The Final Fantasy VII Victory Music Sounds Incredible As A Cappella

A cappella master Smooth McGroove has made a name for himself by re-creating vocal versions of classic game music. His stuff is usually very good, but this week he's outdone himself, tackling my favourite video-game victory music and utterly owning it.

A while back, I wrote an article about choosing the perfect JRPG victory music for life's little triumphs. At the time, I said that I'd like Uematsu's triumphant FF7 theme to play "every time I reach inbox zero."

Since then, I have reached inbox zero approximately no times. So, let's say I'd like Smooth McGroove's version to play every morning I check the fridge and find that I have just barely enough milk left for cereal.


    I'm fairly certain anything Smooth McGroove touches is gold!

    I swear this man contains magic powers.... Probably in his beard

    So sick of this crap. This guy just wreaked this song for me.

    The cat was the icing on the awesome.

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