10 Indie PC Games You Must Keep An Eye On

10 Indie PC Games You Must Keep An Eye On

There are so many small teams out there working on so many promising PC games that it's often impossible keeping tabs on them. You read about them, you like the looks of them, then the world keeps spinning and you forget all about something you may otherwise have loved. That's a shame. So we're going to fix it.

Below you'll find a roundup of 10 of the most exciting games (currently in some stage of development) I've come across in the last few months. Included will be links to their relevant game/company/store page, so you can follow their progress and actually remember to buy the game when it's out.

Note that I won't be including stuff that you'll likely hear more of in the months to come through regular news and promotional channels. That means anything picked up for a major console, which platform holders will market, or games that have already made a big name for themselves (see: Satellite Reign, Mighty No.9, Planetary Annihilation, Incognita, Transistor, etc). The point here is to remind you of the good stuff that might otherwise slip through the cracks.


It's "an extraterrestrial sandbox adventure". Think Minecraft (or Terraria) meets FTL.

[Starbound Site]

— -


A more hands-on Homeworld experience than Homeworld had.

[Void Destroyer Site]

— -


A first-person, sci-fi noir adventure game.

[The Maker's Eden Site]

— -


Sci-fi RTS game that looks like it crawled out of a AAA studio.

[Meridian Site]

— -


Build, then manage, a deep space colony. Warning: things will try and kill your colonists.

[Maia Site]

— -


First-person shooting takes a backseat to first-person magic.

[Lichdom Site]

— -


The freedom of flight vs polygons.

[Aer Site]

— -


Medieval city-building with a survivalist twist.

[Banished Site]

— -


A man with a magic space glove.

[Eden Star Site]

— -


Claustrophobic future fiery pipe death simulation. Also home to the gorgeous artwork up top.

[Strike Vector Site]

— -



First-person horror. In space.

[Routine Site]


    Lichdom is the only one that got my attention lol

    Stranded deep looks a lot better than all these.

    Without actually looking at them, Void Destroyer, Maia, Meridian, Banished and Routine I'll be taking a closer look at later on. I had a look at Lichdom yesterday and it didn't strike me as that groundbreaking, but could still be good fun to play. Maia looks like Theme Hospital in space. Could be a laugh

    Eden Star looks interesting being the only video I watched, but I'm not one to go out and buy action/puzzle games other than Portal

    I'm looking forward to A Hat in Time and Chasm

    indie games seem to be looking nicer...

    I dont know if its the progress in technology but now it seems nice looking games that arent some retro-wank pixel art can be made without the AAA budgets

    yeah I had a bias about games that came under the "indie" title but nowdays they seem cool

    I've already backed / preorderd Maia and Starbound, and Banished has been on my radar for a while thanks to your coverage. Aer looks enchanting.

    Last edited 01/10/13 11:05 am

    woah! Hadn't heard of Banished it looks great!

    Surprised that Star Citizen didn't make it into the mix!

    Really excited for Starbound, Loved Terraria. A few of the others look interesting, will need to look into them more later

    Cheers Luke. I'm bookmarking this page for future reference.

    what game is the title image from?

      Strike Vector, it's mentioned in the article, in case you missed it.

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