The Fancy New Zelda 3DS XL Makes It To Australia...

But it's exclusive to EB Games.

We weren't sure whether or not Nintendo would bring the fancy gold Zelda-themed 3DS XL to Australia, we typically get the raw end of the deal when it comes to such deals, but EB Games has revealed that it will be stocking the handheld console and you won't be able to buy it anywhere else.

The console goes on sale November 23 and will cost you $268. The console comes with a free download of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, a game that looks more and more spiffy each time we see it.


    First thing tomorrow I am going across the road to my eb and ordering one and throwing a massive deposit on it.


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    Want. Have been looking to upgrade to a 3DSXL...perfect excuse!

    Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh I dunno. Not the biggest fan of the all-gold faces inside.

      Yeah. I don't mind the gold outside, although it's never a great colour, but the full gold interior is a big turn off for me.
      Maybe if it was night and day. Gold Triforce with a light blue on top, black Triforce on the bottom with a really dark, almost black blue. Inside just copy the top and bottom background colours.

    That's... kind of ugly. I much much preferred the look of the Zelda Wii U.

    Europe's getting the Luigi one too. Did we/do we ever get that one?

    I really want this, but I'm not a handheld gamer and I don't want to buy a console just for a game. I'd pay $70-$100 to play it on my TV though.

    "The console goes on sale November 23 and will cost you $268. The console comes with a free download of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds"

    A regular 3DS XL cost's $248 this one cost's $268 with the paint job and the game, the extra $20 does not equal free.

    Sorry it's just one of my pet peeves, please stop saying things are free when they are clearly not, it is great value though and if i did not own a 3DS i would pick it up in a heat beat.

      Extra $20 is for a special edition. There you go, now it is free

        Or you could say that the game is what the extra $20 is for, because who would put a higher value on the six triangles painted on the 3DS over actual software.

        Either way, the way i see it, if you have to pay money for something to get something else for "Free" i think it would be best if it is said it's included in the price, otherwise it's just a marketing tactic that people fall for, just like when people say "I got free games on PSN+ or Xbox Live Gold" no you did not get free games because you are paying for the subscription which allows you to access those games, you got great value for your money, but nothing for free.

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          who would put a higher value on the six triangles painted on the 3DS over actual software.

          Plenty of people including myself. Yes, it's a crippling character flaw, but I can't resist Zelda-edition tat. Slap a gold paintjob and triforce silk print on it and I'll throw money at the screen. Take a look at the resale market for Club Nintendo Japan's gold Wii Nunchuks. People pay through the nose for these (ostensibly) free give-aways, just to co-ordinate with their gold Skyward Sword remotes. Or have a gander at current market price on the gold Minish Cap GBA SP.

          I'd gladly pay $270 for this, since I've been meaning to get an XL for a while now and I was going to buy this game anyway. $200 for a Zelda-theme is just gravy.

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      You know once they sell out you could sell it online for more than the original cost. Just try ebaying pikachu edition 3DS, X and Y edition 3DS, animal crossing 3DS, Fire Emblem 3DS, Moster Hunter 3DS. They are almost doing you a favor if you pre-order it. I would expect this one to sell even higher than the fire emblem or monster hunter one due to the unique colour scheme.

    Interesting that they list "Australian charger" as a separate item. I wonder if they're selling EU stock.

      Could be because the European ones don't actually come with a charger.

    Well, I am surprised that Nintendo decided to actually bring this to Australia. Seems like I'm getting an early Christmas present :)

    Really want this and already preordered it but don't know whether ill end up actually buying it. Since I'm already spending around $200 on the zelda guide box, not to mention the ps4 and I do already own the original 3DS

      Have you decided to keep this console upon release thrasher? I am super super keen to get my hands on one. Decision was made after telling fiancé on Sunday I wanted one and was told outright "no". Sold out by the time I got to my local store on Monday lunch time.

    It's pretty tempting to use this as an excuse to upgrade from the original crampy 3DS.

    But with paying for a PS4 a week later I don't know if I can justify it... curse you nintendo.

      Include me in this "It's so sweet, but... only a week before PS4... le sigh" camp. Looks like I'll be eating ramen for a month.

        Slept on it and I think I'll give it a miss because of how much I'm spending on the PS4.

        I'll just buy the game for my old 3DS.

    yes! pre-ordered :D glad I waited a few days - feel sorry for those who already paid $330 to import from UK :(

    The console comes with a free download of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

    Oh dear. Lost me there.

    I don't know about you guys but I was under the assumption that the kind of customer that would love a fancy special edition console is exactly the kind of person that would appreciate a boxed copy of their favourite games.

      I suspect it's to curb people resale of the game. Plus, Nintendo's antiquated digital purchase system is ridiculous. It's 2013 and there's still no unified user ID, purchases are still tied to consoles so if you lose the system, kiss your Zelda and all downloadables goodbye.

    It's not the prettiest one (I think the Luigi one was best), but it's still rather good, and that's a pretty decent price too.

    I want this so bad, but I can't justify buying it when I already have a working 3DS XL,,,

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