You Never Played The Stanley Parable? Shame On You. Try It Next Week

The Stanley Parable is a remake of the fantastic 2011 Half-Life 2 mod about a man named Stanley. The creators, Galactic Cafe, really don't like sharing anything from the game, as you can see in their trailers, so now they've gone even further and created a standalone demo showing off the behind-the-scenes of remaking their game.

You can download the demo now on Steam, and get the full game next week, on October 17.

The demo is a different version of one they showed at PAX Prime this year, minus a bunch of event-specific references that made it even better and are now forever lost to time. Sadness for those of us that didn't get to attend.

Note: The end of the demo says you can pre-order the game now, but unfortunately that changed between the creation of the demo and its release, so just set a note in your calendar!


    Revision 3 played a personalised version of the demo (on youtube now), that was pretty hilarious.

    Please don't title the article with an insult to the reader. Of course we have played the Stanley Parable, who wouldn't want to listen to that wonderful voice.

    It is one of the greatest mods I have ever played. The writing and narration are both exceptional!

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