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    If you're interested in this kinda stuff - I had another game day last week and I took another timelapse.

    There's another Gamelapse and other perhaps-mildly-interesting videos on my channel.

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      Amused by the girl who seemed to spend an incredibly long period of time lying face-down on the floor in apparent boredom having failed to drag away the guy (boyfriend?) she was attached to like a limpet.

      Excellent music choice.

    Does anyone feel they know me well enough to provide a character reference?

      Yes. I mean no.

      Sorry, I know you're in a pickle. That was my cheap attempt at putting a smile on your face. We've never met, so that's all I could do.

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      "He can't remember who I am, so he will be very useful in the forthcoming trial."

      I think Freeze is a pretty cool guy. Eh posts shit on Kotaku and doesn’t afraid of anything.

      I'd be more than happy to volunteer myself if you need!

      He rolled low on his Wisdom stat and used Charisma as a dump stat but he's Batman!

        Just make sure to munch gravel in the interview

      I consider you to be one of my best friends. I'd happily provide you one.

      Written? (Phones scare me!) When do you need it?

      Also, I'm not sure if I'd be much help being a crazed hermit and all that. Let me know!

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        Sounds like respectable people like Transient and Tigs would make better references.

      'His passion to fight crime or be a police officer or whatever is rivaled only by his passion for Dark Souls.'


      Known you almost 2 years, which should be long enough for most people to see that you're an acceptable bloke.

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      I reckon I could string a complimentary word or two together.

      Happy to provide a character reference if that helps. I have known you for 2 years and can attest to acts of generosity and the type of guy you are. I can even just say the good parts.
      The pros are that I'm a director/owner of a company for what weight that holds.
      The cons of having me do that are that I live 1,000km from you and have met you in person only a couple of times. Also I would have to mention you have still not sent back Mrs Tigs' book back.

      In reference to the previous post about what your boss said. We discussed the general concept with the group at trivia tonight. Pretty much all of us agreed that it is actually slander and that you could have a case against both your boss and because you asked for a reference from Mister Minut, the company as a whole.
      The other thing that was mentioned as a talking point when you raise the issue with corporate HR is to phrase it as 'He lied to the police' as opposed to lied to a potential employer. You will get a "wait a moment, is that perjury" reaction from a HR manager and your complaint will be taken much more seriously.
      It is worth speaking to a lawyer in regards to this, and if cost is an issue then you can always look at a no win no charge option. For a large national franchise it is probably easier for them to settle for $30k than to fight charges. Which gives you the time you need to clear things up with the police force.

      If you would like me to act as a reference give me a call and we can discuss

    I am getting a sudden strange desire to be creative.

    I wish I wasn't bad at art. :(

      Throw paint at objects and point a camera at the mess. If you're lucky, you'll become a millionaire. If you're unlucky, you'll face a few vandalism charges and might have some people assault you for throwing paint on them.

        By 'bad at art' I meant that I wish I could draw game sprites. :P

          Do what I do. Spend three hours working on something, realise that it's completely awful on every level, and turn it into a circle.

          What I anticipate happening from there: Give your game a name that's some pun about circles. Rake in single digit dollars.

    Oh wow! PC version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution can be upgraded to the Director's Cut for $5! (Assuming you have The Missing Link DLC, if not $10.)

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      But not for console version, too? :(

    Just tried Coldstream cider for the first time. To me, it tasted like putrefying apples soaked in stale beer. Blerghhh.

    In other news, I played TitS last night and I think I'm stuck. Don't want to check a guide though so I was just stubbornly wandering around everywhere and now I'm kind of OP. Not sure if good or bad thing. :P

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      Where are you up to?

        Currently chasing the shadows that were seen when Cassius' airship went missing. I was stuck on the bit where I had to find the reporter to see if he knew anything and I checked everywhere it was possible to go except for the out-of-the-way corner in the bar where he actually was. Embarrassingly, the bar had originally been the first place I'd checked but somehow managed to miss him. :P

          At that point in the game I went and did all the available sidequests before talking to him and then I forgot where he was. :P

          BTW a lot of the sidequests have cut-off points where they expire. You should do them the instant you're able to. There's a few in Chapter 3 that end very quickly and so the window where you can do them is quite tight.

            Yeah, I had one monster extermination expire on me and couldn't go back to a previous save because it was a few hours beforehand. I was frustrated because I'd searched and searched the place where it was supposed to be and couldn't find it. Hmm, this is becoming a pattern with me these days. :P


    EDIT: Reply Fail! how are we all this fine evening?

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      Had better evenings, feel like I am mildly sun burnt, curses.

        I avoid that by not going out in daylight!

          Worth it though, took the dog down the river, she finally knows how to swim \o/

            My old dog used to love water, a Lab :)

              Our other dog who was a red heeler cross ( whopassed away last week) love everything thing involving water, the hose, the local river etc.. Chilli (kelpie cross border) is a bit timid of the hose, but like her mum she LOVES bodies of water. I set up a kiddies swimming pool for her, the first hour or so she frolicked in it, was having the time of her life. Can't believe she will be a year old in 2 weeks, wow.

                Smudge didn't do hoses, but she'd happily jump into water... or sit in her waterbowl. We kept buying her bigger and bigger water containers as she grew.

                  hahaha, adorable. I had to laugh after walking Chilli the other day come home first thing she did was go and splash in her water bowl...

    Hey Tay,

    So the new job is awesome. A lot of travelling all over Victoria, currently commuting from the Heidelberg area to Geelong every day (I get paid for travel and am in a work car). So I am pretty much gone 11 hours a day. Been busy working on the girlfriends cake shop website in the spare time (Does anyone have any extra suggestions for security on wordpress).

    Played the crap out of GTA V in the other time I do have. Its fantastic, hedges though are annoying. Ending Spoilers Ahead
    Luckily saved before Michaels family is held hostage at the house, as I choose to Kill Trevor thinking deathwish would Kill Franklin. So looks like I am replaying that last part to keep all 3 characters alive. Which is fine, might try the UD Heist the other way.

    How are all you guys and girls travelling?

      I am travelling to werribee today to go to the zoo other than that no plans to travel

    Does anyone know of any cheapish accommodation in Southbank Brisbane within relatively decent walking distance of Riverstage?

    @freezespreston @idontknowwhichotherbrisbanetaybiestotag

      I found some nice looking/cheap across the river. 91 bucks for the night seems pretty sweet.

      The Valley is harder to find not sold out cheap rooms damn it.

        Amazed you could find something. Southbank/South Bris within walking distance is probably one of the most expensive parts of the city, outside of the CBD itself.

        (Edit: For long-term accommodation, not hotel rooms.)

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          Yeah lol.. It's not cheap I know, but some website offers pretty swank deals for accom in Brisbane, so eh why not.

          I wanna get a room for Steel Panther in December, since i'm sick of day tripping it up there to Tweed and back that night, i'm always too wiped the next day, ugh. Also my mate may becoming with me, gotta see if she still wants to go or is going to their Sydney gig instead.

      there's always the backpackers in the city. probably the cheapest you'd find

        For the few dollars in that area you'll save, not worth sharing with strangers :P

    Attention Numenera folk (@transientmind @redartifice @mawt @blaghman @tigerion @negativezero @novacascade @mythamphetamine), I have done it. I have created a tumblr and a google docs spreadsheet for our little escapades.

    I apologise for the blandness of it all but I'm an accountant by trade and this is the first time I have ever used tumblr. I'll be posting up session recaps plus whatever little pictures and stuff that I reckon are relevant to our journeys thus far (I couldn't find that Scutomorph picture that you used Red :S). The google docs spreadsheet is for everyone to record their individual loot/trinkets/make character notes/whatever. Might be a handy link for Red to check in the future to see what we can actually pull out of our arses in a pinch. :P

    Anyway, links are below.

    Tumblr =

    Edit: Of course, if you guys have any suggestions or want me to put up specific stuff for the tumblr, just buzz me on TAY or email at popdart10 AT gmail DOT com

    Edit 2: Blah, moderation. Sticking the google docs link in the response.

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    I might stick with this nickname until Squenix get around to releasing FF Type-0.

    i.e. forever T_T

      Your a rare blood..someone will need you one day

    Made the phonecall from my car! It kind of worked out. Found out some info, now gotta decide what to do with it.

    Also, Climbey Girl reappeared tonight. Potentially interesting developments there.

    But in the meantime, Breaking Bad is on so I'm too busy watching that :P

    Man, I just realised that over the next couple of weeks I'll probably never see most of the people I've met this year again :( Although I won't be living next to him anymore I hope I can still see my neighbour regularly next year. He's my second best friend, and also my drinking buddy so I don't want to lose contact with him!

    In brighter news, a week on from Haircut 2013: The Shortening, I can finally say that my hair looks good :P

      To contrast, getting my hair buzzed down to a 2 is starting to feel too wild and unruly, and I'm thinking it's time to go down to a 1. Tomorrow!

        Do it the manly way. Razor over the sink!

          Straight razor..over a gas station sink..the criminals choice

    Season four premiere of The Walking Dead was pretty great. Note: This is the third ep I've seen. Other two were pilot which I hated and season three finale that was average!

      So you're watching The Walking Dead the same way I've watched Star Trek, eh? A random sampling of one out of every 30 or so episodes. :)

      (In my case it's actually much, much less than one every 30. Maybe one out of every hundred or more.)

      It was a good episode. If you watch any more episodes, make it the other five of season one.

    In honour of my new username and the month of Halloweentober, I decided to give The Walking Dead TV show one more last chance to win me back with the season 4 premiere. It didn't rise to the challenge.

    Edit: haha, didn't notice @dc had already seen it and posted a contrary opinion!

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      To be honest, I was in the mood for pulpy zombie stuff. XD

        No need to justify your terrible taste, man :P

          At least I didn't sit through three seasons of a show I hated. :P

            To be fair, the third season was the only one I hated and I got to see annoying Andrea die in the s3 finale, so it was kind of worth it all

    Finished The Wolf Among Us Ep 1.

    Really dug that. Looking forward to the next installment.

    @dc @sernobulus
    Gave Faith the money.
    Lied to Beast.
    Told the green monkey to fuck off. He looked so devastated.
    Went to Toad's first. I may have beat him a little.
    Lawrence was dead by the time I got there.
    So far figured it's probably the pimp. Seems likely going purely by evidence and we don't know who the pimp is yet.
    Walked away instead of tearing off arms.
    Arrested Tweedledee, not that I think he's guilty, don't think either were, but mostly because his stupid face annoys me.

      Not at PC at the moment, but wrote up my choices on old TAY. Really great start to the season, huh?

        Wasn't so impressed I had to download a random .dll file off some crazy French site to make it work though. Get your shit together Telltale.

          Really? That's odd! Worked flawlessly for me!

          I had to do that for half a dozen games on my (relatively) old PC, back in the day.

          And even then I was getting six fps, because that computer was arse.

          Edit: #PCMasterRace!

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            Upvoting master race cheering out of principle, but you're not doing the cause any favours here, my friend. :/

              Having a crappy laptop which shared its RAM between GPU and the rest of the system, with one of the worst generations of intel on board graphics chips will kind of dampen master race enthusiasm. :P

    Ok, so talking with Jodie, I asked about the repair process and what that involves, in terms of data transfer and such. At first she was telling me that yeah, all the data would be transferred over. Shop purchases, saves, all of it. Though then she checked up with the tech guys and... yeah nah. They can only do a "backend transfer", ie all the stuff that isn't on the 3DS. Because that shit's fried. So while all my eShop purchases and such are safe, everything else is starting from scratch. For whatever reason I guess they can't transfer the stuff saved to the SD card, which is kind of uber shit. I mean they made the fucking thing, surely they can decrypt and re-encrypt that shit to get it working on another unit.

    I asked for more information on the fault, and she said it was just... broken. They've determined that it wasn't anything I've done wrong, but for whatever reason they can also determine that it isn't through fault of the update. The circuit board just died, and happened to do it at the same time. If it was because of a power surge or something, who knows. I forget exactly. The convo's there to check on though.

    Not sure what my next move is. Disposal's been delayed til Friday.

      Saw Jodie, thought this was gonna be a Beyond: Two Souls post! :'(

      Glad you got to talk to her, my friend. I know how nerve wracking that can be!

      What's the deal with climber girl?

        Oh yeah that part :P

        Um. Hard to remember exactly, it's all in bits and pieces. First time she's shown up in maybe three weeks, got chatty again. Found out a bunch more stuff about her. She's Italian, woo :P Also while talking to another guy there, she mentioned she has a date on Friday. Didn't seem particularly enthused about it (it's with a friend of her sister's), doesn't seem to expect much from it. Said her last date was a disaster. Also that it's been a long time since she's been on a date, saying it was months ago. I scoffed at that being a long time, and let slip how it's been six years for me :P She said something like "Really? I'd totally take you out on a date". I responded with something dumb, just kind of shrugging it off. Hm, what else. Oh yeah there was the bit where she introduced me to the other guy she was talking with (Asian dude named Zee - what an awesome name), and we both more or less said yeah, we'd seen each other around but just didn't know each other. I made a comment about there not usually being much reason to talk to strangers, just meaning in terms of initiating conversations but she took it to mean talking at all, then started asking if she was bothering me, talking so much :P Went to correct her, and that got to talk of my lack of talking skills. Something she disagreed with, saying that I'm talking just fine. I think I remember the phrase "you're not as socially awkward as you think", though I disagree with that. Oh, another thing she said was "so what, you only talk to the girls then?", almost could have imagined it being said with a wink. Actually later there was another kind of flirty thing, I noticed the time and said something about being surprised I was still going after so long. She was just like "that's just because I'm here". I think the final thing of note would be that when she was having trouble with a climb, I asked what her armspan was like, and went to compare with mine. Usually there wouldn't be any need to get close enough to touch chests while doing that, but I'm faaaaaaaaairly sure she went and did that. I mean we were standing on the big squishy unstable surface of the gym mat at the time, but I dunno. Fairly sure I didn't do it, at least.

        So yeah.

          She's just not that into you.

          Edit: in case it's not as obvious to you as it is to everyone else, it's on. Like Donkey Kong.

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          Wow. I think the only other thing she could do at this point is wear a sign that has, "TAKE ME NOW, STUD," painted on it. She basically asked you out on a date, txt her to follow-up with actually putting a time and place on it! Then just, y'know... continue being you, because it's obviously working.

            This this this this. Gogogog my friend, regale us with your adventurous tales when you return. :O

      Sucks that your 3DS was out of warranty as that would have been covered. It's a little strange that they can't save anything from the SD card if it's only the circuit board that is fried.

        I'm not really sure why they can't transfer it. She told me the usual transfer process involves them sticking the unit into a machine to do a backup of all the stuff, then putting it onto a new one. But since mine is fried, they can't do that. So the stuff can't be copied from my 3DS to a new one. But honestly, the data's all there, they should easily be able to transfer that. If not then there's not even any fucking point to being able to save to the SD card in the first place.

        They probably need to get encryption keys off the system (because some dipshit at Nintendo decided everything on the Wii U and 3DS memory should be encrypted to just that system) and if the system's fried that's not possible to do.

          This. Or, even if not that, they will blatantly refuse to transfer data anyway. This way, there is 100% of cases where data is not transferred. Must better to have that, than irate customers threatening lawsuits because their buddy got a transfer while they didn't get one themselves.

          Similar to mobile phone repairs - you risk getting device wiped, and you're lucky if you get it back intact.

    Posting this from my modern teckmological smartphone. I can't be stopped now. The world shall be mine.

      Somewhere your Nokia is waiting, biding its time...

        I'm gonna keep it close. I got used to having a talking alarm clock. The smartphone just has bells and whistles :(

    It's quart past twelve. I've been building my Numenera character since 7 O'clock.

      Walk me through the process of making a numa numa character, I'll probably never play I just like making things

        All Numenera chars are "I am an adjective noun who verbs"

        The noun is roughly your "class" - there's glaives, which are fighters/physical characters, Nanos (wizard-y) and jacks (of all trades)

        The adjective is your descriptor, which is something like rugged or mystical - it's your character's background and general "vibe"

        The verb is what you do that's special. One of the chars (you can see them all on for example crafts illusions, so he can make images and distract with them. As he grow his char, his illusions will become much more complex

        You then have a couple of stat pools that you draw from to do stuff, and some items and other bits and pieced.

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          I see, It was a good write up of the first session I thoroughly enjoyed that and can't wait to hear the next adventure as you proceed further!

          Also, If I could name one off the top of my head..Uncompromising Glaive who's body is his instrument

      Out of curiosity, what are you thinking of playing as?

        Mystical nano that fuses flesh and steel. Had a slight hitch, as @negativezero had negotiated with me to change his character focus to fuses flesh and steel, be me and @mythamphetamine have worked out a way to flavour his character very differently

          I'm pretty sure mine would have worked out quite differently anyway. Shame I can't play in the end :(

            We'll keep yours on the books, just in case you can drop in every now and then :)

    Alright, I'm back.

    What's happened since about midday on Friday? If only there was someone who could summarise the events in some form of easy to read post *cough*@dc*cough*

      @freezespreston's boss is a huge d-bag. On the plus side, Freeze got to play the Dark Souls II Beta, so karmic balance I suppose.

      @dc has a new GOTY. But this isn't so much news as it is business-as-usual.

      @welbot's birthday was yesterday!

      @mrtaco is gonna get very laid by an Italian climbing girl.

      Mrs @shane is pregnant.

      Now you know, and knowing is...

      Last edited 15/10/13 8:46 am

        Mrs @shane is pregnant? CONGRATZ MANG!


            I accept your congratulations as well. :P

              Sometimes I'm genuinely unsure if you're just messing with us or not.
              If not, congratulations on the sex, and the resulting mini-Shane!

                Mental image of a Raichu handing Shane a balloon that says "Great job!" on it while congratulating him on the sex was far more amusing than it should've been.

                  There may have been a thumbs up in there somewhere.

                Best to assume I'm always messing.

                In this case, I left a clue. See ":P"

                Just to prove that I'm only messing with you regarding the sex congrats, and not the pregnancy:

                  I don't read back through TAY. I'm a bad TAYer.

                  I missed this. Congratulations on the addition to the family friend!

        @freezespreston Boo to shitty bosses. Yay for Dark Souls

        @dc has been playing Pokemans?

        @welbot Happy belated birthday!

        @mrtaco Giggity

        Go @shane and Mrs. @shane!

          All Beyond: Two Souls, all of the time.

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            I was going to buy it on the weekend then I didn't.

            Because I forgot. And never had a chance to go back. So now I probably won't play it for a while.

            I also haven't seen Gravity yet :(

              But you're a cool guy otherwise, so no reprisals today! :D

    I saw some people discussing Super Hexagon in the Duet article yesterday so I downloaded it. If I can master that game without my brain imploding, I'm pretty sure I will be able to do anything.

    Morning gang!

    Doc's copy of Wind Waker with the Ganon statue showed up today, which means my copy of the game did too. Looking forward to giving it a go tonight!

    My poor Wii U, it is so cold and lonely and dusty. *stares at copy of Rayman Legends I barely played*

      You are the worst gamer ever.

        Cake I want you to find a mirror, look into it, and say those words again.


          *whispers* psst, hey Pants, that's the joke...

            I'm just trying to figure out where that mysterious 3 came from in my last post...

        It's a good thing he doesn't run some sort of gaming-relating media, like... a podcast or blog!

      *looks at pokemon in shiny new 3DS* why would I want to wake the wind it's cold enough!

      Don't feel bad. My copy of Rayman was hijacked by my darling son who decided that he wanted to solo the entire thing instead of having a multiplayer experience with his dear old dad. I think i'm soon to be exiled to my room with a VCR and some poorly copied reruns of Dads Army.

        At least Dad's Army is awesome. A decent consolation prize.

      So I need to leave work at 3.30 to make it to the post office before it closes. I might check for the pickup slip tonight and leave early tomorrow.

    @ Brisbane Peoples
    I arrive at 4:30ish on thursday and am staying at a YHA in the city which looks to be right next to the train station, so where is good for dinner?

      Depending on your budget and how far you want to walk? If you're after 'cheapish', the 'Trans' hotel down the road and toward the station from the YHA does pretty reasonable weekday specials - $10 steaks and such, last I checked. If you cross the road and move toward Paddington there's a Hog's Breath Cafe. There's also a food court with maccas and KFC in the train station proper, and subway just a little around the corner from the YHA toward the mall/cbd proper. And the mall has... well. MANY places. If you approach it from the George St end, there's a little upstairs hole-in-the-wall Chinese place that does really cheap, tasty food. I forget its name.

      Remember to pick up a Go Card or you pretty much can't use public transport.

        (Or you can, @gingerchris86 but you'll pay around 40% more for using a paper ticket and there are several services which won't accept anything but a Go Card. Also, when they say there's a $10 'deposit' for the card itself, that's kind of... well. An outright lie. It's a fee. You're not getting that money back.)

        Last edited 15/10/13 10:02 am

          The trains don't use paper tickets any more do they? When I was last at Robina, there were no ticket facilities from what I could see, just go card shit. If only our public transport was as cheap as it is in Melbourne, when I was down there in December I put 20 bucks on a mates Myki and it lasted me the entire week I was down there and I still had funds left on it, and I was staying 40 mins away from the city too..

            The Melbourne train zones are exceedingly generous. Everything from the CBD through to like... 45min train ride out is all the one low price. As opposed to Brisbane where they'll use every 2.5km as an excuse to gouge you an extra couple bucks per trip.

            Edit: And yeah, you can use paper tickets on a train. You can use any valid translink ticket on any translink service. Bus/train/ferry. Most of the machines should print out a paper ticket, too. Stations which have ticket-gate-only exits will also have an attendant to check tickets and use their own access card to open the gate. Watch the folks at Central, sometime.

            Last edited 15/10/13 10:30 am

              Hmm, I see. Ugh, makes sense why it's about 40 bucks from Robina to South Bank on the train. But now the train isn't that much, it's a miracle!

    So the JAMMA cab lives. The coin mech is dead and a few button switches are clapped out, but otherwise good to go. Some soldering on my Ghosts n Goblins harness adaptor is required, but I'll just make do with Snow Bros and Bubble Bobble for now.

    Time to source some paint, chrome trim, and canvas decals. The Mrs is rolling her eyes already. :D

      Where do you source your parts from? I've been looking at as they seem to have everything I'll need at what seems reasonable prices.

        The last time I did any major renos to the cab I was just using eBay. I know GameDude do some stuff, but I've never really used them. That site you list there looks reasonable.

        I hear auctions for entertainment/vending equipment can be great places to get cheap arcade gear too.

    There are no words for how little I want to go to work today.

      Apathetic, unenthusiastic, languid, uninterested, blah

      Does that help?

      There, I fixed it.

      And fair enough, too. The good news is that there's literally no reason for you to be a good worker anymore. I expect at least 100 TAY posts from you today, and at least one incident with a customer that falls just short of requiring police attention.

        Well, @freezespreston can save his acting-out for when he finds a different job later, when the lawyers are talking damages for his defamation case (damages for loss of income/job satisfaction in the Force caused by giving a false reference - giving a bad reference isn't illegal if it's true or if it's opinion, but outright falsehoods causing damage is defamation. Problem there is, the onus of proof is on the victim). Right now though is probably the time for being sickly sweet to idiot customers to avoid any more complaints coming in to head office, giving them fuel for their accusations.

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