The Creative Director Of WWE 2k14 Unveils His Favourite Wrestling Moments...

I've always loved wrestling and I've also always had a soft spot for wrestling games. More than anything I'm simply a huge fan of wrestling history. This is what makes WWE 2k14 interesting to me: its focus on wrestling's past. So when I got the chance to speak to Cory Ledesma, the Creative Director of WWE 2k14, I took the opportunity to ask him about some of his favourite moments in WWE history.

Favourite Wrestlemania match

That's really, really tough.
Shawn Michaels vs the Undertaker — those two matches. It's hard to argue those two matches aren't right up there. Shawn Michaels is Mr Wrestlemania. The Undertaker's undefeated streak is a great storyline. When you pair those two up and add the fact they both put on great matches and rise to the occasion at Wrestlemania. You're gonna see greatness there.
Wrestlemania III, Randy Savage vs Steamboat. Those guys just put on a great match. And back then when storylines weren't as big a deal as they are now, using the match to tell the story. They did a great job in the ring. That really made the match enjoyable and the complete package. That's high up there. It's hard to pick one.

Favourite Wrestlemania moment

That's tough as well!
I mentioned the matches, those had great moments, but I always liked some of the memorable stuff. Maybe it was something unrelated to the match or the outcome but you always remember. Like Shawn Michaels coming down on the zipline before the Iron Man match with Bret Hart. It doesn't matter how many times I see it, it always puts a smile on my face.
Those moments are the ones I geek out for.
I remember the Brock Lesner and Kurt Angle match. Brock Lesnar did the shooting star press and landed on his head. That was jaw dropping.

Greatest Rivalry in WWE History

I think Austin/McMahon has to be number one on that list. That was during the attitude era, a really pivotal moment in wrestling history.
There are other rivalries that are less well known that I like. Triple H and Shawn Michaels. When Shawn came back after his injury that was a great rivalry. Then there was Evolution forming and stuff. I loved it because back then I was a younger guy really into wrestling.
CM Punk is phenomenal and he's one of my favourite guys. The storyline he recently did with John Cena — that carried on for a long time and that was a great modern rivalry.

Greatest wrestling babyface

Hulk Hogan absolutely. John Cena absolutely. Who else? Those two are definitely number one and number two. As far as just well known babyfaces it's definitely those two because they held that spot for so long.

Greatest Wrestling Heels

That's a great one. I've always been a big fan of the heels. It has to come across genuine! It's a special skill.
The heels I like... whenever Paul Heyman is involved in something it turns to gold. Whenever he does stuff with CM Punk or Brock Lesnar it turns to gold. Actually Brock Lesnar, even though he doesn't talk much, he's a great heel when he has a mouth piece like Paul Heyman. I love that. I think over the years guys like Shawn Michaels, Triple H, they've had a great run as heels. And there's no greater heel than Vince McMahon. Stephanie? She could be great. I liked a lot of her stuff, especially as the Billion Dollar Princess.

Favourite Pure Wrestler

In terms of pure in ring performance? Shawn Michaels, absolutely. Current guys like Daniel Bryan are great to watch. Same with Dolph Ziggler. No-one sells like Dolph Ziggler. Really just adds so much to the match.

I always pay respect to guys like The Undertaker who has been doing this for so long and can still put on a great match.

Anyone here into wrestling? Drop some of your favourites in the comments below!


    My favourite wrestling moment is when John Cena was losing really badly and then the crowd started cheering for him, so he started winning and then he won!

    I use to watch in the 80's and 90's. In general I can remember many characters, but the matches I remember were the undertaker and Mankind's (Mick Foley). I'm far from any kind of fan of blood sports, but the amount of risk that was taken by these guys as part of their caged grudge matches was pretty amazing.

    The first time Foley won the World Title. I marked out so hard. After some of the things he put his body through, it seemed a just reward. A great example of that is his two falls off the Hell in a Cell against Undertaker.

    The creation of the NWO. Truly the perfect swerve on the marks

    The first time I saw RVD leap from corner to corner.

    Everything before John Cena. That's my absolute best moment.

      "That'll put butts in seats." the following Raw then saw Signs saying Mick Foley put my butt in this seat

    Favourite mania moment would be the two recent HHH vs Undertaker matches at Mania 27 and 28. Being there watching the two of them beat the living heck out of each other. Two of my favourites from the past 20 years going at it. HBK vs Undertake at Mania 26 would be very close to those matches, also being there cheering the Taker on was awesome.

    I always mark out during Taker's mania matches.

    The moment that always sticks in my mind is (and I know this has been said a thousand times) Mankind going off the cell through the announce table. I was just getting in to wrestling as a kid and I learned about this match from a few years back, found it and watched it. I was in awe. I don't think it's possible to overstate how amazing that moment was the first time.

    As for favourite pure wrestler, as a new guy, Cesaro is incredible and I hope he has a long, incredible career. (Storyline hope: Cesaro gets sick of Coulter and Swagger and the way they treat people, turns face, leaves the Real Americans, gets Sgt Slaughter as a manager and fueds with the RAs)

    History is definitely where it's at... When cheese went out of style at the end of 90's, all the wrestlers started looking the same, less like characters, and more like real people.
    Anything with Road Warriors pretty much stands out to me... love the gimmick.

    I note a distinct lack of Chris Jericho on here. He's gotta be one of the most entertaining heels out there. To this day I still love his feud with Stephen McMahon.
    And, okay, his reign wasn't that memorable, but he was the first ever undisputed champion, dammit!

    May not be a Wrestlemania moment, but my favourite (recent) moment was when CM Punk told the Rock that his arms are just too short to box with God.

    My favorite moments in wrestling

    1. Savage v Steamboat at Wrestlemania III - One of the greatest matches ever
    2. Hogan v Andre at Wrestlemania III - To see the crowd go crazy when Hogan slammed Andre...
    3. The formation of the nWo at Bash at The Beach '96 - The crowd reaction to Hogan being heel (the bad guy) was epic
    4. Mankind v Undertaker at King Of The Ring '98 - "Good God almighty! Good God almighty! That killed him! As God as my witness, he is broken in half!"

      Oh god, I still remember Hogan slamming Andre. That was mind blowing, especially after seeing him attempt and fail it earlier in the match. Still sends shivers down my spine.

    A lot of the ones mentioned above.

    Undertaker vs Mankind Hell in The Cell.
    Hogan slamming Andre.

    I still remember a particularly brutal cage match between Hulk Hogan and Big Boss Man. Both men ended up bleeding, and it was just awesome to watch.

    Always a soft spot for Eddie Gurrero too.

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