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    Check your steam inbox! :)

    GAH page get? REALLY!?

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      I hereby declare page 7... the deecee page!

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        If I'd known I'd get the page, I would have written a concise letter thus.

        Sincere Regards,

    Dear @dc,

    Page seven is already reserved. You know. For this. What I am doing now. Yes.


    Evil Benny.

    PS: Muahahahahaha!

    *and then serious face doctor evil pinkie finger over pursed lips and raised eyebrow*



    Dear Tay

    I hope this letter finds you well.

    it is 4:30, and I haven't been able to give a damn at work since about 3pm.

    How are you?

    Yours in interminable boredom


      Dear Red,

      Stop living half hour in the future,

      Your pal,

      Dan. (Not that one.)

    Dear TAY,

    I was going to tell you a dairy joke, but it was too cheesey.



      Oh man, he's merged page 6 and 7 themes. These are the end times. :'(

      That's rather dairing of you.

        You're just milking it for all it's worth.

          He can't help it. TAYbies are a cultured bunch.

            Always straight onto an opportunity, the very moment it passed your eyes :P

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    Dear Page 7,

    I have always been sad when you come around. It is nothing against you personally, but following up Dad Jokes Page 6 is basically suicide.


    That Nob

    To Whom it May Concern,

    Picked up Max Payne 3 and Sleeping Dogs for 40 spondula's at JB today. Many wins are about to be had.


    Dear TAY

    Today had been an odd experience for me. It's been bewildering to realise how many people seem to think so highly for me and are willing to stake their reputation in stating so.

    I really don't know how to feel.


      Reputation? What reputation do I have, ha! :P

      Dear Freeze,

      My reputation ain't nothing to me, so don't read too much into it.

      You should feel awesome. Because you are.


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      Hope mine is acceptable I used @shane's as a template of how to write it and how to actually write something decent :P

        Reply fail.

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    Dear TAY,

    Gravity was amazing. All the feels.

    Hype choo choo justified.

    Thanks for recommending it to me as I possibly may not have watched it otherwise.

    Yours sincerely,

    Dear TAY.

    Can anyone suggest some good 3DS games other than Fire Emblem and the new Poke's?
    Those two seem like cool guys but I have a 5 game requirement for buying new consoles.

    Some guy.

      Dear Jo


      No I don't know if I spelt that right and no I don't care.

      Tappy tappity tap tap swosh

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      Dear Jo,

      I quite like Mario and Luigi Dream Team. It does get a bit repetitive though, and it's definitely not for everyone's tastes.


        Yeeeaaah, I have an irrational dislike for Mario however.

          So do I, but Mario & Luigi (and Paper Mario) are still up there as some of my favourite series :P All the other Mario games can go get lost though.

      Dear Jo,
      I've barely used my 3Ds besides Animal Crossing and FF: Theatrhythm. I think it was worth it for those two games alone though. I do like your 5-game requirement as it seems sensible but I think that if it's the right two games it can be enough.


      P.S. I like seeing you pop up around here again. :)

        Aww, thanks Strange.
        True, I did buy a PS3 pretty much just for Demons' Souls. But you know, it's Demons' Souls.

      Ocarina of Time remake.

      Huge DS catalogue. Highlights include Phoenix Wright series, CHRONO TRIGGER, GTA Chinatown Wars, bunch of Mario/Zelda games, Ghost Trick, and many many others.

      Also eshop lets you purchase retro games, including LINK'S AWAKENING, and DONKEY KONG.

        OoT is one of those games everyone lauds highly but I never played and so raise a skeptical eyebrow whenever it is mentioned.
        So maybe this would indeed be a good chance to settle the matter.

          Understandable. I'm notoriously hard on games I have soft nostalgic feelings for, but this one held up really well. I'm happy to lend you a copy to save the expense of buying it, if you like.

      Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars was the sleeper hit of the launch lineup imo. Turn-based strategy game that somehow made me actually have a sense of strategy for once, so that's a huge plus for me :P

      Also a big fan of Steel Diver. I feel it's a bit of a misunderstood title that didn't get the love it deserves, but it's not really everyone's cup of tea.

      Resident Evil Revelations is a top game, works really well with a Circle Pad Pro (haven't played without). And if you're a fan of RE4's Mercenaries mode like I am, then RE Mercenaries is a great pickup too. Can be had pretty cheap these days.

      Shinobi. I've never played a Shinobi game before, but it somehow felt like it was "right". Brutally hard, I played in the easy mode that gives you infinite continues and still was dying left right and centre (and everywhere inbetween). Another under-appreciated title that can be had for a song these days.

      Kid Icarus: Uprising. Absolutely fantastic production values, perfectly captures the essence of a Saturday morning cartoon, can't sing enough praises of it. But I would recommend against trying to play with the stylus, and try get yourself some kind of thumb strap (so that you then use the touch screen like an analogue stick). Though some have found using the stand fixes that ok, I'm not a fan of it though.

      Luigi's Mansion 2. Another one deserving of high praise. Every bit as good as the original, and then some.

      Star Fox 64 3D. Finally, Lylat Wars makes it off the 64 and gets a shiny new coat of paint. And it looks goooooood. There's some minor changes to it that might be niggling for a hardcore fan, but it's a top translation. The new multiplayer mode is pretty fun too, just a shame it's offline-only.

        Cheers man, I shall look into a few of those.

        Steel Diver friend! It's not the most amazing title, but I still play it occasionally! (helps that I got it for like $10 :P)

          Yeah, I got mine for about the same :P Myer's clearance stuff IIRC.

          It really nailed the feel of trying to control this big, cumbersome hunk of metal I thought. And I loved the boss fight against that battleship. I just wish they had a few more levels in there.

      Ghost Recon Shadow Wars
      Paper Mario Sticker Star (probably debatable)
      Mario & Luigi Dream Team
      Bit Trip Saga
      Harvest Moon A New Beginning (haven't played it yet but if you're into that then it looks really good)
      I'm gonna say Monster Hunter as long as you get a circle pad pro thingy.

      Other than Fire Emblem and Pokemon (which I think are the two best games on the system):
      Mario Kart 7, Virtues Last Reward and Animal Crossing are all fantastic.

      There's plenty on the eShop too: PullBlox, Mutant Mudds, Harmoknight, Mario and DK, Attack of the Friday Monsters.

      Upcoming stuff: Zelda A Link Between Worlds, Ace Attorney 5

      Can't go wrong as far as I'm concerned!

        Ahhh yeah, 999/Virtues Last Reward was also a thing that caught my eye.
        Ok thank you all, I think I shall have to go spend some money.

        Also, would peeps consider the XL worth the $100 more?
        @benny @powalen @grandmasterb-funk @mrtaco @benj @shane @strange @blaghman @freezespreston

          I love the XL, whenever i look at my friends with regular DS's i wonder how they can look at such a tiny screen.


          Also, Virtues last reward is great, however i played it on the Vita, and i thought i heard there were some bugs on the 3DS one.

          Last edited 15/10/13 9:27 pm

            Yeah there is bugs in the 3DS one apparently. I personally didn't encounter any (didn't save in any puzzle room, which is where the bugs can happen) but it's something to watch out for!

          I paid $0 for mine, so it's unfair for me to weigh in. I love the XL, though. Apparently the battery life is much better, and the screen is (according to Nintendo) 90% bigger.

          I was prepared to hate the 3XL, but was surprised to find just how much I loved it. Easily the best piece of hardware Nintendo has put out since the DS Phat. My only problem with it is the screens, in that the sweet spot for 3D is much harder to find, and also difficult to hold. But if you don't like using the 3D then that's not really a problem.

          XL is vastly better than the standard. The battery lasts a lot longer by 3DS standards (which is still terrible but big improvement anyway) and the screen is easier to see. Bigger 'sweet spot' for the 3D if you care about that. Also for DS games it's way better because the top and bottom screens are rendered at the same physical size. On the standard 3DS, top and bottom screen are different sizes for DS stuff which makes some of the games that are meant to be played book-style like Hotel Dusk or Ninja Gaiden or stuff where both screens are contiguous like The World Ends With You a bit odd.

      Despite your dislike of Mario, I also recommend Luigi's Mansion 2.

      Fire Emblem is the only game I've gotten for it that didn't leave me feeling regret for my purchase but your mileage may vary. And despite this I own two of the things :(

      Also Bravely Default in December. Etrian Odyssey is okay. Luigi's Mansion is good if you can get past the archaic game design. Rhythm Thief and Theatrhythm are both cool if you like rhythm games (though unfortunately the best rhythm game series on the system remains Japan-only).

      EDIT: Also there's Monster Hunter 3 but IMO don't bother - wait for MH4's eventual English release because it has online play.

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        Thanks to going to youtube to find that previous link I ended up discovering this full version of the opening to the upcoming Project Mirai 2 and I'm addicted :( The composer's done some kind of filtering or something to the vocals because they sound really realistic where normally the vocaloid stuff has this really robotic tone to it due to the clipping that happens because of the way they shift the pitch.

        (Yes, I realize that no one else is likely to care about this but me)

    I bought a new laptop. I blame @trjn because it is a macbook.


      They do make unfortunately good laptops.


    Little bit hype for Numenera. Little bit.

      Are you joining us tomorrow night? Thats awesome, what sort of character did you make?

        I shall never tell!

        It's a Nano, though we'll all find out tomorrow night :D I'm not sure how much I should/can divulge at this point?

          You can divulge as much or as little as you like, but I'll give you an intro tonight

    Dear Tay,

    Today I found myself in a highly embarrassing situation that I personally blame Mark Serrels for, due to his "What song are you currently in love with" article.

    So anyway, I was at a set of traffic lights today listening to a highly embarrassing song, practically screaming the lyrics, when I hear the two young ladies in the car next to me singing along really loudly while looking / laughing at me. This wouldn't have been so bad, except for the song in question was Toxic by Britney Spears and my drivers side window was down.

    That is all.


      Back in high school, we were headed to some camp (no, not one of those camps), and some poor bastard fell asleep at the back of his bus with his earphones in.
      They were the type with the volume wheel incorporated into the lead, I'm sure you know the ones.
      Anyways, long story short, turn earphone volume down and disconnect, set alternative MP3 player volume to max, song to Toxic, ramp up volume on the earphones, and connect.

      That poor, poor kid.

      Ok, but what did you do next, after seeing that they were looking and laughing? This is important. Did you stop, or did you just go harder? :P

      For all my time spent singing in the car (ie every time I drive), I'm surprised I've practically never been caught in such a situation. Although the other day I thought I was getting looks from some lady in the car next to me, but I was busy looking at the light and waiting for it to change.

        I was a little too into the song to stop, so I looked at them and practically yelled "I'M ADDICTED TO YOU, DON'T YOU KNOW THAT YOU'RE TOXIC!". Luckily that is when the lights turned green and i floored it.

      Well, it is a good song.

        It's a great song! Just not one you want to get caught singing in public, let alone screaming out the window of your car...

    Dear TAY,

    I think I'm Pokemaning wrong. I just beat the third gym and I'm on the next route, and I'm feeling so damn OP. My Pokemon are all level 36 - 38, and I'm fighting trainers who are using level 28 Pokemon. I mean, it's not like the single player Pokemon and the trainers you face are ever a challenge, but damn is this easy. And it's not like I've been grinding either. I blame the new XP share. My Blaziken, which I've used maybe a half dozen times, is almost level 40. It just feels wrong.

    Still a great game.


    Dire Wolf

      Turn off the EXP Share. Makes the game way too easy in my opinion. I turned it off before the second gym and still don't have to grind much, if it all :P

      EDIT: oh, you mentioned the EXP Share! Shows me for skim reading :P I turned it off because I didn't like that my Pokemon were levelling up without me actually using them. My Vivillon got to level 25 with me barely touching it :( Didn't like that.

      Last edited 15/10/13 8:47 pm

        I am grinding so hard, because team AllFire is a little bit shit in many instances.

          That's because the name is a little bit shit.

          Team Blazing? No, sounds too much like stoners.

          Team Flamers? ... maybe not.

          Team Flameo Hotman!

        Really? Vivillon was front and center star of your PR video. Figured it was your main.

          It is! It just kept levelling up in the background as I trained other things! D: The main reason I turned it off, because I never got to use it :P

      EXP share has made my life so much easier.

        I've been doing stacks of starters over twitter - you want a trade tonight?

      The EXP share is a great addition for those who want it, like me.

      honestly the grindy nature of the previous pokemon games annoyed me a ton, the new EXP share is great for me :)

    Been running ProleteR's Soundcloud feed for an hour now and I'm digging it. Old 30's(?) style music with a hip hop beat mixed in.

    Seriously don't know what to do about this 3DS thing. Didn't end up calling Nintendo today, so I guess I've still got til Friday to get around to it. But I don't know what to do. I mean on the one hand yeah, I can just pay the $150 and be done with it. Move on. But lying in bed trying to sleep last night, I couldn't not think about it. I mean I've done everything right here, I read and followed all the instructions and did everything correctly, treated the console right and after just two years it explodes. Every single person I've told has responded with either "what??" or "that's bullshit". So either Nintendo is unreasonable, or everyone else is unreasonable for expecting it to last more than two years. Secondly, I'm paying $150 for a repair service when they aren't even giving me a full repair service? Ok they're transferring the backend stuff, but what about the shit on the SD card? What's the point of even letting us (and suggesting that we) back up our save data on there if they "can't" do anything with it? More like won't.

    This is all just bullshit and I'm pissed and I hate the futility of it all.

      Can you at least get them to send the SD card back to you? There might be unofficial local repair folks who can get the data off it for you

        Oh the SD card will definitely be coming back to me. That 32GB sucker is mine :P

        But I don't think there's anything that can be done with it. Far as I know, the 3DS hasn't been cracked at all yet so nobody knows anything about extracting the keys or using them to decrypt stuff. Plus you'd need to somehow get my 3DS's keys, which I guess are kind of inaccessible at the moment.

        The data's all encrypted to the system to stop people uploading saves to it that exploit Nintendo's shitty coding and install boot loaders that let you get root access like with the Wii.

        @mrtaco: at $150 to get it fixed I'd probably just go drop the extra on new one personally, then ask them if they can at least transfer your purchases to your new system. Or if you just want to wash your hands of it all and get a different portable now is a great time to get a Vita before the ones with the crappy screens displace the OLED ones.

          I am half thinking about it. Although having just found that there are exploits out there in firmwares 4.5 and below that allow execution of custom code in 3DS mode (infuriatingly, that would have been the version I was on when I went to update and if I'd known I sure as shit wouldn't have tried to do it!), I'm curious about whether that could help me out at all. I did see a red one today that would be rather nice, though $188 ick. And not even sure if it would be vulnerable. Though the only thing then is that I'd need to go online for it to hook up with the shop stuff, which I wouldn't be able to do without updating. So I'd need to get two new ones if I really wanted to make sure I was safe.

          Can't wash my hands of it though. Both because of a misplaced sense of loyalty to Nintendo (despite this? Hahaha) plus I just don't really like the other systems at all. Especially the Vita.

            Well if you want to play Nintendo games then you're going to be in the hole at least $150 regardless. New ones are what, $188? That's the cost of a game to get a brand new one with a new warranty.

            Don't bother with exploits. You're never getting your data back because Nintendo are crap at everything that involves user experiences. I firmly believe that the company are their own worst enemy, and they would be better off being a software company instead of hardware and operating systems because they have repeatedly shown they just can't get that shit right.

            I own two 3DSes and hardly ever use them because the games on them are just not there if you're not a Nintendo fan. :( I keep buying new 3DS games and then not playing more than an hour or two. I can't shake the feeling that they're toy games for a kids system. Fire Emblem so far is the only thing that has warranted serious play time.

              I'm more looking at the exploits in terms of preventing data loss down the track. That was why I put homebrew on my Wii (as well as getting around region lock), because of how they locked down WiFi games to the console and wouldn't let you copy them. Then there was the brick protection too. Yeah I figure that my current data is gone (though it'd be great if there was some sort of workaround for it down the track :P), but if it can save me if this ever happens again then it'd be worth it.

              Not sure if I mentioned elsewhere but I did check about the warranty, and the refurbished 3DS they'd give me for the $150 would have a new 12 month warranty on it, just like if I bought a new system from a store, so there's not much difference there. And I'm still big on Nintendo and their games, I played the absolute crap out of my 3DS and took it with me everywhere all the time. All the other systems don't really seem to have much that appeals to me at all.

                Well in that case it sounds like Nintendo are probably offering you a new system for $150. Probably not a bad deal.

    @ynefel *ahem*

      I still don't have my Pokingmenz. =(
      In transit, due Thursday, apparently.

    @freezespreston: Sorry for the short notice man, but I don't think I can attend this weekend dealy!

      I don't think anyone can. Was going to call it off tomorrow anyway.

        Oh shit, I thought this weekend was the 13th.. wow, I really need to keep track of the dates :S

        Edit: was just saying to my friend I thought I had something on this weekend but I wasn't sure and said I thought it was next weekend. ugh. Can we reschedule? Any weekend apart from November 22, 23 & 24th, i'm off to a wedding then..

        Last edited 15/10/13 10:43 pm


            Which weekend is that?

              Somewhere around 6-10th November. Whatever weekend those dates cross.

        That would be me too. Brother's birthday event at Strike Bowling, then family in town from Malaysia. I've been trying to get a more concrete time on the Saturday evening event in case Freeze-Event was a middayish thing I could do then head back to Bris, but people have been very flaky about it.

        Not double-booking would be a good thing.

    @scree, you finally got Pokemon?!

      Yes, @gorzilla bought it for me!
      I've been enjoying it, but find I have to grind a shit ton

        I was trying to trade you a Pikachu last night, if you didn't already have one of course. I have two.

          I have one, from @Gorzilla. He only encountered like 10 in an hour =P

    @beavwa, that was awesome! Thank you! However I'm running out of awesome Pokemon to trade you in return!

    Pokemon people: if I were to purchase a Pokemon game having never played any of them ever, would X/Y be best or is it not shaking out as good (or too early to tell?)

    Also do whatever stupid gimmicky online systems Nintendo's put in place work cross-region (i.e. US to EU copies) or is it region locked like everything else (i.e. can I hunt for the best price out of US or EU since I have both region systems)

    I have not caved in yet but I'm getting close :(

      I would say X&Y would be a great place to jump into the series. Its has a few new features that make it great for new players, especially the EXP share to cut down on the grind. The online stuff seems to work with any copy of the game. I've done random trades with people as far removed as Japan, USA, Canada, Italy and Spain. And a couple of battles with people from the States as well

        What about wireless though? Sometimes they're shitty and don't let cross-region stuff happen locally. Eg it's impossible to play Star Fox 64 multiplayer with someone who has an NTSC unit, even though it's download play only. And NTSC Shinobi completely ignores PAL Shinobi for StreetPasses.

          I have no evidence, but I doubt it'd be an issue for this game. They actively display foreign-language players to you and encourage you to interact with as many countries as possible. Can't see any reason why they would region lock local multiplayer.

          Yeah, this absolutely shits me. Eg you can't play Monster Hunter 3 cross region for local multiplayer. Meant I had to buy an AU system for that (also for Fire Emblem because I'd been waiting 3 months for a US copy to show up in stock at Play-Asia and gave up)

      It's difficult to say, to be honest. On one hand this game is greatly enhanced by being familiar with the series, but at the same time it's first timer friendly. With all the new advancements this time around I kind of find it hard to recommend any previous entry, but I don't want to get you caught up in the hype and then you hating it :P

      But yes, Pokemon online stuff is global. Everybody plays with everyone. They've really emphasised the global community this time around with all the online options.

        Truth talk: I will probably hate it anyway as I hate everything apparently. :(

          Sorry, probably shouldn't have phrased it like that. If you want to play it, go ahead. I think it's a genuinely good game despite the hype so if you like this sort of RPG then there's no better.

      I haven't fully finished Pokemon X/Y yet but looking at its production values and sheer success it looks like a great place to start.

      If you wanted to dabble in something a little older I'd say HeartGold/SoulSilver would be a good choice, a large amount of retro with a modern tinge to it. also 16 badges and two regions in it!

    *sigh* Really starting to get stressed now :( Finally actually found the marks for the first assignment for programming with data structures and my group failed that (only got 36.6%), I have no idea how well I've done in the prac tests (wasn't able to make one of them, think I did okay in the other two though), so I think my groups going to need a distinction in the second assignment due on Thursday for me to pass internally. (I need at least 45% of the internal marks to pass the unit) The exam itself is worth 70% of the unit so that will be fun too :l

    I have no idea why I even chose this stupid unit. It's not even necessary for my degree, just an elective because I couldn't find anything better. I really should have chosen a business unit instead, and I think I'm gonna do that from now on anyway. Fuck computing, fuck the weird creeps that I have to try and get along with, and fuck UTAS and their complete incompetence in the way they're handling enrolments next year for ICT.

    That and I'm expected to be available for friggen wedding stuff. Sorry, I'm busy, can't help, your fault for making it right when everyone's busy as fuck. I already had to cancel shit just to show up on the day, don't push it. You may be my best friend and a lot of the times it probably seems like you are, but sometimes you aren't my first priority.

    Urghh. *going to bed.*

      Life goes on either way, so don't sweat it. As for uni, I've finished computing and an extra year of it to get a masters eventhough it was course work. Loved uni, it was easy. hate the job, sitting in the office for 8 hours straight sux. Working on new software can be interesting though. Either way time keeps mving on. Friends and wedings, was in a similar situation last week. Went to a wedding it was ok. It was one of my family friends and he gets married once so why not go? Time mnagement is more about setting priorities right. You'll get through, the only difference will be how you get through at the end and even then its like meh.

    Why am I not tired?
    My right arm does feel kinda sore, though. :(
    Seriously, I honestly don't feel tired at the moment. :\

    Last edited 16/10/13 1:33 am

    So I estimate it's been about 13 years since I saw a wild shiny Pokémon (and caught it), and that's better than the average. (Story gyarados doesn't count)
    Within her first 2 hours on X, she catches a shiny Pikachu, doesn't even realise it, and gives it to me as trade fodder...
    Well, I do have a shiny Pikachu now. It's just like a normal one but a darker shade of yellow. Wooooo.

      I've yet to see a real shiny before in my life.


      I was hoping you didn't already have @mawtlucha and Eevee before our trade.

        Didn't have the wrestling bird thing, the thought is appreciated. Others have been giving me any low level fodder, I'm not looking for anything in return. I have all 6 starters now, need any others?

          I'm good for now thank you. I'm actually trying to work it out myself. Are you using a traded Ditto?

            Yeah, I traded for a ditto as I'm only 1 badge in. Bred my starters, traded them for the others on GTS. Bred lots more to save others the hassle. I like to try to be useful.

    ...yay... yesterday was just all kinds of fusterclucking...
    my manager got the shits with me because apparently i "owe" hours for the hours i've had to leave early to tend to my wife...
    Secondly our new puppy is on antibiotics for Kennel Cough (that's normal) but not cheap :\
    and on the way home a truck decided to fling a freaking boulder at my car creating a huge crack in the windscreen... $500 replacement coming up :\...

    Tuesday can go ef itself....

    Ah well, today is another day, HOW IS EVERYONE?

      If you have personal leave, you can claim that when you're tending to a spouse. You may not owe anything.

        That's what I told her, but she was adament because i didn't give ahead notice blah blah, so i said "Fine, i was sick" and put it through as sick leave

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