          To tell you the truth, I like his writing. Sometimes things are a bit too precise or speak what's on your mind-like, but that mostly comes from a French writer penning an English script, I think.

          I think this is his best writing effort yet and not a plot hole in sight! *glares at Heavy Rain* :P I'll concede he might need a script doctor or editor to go over some lines from time-to-time, but otherwise it's all good.

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      Weird! I loved the writing. I thought Dafoe was great! You crazy!

      (Though all your remarks are mostly positive so I'm just being fanboy-like now.)

    The one thing that always helps on a shit day of work: mint choc-chip ice cream flavoured chewing gum.

      Mint chewing gum? Woah.

          I should be making a trip there next weekend to collect my new glasses \o/ I'll be able to see through both eyes again!

    Got a notification that someone replied to my post in the GTA "Go fuck yourself" article, only to go there and find no such reply. Stupid moderation. I WANNA KNOW WHAT IT SAYS!

    Season four of the The Walking Dead starts tonight on FX on Foxtel. Tempted to watch, just to fill that Telltale void.

      If only there was a Telltale game that you haven't played you could amuse yourself with in the meantime.

        No Jurassic Park evah! (Though I give it credit for pushing Telltale into the new direction it's doing well at now!)

          Yeah Jurassic Park was essentially the precursor in the cinematic narrative style that Telltale are perfecting now. Sure it was really rough around the edges but it led to Walking Dead so yay :D

      Oh, is that still going? I guess I'll [redact] it. Maybe. :\

        Now there's an endorsement! Hype levels now at an all time high! :P

        Yeah, I'm completely up to date, but I'm not exactly hyped about watching the new episode tonight.

        [redact]? You think the federales monitor TAY? IS SOMEONE HERE A SNITCH?

        *flushes incriminating stuff*

    PlayAsia sent shipping info for my Pokeymen to FedEx, but FedEx hasn't picked it up yet.
    Also, my Shadowrun Fifth Edition hardcover core rulebook arrived from Amazon today. Now I get to read it and wish I actually had someone to play the game with. It is a very pretty book and smells awesome.

      I named my Pikachu after you.


          Just Cody.


            This is the one case where renaming your Pokemon seems perfectly reasonable.

      We could Shadowrun on Roll20? I don't think @popdart5 is in enough campaigns atm...


        That is, unless other people want to play instead, then I might sit this one out.

        Maybe. I'd yearn for an actual sit down and proper play, tbh. I always had geek friends, but they were never board game/TCG/tabletop gaming inclined. Not sure why I was friends with them actually. Wait, they liked video games. Nevermind.

          Roll20 is actually a pretty good substitute.

          Only catch is as you can't hand around books you need to have people ok with the mechanics.


      Yeah, these usernames are pretty scary.

      Except @dc, who's reverted!

        I think he had to change back, court order. His name was causing to many heart attacks due to shock after reading his name.

      *lowers shirt*

        Your third nipple is still showing.

          A friend of mine actually has a third nipple.

            That is excellent. I always wished I had another.

              We called him Scaramanga for a while.

                because he has a golden gun? :P
                You could call him Ivannah after the woman in mallrats

      sorry, sorry, thought I had pants on

      EDIT: Well my comment's effect is a bit diminished if everybody else here is naked.

      Last edited 14/10/13 3:53 pm

      I cannot explain just how much I hate being unable to do this.

        The, uh... the day it is wearing on, man. :/ Need someone to call for you? Toss us a number, reference numebrs, key objectives... Talking on phone is something I spent several years doing for a living.

        I feel your pain, my friend. :(

    Current status:Stuck in bed.
    Haven't vomitted since last night.

    Last edited 14/10/13 3:59 pm


        I guess that's the best way to look at it. :D
        On the plus side, I did get out of bed... but I spent the rest of the day watching Ouran School Host Club.

      \o/ Progress!

    *flies in*

    Just wanted to say @bdkiaf how awesome you are. Getting pokemans on the weekend, and Ash having his own 3ds... its the first game in the series we were able to start at the same time, and just sat there over the whole weekend keeping pace with each other, sharing new stuff, battling etc. And its aaaaall thanks to you. So srsly, thank you, a whole heap. Has been a pretty special couple of days me and Ash wouldnt have otherwise had.

    *flies away*

      Aw, you brought 'em closer BDKIAF! :')

      He's a damn good guy. (And liked Beyond: Two Souls too. That makes him alright!)

        For the sake of balance, I really didn't like The Last of Us. You can decide what weight that carries.

          Everyone has their flaws... :P

      I like stories like these. Vidja gaems!

      Oh, did you end up switching versions? Y has some pretty cool exclusives, but I can appreciate the appeal of Charizard X.

        I settled for X, I let Ash have first choice on all things, including starters so we kind of differentiated. So needless to say I have some pretty lame pokemans.

    I hope Quantic Dream release a Heavy Rain/Beyond: Two Souls pack for PS4. (Uncharted pack from Naughty Dog too.) Don't like the idea that if something happens to my PS3 I'll never be able to play these again! D:

    Tech minded Taybies I need your help.

    I had a spare hard drive I wan't using any more and brought it down to throw into @Scree's computer.
    It worked fine the first time I booted it up after installing the new HDD. I hadn't formatted it before I brought it down Scree's comp recognised it straight away and even had my old data. I told it to do a quick format to get rid of all my old crap and everything seemed hunky dory.

    She went to start her computer again this morning and it wouldn't work. You can here it starting up for about 10 seconds, then it beeps very briefly then seems to shut down and restart all over again.

    I've unplugged the new HDD and it started up again OK.

    I know she'd had problems previously with it restarted and some of you had diagnosed it as a power problem and the HDD wasn't quite getting enough juice. I'm thinking maybe the extra HDD was putting too much strain on the power which was stopping it booting properly. Anyone out there with actual knowledge on computers think this sounds right and will a new power supply fix this?

      An SSD may help.

        Actually, that's not very helpful. An SSD may be desired however it is also a new purchase. You were salvaging an old drive for reuse. A new power supply could fix the issue however the only way to find out is to substitute one in and test.

          Or not.

          Last edited 14/10/13 4:13 pm

      When the new HDD is plugged in and remove it (the new HDD) from the "boot priority list" (or whatever it's called) if you haven't already done so.

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        THIS. It may be trying to boot to the wrong drive.

          Yeah, my dad had the problem recently, I was messing around with one of my old HDD on his comp and it kept trying to boot off my HDD because at one point of time it detected it had an OS on it.

        I was thinking this but it didn't seem to get as far as the bios menu (or where you press the button to get to boot menu)

      It does sound like it might be a juice problem but could be something else.

      It doesn't sound like a problem of a missing boot loader or anything because you'd get a boot failure not an instant restart.

      Does the machine boot normally if you leave the power plugged in but don't connect the data cable? Tried disabling the drive in BIOS to see if it's software-related?

      Does it POST? Any chance you bumped something or caused a short circuit when you connected everything?

        ^--- This. Also, boot into a USB linux flavour to prove that it actually does boot and stay on. Then, format the drive and all partitions on it.

          This sounds like it's going well above my level of knowledge. I don't think I've ever done anything with linux.

            This should help:

            What this does is prove that windows boot is not impacting the PC at all. If the PC doesn't boot from USB with both HDDs connected, you know it's a hardware problem.

        What's POST?
        I'll give it a go in various stages of plugged in as soon as Scree finishes what' she's currently doing with it. My first thought was maybe I'd knocked the RAM out of it's seating so I opened it up and made sure everything was plugged in properly.

          POST is that motherboard white-text-on-black-background stuff that appears before the Windows booting animation appears.

      How many drives does she currently have installed. If you think it might be a power supply issue try unplugging one of the existing drives and booting with the new drive. If there is no issue then power supply seems likely.
      Not as accurate but I guess you could try by unplugging an optical drive instead

        It's only the second drive so if I unplug the other one she won't have boot drive. Though I guess if it's working at least I'll have the bios load up properly so I may give this a go as soon as she's not using the computer. t the moment it doesn't run long enough for it to actually send any output to the main monitor when both HDDs are plugged in.

          So it's not POSTing then? Or is it POSTing then failing? POST-then-fail suggests probably either a power supply issue or a short.

            I don't think so. Is POST when it loads up from BIOS and then chooses what to do from there? basically it only runs for maybe 3 to 5 seconds before looping back to the start. Nothing shows up on the monitor at all.

              POST is before BIOS. It's when it powers up all the devices, checks RAM etc.

    Great my phone is dead, I have no way to retrieve ANYTHING off it. Thank fuck I backed it up last night but still.

    Journey stuffs:

    Just played through for the first time while wearing white robes. The person I partnered up with also had white robes. It was clinical and methodical. They just went straight from glowing symbol to glowing symbol and skipped basically everything else along the way. Easily the worst possible way to play Journey and the only bad experience I've had so far. Was tempted to just abandon them and find a new friend but that felt wrong.

      That's kind of scary to think that as a newbie if you picked it up and trusted someone like that, they might be leading you 'astray' by avoiding the scenic routes.

        Don't worry. Most of the stuff required doing jumps that non-white robes can't make. And you probably couldn't keep up with them if you didn't know what you were doing.

        Last edited 14/10/13 4:39 pm

    You know those Australian Animals cards they're giving away at Woolworths? They sell display books for the cards and such. Apparently they're so popular that Woolworths has run out of stock of the books and there are many angry parents on Facebook whose kids missed out. My boss went on eBay to try and find one for her kids and they're being sold for $50+ a pop. The contact page on their website has a big banner exclaiming that there is no stock, don't bother calling.

    I'm shocked that this is so popular :P Man, kids are so easy to rope in! Not like in my day! *hides Pokemon cards/discs, DBZ/Simpsons tazos, Looney Tunes tazos, Digimon plastic thingos, etc, etc, etc*

      Hah, stupid parents

      *explicitly displays Magic the Gathering cards*

        i only recently got into magic, and now suddenly all of my money is gone

          Not all my money, but it is an enjoyable way to spend some.

          I'm more interested in Sealed formats going forward i think, other formats have too many cards I summarise as

          Opponent played FUCKING BULLSHIT

          it's Super Effective!

            Some of the Japanese TCGs (esp. Weiss Schwarz) found a good way to avoid that. Instead of constantly adding new cards which invalidate the old ones, they release sets themed around a particular game or anime. Often they'll recycle certain mechanics and cards. You always build a deck from a single set (or sets, as some of them they might do multiple sets if they're popular and get sequels) and so you can usually jump straight in and focus on the stuff that you actually like and generall won't find that your old cards are deprecated by a new set coming out.

            I think this is also the logic behind the way Magic currently works at tournament level - you can only play with that year's cards.

            Other TCGs I've played always had the issue of power creep. Stuff from later expansions was so much better than earlier expansions that most of the initial cards would never be used. I played the crap out of the Star Wars CCG for a long time and it really had that bad. For example there was almost no reason to use the Luke from the intial set because his Jedi version from the final RotJ set was so much more powerful. The only time it made sense was if you were theming around a certain area and there were cards that had a powerful gimmick that made it worthwhile.

            I remember the early days of Magic (I started playing just after the Antiquities expansion IIRC, maybe a bit later - It's blurry but I remember Revised Edition coming in not long after I started) they had similar issues of power creep and would address it by banning cards all the time.

            Nowadays since I'm usually the one that needs to provide multiple balanced decks because no one else I know collects, if I'm getting card games I tend to prefer to play fixed deck stuff. That said I nearly went off the deep end a couple of times after PAX. Got the bug again after playing some of the stuff there :(

              My Magic stuff is all post-Pax.

              I'm just not interested in throwing money on individual cards- I like the randomness of packs, and playing with resources in front of you, rather than building gimmicky decks.

                Yeah, my younger brother and his partner and some of their friends all build these intricate-yet-robust 'win in 5 turns' type decks with specific gimmicks and mechanics to unleash unbeatable horror. It's all about how fast they can get out their nuclear weaponry.

                By contrast, I really love playing with the improvised 'never know what you're going to get' back-alley knife-fight type decks, compared to all this high-tech arms-race shit.

                The absolute best format for TCG stuff is booster draft. You pay a cover fee for a bunch of boosters. Open each one, go through, select a card, pass the booster to the next dude and they pass theirs and you select a card and so on until you go through all your boosters. Have to build a good deck on the fly from what you get and that's half the fun. Plus because it's not preconstructed stuff one person with heaps of money isn't going to be able to field a crazy powerful deck and instead it skews toward the players who understand the mechanics of the game better.

              This is something my brother does. He has a box full of decks, each of which has different 'engines' - themes/gimmicks/win conditions. I kid you not that there are probably over a hundred different decks there, of varying effectiveness. Whenever we have folks around and everyone feels like playing magic - they can be familiar enough with the rules to play but not so devoted that they build their own techs, we can play like... five-headed giant and such with all these decks we pick up out of his crates.

              It's quite enjoyable. And for him, most of the fun is in the deck-building, not the playing. Playing is just validation of effectiveness.

                Yeah, that sort of thing is awesome - I used to do it a bit too. But it's also super expensive. :(

        Sobering thought: M:tG is old enough now that there are people out there who's parents played it when they were children. :(

        Someone get me my shotgun, the kids are on my lawn again

      I had been collecting them but that was to give to someone who isn't Aussie

      Yeah, we can't get a book for love or money, but I think we have all the cards... :\

        I believe I overheard that Woolies have put a PDF of the book pages online if you're a DIY kinda guy! (I could be completely wrong on this, don't get your printer ready just yet :P)

        I can check mine. I don't know if they will, but I'll try

          Nah, don't stress, we aren't really that fussed. We haven't actually tried love OR money yet :P

      last night mum asked for her packs (she was meant to get 6) and the guy just gave her all the ones left in the box, which was about 20... I hope she got the book then :P

    Welp, my current employer burned me on my police application. Said I was unstable, lazy, aggressive and wouldn't recommend me to anyone. Guess all those awards for being one if the top employees in the country are nothing then? The fact my store is the 24th highest performing shop in the country is despite me? The fact he panicked when I called him and asked him what the hell and he started blathering about how I'm a great employee that he has no problem with at all would mean I'm terrible as well?


    Now I have to write a letter explaining my side of these things. This isn't looking good on my application.


      I should add he is still asking me to stay if it falls through. Is he retarded?

        You financially stable enough to quit right now? If so, I'd quit right now.

        That's probably a stupid suggestion. Ignore that. I feel for you, my friend. You're one of the most respectable, good natured people I know.