WWE 2K14 Packs Will Require Season Pass

The good news is there's going to be a lot of extra stuff in WWE 2K14. The bad news is they want you to buy a $US20 season pass for it. Three packs contain extra wrestlers — including the NWO — and others will have customisation options and loads of extra wrestling moves. Details here and in this video.


    I went to their site, but it looks like the usual access pack. It is the pay us $20 and you save $7 as the price of each individual price of the content = $27. If it is bought new it should contain a Season pass to access online content anyway. if you buy preowned you should pay the $20 for not supporting the Dev's

    Where does it say it's a requirement?
    "Save over 25% on all three DLC packs" suggests that you can buy the DLC one at a time or through a season pass.

      Yeah. I don't quite get the auto-hate for Season Pass. I've never regretted getting it for a Battlefield game. In a lot of cases it just means they're dedicated to making the game worth owning for a period longer than a week. Obviously it can go bad, like any DLC the main game may feel incomplete without it in which case it should have been included in the initial cost, but just defaulting to DLC = bad is a sucky way of thinking.

      In this case it's a bit up in the air. There's a lot of content in those packs so it looks like it's worth $20, but it's coming out on day one, so it's just a question of whether the main game is worth it's retail price without them.

        Yeah day one DLC is a crock, I can't remember what game it was (maybe a MK or a SF) that had the extra DLC on the disc and there was a big uproar. I was in the camp that "if the content is finished in time for you to put it on the disc.... then make it part of the game".

        I get that the main game has budgets and DLC is a separate project but still... just give the user the illusion that it's coming out a month or two later because charging extra on day one is a joke... back in the day these unlockables used to happen when you finished the game over and over again.

        And yeah I think the main thing that cheesed me out was the media style attention grabbing headline of the article "WWE 2K14 Packs Will Require Season Pass".... it's 100% incorrect.

          You can still unlock things in the game without buying the pass. For someone like me who reviews games, the Accelerator pack is a godsend. But I understand that people do get annoyed with day one DLC, hell I'm one of them. However in some cases (Like WWE games) there is a cut off on when characters can go in so this is the way to get them in.

          The only shame I have for this Season Pass is no Wyatt Family.

            I'd imagine these DLC packs are for additional characters that aren't available to be unlocked though? I'm sure in addition to that there's an accelerator pack for people who want to go nuts asap right?

            If it was just a case of "I want everything now and I'm willing to pay for it" I'm totally ok with that because you can choose to play the game or pay to unlock (although back in the day there'd be cheat codes for that.... but that's another story).

            But yeah, offering a tonne of extra characters on day one at an additional cost massively stings.

              The characters themselves are usually not a part of the "on the disc" code. They are uncompleted code that wasn't able to make it to disc release due to time, at least with a few companies.

              I think Capcom's habit of "on the disc DLC" has soured people on Day One DLC as a whole, which is a shame because companies like this that have a Season Pass plan obviously have some passion and love for their product that they want to continue supporting it long after release. Hell, in games like Bioshock and Saints Row, you're getting expansion packs for a small price. I personally don't see the issue.... Unless it's Capcom, screw them.

                Oh yeah, buying a season pass on day one is fine.... just don't release the content on day one because it gives me the illusion it's all good to go. Space it out over time and I'll feel like I got value for money, and also a way to get me back to playing the game.

                Borderlands 2 had a season pass which I picked up on day one, was awesome.

                Once again I'll also reiterate (because the heading hasn't changed), the season pass is NOT mandatory for DLC on this game.... misleading heading.

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