The Big Question: Last Gen Consoles

For the first time on The Big Question we're going to ask a question with three answers. The current generation of consoles is about to be superceded with new consoles — but which did you enjoy using most during the last generation?

I think the Wii accumulated a decent library of exclusives when all was said and done, and I loved my PS3 (particularly during the last few years) but I think I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I used my 360 the most frequently.

How about you guys and girls?


    First I got the Wii so I used that the most.
    Then I got the 360 (because the PS3 was $1000) and I used that the most.
    Then I finally got a PS3 which I used lots, the Wii was used only when Nintendo released a new exclusive and the 360 barely got used after that.

      Exact same story here. Although I've now moved onto PC and my PS3 is gathering dust as well now.

        haha I've done the same. After going through several console failures with the 360 and PS3 I said "Screw this, I'll build my own console with blackjack and hookers!" and built a nice PC and hooked it up to the TV booting into big picture mode.

        I have a WiiU and am buying a PS4 for the exclusives, but multiplatform games I will be buying on PC where possible.

    My PS3 treated me so well through this generation, especially the awesome value of PS+.. This months free games are Metal Gear Rising and Remember Me. Then on the other hand I boot up my 360 and they're offering me Halo 3?
    Not to mention the exclusives that I enjoyed (Uncharted, The Last Of Us, Heavy Rain etc). Don't get me wrong, I got a lot of use out of my Xbox, but I really do feel like the PS3 was the system I kept coming back to.

      Oh yeah, PS+ has offered way better deals for years that trump Xbox LIVE deals. No contest.

    I never really cared either way but I used my ps3 over my Xbox more merely because I grabbed one of the arcade versions cheap and it didnt have a HDMI port. Preferred the Xbox controller for the few times I would play a FPS though.

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    I used my PS3 more than anything (asides from my PC), but I'll have to say, the level of fun when I was playing was pretty much on a par with when I was playing my Wii, there just wasn't as many games to play on the Wii compared to my PS3

    I had all three, but XBOX 360 wins the most played hands down. Graphics improved, consoles were more powerful, games were bigger, but for me XBOX Live is the defining addition to consoles for that generation. Paying for Gold sucked but ultimately that money pumped XBOX Live up to a fantastic level, and over time competing with XBOX Live pumped the PSN up from an early attempt at online functionality to the power house it's going to be on the PS4.
    I think without the XBOX 360 online experience the PSN would have remained at that sort of afterthought level it started on, and we'd be looking at an XBOX One and PS4 that were copying smartphones rather than blending smartphone functionality into a pre-existing game centric framework.

    I didn't get my PS3 until later in the generation, but it quickly became my favourite console. God of War, Uncharted, Heavy Rain, inFamous, The Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls; the PS3 can't be beat when it comes to exclusives.

    Initially, I was all about the 360. All of the big titles that I dumped lots of time into (including various Guitar Heroes and Rock Bands) were on 360 for me.

    Most of the time, when I picked up a title on PS3, it was just because I hadn't played anything on that system for a while.

    Now I've transitioned to full Master Race and my PS3 gets used for anything that isn't available on PC. Most importantly, JOURNEY.

    I started off with the 360... It had the exclusives I wanted (Gears of War, Halo, etc). Eventually I purchased a Wii because everyone else was doing it and I wanted in on the action... I eventually sold it and the funds I earned was put towards moving out of home. I then purchased a PS3 for those exlusives (Heavy Rain, Uncharted, Infamous) and had a blast, even managed to get some use out of Playstation Plus.

    I voted 360, because it definitly got used more in the last 5 years than any of the other three, and my collection of 360 games is definitly the largest.

    A bit of a mix, I started off with the PS3 coming from being a die hard PS2 fan and original Xbox hater. Hated the GUI of the 360 originally, and waved the bluray flag. As time went on though, I felt not only did the PS3 become stale, but the 360 continually improved. My friends who had PS3's started going online less and less, while my friends with 360's played online more and more. Finally fed up with all the crappy PS3 ports of games developed for 360 I made the switch. Haven't bought a PS3 game in two years, I still use it for bluray and PlayTV, and replaced it with a slim when it YLOD for the final time. Should probably pick up The Last of Us, but I've become pretty used to the 360 controller.

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      You really should pick up TLOU, you won't regret it at all. One of the best gaming experiences I've had.

        Actually I just realised I have an adapter for my Logitech steering wheel that will let me use the 360 controller on the PS3 :). Might have to nick my brothers copy of The Last Of Us.

    I played most of my multiplatform games on the 360 because of the controller, so that console got used the most. PS3 and Wii were only for exclusives.

    I only had 2 of the 3 (PS3 and Wii), and PS3 won that contest hands (and feet and any other body part you care to mention) down.

    I got 'must play' titles from all three. That said PS3 served my tastes best this gen.

    I used my 360 for any multi-platform games. Only played exclusives on my PS3. I just prefer the 360's controller, plus I don't really play online.

    Didn't really use the WII a lot. OD'd on WII Sports at the start but didn't really think about it too much after that.

    hands down the 360. Am i the only one that hates the PS controller?

      I used to hate the dualshock, as extended use gave me hand cramps. Recently learned how to hold it so it doesn't cause that, but still feels uncomfortable to use. The PS4's version looks like it resolves most of my issues, though - more rounded edges, concave thumbsticks, and longer grips.

    The first few years the 360 had it all over Sony. Gears of War, Halo 3, Mass Effect. Then MS effectively abandoned the platform about 3 years ago, while Sony has released awesome exclusive after awesome exclusive. The whole thing has me leaning towards the PS4, because one of the reasons I don't like Nintendo was because we has an N64 as kids and they didn't release any games in the last two years of it's life (except for Conkers Bad Fur Day).

    PS3 for me. Even if I only got a PS3 6 weeks back.

      Let me guess... for GTA V?

      (Same as me, in that case. I am an avowed PC gamer but the glowing reviews of The Last of Us and the looming release of GTA V eventually swayed me to finally pick up a 7th generation console.)

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        Yep :P I just had to play GTA V on launch.

        Also finally had the money to throw down on a pre owned console, so I did. Not a bad decision either, been able to pick up a heap of blu-ray movies of late and just got Rocksmith 2014 for it which is really fun!

          Yeah, aside from GTA V and TLoU I went a little crazy grabbing some other console exclusives from Amazon that I have missed out on over the years, such as Red Dead Redemption, Fight Night Champion, NHL games and so on.

          It's been a great investment considering how much the price has gone down due to the upcoming PS4 release - not only for the games but it completely replaced my previous media centre solution as well (RPi - too many playback issues!)

            I've been meaning to get The Last of Us. Must do that at some point.

            Yeah I have a Pi as well and i'm experiencing a fair few issues regarding playback, at first I thought it was the install of XBMC, but i'm not entirely sure now.

              It's the device. It is not able to decode certain codecs due to it not being supported by the hardware e.g. DivX 3.

                Ah, right... Well this explains a lot. Cause sometimes it will randomly flip the image upside down with MKV's...

    360 hands down. Partially because I got a 360 soon after launch and delayed getting a PS3 until they came down to a more reasonable price, and partially because I only figured out how to hold the dualshock controller properly (so it wouldn't hurt my hands) within the last 12 months.

    PS3, hands down. Not only did it have the games and the controller, it was (and remains) my media hub. In terms of raw usage, particularly with PlayTV, it's the winner by leagues. I honestly think my PS3 has spent more time in its lifespan turned on, than off.
    I had games I loved on 360 and on the Wii, but that's all I did with those systems - play games.

    Averaged over the entire generation I probably used my 360 more, but that was mainly concentrated early on in the lifespan of the systems. The last 3 or so years I've been using my 360 less and less, to the point that I've probably turned it on only once this year because there's nothing really I want to play (since I have a decent PC and the majority of 360 stuff is also on PC and better there), while my PS3 is still getting a steady stream of exclusives. So right now my PS3 gets more time.

    However in terms of the most time spent playing a single game, I clocked just shy of 100 hours with Xenoblade on the Wii.

    I have had a 360 for... 3 years maybe, so that one. I have had a Wii for about 6 months, and that currently gets a lot more playtime with my 5 year old and I. Kinect was finicky when playing with him and I - height difference I guess. Wii is great. Makes me actually want a WiiU.

    Despite being a 360 "fan" somewhat - controller etc... I don't think I want a an XBONE. Maybe a PS4 in 5 years lol, more likely I'll pick up a PS3 for some exclusives I want in a year or so when they come down in price more.

    360, mainly due to the controller and interface. I see them both the same except for these two reasons

    I still used my PS3 though for the exclusives.

    I had a Wii for about 6 months. Hardly used it. Thats my experience of the current consoles. I'm 99% sure I haven't even played a 360 or PS3

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    I bought a PS3 pretty early on to play GTA IV, but sold it about 18 months later because I didn't care about any other games. Currently contemplating picking up an Xbox 360 so I can catch up on a few of the more interesting looking games like Red Dead Redemption.

    Have a PS3 - and I think I will enjoy the fact that I still have about a years worth of gaming to play before I even have to look at the PS4.
    While everyone pays the early-adopters tax, I'll be diving happily in the bargain bins for those great games I missed.

    My answer is always Nintendo.

    I wound up with a (free) 360 along the way, first time I've ever ended up with a non-Nintendo machine. Got a fairly decent sized library for it I guess, but I still don't find it to be good enough to warrant buying one.

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