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    Today I go to the zoo as an early birthday present to my girlfriend (who's birthday is tomorrow) and then it's basically nothing but party plans and dinners and work until next week. I am a busy bee

      Make sure you see the Colobuses. Honor the Colobuses.

        Colobi? Colobedes?

          It's not important, what's important is the monkeys. And the fact there's eight different sub species. (This might be a plot point that'll be relevant in future storylines.)

        I first read that as, 'Honour the Colossus'. To which I thought, "COOLEST. ZOO. EVER."

          Especially when the battle music kicks in when climbing the mofos.

            Flashbacks to hanging on for dear life on a Colossi praying that Wander doesnt lose stamina.

              Only played it for the first time this year. Took a while, but that was the moment in clicked for me.

              Wrote this afterwards:


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                I thought you wrote it for Potaku. Looks like someone has been STEALING OUR ARTICLES.

                So many suspenseful moments! The music only added to it :)

                I think the 'Back to the Future' theme would have worked well in some instances too.

          No colossi left, some stupid kid killed them all to bring his dead girlfriend back.

            When you think about the uniqueness of the colossi compared to some random human chick, that becomes quite obviously a really terrible exchange rate.

            (Edit: But I'd probably do the exact same thing for my girl. Because I'm a selfish ass like that.)

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            You never know what their relationship is. That's one of the best things about the game.

              Well, yeah, but that makes it even more depressing

        You can dress them up and make them re-enact the Civil War! \o/

        EDIT: Finally learned something about colobus monkeys that I can use in everyday conversation!

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          Talk of the humble Colobus cures any social awkwardness. (Cause the other people will usually walk away, but that's just nitpicking.)


          You know who also picks nits? COLOBUS MONKEYS!

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    So I bought my gf a 2DS on Saturday. I’ve now lost her to Animal Crossing.

      I got one too... But I've lost myself to pokemon.... well actually no...


      Legend of Zelda... I bought it afterwards and couldnt stop... soo much Nostalgia

    So, I started playing The Wolf Among Us last night when I got home. I haven't finished the first episode yet, got about 3 chapters in before calling it a night because tired.

    Enjoying it so far. It's making me think I should actually go and play The Walking Dead...

    @freezespreston, as part of my quest to divert you from being a responsible worker today, and therefore striking a blow for the rights of employees everywhere, I am prepared to discuss Dark Souls II. I am currently watching the Beta vid posted on Kotaku. Did you know that

    there actually is a jump button (L3 according to the menu the guy opened).
    This makes me happy. The jump mechanic in Dark Souls was so hard to get right. A dedicated button to jump is awesome news.

    Your turn!

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      *chants to self*


        It's only about the controls, nothing actually game spoily.

          Noooooo! I want to come into this game blind!

          *starts chanting to self again*

            Hi Nob! How are you?

              Pretty good! How about you scree?

                I think i am getting better (I'm trying to distract you)


            Hi Nob, look over there *points*

              Huh what's over-ohh shiny!

                Keep staring, whilst I do something over there *steals nobs keys and goes fro a joy ride*

    Played the Special Edition chapter that came with Beyond: Two Souls. Impressions:

    Was this weird Portal kind of puzzle solving where you cooperated between Jodie and Aiden. It was kind of cool, but felt completely different in tone and implementation to the other chapters. Jodie barely spoke a word too, which makes me think it was produced after Ellen Page wrapped on the game. I liked it, but to tell you the truth I was a little disappointed it wasn't another story based chapter. :'(

    Also the OST that came with the Special Edition is only 4 songs. D:

    Worth buying the SE for the cool box alone though. Plus the behind-the-scenes content looks awesome.

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    I like how the Tweed police don't think the fire at a local abandoned country club is suspicious, yeah okay. We'll just disregard the fact that kids who're in gangs with criminal records hang out there and trash the joint etc.. Or the fact the fire started inside, and there were two suspicious looking people spotted inside the grounds by someone who lives adjacent to the place, just before it started.

    But then again, they don't think any fire is suspicious at the early hours of the morning when suspicious people are seen in the immediate area just before and after it happens, you can ask the ex-tenant of my grandmothers house which randomly burnt down one night and the fire started at the front of the house nearest the road, and the 4 teens in the area (mind you this is in a secluded part of town with one neighbour and the neighbours house was not occupied at the time) and a fire also happened to be started 50 metres down the road too, but that wasn't suspicious either apparently.

      Tweed Police
      Sorry i giggled a bit too much at that part...

        Oh No! He's going to come and lecture mathematics at us!

        LOL. They're useless & corrupt. I have a few more stories of them and how they have never done their job, one involves identity theft and them not giving a fuck!

          Corruption? in Queensland? Who's ever heard of such a thing.

            I'm in NSW, so it's NSW police lol.

              Well, bah. I care not for your border shenanigans! QUIT FLIPFLOPPING AND MOVE INTO ONE OR THE OTHER STATE PROPER

                I live in South Tweed which is probably at least 5km's from the border. So there!

                  Oh, SOUTH Tweed, totally different.


                EXACTLY. it is different :P Plus why would I want to live in Queensland, such a backwards state, though living on the border is pretty handy, shops shut an hour later across that imaginary line for a start :P

          I might be wrong, but I thought identity theft was something you could take to the AFP instead of your local cop-shop.

            We went to the AFP first, they suggested (since we knew who did it and had the registration of the car also used) to go to the state police, they turned us away and were very unhelpful as per usual. Ugh.

            Their advice once when we called them on our psychotic neighbour who was threatening to kill us and burn the house down? Just ignore him, he'll calm down. Yeah, he's off his face on ice and he already was psychotic before the amphetamines and you guys have seen his record. How the fuck did we end up with such useless cops is my question.

              Combined with the fire thing not being 'suspicious', it sounds like they're either incredibly corrupt (they know the people involved and don't want to get them into trouble, or they're being pressured to massage crime stats - which usually only include reported or logged crimes, not non-suspicious incidents - to make Tweed seem very safe) or they're incredibly lazy.

              Possibly over-worked and stretched, if we give them the benefit of the doubt.

                One cop is back in court again for contempt of court, last time he was there was for cocaine charges.. Another one in recent let a female prisoner play with his gun, after she fucked him, IN the police station.

                Another time they came (same neighbours) they suggested an AVO, when it turns out they were actually meant to issue one on the spot according to what we were told when we went to take one out at the courthouse the next day, given the neighbours behaviour and past record.

                Haha, yeah we have an amazing police force. The cop on the coke charges, I think he even swiped it from evidence if my memory serves me right LOL.

    Wind Waker!

    Just got up to the Wind Temple after sailing and charting islands for the better part of an hour. I think my first port of call after I finish this is the auction house on Windfall Island to buy a faster sail.

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      I got the swift sail right after I did the forbidden forest. The whole "changing wind directions automatically" thing is a godsend. Also, if you haven't unlocked the fast travel system, I would recommend doing that.

        Done that! Still like to manually sail about from time-to-time though.

          Yeah, I spent a lot of time sailing when I didn't necessarily have to. Was great to sail around with whatserface just chilling on the side of the boat.

            ahaha, awesome halloween name, first time I've seen yours :D, made me laugh very inapropriately :D

        Personally, I liked that you needed to tack into the wind and stuff. But Wind Waker's sailing really clicked for me because it took me back to when I was much younger. My last two years of primary school, the school I was in during the spring and summer every Friday we would walk around to the lake and spend the entire morning at the school's boat shed, canoeing and sailing. The boat in Wind Waker is almost exactly like an Optimist. Link handles it very similarly. Stepping into the Wind Waker boat bought me right back to it.

    I just realised after my incident with my phone yesterday, I now get better battery life, what the fuck? Usually by now i'd be down to about 80% battery, but i'm sitting pretty on 98% :S

      Calibration is either whacked or fixed. Long-term you shouldn't see any changes.

        Yeah, not sure what the go was, but ah well. As soon as I have enough spare cash i'll be getting a new phone anyway.

      Sounds like it could have been an app lingering in the background draining your juice. With the battery removed and reinstalled, all background apps are killed.

        I usually don't have that many apps open, messages, safari, twitter, facebook, facebook messenger and the iPod app. I've turned off background refresh & i've done a test before where I closed all the apps and battery life was about the same, shitty. That was just after updating to iOS 7, but then again it was never amazing with iOS 6 as well.

        Saying that, there could've been a contact issue with the cable for some odd reason that was causing it to lose charge quicker, but eh.

    I finished Beyond: Two Souls last night. Ending spoilers:

    I chose to live, and then I chose Ryan. It was a nice, happy ending. There was a boat and a beach and a coconut and Aidan was still around. Then of course there was that end of the world this is the future ending scene, which I assume everyone got.

    It makes me want a Beyond: Two Souls 2, but not one by Quantic Dream. If running around Somalia taught me anything it's that Ellen Page as a soldier is awesome (and if putting on a diving suit taught me anything it's that Ellen Page as a space marine is also awesome). I want a sequel that's not an interactive movie but an actual game. I want Beyond: Two Souls, the third person shooter. Get the Spec Ops guys to do it, they've shown they can handle EMOTIONS.

    Further thoughts:
    The fact that The Embasy level is never fully explained is annoying.
    An Easter Egg means Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain totally happen in the same universe.
    With the exception of Jodie, female representation in the game was rather poor.
    The Sheriff at the start of the game looks the same as the pervert Madison dances for in Heavy Rain.
    Like the real Ellen Page, Jodie's age was annoying to pin down. For example, I would have guessed the mission where young Jodie goes into the lab to stop the condenser would have happened when she was about fourteen, but it took place after her rebellious goth phase and she was meant to be seventeen in that.
    I will forver maintain that the story should have been told chronologically.

    Alright Pokenerdsfans, who is breeding the gen 1 and 2 starters?

    I will happily trade Pidgeys for them.

      Where you get Pidgey from?

      I will be once I find a Ditto!

      I need a Timid, Adamant, Modest and Jolly Ditto! One of each! Stat! (or I'll just wait and transfer the ones I already have in White 2 when I can...)

        I'm pretty sure my entire team will end up being gen 1/2 Pokemans.

          For the first time you can have an entire team made up of a starter from each Generation!

          I'd go Charizard, Feraligatr, Blaziken, Torterra, Samurott, Chesnaught.

      What's this breeding thingo people are on about?

        We'll tell you when you're older, son.

          I thought you said you had the talk with him.

            I just told him that if he keeps doing it he'll go blind

        Ditto will bang anything. That's all you need to know.

      I believe @beardymcmuttonchops has started. Maybe @beavwa?

        @cakesmith Yo. Got squirtles and charmanders good to go, should hopefully have bulbasaur production up soon. I can trade you the first 2 tonight.

          I need Squirtle as well as Bulbasaur.

            Hopefully I have a Bulbasaur when I get home. Otherwise should be able to get it tonight with a bit more work.

            Edit: not sure if I have you on the friend list, I'll add you tonight when I get home.

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          Charmander would be nice. Already got a Squirtle.

          EDIT: I don't really have anything of value to trade though :(

          Only managed to put in a handful of hours so far.

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            No worries, not looking for any trades in return. Any crappy trade fodder will be fine.
            I only have 1 gym badge at the moment. I suspect if I progress further I may be able to do something about later gen starters. Worst case, I have all of gen 1-5 sitting on white to be transferred in December.

      Further note, I've only got gen 1 and gen 6 at the moment, it's a little hard to trade for the others when I haven't seen them yet.

      Are Pokeymans okay with being traded like cabbages? Don't they have feelings? Loyalty?

        You're not cut out for the ruthless world of Pokemon.

        Got to catch 'em all, except the emotional connection part!

        Also why I can offer a pre-hatching egg trading service. So that little critter knows only you as its master when it hatches.

    I'm finally going to see Gravity this afternoon. I'm really looking forward to seeing it, particularly after seeing you guys rave about it. Hype choo choo!

      Gravity. Don't let it bring you down.

        A dad joke, and we're not even up to page 6 yet ...

          Shane's more dad than man now. :'(

            In my mind's ear, I heard that in Alec Guinness' voice. "Twisted and evil."

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    Poke-peeps, just saw this on twitter, thought I should post it here so people can see it.

    Serebii Note: Reports of a save glitch if you save outside in Lumiose City and then load the save. Be sure to save indoors if in Lumiose

      Thanks for the warning. Generally shouldn't do this but I'll actively avoid it now.

        Yeah, I usually save at Pokemon centres seems like the best time to save.

    PlayAsia has my Pokemon still waiting for FedEx to pick up. Starting to get annoyed. I love PlayAsia, but sweet green Christ they like to fuck about with their shipping.

    Oh, and by the way @shane, my copy of The Lesser Evil has been shipped, so I'm hoping to get it by the end of the month. Fingers crossed.

      ... your name terrifies me more then anything 0.o

        Yeah, I was coming up blank trying to find a scary play on my user name, and I started thinking about things that would scare me, and that was one I thought of.

          I can see your halloween costume now...
          @ontargett as "Nescafe Blend 43 decaf - The last coffee on earth"


      \o/ Awesome! Really hope you enjoy it, man!
      (However, I will accept no responsibility if you don't enjoy it, and will cite the likelihood of user error :P)

    Can't text her anything, don't have a number to use :P She should be in on Monday though, so a chance to discuss how her date went. Then the day after, she's off to Hawaii for like four weeks or something on a holiday.

      If she says it went well, say "That's a shame."
      If she says it was not good, say, "Phew!"

      It'll get her thinking about you (and she probably will keeping thinking about what you say for the entire four weeks!), and then you might not have to make the first move.


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      If I were a crass individual who coincidentally happened to be a recovering he-slut, I would suggest saying something on Monday like, "How 'bout you buy me a drink before you leave." Followed by some grappling in the taxi to her place, and asking her, "So when's the flight?" then - regardless of the answer - saying, "Well... you can sleep on the plane."

      But as the upstanding, respectfully appropriate individual I am now, I would never suggest such a thing. Nope.

      (Edit: Drinks could even be a single coffee - too much booze could slow you down - and if you're being given The Eye the whole time, in my experience that usually means you will totally have permission to look her square in the eye with the very faintest ghost of a smile and rumble lowly, "You wanna get outta here?" Even better if it means leaving drinks unfinished - heightened sense of urgency. ...Hypothetically, of course.)

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      Don't listen to these two guys trying to game your interactions, if you start a relationship by being somebody you're not it won't end well. Just be yourself because it's obviously working. Just make sure you have enough courage to make her aware of the fact it's mutual curiosity before she thinks you just want to be friends.

        Just be yourself
        Just make sure you have enough courage
        I do not see how these suggestions are compatible :P

        So what you're saying is I could totally get out of having to do anything scary if I just sit there and act dumb, it'll all just blow over :D

          Grr. :P

          Just respond affirmatively next time she leaves you an opening. If you can sing a Priest song in front of a bunch of almost-strangers, you can do anything!

            Tooootally different situations!

            One of them is me playing the fool, creating a mask to hide behind. The other requires the opposite of that :P

            Agreed. You need to do something to make sure you don't get accidentally placed in the friendzone. Unless you want that to happen, that's cool too.

            Alternatively.. if she's actually into you, the above-something could literally be you saying something like "I have no fucking idea what I'm doing, but I like where this is heading." You said that she's mentioned your social awkwardness, so I'm gonna say she'd be fine with you just telling her the truth.

          My suggestion was only about half a step above doing nothing, and requires not much in the way of self-confidence or risk. Just saying.

          Edit: You'll be fine. Good luck, mang!

          Last edited 15/10/13 12:14 pm

          Nah, it's more like... I dunno. Changing railway tracks at the switch. The locomotive keeps powering on, but it only takes a moment's action to change which direction it goes.

        Bah... @mrtaco, I am loathe to admit it, but Strange is probably right. :P Don't get friend-zoned! But... yeah. The kind of stuff I talk about is only stuff that's worked for me. And clearly we have... different ways of approaching things, but yours seems to be working for you big-time. (What sorcery is this? Are you a wizard?)

    guys, I think i may have just cured cancer.

    kid at work comes in to return a book thats 2 months overdue & starts giving me this sob story about how she couldnt come in over the holidays to return it coz *starts tearing up* 'my grandmother has cancer & I had to go to see her in some place etc...'

    now, we dont charge overdue fees. its an informal policy that we just wave em if the overdue stuff comes back (coz we're just that nice).

    so I tell this kid that its ok, theres no fee to pay & BAM. no more dramatic near-crying, just 'OK cool. bye!' then she walks off chatting & giggling to her friend.

    so yeah, either she was lying about a terminal illness to get out of paying a $10 fee, or by waving said fee, I just cured her grandmother.

    tl;dr manipulative bald-faced lying people are shit.

    Edit: i should point out that this happens so damn often, I can no longer bring myself to give a shit about any students sob story, whether it be true or not.

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      Deface the book she returned and charge for damages.

        I could just put a random fee on her record under the 'MISC CHARGES' category.
        It'll be all official & stuff, but no one will ever know why it's there...


        Now we need to see how far his healing powers will stretch! @35 I have this rash and it hurts when I pee...

          I hope you have an overdue library book or the cure won't take!

          sorry dude, I've only got jurisdiction over TAFE NSW students.

      How old was this student? There comes a certain point in your life when you do actually start experiencing those sorts of hardships and you suddenly become acutely aware of how disrespectful it is to use the suffering of others as an excuse for your own shit.

        probably 17 or 18.
        either way, old enough to take responsibility for their actions.

      Used to get that all the time when I was working at the TAFE library.
      What I really hated was when a student would borrow a very popular textbook at the start of the year and not return it until the end, as we didn't accumulate fines over time they only had to pay the initial overdue fine, so basically they just rented a book for $10 for the year, while everybody else missed out.
      Thankfully one of these arses got a massive karmic kick in the nuts as they had not payed the measly $10 before uni registration cut off, so when they came in in a panic to pay on the last day I was more then happy to take their payment, only to then inform them the system would need 24 hours to process the payment before they could get their results.
      The resulting tantrum was both amusing and gratifying as there was literally nothing I could do as that is how the system worked.
      Never had so much pleasure in telling someone they should have returned their book on time :)

        man, students who exploit the system are rubbish.
        theres one woman who borrows text books from us who knows exactly how to work the system to her advantage (and to the disadvantage of other students)

        gets stuff out on two week loan, manages to keep it for two months without breaking any rule or incurring any fine. got to the point where I'd put holds on anything she borrowed so it couldn't be renewed.

          The other exploit I heard was that they would get people from other classes to reserve copies for them so that when their loan period ended someone they knew, who didn't need the book, would get a copy to then pass it them.
          God how I hate scumbags.

    I have this itch to keep playing Pokemon Y, all of the time. Except I'm at work and must work. I've not had an itch like this for gaming in a long while. I'm approximately nine hours in and I don't want to stop, the game is purely addictive. Like Endone.

    Morning all!

    so finally finished GTAV!!! \o/

    Spoilers ahead...

    So I saved the game before undertaking the three different options.

    Option A: Was not really wanting to kill off Michael because i kinda felt bad for him... Ending was ok, one thing i totally didnt even think about, but should have seen coming? Michaels cut from the gold heist was given to his family... michael was no longer playable beyond this point

    Option B: I was totally looking forward to killing trevor, however was shattered that afterwards, trevor is no longer playable... i love to hate the crazy bastard. Loved Michaels frustrated verbal release once Trevor was finally dead... "Human stew is where I cross the line!" I felt like this should have been the logical conclusion the story... the extra $9mil from trevors cut being split was pretty tempting too...

    Option C: Was the only way to go for me as i wanted to keep all the characters... would have been funny if you could have taken option a/b and then it turns out that they're not really dead..

    so yeah.. a whole heap of missions opened up afterwards. whilst so close to the end, i was hoping it would end so i can see the ending, then when it ended i was shattered... once i realised all the extra stuff there was to be done i was pissed!

    anyway Im putting it aside now, need to move onto beyond: two souls, then ill pick it up again and finish it... will seriously consider grabbing a ps4 version when we hopefully see one. its obvious that the current gen has hit its limits...

    besides, GTA Online alone will justify a second purchase..

      When the credits are done rolling, you can keep going and doing all those extra stuffs...

        yeah i know...

        thats how i realised that michael or trevor may no longer be pplayable depending what option you select...

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    Need some confirmation of Mega-evolutions mechanics. I played around a little bit last night, now that I've got a few more than just Lucario and Torchic to megavolve. Anyway, Megas were always described as only being allowed one per battle. I orginally took this to mean that only one Pokémon in your party would be allowed to Mega Evolve, however, in one battle I switched out my Megavolved Venusaur, then later switched him back in. He switched back in as Venusaur and the Mega Evolve button had become greyed out.

    Firstly, can anyone confirm this? or was I just bad at pushing buttons and I really should have been able to Megavolve the same Pokemon again?

    Secondly, if this is true, then Megas no longer seem quite so OP, and there are quite a few ways to shut them down.

    If any of you are looking for a gas supplier, don't go with Energy Australia.

    Just got a phone call from their collections department over a matter I thought had been resolved in mid-september.


      AGL for us.

        Can't complain. Our bills are usually around the $200 mark, quarterly - gas & elec.

    Brain storming thoughts for @freezespreston character reference. Here's my list so far.

    -- Trust worthy, the kind of person you can confide in.

    -- Hard working with a strong work ethic.

    -- Responsible.

    -- Good natured.

    -- Loyal and protective to those around him.

    -- Role model. The kind of person you can look up to.

    -- Looks out for people, eager to put others first.

    -- Respectable.

    -- Accommodating and hospitable.

    -- Problem solver. Instinctively wants to help those around him.

    -- Focused and disciplined, sets goals and achieves them with an unwavering determination.

    -- Good guy.

    -- Dissed Quantic Dream so all these points cancelled out.

    -- Monster.

      Don't use Loyal and protective. Police should be objective.

        Good point! Like I said, just brainstorming. Will whittle it down to relevance later.

        Also, I truly don't know if my word will carry weight with any one. I'm happy to write one if you need it Freeze, but can't help but think it'll have more weight from someone like Tigs.

        Last edited 15/10/13 12:12 pm

          I missed all this. Freeze needs character references for his Police application?
          I'd be happy to provide one but unsure if stay-at-home mothers' opinions would be useful in that kind of situation.


            Yeah, that's exactly what I'm thinking about myself. I'm a crazy hermit.

            Sincerely think I'm not the person Freeze needs for this.

            Any one who is, feel free to use some of these points. They're all true! Freeze is awesome!

              Yikes! Not cool. But yeah, sounds like they just want to keep him chained to their machine. Transient Mind's suggestions sound good. I hope it all works out for Freeze. :(

        You're right. Police shouldn't protect people.

          It's still a word that they'll pick up on. Depending how close they read it.

            Yeah, something I thought too when writing it down. Good to have confirmation. Thanks Red!

            I'm just joking, man! Your point is a good one.

              Sorry, I'm feeling a little humourless atm.


        He's applying for the Queensland police force.

      What I'm trying to say is you're awesome. I feel like I know you pretty well now and feel like the events of yesterday are weighing on your mind pretty heavily. You're one of the best pals I've ever had and you deserve good things. Keep on keeping on and this po-po thing will happen!

      Last edited 15/10/13 12:12 pm

      Don't forget to put:

      -- likes Dark Souls

      up the top.

        Ssssh, we're trying to make him look good! :P

      A bit cheesy. I would have gone for attributes better suited to the role. Words like tough, disciplined, fit, square-jawed, ripped, gun, and likes puppies.

        Since we're going for police stereo types, Brain is at least 6 foot off the ground.

      I don't know if I'm the right person to serve as a character witness (but will do so if required), but here are some words for finetuning and to kickstart discussion.


      To whom it may concern,

      I have known FreezeSPreston Icequire for almost three years, and I consider him a very good friend of mine. He is an unfailingly generous and kind-hearted man, who always puts the needs of others before his own. His strong family values, diligent and committed work ethic, and personal moral compass make him a very positive role model in the community, and someone to look up to.

      Under his management, the ____ branch of Mister Minit went from being one of the worst-performing stores in the country to one that won national awards. It is entirely understandable that his superiors are reluctant to let him go; however, I submit that the tactics they have employed in this circumstance are reprehensible and their testimony not to be relied upon.

      I would not hesitate to recommend FreezeSPreston for the position he has applied for in the police force, and am happy to serve as a character reference on his behalf. I can be contacted at ____ during business hours or [email protected] outside of business hours.



      My feeling is that although Freeze may not be able to slam his bosses for torpedoing his character reference, there's nothing stopping us from mentioning it.

      Last edited 15/10/13 12:27 pm

        Shane, I think you're more than qualified to be a character reference. Published writer, friend, family orientated. Do it!

          Yeah, but if they actually ask me any questions, I might have to confess that I live 2000km away and have met the man for a total of about an hour :P

            @freezespreston, not saying I won't do it. Just let me know if you want my input, man. I'm greased up and ready to go!

            That's why you'll be forced to hang out with us more when you're in town for Supanova! :P

            Also, 21st Century. People can be friends without ever meeting face-to-face. I've confided in you guys more than I have to people I went to Uni with and saw every day for years!

              But do prospective employers see things that way? I know most of the professional world (especially public sector) is firmly rooted about forty years behind the pace.

        May wish to remove his last name, as it could show up in a google search, which potential employers are doing these days, just an idea :)


          Last edited 15/10/13 12:47 pm

          Google searches don't run through the inner depths of TAY though do they?

          So far I've been working on the assumption that they only look at the front page, not the comment pages >.>

            They sure do.. I've found my Kotaku, Gizmodo & LifeHacker posts from when I used my Facebook login (all those years ago when we had them)

            Pretty much the web spiders will index everything, if it's able to be indexed I guess.

              Hmm... I only seem to get the first page of TAY, all the inner pages don't come up. Only times it seems to have any of those deeper comments are when they show up on particular users' profile page at time of crawling. I think it's mostly safe. Ish.

        See, I'd be more than happy to write something similar, but I'd say it comes from a perspective of a fellow hobbyist in a social club - where he is highly-respected and a positive contributor - which has regular correspondence and semi-regular meetings for drinks, meals, BBQs and movies.

        It means you can slip in folksy anecdotes such as, "Freeze is the kind of man who buys the first round of beer, and doesn't keep score."

      You left out dad jokes. Can't believe it :(