The Big Question: Halo Or Call Of Duty

I have a bad feeling we might have done this before but, even if we have, let's do it again! The mega powers of console shooters collide. I've always found that people who enjoy multiplayer shooters on console either gravitate towards Halo or towards Call of Dutty. Which way do you swing?

I'm going to be honest here: I have a preference. I've always loved Halo. Don't get me wrong, I think Call of Duty's multiplayer is a glorious thing. Honestly. It feels great, responsive, and I love the 60fps thing. I just always preferred the feel and movement of Halo. It's a very personal thing.

But who cares what I think — this is about what you think! Tell me what you think! And vote!


    Call of Dutty.

    Please tell me more about this game, I'm intrigued.

    Edit: On a more serious note, I used to be all for Halo, but now with MS at the helm, I'm not so sure.

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      seems like a glaring oversight that BF is not there.

        Have been checking throughout the day and it seems really strange that there's been no mention of the bf4 beta that went live last night.... It seems like they are deliberately not reporting ANYTHING to do with it...

        Especially considering that Halo is an XBox exclusive, which means it's only really a valid poll for XBox owners, since they're the only ones who actually have the option of both. I would have thought Battlefield vs COD would be a more meaningful poll than Halo v COD considering that BF and COD are both available across PS / XBox / PC which you'd think would cover the vast majority of this site's readers.

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    Both communities are terrible.

    Although, sadly, Halo at one point in time had one of the best communities.

    This reminds me of that South Park episode, voting between a turd sandwich or a giant douche.

      I think communities like Counter Strike, Tribes or even Battlefield are more the place to be.

    I'm going to have to say neither.

    Never been a fan of Call of Duty, but my interest in games has never been competitive MP, but more story driven singleplayer.

    Halo Reach had it both, superb and engaging story, and quality MP that actually kept me hooked far longer than I expected.

    Halo 4 unfortunately added nothing to the franchise except a big paycheck to MS, so the next Halo is definitly off my radar (for the time being).

    edit: I've just realised, this was a what franchise do you prefer, not what franchise are you excited for their next release. I'll vote for Halo as my preferred franchise, but my points above still stand... The series ended with Bungie's reign.

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      As much as I hate to say it, but I think the next Halo game is off the radar for a lot of people.
      Seriously, who bought Spartan Assault?

      Definitely agree with this. I don't touch the multiplayer, but Halo games have always had an interesting story and beautiful, colourful setpieces, and that's what I play them for. Personally, I liked the backstory to Halo 4, the story behind the prometheans, the Didact, the war with the Flood, and the fall of the forerunners... but not having the entire backstory available at launch (and having some assumptions misaligned that aren't righted until the final book) lead to a lot of confusion while playing it through the first time. And, if you hadn't read the books, it seemed as if the plot was condensed into a ten minute cinematic two-thirds of the way through the game - to call it "badly paced" would be a gross understatement. And, so, in November last year, I felt very much as you described - Halo ended when Bungie stopped making it. But, playing it through again in June(?) this year, with the final book fresh in my mind, it was a brilliant continuation of the story.

      I'll be waiting for the next Halo game - it might even get me to buy an Xbox One - unless they make the same mistakes a second time. If they do, I'll wait for the rest of the supporting material to be released before diving in. Maybe even waiting for Halo 6... and its supporting material. But I'll probably be getting them both, and the XBO, eventually... if only to finish that story.

    Played a fair bit of both - and have to choose neither.

    Battlefield is my choice for multiplayer FPS.

    Both have fun multiplayer, but Halo edges out for me, because it feels like there's more strategy and vehicles are awesome.

    When it comes to singleplayer it's not even close, Halo campaigns are so much more fun than CoD campaigns. CoD has high production values, but I sometimes feel like their campaigns are a chore (barring a few levels in Modern Warfare 1) and really drag on, which is saying something for such short games. Halo single player has some of the most enjoyable skirmishes I've ever played.

    I loved Halo, kind of missed Halo 2, loved the hell out of Halo 3. I felt like Reach was kind of a step down in terms of the quality of story and multiplayer. I was really disappointed by Halo 4 and I am unsure about Halo 5.

    I jumped into Call of duty with 4 which seems to generally be accepted as the best story but I didn't play the multiplayer. I skipped [email protected], thought the MW2 campaign was ok but the multipalyer is what ultimately tore me away from Halo 3. Thought BlOps had a really poor campaign, didn't enjoy the multiplayer (apart from making custom emblems). MW3 was pretty shitty apart from giving the story a satisfying ending and the multiplayer was somehow unsatisfying. I didn't even bother with BlOps 2 and probably won't get Ghosts.

    So anyway I voted Halo. The 2-3 years I spent playing Halo 3 multiplayer nearly every day is some of the best gaming experience I've ever had.

    I'm looking forward to the future of online gaming in titles like Destiny and Titanfall. I think I'm over competitive deathmatch.objective shooters, though I'm still grabbing Battlefield 4 with my Xbone at launch.

    Hard to say, but I guess based on time played it would be COD but I can only usually enjoy it with friends

    Halo is fun, but I'd have to say CoD, but only because of MW2. The rest of them can fade away into oblivion as far as I'm concerned.

    Halo for LAN/with pals, CoD for just going it alone.

    They each have their hooks.

    I like old school WWII COD...this modern warfare stuff is way too Oorah! for me.

    Halo it is!

    I have a dirty secret to confess...I was a Call of Doodier for a few years.

    Cod4 was the guy who dragged me away from BF2. I loved that game. I loved being told I was a hacker and trolling those who accused me of it. I would add fuel to their flames. Mainly doing so by a slight boast, then sit back and giggle and the abuse coming my way. It was funny.

    My hype levels diminished as each instalment came out but i'll never forget the fun I had with that game.

    So for me its Cod.


    Big fan of both series. Campaign wise, I think Halo is a winner.

    In terms of the better online FPS, I switch between the two all the time. Both have their merits and both are completely different. If it came down to only keeping one of the two though, it would be between Halo 3/MW2 and I'd go with MW2. FFA games & Private matches on Rust were, pretty much two of my favourite things ever.

    343 Industries doesn't want you to be able to tell the difference.

    I'm not really a fan of shooters but I've had more fun with Call of Duty than I have with Halo.

    Plus Halo introduced the "you can only carry 2 guns" thing which has ruined shooters ever since!

    Why comment on this thread if hate both, and have nothing to add? if you don't like either game don't comment this poll isn't for you if you prefer battlefield thats great but its not an option.
    And now that's out of the way. I want to say Halo I like the atmosphere the graphics the story and the single player lot more than CoD but to my shame I enjoy CoD multi player a lot better and spend more time playing it than Halo . If I was on a desert Island with a good internet connection and could only chose one I would have to get CoD.

      It's actually a pretty interesting commentary on how polarising these two games and their respective communities are. It's not like the 'neither' comments so far are "Duh, Call of Derp bad." or "No, duh... Derp-lo bad" or of that ilk-- they've been pretty civil so far. Given that the poll is a choice about CoD or Halo, and that a lot of people are saying neither, or Battlefield, says a lot about the attitude many gamers have towards those franchises, and the character of their respective communities. Plus to leave out the elephant in the room, BF (which is a behemoth itself) was a bit of an oversight on Mark's part. Or maybe it was intentional to evoke a response...


    Battlefield and Destiny.

    Oh yeaaaaah.

    I was always a Halo fan, though I find the whole killstreak rewards thing cool in CoD, Halo was where it was at for me.
    Though, Halo 4 disappointed and I've become detached from the 360 so, yeah.

    All 3 big shooters, looks like I'll be throwing destiny and titanfall into the mix now too. All in all a great time to be a gamer!

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