The Lame Game Marathon Is Back!

The Lame Game Marathon is great. Watching three poor masochists punish themselves by playing the unplayable, putting themselves through unbelievable video game related torture for a good cause, is strangely satisfying. This year Dan, Mark and Dukey are back and they plan to play through 15 of the worst games ever made for charity.

Among the games being played this year? Daikatana and Shaq Fu are some of the more high profile efforts, but the unintentionally hilarious King of Crusher is also on the list as is 2013 stink bomb Ride To Hell: Retribution.

The Lame Game Marathon kicks off AEST on October 26, which is a Saturday morning. I'll definitely be firing up a big bowl of porridge and tuning in.

And it's all for a great cause. Last year the Lame Game Marathon raised $7000 for UNICEF and this year the guys are hoping to top that. We should totally help them top that.

For more information on the Lame Game Marathon head to the official website.


    This is great. I really enjoy playing and watching 'bad' games, so this should be fun. It's funny how entertaining I can find a bad title

    Awesome. Looking forward to this. Good luck guys!

    We'll have to fire up our own bowl of porridge before we start to give us the ENERGY WE NEED

    Reminds me of Desert Bus for Hope:

    i met dan and mark during PAX and those guys are great, excited for the next one, will be watching and ready to donate!

    Why is Shaq Fu on this list?

      Yeah, what the HELL!? They must've added it by mistake...

      I'm more concerned with the inclusion of Battletoads in that montage. That was great, it was just crazy hard.

      Oh, so you're a fan? This link might be of interest to you then -

      Well when you have a website setup for the purpose of removing the game from existence there is probably something wrong with it.

    Last year's one was quality.
    I've been looking forward to this!

    This'll be another great one, if they do requests I'd ask them to play "Vampire Rain", worst game in my 360 collection for sure.

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