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I'm currently chasing Junglist (thanks for yesterday buddy, class act as always) for the answer to yesterday's Haiku (it might be Demon's Souls, but I'm not too sure). But in the meantime let's have another!

This one comes from Zar (who emailed me a metric buttload of these things). Good luck everyone!

The Large Rock Will Fall Slimey Evil stirs The time to escape death.

This is HaiTaku. We write Haikus about old video games and leave it you to guess what game we're talking about. If you want to submit a Haiku feel free. Send it here!

EDIT: The Jung has confirmed to me that yesterday's HaiTaku was indeed Demon's Souls! Congrats to all who guessed correctly.


    Also, 5/5/6. Not haiku!

      The Large Rock Will Fall
      a Slimey Evil will stir
      time to escape death.


        I'm never happy.

          Why Not Be Happy
          Spooky why are you so sad
          You should cheer up man.

    Oh man I am bad at these things.

    Dragon Quest? Slimey evil? I don't know, I've barely even played Dragon Quest, I just know there are some cute as shit slimes.

    Edit: FFVII? I guess Sephiroth is kinda snakey, and snakes are slimy. I got nothin'.

    Last edited 09/10/13 12:08 pm

      Snakes are not slimy. Your argument is full of holes!

      Last edited 09/10/13 12:44 pm

      Snakes aren't slimy! Why, I don't think you've touched a snake!
      (trouser snake notwithstanding)
      (unless you're a woman)
      (which I doubt, Captain Ballsack)

        Even that shouldn't be slimy...

        ...unless you have...


        ...problems. O_o

          Hygiene problems. He never cleans up after himself.

    5/5/6 structure
    Unconventional haiku
    Answer's still The Dig

    Day of the Tentacle / Maniac Mansion?
    Yeah, that's two guesses in one. #firstworldanarchist

      22 minutes good job

      also i think this is the first time someone guessed one of mine, on day one.

        Woo! I feel special! I shall treat myself to candy.

    Thought Majora's Mask but that slimy evil stumps me...I suppose some of majoras forms were kind of slimy

    Last edited 09/10/13 1:05 pm

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