The Capcom 30th Anniversary Sale On Steam Is Really Something...

Capcom turned 30 over the weekend and, to celebrate, it's having something of a sale on Steam. It's a humdinger. Dead Rising 2 for $4.99, Resident Evil 6 for $19.99, Super Street Fighter IV for $14.99. Seriously, there's some really good stuff on there.

A personal favourite of mine on this extensive list is Bionic Commando: Rearmed, which is selling for a ludicrous $2.49. This was one of my favourite PSN games from eons ago, and I'm presuming it still holds up well. If you're really hard up for cashola and you want a difficult game to trudge through, look no further.

Plenty of new Capcom games are available also: Remember Me for $24.99, Lost Planet 3 for $29.99. Pretty good value to be honest.

The sale ends today.


    I know the 3d Bionic Commando reboot got a lot of hate, but I enjoyed it enough to finish it, so if you've got a spare $2.50 and nothing to play (lol) I recommend that one too.

      to me it's like Dark Sector was; the narrative is insulting, the level design is inconsistent, but if you can look past that the actual gameplay is spectacular fun! (eg. the gardens - it's nasty that knee-high water will kill you, but swinging through the trees fighting killer robots is awesome!.. plus it has a cool achievent-based weapon upgrade system)

        Exactly. Dark Sector is spot on, a solid game that didn't get much attention. Also, Singularity comes to mind as a good-but-not-great FPS that I actually quite enjoyed, enough to finish the campaign. I was considering picking up Dark Void during the Capcom sale to see if it falls into a similar category, but the metacritic and reviews looks much more damning.

        Loved the gardens! Beautiful and fun gameplay space with some nice verticality. The story is just so dumb it hurts, but I can switch off that part of my brain that gets annoyed by that and just enjoy the ride.

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    the only trouble with the sale for me is that alot of the games im looking at getting are loaded with G4WL

      G4WL is either gone or going. BioShock 2 now operates entirely without it, for example. It's being phased out.

    I had a good look over weekend on the games offered. Almost brought a few Resident Evil games before I read the reviews...scathing to say the least. I think Res 5 had the best review out of the lot. Still it's been some time since the controllers had a workout so might end up grabbing some Street Fighter games. For the price though one really shouldn't complain, especially with a bunch well under $5.

      Resident Evil 5 is an excellent game. It's designed for replay but has great atmosphere for your first run through. You can then go back to any previous chapter and replay it to improve your weapons and finish time. I have finished this game several times and really love it.

      RE6 and RE:ORC are just as bad as people say but are worth playing if you are into this sort of thing.

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        Yeah Resident Evil 5 is actually pretty decent. People just hated it because it wasn't as good or special as RE4. It's basically RE4 with more action, less atmosphere and an annoying sidekick who gets in the way, BUT that still works out to it being a very solid game!

        I've only played a bit of RE6, but it's a QTE nightmare, couldn't get into it.

        This is why I loved Res 2 so much for that very thing. If 5 plays like that then I may just have to grab it (it was the best Res game reviewed from what was on offer). Res 3 kind of lost me, not to mention a bunch of Res spin offs that were just poor if not forgettable.

          RE5 is very different from RE2, it's very much just a solid action game with some creepy atmosphere. But the DLC episode, Lost in Nightmares, is a deliberate throwback to RE1 and it's actually incredibly good. Were the DLC episodes released on PC though? Something tells me not :(

            RE5 was great in the day. I also enjoyed 4 when it came out. Thing about 5 is that there were zero scary bits unfortunately. So I had to readjust my mind set as to what RE games have become and enjoy them for what they are.

              Yeah, RE 4 had heaps of action, but it also retained a nice amount of horror and atmosphere. RE 5 went full action movie, which took a bit away from the experience - but at least after the fan outcry they learnt their lesson for RE 6... oh no... wait...

        It's also significantly better if you play it co-op. I played through multiple times with my brother, and ultimately 100%ed it!

      RE5 definitely has some merit as a good fun with a friend. The story is absolutely awful and it's quite frustrating at times, but once you get into it there's some fantastic gameplay on offer.

      I really hated Res 5. I hadn't played one since Res 2 and I couldn't forgive the control scheme in an action game. It made sense for a horror game but as an action game it was way too annoying. I need some movement!

      Also the game just wasn't that fun. I played up until the tribal villages before I realised I was just wasting my time.

    Worth noting that Remember Me is the PS+ game for November in EU territories (ie, here)

      Yeah - how awesome is that?

      I was totally going to buy the game, but then the reviews were disappointing. I still wanted to try it, just not at full price.

        I'm hanging out for MGS: REVANGANANG next month!

          Yeah - awesome month. Last month was awesome too, though I already had Farcry 3.

    Was hoping DuckTales would be on sale as well.

    I'm tempted by Street Fighter X Tekken, but was hoping it would go 75% off. The tight arse gamer in me says "wait for the Xmas Steam sale", while the boy gamer in me with such fond memories of hiring a SNES while on holidays at my nan's and playing Street Fighter 2 til my fingers hurt says "get it NOW".

      @Trex Don't worry so much about Street Fighter x Tekken. It's not that great anyway. Plenty of other fantastic fighters out there, and even the SSIV Arcade Edition is better and on sale.

    I was hoping Remember Me would go 75% off. I know it got average reviews, but once it drops in price I still wouldn't mind picking it up and having a go. At $25 I think I'll pass.

    $2.50 for Bionic Commando is pretty sweet though.

    Well wallet, looks like we need to get ourselves out of another jam...

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