Grand Theft Auto V: The Devil's In Even More Details

The devil's in even more details from Grand Theft Auto V: Last week, GermanScientistTV provided its first look at little things like rumble strips and flip flops in GTA V. But have you also noticed details like your mobile phone screen saying "Connected" once the call is answered?


    [email protected]#$%@#% YOU CONSOLE GAMERS AFSDFREWFFAG SO MAD lol

      Man i'm sick of seeing this. You have the ability to buy a console if you so choose. Either do that, or shut the hell up while you wait for it to get released on your preferred platform.

    The leaking tank thing is something I noticed during gameplay.. not sure if it was petrol or oil in my case but it was a pretty cool detail to show how badly damaged the car got. It's nice to see that it's not just something that happens after some arbitrary amount of damage is done but rather a bullet going through a particular spot etc.

    The live phone screen was active in GTA IV first. It couldn't have taken people 5 years to notice that!

      If you take a photo with it in 4, dos it map the pic to the phone screen as well?

    One of the cuter ones I've noticed is if you have four people in a vehicle, the driver and front-seat passenger can change the radio station, but the people in the back seats can't.

    Surprised no one has mentioned that your lips move when you talk into the chat mic online in game and in cut scenes. I told Trevor where he can stick his business.

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