The Best Part Of The League Of Legends Championship Was The Anime

I spent a substantial chunk of Friday night at Atlanta's Battle & Brew game bar, watching the League of Legends 2013 World Championship while my friend tried to explain what was going on. The only thing that stuck with me was this awesome animation of the game's top players, created by the animation studio behind The Legend of Korra.

Well, that's not all that stuck with me. I noted that no one in the crowd seemed to be rooting for Korea's SK Telecom T1 team, which wound up winning the whole shebang. I also noted the table of people who decided to watch the finals by choosing a team and taking a shot whenever their chosen side scored a kill — I hope they all survived.

But mainly it was all about the animation. One day I hope to do something cool enough that I get animated doing implausible things by one of the hottest studios on the planet.


    Agree. Finals were kinda lame, but I enjoyed this :)

      totally agree. It was really sad to see 3 one sided games for the "Finals".

        Strange to say since I almost never play Dota, but the International was far more entertaining. Was a nailbiter final right down to the end of game 5.

    The musical performance and the anime were my highlights for the finals, the games themselves were pretty "meh", they had their moments but a complete 3-0 stomp was just so boring. Oh well, OGN starts soon, hurray!

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