The Daily HaiTaku: Remember This Edition

Man, Friday's HaiTaku was a good one. I almost want to keep it going. So I will! Today I'm going to do something a little different. I'm going to repost the haiku from Friday and I'm going to post part of a screenshot. It's time for lunchtime crossover. Remember This meets HaiTaku!

So xinoea's haiku from Friday was...

Hexagonal Field Those damn Forts keep blocking me Have to get a Knight

Hahahahaha! Oh. Wow.

Good luck everyone!

This is HaiTaku. We write Haikus about old video games and leave it you to guess what game we're talking about. If you want to submit a Haiku feel free. Send it here!


    This is either going to be super obvious to someone right now.

    Or super obvious to EVERYONE once the answer is known.

    Defender of the crown
    But it reminds me of xevious

    Heroes of Might and Magic series

    Mr Google says it is "Slay" (also known as "Battle Hex" and "Empire" in the Atari versions)

    I keep crossing my eyes but there's no picture! How can I guess it if the Magic Eye doesn't work?

    Last edited 14/10/13 12:16 pm

    I'm wondering if this is some kind of obscure tower defense game...

    Either Hero's of Might and Magic III or The Battle for Wesnoth.

    A screenshot is blue
    My patience wears ever thin
    Mark is evil man

    Last edited 14/10/13 12:45 pm

      5 - 7 - 5

      You're doing it wrong.

        Fixed to save arguments over pronunciation. :D

        Last edited 14/10/13 12:46 pm

            Perhaps @Serrels , being a wordsmith and all, can shed some light on this one? Is "patience" (or "patient" for that matter) a 2 or 3 syllable word? I've seen references for either being true (especially when dealing with rhyme), so which is correct? Is it different for US pronunciation or some such perhaps?

            Last edited 14/10/13 12:59 pm

              "Patience" is a 2 syllable word. IE, "pay-shense".

              I can't see how it can be a 3 syllable word. Pay-shi-ence? I don't know anyone who pronounces it that way.

              Last edited 14/10/13 1:14 pm

                But is that the true way of saying it, or just the sloppy fast way of tumbling over it? I don't know of anyone who says it like that either, but I have seen it written as a 3 syllable word....which could be completely wrong too. :)

              patience is two syllables, because the dictionary says so.

    Could be Slay.

      looks like it

    Good game (assuming Slay). Too bad it is US$20 for a 15 year old game.

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