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    Donna from The West Wing was on The Good Wife last night. Abigail Bartlett from The West Wing was on The Good Wife last week. *waits for Martin Sheen* So good seeing some of these actors again.


      I guess this makes page six:


      (No dad jokes allowed.)

        President Bartlet: We did not lose Texas because of the hat joke. Do you know when we lost Texas?
        C.J.: When you learned to speak Latin?
        President Bartlet: Go figure.

    Saw an Assassin's Creed 4 trailer last night on TV. Really reminds me of a realistic Wind Waker! I want to explore tropical islands and sing sea shanties come night fall! Why did you have to suck so damn bad, Assassin's Creed 3? :'(

      That's not a bad way of viewing... Wind Waker uber HD :P

        Here's hoping someone makes a mod to replace the music with Wind Waker music XD
        Sailing along to the Ocean theme would be pretty amazeballs :P

          Assassin's Creed tends to have great music anyways. XD

      Oh man, being able to make your crew sing you sea shanties? Greatest thing I saw at EB expo!

      ...excluding Watch Dogs, because...c'mon.

    A guy walks into his dentist's office and says "Doc, I think I might be a moth."

    The dentist replies, " why did you come in here?"

    The man says, "because the light was on."


    I know that I bitch and complain about customers all the time but thinking back I have not once lost my temper with one. Always been firm but always polite at the same time.

      Sounds like the only unstable person is your boss. Who'd do that to someone? A bastard, that's who...

        I was totally gobsmacked when I read that. Mrs Shane too.

        Just couldn't believe that someone would think that's an okay thing to do, especially when the goal is to retain the staff member in question. It's the product of a broken brain, that's for sure :\

          I ranted to any one who'd listen last night. Was so riled up. Can't imagine how Freeze felt!

            I uh. I may have called the guy and gone off at him. I may have opened with "if you think I'm so terrible a worker why not just say so and get rid of me?"

              That's... going off? I consider myself a pretty calm and centred person (to the point of near-catatonia), but I would have absolutely let loose if someone did that to me.

      Well, you have children. That teaches a level of patience and tolerance that probably carries over damn near anywhere. ;)

      I remember the days when I used to come hang out with you at the Tweed store, you were never rude or anything to even the most foul customers that turned up.

        Write a letter to that effect!

          Brilliant thinking 99. I hadn't thought of that actually :P

    The @Freezespreston rally-around thread, reposted for Page6.

    I don't know if I'm the right person to serve as a character witness (but will do so if required), but here are some words for finetuning and to kickstart discussion.


    To whom it may concern,

    I have known FreezeSPreston Icequire for almost three years, and I consider him a very good friend of mine. He is an unfailingly generous and kind-hearted man, who always puts the needs of others before his own. His strong family values, diligent and committed work ethic, and personal moral compass make him a very positive role model in the community, and someone to look up to.

    Under his management, the ____ branch of Mister Minit went from being one of the worst-performing stores in the country to one that won national awards. It is entirely understandable that his superiors are reluctant to let him go; however, I submit that the tactics they have employed in this circumstance are reprehensible and their testimony not to be relied upon.

    I would not hesitate to recommend FreezeSPreston for the position he has applied for in the police force, and am happy to serve as a character reference on his behalf. I can be contacted at ____ during business hours or [email protected] outside of business hours.



    My feeling is that although Freeze may not be able to slam his bosses for torpedoing his character reference, there's nothing stopping us from mentioning it.

      Haha. I saw that. Thanks guys. Bit of a boost to the old self esteem.

      I'll admit that my current thought for my course of action is to just gather as many positive references as I can regardless of weight carried and just drown them with positivity. Don't care if it ends up being 100 pages long.

        Hold on, I'll put this on a Shane W Smith letterhead and email it to you.
        Or maybe a government one might hold more weight... I've never written an official government letter before :P

        Edit: before I do, can you tell me the name of the store in question.

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          Maybe leave out the part about my employers. Whatever my employers have said is irrelevant to what you may think of me.

          The fact that they are just trying to keep me is really only conjecture at this point.

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          It was Tweed

            Alas, I already sent you the email. I can add that in if you want, but will have to be a bit later (have actual work to do BLURGH :P)

            Let me know when you get it, and if you want it changed! :)

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      Hey, you served as a reference on my resume and I have a job now. Your word's gotta count for something good!

        They hired you despite my recommendation, I'm sure.

    Haha! Oh man, I've missed these! More @sughly, more of the time!

      Hah. Took me a while to get that since I just assumed it was an error above it.

        It helps to scratch your head, tilt it sideways! :D

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    Any time Popsugar nominates to have Scarlett Johansson at the bottom of my feed instead of Miley's tongue-filled head is a win for me. I may be winking at my screen. She appears disinterested.

      Well, I saw the title, I misread the title and now I'm just left disappointed.

      This must be how my ex feels

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      All I get for PopSugar is stuff about Tony Abbotts daughters =(

        Who are actually surprisingly attractive given how funny looking dad is.

          This is true. I wonder if they're embarrassed to have him as their father..

    Stoopid Lifehacker. Now I want a Ramen Burger!

      I read that as Rayman burger. >_>

        Gloo Gloo-ten free?

        I feel dirty now. :S

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          I don't know the reference, but assuming DADJOKEPAGE6.

          *sniff* I'm so proud.


      Oh man, I read that article and promptly felt like my life was incomplete. I still do. FUCKING RAMEN BURGER, FUCKING.

      I'm hungry.


      Got mince out of the freezer and popped it in the fridge now so I can attempt to make Ramen Burgers for dinner tomorrow night. \o/

    The glowworm was delighted when its tail was cut off.

    A blind man walks into a bar... and a table. And a wall.

    A bike can't stand on its own because it's two tired.

    Oh, man, that was an emotional wedding. Even the cake was in tiers.

    I won't tell you the pizza joke - it's pretty cheesy.

    I wrote a song about a tortilla. Well actually, it’s more of a wrap.

    Dwarfs and midgets have very little in common.

    It’s hard to explain puns to kleptomaniacs because they always take things literally.




        I used to think the brain was the best organ... but then I realised which part of me was telling me that O_o

        My favourite was the dwarf one. Just a little joke there.

          I think the first joke really shines!

            Although, I didn't see the second joke coming.

              I couldn't stand the third one.

                The fourth one made me a little emotional.

                  The fifth and sixth left you hungry for more and the seventh up came up short.

                  And the last one stole the show.

      The duck went to a pharmacist to get some chapstick. When they asked how he wanted to pay for it he replied, "Put it on my bill"


    Thank you so much.

      Pshaw you, I'm just writing a wrong. Today, I'm literary Batman.

      Edit: if anyone asks me, I'm gonna say I've visited you at your store.

      Edit 2: For the record, you bought me Dark Souls 2, which pretty much means you own me for life. For any purpose you want.

      Edit 3: No need to thank me, either. I was so outraged at what's happened to you, I kind of felt compelled to do something. You're a good guy who deserves way better. Scales of justice and all that. Glad I don't seem to have stepped on your toes or anything! :)

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    Soooo... I guess I have to watch 'Orange is the New Black' now.
    All because of this strip:

    In the last panel, Tycho basically steals the words from my brain.

      They had me at Captain Janeway!


      Except for the fact I haven't watched. So they don't really have me at all.

      *moseys off*

        (Although I'm pretty glad Janeways not topless in this show. I hope. If she is I might have to burn the show with fire. :P)

        She's also in Dragon Age and Alan Wake so you should pretend you like those too and never play them

      and here's me downloading Parks & Recreation like some lame person..

        It's not lame! Parks & Rec and AWESOME!

          I needed another show since finishing Malcolm In The Middle, and I keep seeing memes of this Ron Swanson bloke, he seems mildly entertaining. I feel like checking out Community as well, but I feel one sit com (or whatever) at a time is what it should be.

            Just so you know, the first season isn't all that great. Gets amazing from season two onwards though! First season is only short though so won't take long to get to the good stuff.

      I need to watch this show...
      ...for science

        I gotta be honest, I don't know why TAYbies didn't make a bigger deal out of this. It's pretty important. All this comparatively pointless shit about GTA and Pokemons and Breaking Bad and other completely relatively trivial crap... DONNA FROM THAT 70S SHOW TOPLESS. I'm kind of hurt and betrayed that this vital information wasn't imparted to me sooner.

        Then again, maybe not everyone has the same insane weakness for redheads that I do. ...Nah. That hardly seems possible. It's TAY who is wrong, not me.

    Can anyone confirm how trades work from Pokemon B/W/B2/W2 to X and Y? Can it be done directly? I'm definitely going to be doing mine from scratch, without using my other Pokemon, but I'd like to transfer them over anyway. Mostly because I'll want them eventually, and can send over my Lucky Eggs and Exp Shares with them.

      no direct transfer. You download the Gen V -> Bank app, and upload them to Pokemon Bank and then download to your X/Y cart.

        Ah. The next great question - do held items go with? I love my collection of Lucky Eggs and Exp Shares.

          You won't need the EXP Shares in this game! (it'd probably block them from coming in if it does allow hold items)

            Hmm, good point. EXP Share has changed drastically enough that they might block it... however, I haven't seen any lustrous/adamant/griseous orbs in the XY world - so maybe there will be some kind of ban/allowed list.

            I'll be frustrated if I have to buy EV-training Power items one more time.

              Aight, thanks for the responses, you two. I'm so impatiently waiting for my X and Y. *fidget*

              I was under the impression that you could do EV training via the Super Training thing, so wouldn't that sort of replace needing those items? (admittedly I've only skimmed a few forum posts on the topic so this could be completely false :P)

                Still investigating Super Training.
                I think if you are good at the mini-games then you should be fine - most people are reporting 0-max Effort in 40 minutes. With Pokerus + Power Items, I was getting about the same.

                You can skip the mini games and just tap for more training bags, but I'll just end up wearing a hole in my touch screen. Given the fact that there seems to be a much wider diversity in Pokemon on any given route, I might just have to get better at Super Training.

    @shane: You should've heard my god awful pirate joke to Strange's son last week when Strange and I had lunch. So, so shameful. I think just being around kids forces you to tone down your humor and then the puns arrive. D: I made Strange promise not to tell you of this incident. XD

    Last edited 15/10/13 2:33 pm

      ...because you were so proud you wanted to share it yourself...? :D

      *sits and waits expectantly*

      Last edited 15/10/13 2:37 pm

        There was no pride. Only shame. *stares off into distance* Only shame.

          *continues waiting*

          Make me wait too long, and I'll make sure every joke on this page is credited to you.

          So this is sort of a confessional, huh? Well, my son, your penance is to tell us the terrible joke. For this is the house of Dad Jokes Page 6, where all are forgiven for their puns.

            I was talking about Quantic Dream! (I do that in real life too! To any one who'll listen. QUANTIC DREAM!) Then Strange's son asked what Beyond: Two Souls was rated. Then... then...

            *runs off sobbing*

            I DON'T WANNA TALK ABOUT IT...

              You were so close! Pretend you're hitting me in the face with the punch line!

              You might THINK you're remorseful and repent of your pun, but dogma dictates that you can't actually be forgiven for it unless you go through Dad Joke Pg6(tm)-licenced confessional! CONFESSS OR BE FOREVER DAMNED.

              You may now commence hallucinations of a fiery-hot afterlife of an endless car trip with no air-conditioning, daggy old 60s brit-pop, and the Devil up front, telling terrible jokes and winding the windows up before demanding you pull his finger.

                ... It... it... was rated arrrrrgh. Only pirate's can play it.

                *throws self out window*

                  That is not something to be ashamed off, that is a joke to take pride in.
                  So totally going to use it on my nephews.


                  @benny, he did it twice.

                  Well, my work here is done. Now that @dc is the new Shane, what do I do now...?
                  *moseys off, squinting and tilting head*

                  *peeks out window*

                  Well. At least he died with a clear conscience.

            Now I really hope that DC gets an accidental pageget when he finally gets around to revealing the joke.

              Nah, he'd just edit it before anyone got to read it.

      So bad! That Shane's a bad influence on you, next thing we know you'll be playing Dark Souls.... :P

        I'm becoming everything I hate! SHANE! :P


            Jokes! JOKES! *cough*


              Well, now I just don't know what to think. You want to punch me in the face, kill me, and now you hate me.

              I'm starting to wonder if we aren't brothers for real.

                Tell me, Shane. Do you still hate The Stand? DO YOU? *throws dinner plate*

                  I never hated it - I was just left disappointed, that's all. I think it peaked early and got progressively worse as the book went on :P

                  Well your face disappoints me!

                  Also, your face peaked early and got progressively worse as the Shane went on!

                  Last edited 15/10/13 3:01 pm

    Strange's son asked what Beyond: Two Souls was rated. @dc said it was rated arrrrrgh. Only pirate's can play it.

    Quote-ified for all to see and enjoy. XD

      Oh, he's never going to live this one down. Fantastic :D

        I'm pretty sure I stole the joke. And also, I was kind of stressed cause I had to socialize and I apologized immediately after. Maybe I'll get a reduced sentence for showing remorse?

          Tell me you didn't really apologise after telling a kids' joke to a kid.

            You've clearly never spent face time with D.C., awkwardness abounds!

          Okay, but your sentence was already kind of trim. I guess you could chop a couple of R's out of "arrrrrrrrgh" and the joke would still stand.

          Funniest part, is you did it in front of @strange, whose distaste for dad jokes is well known.

          That's like going straight from jogging around the block to the Olympics.

            She was right to hit me.

              Haha, she hit you?! Because of the joke? Or just because?

                *strokes patchy chin stubble*

                I like to think it was because of the joke.

    I made this sandwich. I ate it. The deliciousness was overpowering.

      You did not , you stole that pic out of an advertising magazine

        Everyone knows sandwiches are just a thing from the movies. Only processed microwave meals exist in real life!

        So mean, look at my Lurpak container in the top-right. I am an artist, sir.

      More research required!

      Observation: 2 slices of bread. Assortment of fillings.

      Conclusion: Yep, definitely a sandwich.

        Salami! Double cheese! Lettuce! Tomato! Result? Yay!

    I wrote a thing about stuff!

    Mainly Nintendo! And the Wii U! And Zelda!

      Wii U? Got no games.

      Marlowian Tragedy.

        I always thought of the Wii U as more Byronic.

          It's like Braiiiiiin on your Bedding day,
          It's a freee Briiide when you've already Bayyyyyed

            In related post, this analysis of a terrible song tells us everything we already know: that its primary irony is that it's a song falsely claiming to be about irony.

              Jagged Little Pill might've been the first album I ever bought. :D

                And you know what? I'd buy it again!

                I know @mythamphetamine has my back on the Alanis front. :P

                Last edited 15/10/13 3:38 pm

      Hey, I read this one already! And my comment is still in moderation.

      *grumble* never had this problem with the old site *grumblegrumble*

        We have plans. PLANS!

        Edit: There's also the fact that I don't agree with anything you said :P

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    I know Raccoons can carry rabies and all that.. But holy shit this one here in a tuxedo is just adorable..

      I tried to Google a picture of a cartoon bandit mask to be a smart ass.

      The innernette gave me a way better punchline.

        I feel like that should be rated NSFW.

        Or just straight-up not safe for sane minds.

    We had a great concept artist who did some really good character sketches


    Got a new shirt from my sis!

    She always finds good ones!

    Suddenly my train ride has become my favourite part of the day. 2hrs of uninterrupted Pokémon a night! Yesterday I opened my 3DS on the train, played for a few minutes, looked up and it was dark and I was at my station. It's like, time dilation or something.

    On a completely related note, I have no desire to play Animal Crossing anymore :P

    And on an unrelated note, I got compliments at work today. The other guy they hired for a similar position to mine got fired. I'm totally okay with being the favourite ...Until they trade me in for a younger and better looking model. Oh god!

      How many Vivillions have you got so far?

      (I assume that by now you're aware of it's "gimmick" and have at least looked up the differences.)

        Just the two, including the one I use. I only caught the second one to find out why...

        mine was brown/blue and not pink like I expected. Assumed it was like Spinda with random colours but after it turned out the same I had a google. Pretty awesome! I like my one but some of the other patterns I've seen are really amazing!

        I might have to breed a bunch to Wonder Trade!

        That's why I like Bug Types! They always seem to get cool extras and evolutionary gimmicks like this.

        Last edited 15/10/13 4:51 pm

          "River" is still one of the better patterns, IMO.

          BUT DAT "OCEAN" pattern. Damn Hawaii!

        I caught a Mawtlucha today at lunch. SO HAPPY (*°∀°)

      I bet it's your favorite part of your day cause of that lady you laughed at bogans with last week. :P

    I now have nine references from customers, co-workers and professional relations that are willing to back me up completely. Only one from TAY.

    I'd be lying if I said I wasn't shocked so many people seem to care so much.

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