The Dangers Of Kickstarter, Explained With A Sandwich

Kickstarter has been around for a fair old while now, and we've seen some great projects come to life thanks to the crowd funding service. It's also brought us its fair share of disappointment.

In my video above I explore a world filled with the promise of a kickstarted sandwich. Will the sandwich deliver everything promised? Or will it just be a string of broken promises?

Music: Kevin Mcleod.


    That was great. I love his videos XD

    It's also sadly the most accurate description of Kickstarter Ive ever heard. Having a great idea and a vision, and actually bringing that vision to fruition are 2 very different things unfortunately. At least people seem to be starting to cotton on to the notion that they are attempting to finance a new product with a Kickstarter, not just going to the shop and plonking down money on a completed item. As with any new enterprise there's always the inherent risk that everything can simply fall apart.

    It's not all bad though. I've backed some Kickstarters that turned out fantastic, particularly in the board game/miniatures area. I just got my Reaper Bones package a few weeks back, and I was very pleased with the end result, despite some shipping delays. The look on my friend's face when I upended a box containing hundreds of new minis was amazing. It was so successful they already have a new one going that I'd highly recommend people checking out if they're into that kind of thing.

    LOL. I was almost in tears! Reminds me of Takedown... sigh...

    But im still really happy with kickstater overall.

    Lol there are also the sandwiches that are delivered exactly as promised, but nobody thought a Wasabi Ice Cream, Tuna and Brussesl Sprout sandwich was a bad idea at the start...

    sounds like a winging pom who got burned by a project and now feels the need to put down a site that has seen the likes of Planetary Annihilation (the beta is great and the dev team are dedicated) come into fruition. Don't blame kickstarter because you invested in a poor project.

    This goes with investing in general in all start-ups. You wouldn't just throw your money on a project without blinking. Maybe he should rename his video "The Dangers of Investing". If you invest in a poorly managed and poorly planned project because you didn't do your background research - nuts to you!

    I truly like the Kickstarter’s business model. However, every business has risks involved. With the use of crowdfunding, it means that those who are ‘backers’ give their trusts to what they believe/support for with levels of expectation. For some cases of the unsatisfied end-product results (, it might possibly impact the organisations’ reputation and cause the decline of the customers’ loyalty (

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