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No-one guessed yesterday's haiku, but I'm giving you one more day! Mainly because Zar dropped a hint in the comments and I don't think anyone noticed yet...

So, as a reminder the Haiku is...

A white cloud Explodes. Devious Beauty Dies, in Land Farther away.

And Zar's clue is...

This game had a new release in its series this year

Okay. One more day! Good luck everyone!


    that's still no how you make a haiku

      Ummm yeah.....

        I thought it was 5-6-5

          5-7-5 is the traditional format, however, a true Haiku is more about the flow and rhythm rather than the syllable count. is an interesting place to start reading about Haiku formats and strategies.

        should be 5 7 5

        Last edited 04/10/13 1:11 pm

          This. I always thought it was 5 7 5 as the 'standard'.

      there hasn't been a Haiku in a while o_O

    A new rhythm scheme...
    Up for the challenge!
    Shane still says it's The Dig.

    Final Fantasy 7


    I'll go with Shin Megami Tensei as I have no idea what that game is about and it could well involve exploding clouds and dying, devious beauties.

    Well based on the clues I'll take a punt on Sly cooper

    Not a haiku
    Very difficult to guess
    I have nothing. You?

    B4d got it, I posted before but I guess my phone didn't want to send it.

    And I thought it was 5 7 5 but it's not so sorry for a 5 7 6 haiku I use to help me make mine

      so the cloud is the nuke
      the beauty is Natla
      but not getting the land farther away part... New Mexico, Peru, Greece and Egypt are the main locations that i remember.

    @decoy when she sneaks onto natla's boat and arrives to the remote island.

    Last edited 04/10/13 7:52 pm

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