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    New Humble Android Bundle.

    Pay what you want for Ticket to Ride, Greed Corp, Incredipede and Anodyne. If you beat the average, you’ll also receive Worms Reloaded (includes mobile version Worms 2: Armageddon) and The Bard’s Tale! This bundle also includes some terrific soundtracks to soothe your ears.


    What are all the TAY running gags/memes/in jokes etc that you can think of?


      DC Hats buildings
      Get the Paddle
      Who's this guy?
      Shameless plugs
      *jumps out window*

      me. cept i'm not running so much, as stationary.


      Oh Rocketman!

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      @mcgarnical is the worst person on this site.
      That quote I don't have bookmarked anywhere - 'wolf no good bad just ok'
      'thing is strange' (Hi @strange!)

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        *clears throat*
        i got game to be wolf or shot wolf but no wolf in wolf game. otherwise it gootd game but no wolf make it ok great but not ok good just great ok bad. if you want wolf no get if like shoting bad guys ok great get.


        Also "Went out Friday night then on Saturday (hi @saturday) I went to "
        Oar of thorns
        Bish cleans / surly people in hoodies
        Sughly's pictures of incidents
        SPAYCE MAUREEN!!!!!

      Why does nobody else ever mention storing bread in the microwave!? It's the funniest one!

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        For posterity:

      Warranted hat.


    What are the most pretentious, art film type scenes you can think of? Either things you've actually seen, or just some cliche you can thing of.

      Some terrible Internet film. Judy Against Dead People or something.

      Serious answer: Only God Forgives was a pretty excruciating 90 minute wankfest.

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      The art movie in GTA 5 is really weird. It's called Capolavoro. I think it's just Rockstar making fun of foreign language art films.

      The I can think of which I've seen maybe The brave
      I haven't seen it but I very much got that sort of vibe from what I saw about 'The artist'

      Upstream Colour.

      The second movie by Shane Carruth (writer/director/star/caterer for Primer) about a bunch of people getting infected by mind controlling worms, having their identities stolen and then freaking out and running to a pig farm while reciting poetry.

      Very pretty. Very little dialogue. Very vague. Incredibly pretentious and arty.

    Curious as to what was wrong with Watch Dogs to necessitate a 6 month delay a few weeks before release. Wouldn't it have gold by now? Got to be something pretty major for that long a delay.

      Maybe something to do with the three letter acronym starting with an N ending with an A and it has an S somewhere in the middle.

      Maybe next gen wasn't up to standard, and they want to take the Rayman approach of every platform at once, when every platform is ready?

      Other theories are that they may have projected a negative impact on AC4 sales, so it's been shifted to the next sales / maximum profit window, which must be several months after Christmas.

        Surely it's not cheap to just sit on a completed game. Not to mention the months, hell a years worth, of advertising they have given the game.

          Eh, maybe projections showed guaranteed sales regardless, and they're working on DLC either way.

          Plus, as a 'next gen' title, wouldn't they get more sales once everyone that wants a next gen device actually has one? Supply of hardware won't fulfill all preorders until some time next year.

            But it's current gen as well so they probably wouldn't lose all that many. Also there's the fact that there is a bunch of people out there who preordered PS4's/Xbones purely for Watch Dogs.

            Also also Watch Dogs has been way more hyped and advertised than AC4.

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              I wasn't even aware the AssCreed 4 was coming out then ...

              Plays into my points. If people ordered new hardware for this game, don't sell it until they have the hardware. If it's overshadowing AC4 with maximum advertising and hype, won't that be bad for AC4 sales?

              (Pure conjecture and devil's advocating on my part, don't really have an opinion either way)

                Not so sure. Being the closest thing to a system seller that MS or Sony had at launch it wouldn't be doing Ubi's relationship with them any favours to just withhold it for no other reason but a few extra software sales.

                  Yup, the company with the most to lose from this is Sony. Microsoft have a much wider selection of release games.

                  Here's a tinfoil hat theory, Microsoft paid off Ubisoft to hurt PS4 sales? Sure, Microsoft take a hit but these is a huge blow for Sony.

                  @sernobulus That's a nice tinfoil hat theory! One of the best I've heard so far.
                  The still unknown fallout at this point is the preorder bundles. I'll be watching with great interest how that is handled.

          Not to mention breaking their agreements with Microsoft and Sony to offer launch-day console bundles.

    So it turns out that I have an unhealthy obsession with porridge mixed with protein like @markserrels does.

    We're NORMAL m'kay!

    Just listened to The Number of The Beast by Iron Maiden. Damn, that has some epic songs: The Number of The Beast, Run to the Hills, The Prisoner and Hallowed be Thy Name.

    So, a question for all you TAYbies this Wednesday morning: What is your favourite metal album or is it impossible to choose?

    For me The Number of The Beast is hard to top. But I will accept any recommendations and listen to them on Spotify if I can.

      Number of the Beast is dear to me as well. Also Ride the Lightning and Master of Puppet albums by Metallica.

      *I love every song on those three albums. Every song. That is epic.

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      Most influential ones for me would be Pantera's Vulgar Display of Power and Far Beyond Driven, At the Gate's Slaughter of the Soul, The Haunted's Self Titled and The Haunted Made Me Do It, Slayer's Seasons in the Abyss and Reign in Blood, Sepultura's Beneath the Remains, Metallica's ....And Justice For All - and Black Sabbath's Dehumanizer deserves a special mention too.

      Actually there's a lot more, but I'll stop there.

        Whilst I enjoy most of the songs on Justice, I really can't get past the overall tinny sound.

          See I've never noticed it. Puppets is a close contender, but Justice wins simply because I love pretty much every single song off the album. Also, Puppets feels very short to me. Still both incredible albums though.

        War Ensemble is my absolute favourite song to air drum along to. Lombardo was a beast

          *is a beast

            He's still got it, no doubt about that, but more recent releases for me just don't have the same power and impact his drumming had back in the late 80s-early 90s

      Number Of The Beast is definitely a classic.

      Almost all my favourite albums are metal. Were you after more classics or contemporary?

        I'm open to both. I have a wide ranging taste in music. It's funny, because I didn't even start listening to hard rock/heavy metal until I was an adult.

          I started as a teenager, got introduced to Metallica by a guitarist boyfriend in high school. Then I kind of went on a musical journey through a lot of genres adjacent to metal, like prog-rock, grunge and punk before coming back to metal again after my daughter was born. I was really depressed and hadn't listened to any music at all for a few years and put Ride The Lightning on (my favourite Metallica album) on a whim one day which made me start remembering who I was outside of being a mother and started me back on the path to recovery. I owe a lot to metal. :)

          These days I mostly listen to power metal, symphonic metal and folk metal. I've found they make me happiest. Some of my favourites are really cheesy though, so maybe that's me getting old. :P Things like Gloryhammer's Tales From The Kingdom Of Fife are pure cheese, but pure joy at the same time.

          So from the Power/Folk/Symphonic spectrum I highly recommend Sonata Arctica's Days of Grays, Sabaton's Carolus Rex, Ensiferum's Unsung Heroes, Eluveitie's Helvetios, Epica's Requiem For The Indifferent, Helloween's Keeper Of The Seven Keys, Gamma Ray's Majestic, Dream Evil's Book Of Heavy Metal, Blind Guardian's Nightfall in Middle Earth, Avantasia's The Metal Opera, Timo Tolkki's Avalon - Land Of New Hope, Heavatar's All My Kingdoms, Iced Earth's Framing Armageddon, Orphaned Land's All Is One, Therion's Sitra Ahra, Tarot's Crow Fly Black, Stratovarius' Nemesis, Tyr's By The Light Of The Northern Star, Within Temptation's The Silent Force, Lingua Mortis Orchestra's LMO, Pythia's The Serpent's Curse, ummm I should probably stop now. Sorry, got a bit carried away. :D

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            You going to see Korpiklaani next week? Fantastic live band. I'd also pick Burnt Offerings over Framing Armageddon by Iced Earth, Ragnarok by Tyr and as below, Gothic Kabballah by Therion, although any Therion album is pure class :D I also forgot to mention that Riders Of The Apocalypse by Demonoid is my absolute favourite death metal album, even more-so when you think that it's coming from the Therion guys

              Definitely seeing Korpiklaani next week. Those guys are so much fun live!

              I'm more of a Ripper fan than a Barlow fan. Especially after seeing them live with Barlow after his (brief) return. It hurt to watch him because he looked like he himself was in pain. Hence Framing Armageddon over others. As for Tyr, I was tossing up between Ragnarok, Land and LotNS...figured they were all equally as awesome so it didn't matter. I'm also loving their new one. And agree on the "any Therion" front.

              Speaking of Therion stuff, have you heard Les Fleurs Du Mal? It's them covering french pop songs. So weird but it really grew on me.

      Seventh Son of a Seventh Son is probably my favourite Maiden album although Hallowed is my favourite song and I don't think I'm alone in that area. Favourite metal album...hard to pin just one down. Rust In Peace or Peace Sells by Megadeth (My favourite is whichever I'm listening to at any one time), Blackwater Park by Opeth, Never Neverland by Annihilator, Among The Living, Spreading The Disease or Sound Of White Noise by Anthrax (see Megadeth reasoning), This Godless Endeavour by Nevermore, Century Child by Nightwish, Gothic Kabballah by Therion, Prometheus by Emperor, The Human Equation by Ayreon (so psyched for the new album next month).

      As you might be able to tell, I really can't choose one.

      Master of Puppets by Metallica. The perfect thrash album, it's possibly my all time favourite.

      But I can't ignore Seasons In The Abyss by Slayer & Peace Sells...But Who's Buying? by Megadeth. They're both classics themselves.

      Other then that, i'd have to say House of Gold & Bones Part 1 & 2 by Stone Sour, Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses by Slipknot & Blackbird by Alter Bridge, and since The Living End aren't metal, I can't list them :P

      Carolus Rex - Sabaton
      Is always my go to album these days. A close 2nd would be Justice for All or if I'm feeling a bit lighter S&M

      My two favourites used to be Screaming For Vengeance and Defenders of the Faith. But while I initially wasn't too fond of Painkiller, I've grown to quite like it, a lot. Not sure what I'd pick as a another second favourite to go with it, I guess it'd probably be between Ram It Down and Angel of Retribution.

      Or getting off the Judas Priest for a moment - F-Zero X Guitar Arrange Edition :P

        Screaming for Vengeance is a brilliant album. I downloaded it for Rock Band, and it was a heck of a lot of fun to play.

          It has the best opening instrumental piece of any metal album ever.

            While not necessarily instrumentals, I find a lot of their albums kick things off really well. Sin after Sin with Sinner, Stained Class with Exciter, Defenders of the Faith with Freewheel Burning, Ram It Down, Painkiller, Angel of Retribution with Judas Rising. Also Demolition with Machine Man, British Steel with Rapid Fire, Turbo with Turbo Lover, and maybe even Sad Wings of Destiny with Victim of Changes.

            ...Probably would've been easier to list the ones that I didn't think started out so strong :P

              Yeah but The Hellion is its own piece. And the way it leads into Electric Eye is awesome. The others have good opening tracks, but not an actual intro like that.

                I just hate that it's a separate track because when playing from anything other than a CD there's a huge horrible skip when it changes from one to the next.

                  I'm old fashioned in that I prefer to listen to albums end to end and not random tracks so I rarely get that problem, but I imagine it's annoying.

                Oh, I do the album thing too. My car's USB thing is just horribly slow at loading the next track. It's a little better if I do it by bluetooth from my phone, but there's still enough of a skip there to be annoying.

      Deathcrush - Mayhem.


      But seriously, Music For The Recently Deceased - I Killed The Prom Queen.

      Opeth's Ghost Reveries and Dream Theater's Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence (Images and Words is also acceptable).

      First Maiden album I ever listened to. Classic.
      Not sure what my favourite metal album would be, but there's a very high chance it would be something from Iron Maiden...

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      I dunno, I've gone through phases. Had you asked me about ten to fifteen years ago it would likely have been a Metallica album. More recently probably would have been something Nightwish. I still like to pull out Therion's Lemuria / Sirius B or Secret of the Runes periodically, depending on my mood. I find the run of Judas Priest albums from Screaming For Vengeance through Turbo end up on my rotation fairly often too.

      Probably the 'metal' album that has had the most play time for me in the last couple of years is UI-70's "Endless Flight of Eternal Night" which is oddly enough an (instrumental) metal arrangement of the music from Touhou 8: Imperishable Night. I doubt anyone else here has heard it so I'll see if I can dig it up on youtube or something when I'm not at work, it's pretty good.

      EDIT: It was probably more what you'd call industrial than metal, but when I was much younger I used to listen to the redbook audio from the Descent II CD all the time. I remembered because it had an instrumental arrangement of a Type O Negative piece on it. :P

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    I know everyone with a 3DS is elbow deep in their pokeymans but if any of you are still checking Animal Crossing, I am yet again (against all statistical probability) stuck in a decreasing pattern and face the prospect of losing a considerable sum of bells. If anyone is on a good pattern and has decent prices this afternoon or tomorrow afternoon, I would be extremely grateful to visit your town.

    Otherwise, :(

      I went to check and the store was closed.

      Which is one of the major reasons I hate this game. Limited time means being chained to a schedule is the worst possible thing for me.

        At this point I'm tempted to roll my clock forward two hours so I can still play during my morning commute and turn on the beautiful village ordinance. That way it's on my schedule (since I hardly play at night anymore) and I don't have to spend 45 minutes watering flowers.

          Just make sure you do it after you've sold your turnips!

            Does going forward count as time travel? I thought it was only if you tried to go backwards to a time you'd already played in.

              Yup, you've got it right. I was thinking you wanted to turning it back for some reason, even though you said "forward" :P I blame daylight savings.

        This is almost entirely why I couldn't stand Animal Crossing. It doesn't want you to play it when you want to play it for as long as you want to play it, it wants to take over a regular half-hour interval of your life every day on a schedule it decided for you. Fuck that.

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      I'll try and remember to check for you after lunch.

        Thanks strange, I got my turnips sold and left you a small token of appreciation. :)

      109 bells at the moment. Not sure that's profitable, but I'm sure you can break even with this price. But, y'know, I'm living in Canada and your afternoon is probably my middle of the night.

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        My buy price this week was 100 so I'd at least get my bells back. I'm guessing you're 14 or so hours behind Sydney? I'll bear it in mind but a local option is probably preferable. Best prices seem to be most common Thursday afternoons so I might stick it out.

          Time difference sounds about right. Here's hoping your decreasing pattern is just a build-up for a large spike.

            I hope so, according to the stalk market guide I rely on the highest price is the fourth in a series of increases and can't happen later than Saturday morning, so if you haven't seen any increase by Thursday afternoon you just have cut your losses (or find another town with better prices).

            Because I'm a sad bastard I have a spreadsheet for tracking my prices and profits. I started at 88 on Monday morning, then went 84, 80, 77, 74 and now I'm on 69. This is pretty consistent with the three other times I've gotten the decreasing pattern (which means if I am on decreasing again it'll be 4 out of the 7 weeks I've been playing, meaning I get the decreasing pattern > 50% of the time).

            I got an extremely high price on Tuesday last week (475!) so I almost didn't bother buying turnips this week because I suspected the game would give me a decreasing pattern just to balance things out, but I am ever the optimist. I figured someone else would have a good price if I didn't.

    haha, now I know how the bad sport thing works on GTA 5, 2 of my mates are in the sin bin for 12 hours for being bad sports, they can only connect to other bad sports, won't even let them join an invite only session or crew session. One of them got it for getting an 85 kill streak in a tank & the other got a 115 kill streak in another tank then he switched to a buzzard. Blowing up people's personal vehicles seems to get you a bad sport raring pretty quick. Was hilarious to watch I just stayed in my apartment and spectated on Weazel news.
    Edit: I've received $1000 several times now for being a good sport

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      This gives me hope that there may be a future on GTA Online for me. I haven't gone back to it since having a very negative experience the first time I was able to get in and play.

        I would highly advise playing with friends or joining a crew, we generally leave people alone unless they attack us first, you can get people to back off pretty quick if your whole group goes after them, also setting bounties on players helps cause they'll usually get hunted down. Me and my crew are like the anti jerk squad, when someone starts griefing folks we'll usually go after them and get rid of them. Especially hilarious since most of my crew have ridiculously high levels and all kinds of toys to scare them off (tanks / buzzards etc)

      I tried to jump in with you last night, your session must have filled up

        I was a bit eratic last night, didn't actually get to play much, hopefully will get a few hours on tonight, if i see you online I'll try invite or join. Funny, like I said my crew are pretty full on sometimes I get wrapped up in stuff with them too. Last night one of them reached level 140, we keep asking Is there a level cap?

          I'm Numenera-ing tonight, but whenever you see me on I'm happy for an invite!

    Morning all! so i ran into a really annoying bug in Beyond Two Souls very early in the game (first 1.5 hours?)

    if you havent reached the condenser, stop reading now!

    So basically when you attempt to shutdown the condenser and realise the lever wont work, Jodie asks Aiden to protect her while she runs across to the other control panel. so i switched to Aiden just as i opened the door. at this point however i need to be controlling jodie and guide her to the ladder. this is where the bug kicks in... i am stuck as Aiden. i cant switch to Jodie anymore...

    I even tried quiting the game, resetting the playstation and continuing my game, but im still stuck as Aiden... looked up a video walkthrough to make sure i hadnt missed something, but nope nothing.

    so at this point i need some advise. because the game changes based on the decisions ive made, if i were to restart that chapter will it use my past decision or do i have t start the damn thing from the start....

    also, does anyone else find the control system a major step back from heavy rain??? i found myself at certain times not knowing what to do.

      Restarting a chapter won't undo past decisions that came before the chapter you're restarting.

      I think if you restart the chapter and choose the option to have it save it will carry on based on the past decisions you've made, but don't quote me on that. In any case, it seems like you don't really have much of a choice in the matter.

      I found the control system a step back in that it feels too easy and like you're interacting less with the world.

        I liked the control system, but at the same time there didn't seem to be as many 'hot spots' as in Heavy Rain.

        Aiden was a cool addition on this front, though. Loved scouting out locations ahead of Jodie and having the two work together.

      No actual spoilers, just precautionary tagging.
      Yep, the controls for Aiden are stupid and unintuitive, especially in the fast paced action scenes. Probably my biggest complaint about the game. Other than the weird kissing.

        I don't think I've ever played a game where the kissing doesn't look weird. Someone should really try and fix that.

        Ha. The kissing really is isn't it. Just mashing their faces together. The worst thing about Aidan and fighting off the entities it can be really hard to see the dots and sometimes I have no clue what direction I should be pushing the sticks.

          spot on thats exactly what i meant about the controls being a step back....

    @spaghett's Last song played game!

    Washington Bullets - The Clash

        Whaaaaaat, a new Eminem album, hells yes. Can't believe Relapse and Recovery were 3 & 4 years ago now :S

          The Marshall Mathers LP 2. The tracks I've heard so far are insane. Especially Rap God.

            I should go have a listen. I quite like the direction he went with Relapse & Recovery, was a nice change after The Eminem Show & Encore. Proved he wasn't all about parodies and could be serious if he wanted.

        One of my work mates played it for me this morning. Holy balls the man is talented. I love how he waits for everyone to start doubting him, then drops something like this that just destroys everything. I'm not even a massive rap fan, but anyone who doesn't believe he's one of, if not the most gifted rappers of all time is fooling themselves.

          The whole song is incredible, but that bit at about 4:20 literally made my jaw drop.

            Yeah, Busta Rhymes is getting a run for his money. Just amazing.

      Was listening to the Roadrunner United album, forget which track. Think it was the one with King Diamond.

      Odroerir - Idunas Apfel

      Just heard they got added to the Eluveitie and Friends festival so I thought I'd check them out. I'm only in the middle of the song but I love it.

        Aw man, the song appeared to cut off before the end. Oh well, guess I'll just have to buy some of their music now. Lucky it's payday. :D

      Battery in my arse
      by Metallica in my arse

    I know people have already discussed it but I finished episode 1 of The Wolf Among Us last night. Looks like I pretty much made the same decisions as everyone else.

    Gave Faith money
    Lied to Beast
    Accused the pimp
    Went to Toads first
    Caught Tweedle Dee
    Stayed quiet about the suspect (because I wasn't paying attention)
    Walked away from the fight
    Arrested Tweedle Dee

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      -- I gave the money to Fatih.
      -- I didn't tell Beast about Beauty.
      -- I went to Prince Lawrence's place first.
      -- I saved the guy, caught Tweedle Dee.
      -- Stayed quiet about suspect, didn't have one.
      -- Showed restraint in fight.
      -- Arrested Tweedledee.

      You like? So atmospheric and crazy cool art direction.

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        Huge fan of the comics so I'm glad they've taken the feel or the comics and put it to an original story and made it it's own thing.

          This is good to hear!

          Also: I didn't know you read Fables! This is also good to hear!

            I've admittedly only read Vol. 1 of the Deluxe edition (first 10 issues) and need to grab the rest but I highly enjoyed it. I told @alexpants to read it but he's stubborn and says he has enough as it is but then refuses to play the game because he hasn't read them.

              Ah, it changes direction a lot later, to the point of being almost a completely different book. That said I still love it.

              We didn't have none of your fancy deluxe editions back in my day though. Mine are all ancient, dog eared trade paper backs...

              I hope nothing happens to them and I have to replace them with shiny new hardbacks with extra content.....

        It was nice to play a game where they understood noir is more than cops in the 40's. *stares hard at Rockstar*

          You and I don't seem to see eye to eye on many games. :P

            I thought LA Noire delivered pretty well on the Noir stuff.

              It was missing a lot if what makes a noir setting.

              If anything it has a lot more in common with the Hardboiled genre.

          *stares at Warner Bros. and then Ryan Gosling*

          ...sorry, what were we talking about?

          High five if you get that reference

    @sughly - with kickstarter launching in Aus, might be worth trying to kickstart Annas quest! might even be worthwhile giving away the first part at the $15 tier?

    Edit: Its launching next month in case you didnt know!

    Last edited 16/10/13 10:55 am

      Sughly's got himself a publisher for Anna's Quest! So. Damn. Proud.

        Quick question, @dc: Dane Krams or David Cage?

          I admit, I'd kind of like to hang out with both of them and see the inevitable fist fight between the two. I think Sughly would win the fist fight for sure, but David Cage would win on the feelings front. These guys don't even make games in the same genre, so you can't compare. Krams has a better handle on puzzles and old school mechanics, Cage has a better handle on being Cage. :D

            With non-answers like that you could be prime minister one day!

              Sughly's got a good eye for film and cinematography and all that. I think if he made a Quantic Dream-style game it'd be amazing, but he hates them alas so... *shrugs* I think Cage would struggle making an old school adventure though...

              Last edited 16/10/13 11:05 am

                So @sughly > Cage?

                That seems fair.

                  Also, Sughly hangs out with me and talks adventure games with me. David Cage has never done that. *shakes fist* :P

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        o_0 really??? when did that happen! CONGRATULATIONS @sughly !!!!!

          He's been super secret about the details, but that's why you can't buy ep one any more.

            He has? Every meat he's been at, that i've been to he hasn't shut up about it :P

            Edit: Thanks @Strange. You're such a lovely person.

            Last edited 16/10/13 11:40 am

              He's never spoken openly about the specifics and details outside of friends though. He trusts his pals to be discreet and I appreciate the fact he feels comfortable to talk to us about it.

              Last edited 16/10/13 11:42 am

                See that's the thing, if he's meant to be quiet about it, then it might be best to keep quiet about it. Since anyone of us could go and blab and all it takes is one person. Personally, I wouldn't do that to Sughly because I don't want to see his career ruined, and I was happy it happened for him, he deserved it after all the hard work he has put into everything, I respect that.

                But you can't trust any and everyone no matter how close of a friend they may be. I just wouldn't like him to learn the hard way like I have. From people who I thought were close enough friends to trust. Some even involved in this community here. Which is why I just keep to myself and a few other friends i've known long enough to talk to about it all. No matter how small the issues are.

                  Ummm, wut. Why would you guys even go and talk about it? Bit concerning that's the first thing you think of.

                  Sorry, I gotta vent. Working from home on your own is an incredibly stressful thing to do, despite all my joking about it, so when I see close friends and family it's almost a necessity for me to talk about it, to get a lot of weight off my chest. It helps me a whole heap mentally, because it makes what I'm doing real, and not something that's built up in my head and just sitting on my computer. It's not about bragging, it's about confiding in friends and getting their support. That's unfortunate you have trust issues, but I don't, at least not with the people I talk to about it. Don't need advice on how to act with my friends, thanks.

                  Last edited 16/10/13 1:42 pm

                  @sughly I understand dude, just i've been burned by people in this here community, and I wouldn't want it to happen to another person is all, it was horrible and I was attacked by others I never had anything to do with. Never thought you were bragging, in fact I thought it was really great all this happened to you and you deserved it. No one seems to realise that i'm all for you and your work,

              For downvoting you when you're being objectionable? If that's lovely, I'll take it. :P

                Hardly objectionable. I don't have a problem with Sughly talking about his achievements, I encourage it. Just if he's meant to keep it on the down low I think it's possibly best to not talk to everyone in an open internet community about it is all :) If this was a protected forum of sorts sure, that would be fine, but since anyone can come along and view it, it's possibly best to think twice, even when telling people outside of here when catching up in real life, it's best to chose wisely who you tell and in which sort of environment too.

                  I feel like Sughly ain't going to appreciate any of this stuff being talked about now. I feel like it's my fault, I apologize. Maybe we should all stop and agree that Sughly's a damn good guy who deserves good things.

                  You may well have intended all of this, but your initial comment makes it seem like you're sick of hearing about it and kind of makes you sound like an asshole.

                  @dc yeah, honestly it's none of our business and we'll wait for the big announcement :)

              @bdkiaf Honestly I don't care how I sound, i'm not sick of hearing about what Sughly is working on, in fact I don't hear much at all. It's nice when I hear stuff from time to time.

              To everyone else:

              I know i'm usually seen as an opinionated arsehole around here by a fair few people who seem that they are seen as bigger than Jesus. I've felt excluded some days when i've said something as a total joke in the past which was obvious to some and then have half a dozen people attack me and when I defended myself I got called awful things or told it was a "joke" when in fact it was felt like it was straight up bullying, which I thought I experienced enough of when I was school. It was one reason I just stopped coming here one day for what, 3 or 4 months? Nobody seemed to notice or care, I don't know I didn't keep track how long I stayed away for, it may also be a reason I didn't come to any meets.

              Sometimes I didn't feel accepted, I honestly still don't. I'm a pretty quiet person, I know I don't seem it, but I am. I've had a pretty rough last 24 months, and more even so the last 2 weeks have been down right awful for me.

              I always try and be nice to people even if they're horrible to me, I don't see why I should bring myself to their level, it wasn't how I was raised. But sometimes I just can't and need to be just that in retaliation.

              I think this will be my last visit to these parts of Kotaku.

                But dude, you were abrasive, and people were just defending. You can't play the victim when you're throwing punches. If you say something and people pull you up on it, just be humble about it is all. You're an opinionated guy, which is absolutely fine, but you have to be prepared for people to throw it back at you while you're putting your opinions out there. Not everyone's out to get you, it's just people disagreeing with you.

                  How was it even, it was a damn joke. It's fucking clear that I like you and your work and do not have an issue with it. But now honestly since people can't see that even after explaining, whatever.

                  I've just been pushed too far this time, in the past I have come here a few times when in a really shit time and opened up with what was happening in my life hoping for some kind words from people and no one cared, I was ignored countless times. But along comes anyone else with their hardships and they get all the attention, it made me feel excluded and not wanted around here. But hey, i'm not human or worthwhile according to some people here, so why should I matter.

                  Understand, this has gone on for a fair while. More than a year now, bordering on close to two years. I thought this place was different and full of nice people, but I just keep getting proved wrong when someone take it out to personally attack you outside of this place. It's fucking horrible.

                  I don't have an issue with people disagreeing with me, but its when it's vulgar retaliation or retaliation because it's done just because they can and think it's "fun" it's not. hell i've had people attack me over an obvious joke which others got, and a few decided to chew my ear off over it.

                  I felt it was time I addressed the issue i've buried for so long, and leave and not return. I won't bother coming to any future meat, as I feel I don't belong. Which is a shame, since I like a few people who I got along with really well, but it's probably for the best for everyone. I won't be logging into this account any more. So replying and mentioning me will not be noticed. Have a nice life, I hope it treats you well.

        Nice! I love @sughly's art style, and Anna's Quest is great. Mad props, yo. It's always satisfying hearing of artists succeeding - writers, musos, etc. It's easy for people like me in a regular job to take stability for granted.

          Seeing his art style is crazy impressive. There's old school developers like Jane Jensen (creator of Gabriel Knight) who are making new games that don't look any where near as good as Krams' stuff! They've got an entire dev team, he's just one guy!

          Last edited 16/10/13 12:43 pm

        Thanks deeceeee, and all the kind words folks ^^

      @beardymcmuttonchops is already planning his kickstarter!

        Can't wait for that! Wanna read his book NAOW!

          I read the first chapter or so a while back, it's pretty cool

          @redartifice I started creating the project last night :3

          So far Berkid is the only person apart from me who's read it in its entirety. She assures me that it's not poo, which was always my biggest fear. Like @sughly said up above, when you're the only person working on something.... You might think it's brilliant, but there's always this nagging little seed of doubt that makes you think that you're delusional and you're wasting your time and you should just quit. I get that all the time. Really bad.

          So like, it's crazy to think that I'm at the stage now where it might actually be a real thing.

    High Priestess - Active Child

      Amazing song. Was lucky enough to see it live, guys got some unworldly lungs.

    Story time :D Beware, wall of text ahead.

    Last night my lazy fifteen year old sister-in-law needed help with her resume. So there I was updating the whole thing while she sat on her bed Instagraming or Snap-chatting selfies to her friends. Poor wording and grammar throughout, I changed almost all words she had listed under 'SKILLS', funnily. I corrected Polite to Politeness, Motivate to Motivation, Keen to Drive and Determination etc. My changes may not have been the best, however I wanted to retain most of her ideas.

    I then made one little secret change for shits and giggles.

    It was merely a test to see whether or not she would actually proof read her own work after I was done with it. The short answer is no, she did not. This morning when I dropped off my kid and wife, there she was crying. She told me that she had emailed her resume to Target and then realised my change after the fact. She then began throwing curse words my way, questioning 'WHO CHECKS THEIR NAME? WHY WOULD I BOTHER TO CHECK THAT?'

    There, in bold lettering at the top of her resume, I had changed the spelling of her name from ERMINA to ERMINDA.

    I then simply said said to her, 'You need to proof everything.'

    I copped a bit of flack but it was worth it.

      Harsh but fair.

        Harsh, I'll admit. I tried to console her by stating that in the grand scheme of things it wasn't such a big deal as the worse that could result from this would be a scenario along the lines of;

        She's at the Target interview and the interviewer first up asks for the correct pronunciation of her first name. 'Er min da? Is that how I say your name?' See? Not so bad.

        I even suggested she could lie and say that it's a silent D.

      Today, teenager's resumes. Tomorrow... the WORLD ...'s resumes.

      hopefully she'll learn something from the experience

        Teenagers? Learn?

        *starts laughing uncontrollably*

          So true. This was just one of many stories.

      There's nothing wrong with asking for assistance with your resume, but sitting back and letting someone do it all for you - then not even checking it? You deserve a little wake up call there, missy.

      Well there's a name i've never heard before.

    So keen for Numenera tonight. If anyone missed the wrap from last session, it is available here.

    I will be doing another recap for tonight's session and that will go up on the same tumblr in the next couple of days.

    David Bowie's The Next Day is still incredible. Haven't listened to it for a while, but was lying in bed in the dark with headphones last night and it was so damn atmospheric. :D

      I love Bowie's older stuff, so I may have to check this one out.

        Standout tracks would be Valentine's Day, Where Are We Now, Heat and The Stars (Are Out Tonight)...

          Standout tracks would be

          Whole album.

            There were a few songs in the later part of the album that didn't click with me, but I agree with this comment for the most part! :D

      Wow, apparently I haven't listened to Bowie at all in the last 6 months and only 80 times in the last 12 months. ha.

    How to get from my old house to a portal to another world:

    So, sleeping pills, yo. What da Eff. The pharmacist said it would be good sleep! Real sleep! LIES!

    To be fair, the pharmacist was bang on the money when he said 10hrs 'out of it', and I absolutely should've taken it earlier than I did, but it wasn't a 10hr solid block of sleep... More like seven hours of incoherent, poorly-remembered nightmares (I vividly remember and can document my usually-lucid dreams) followed by three hours of fall-over near-sleep, groggy semi-consciousness. Still a bit wiped out, in fact.

    On the plus side, a few days of that and maybe my body will learn its fucking lesson and behave.

      Sleeping pills barely work for me. Had to try three different things before I found any thing that would help. Really, really don't like them though. I would often wake up to read twitter posts I hadn't remembered making. One day my lip was bleeding. D: For a guy who likes to stay in control, this was disconcerting.

      Last edited 16/10/13 12:03 pm

        :S jeez man, were they over the counter or prescribed? Friend of my who has/had awful sleep patterns said she tried over the counter ones from the pharmacy, said they didn't even work for her. She's a nurse too, she should've known better.

          I had two different prescriptions that weirdly didn't work as much as the over the counter stuff.

            Wow. total opposite experience ha. I feel like I should be on them sometimes, but then again I hate over sleeping.

              My doctor was stunned the over the counter stuff worked better than the prescribed stuff. Made me bring them in so she could look at them. XD When I first started taking Anti-D's it messed me up and I couldn't sleep for an entire week. Wasn't the greatest of weeks, I can tell you! :P

              Last edited 16/10/13 12:18 pm

                I remember getting tweet replies from you at like 3 in the morning that week

                Sounds like a horrible week honestly. Hopefully you're not gonna go there again any time soon.

        Well, if you were taking Ambien, that wasn't you - it was the Ambien Walrus. He's a known troublemaker.

          Haha! My doctor refused to prescribe that. Truth be told, I would've refused to take it anyways. XD

      I've done the D.C. patented thing of making an unrelated comment about him. Sorry 'bout that man. Hope you sort this sleep stuff out soon!

        How dare you offer your experience with sleeping pills to a discussion about sleeping pills? You're the worst.

      Ugh, biggest problem I had with sleeping pills is being groggy for half the next day.

        That's what I got right now. Five o'clock seems like an ETERNITY away. An eternity of trying to hold my head up and not pass out.
        Which is very similar to the symptoms of not sleeping at all. Which makes me wonder why bloody bother.

          Yeah, that's what I found. I ended up using some extreme measures to make sure I slept more during the week: no games on a work night, no screens in bed.

    Murdered: Soul Suspect still is one of my most anticipated games for next year. Love the idea it's a L.A. Noire/Heavy Rain hybrid.

      What are you guys looking forward to next year?

        Watch Dogs :'(

          To be honest, my hype levels for that game went down massively after being so disappointed with Assassin's Creed 3. Since then I've played Zombi U and Rayman Legends and have looked in awe at Valiant Hearts and Child of Light so Ubisoft have redeemed themselves for me.

          Really damages PS4's launch line up though. Guess I'll still have Killzone.

            It was the only non-sports launch title I was planning on picking up, so I'm pretty disappointed. It was looking like a terrific introduction to the next generation.

        Final season of Californication
        Final season of Sons of Anarchy
        Part 1 of final season of Mad Men

        Oh, you meant games?


          Oh yeah! That looks damn good! Really love the world building and atmosphere there. Have they announced a PC version yet?

            Nope, not yet. I think you won't see them announce for PC until well after the console release. Which means I've got to buy a PS4 :(

            EDIT: There are other games I'm interested in getting / kind of excited for in 2014 but I think that Destiny's the only AAA one. I'm kind of sick of AAA games in general.

            Last edited 16/10/13 12:56 pm

    Ugh, I love Joey Jordison, but he really talks a lot of shit at times regarding Slipknot & new material. I understand losing Paul was a bit eye opener and shock to the band, it fucking sucks he's gone. But it gets a bit boring when he says in every interview regarding Scar The Martyr of late that he has a lot of new material written for Slipknot. He should get his manager or whatever to have a list of questions that are NOT allowed to be asked unless he brings them up, like Slash has.

      *nods knowingly*

      I have no idea who any of these people are

        I was about to say, you don't know who Metallica are? Then realised that was in my reply on Blabbermouth lol..

        Joey Jordison = drummer of Slipknot.
        Scar The Martyr = Joey's new band. Who are okay, but nothing amazing.
        Paul Gray = deceased bass player of Slipknot.

        Slash = figment of everyone's imagination :P He was also in a small Los Angeles rock band back in the day that goes by the name of Guns N' Roses.

        You're welcome.

    pretty good deal!

      I quickly bought that this morning since payday was yesterday. I've wanted to check out Cities XL for awhile so that's my price of entry alone. The other games are a bonus, but I'm keen to check out all of them.