The Latest 'Clues' We Might Get A Pokémon Ruby And Sapphire Remake

The Latest 'Clues' We Might Get A Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Remake

We've gotten remakes for some of the older Pokemon games... but not for third gen, Ruby and Sapphire. It's not for a lack of passionate fans, though — so passionate in fact, they're willing to read into anything that might confirm a game they love is being made.

Cue Pokemon X & Y, which released last Saturday. Since then, there's been some talk that maybe, just maybe Game Freak will remake gen three. Mostly, it's because X and Y mention Hoenn, the setting for Ruby and Sapphire, a good number of times. The screenshot above, for example, is one that I took while playing. It's not the only mention of Hoenn. Over at Reddit, some are debating whether or not the following screenshots hint at a remake:

The Latest 'Clues' We Might Get A Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Remake
The Latest 'Clues' We Might Get A Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Remake

Wait, how does that tease a Hoenn remake? Well, "facility" could be a nod to the Battle Frontier in Ruby and Sapphire, a challenging area that players could access after beating the Elite Four in the singleplayer. Going off that, the idea is that this random NPC is telling the player that we'll finally get a remake of Ruby and Sapphire... at some point.

Or, you know. He could just be a random NPC saying something completely innocuous. Then again, like I said, there were a weird number of mentions of the Hoenn region — but that also just could be confirmation bias; the result of always hearing chatter about Pokemon fans wanting a remake.

Here are a few of the other mentions of Hoenn, caught by the Twitter account Operation Hoenn... as their handles suggest, they would really like a Hoenn remake to happen!

Lavaridge Town! #PokemonXY #RemakePokemonRubyAndSapphire — Operation Hoenn (@OperationHoenn) October 10, 2013

But wait, there's more! — Operation Hoenn (@OperationHoenn) October 9, 2013

Oh? #PokemonXY #RemakePokemonRubyAndSapphire — Operation Hoenn (@OperationHoenn) October 9, 2013

So, what do you think? Just random mentions of Hoenn? Do they suggest a remake as much as people say they do? Do you even want a remake?


    The second set of pics I thought was actually a hint at next gen actually. But yeah, Hoenn does get dropped a lot in X and Y

    Didn't one of the NPCs in that area mention that they wanted to buy a lava cookie?

    I mean, if you completely ignore the number of NPCs who mention Unova and Sinnoh too, then yeah, I guess you could consider them clues.

      The number of Hoenn mentions greatly surpasses mentions of the other regions, so it's easy to see how these can be seen as hints.

    Can't they just put the bloody things on the eshop and be done with it?

    Well yeah, that's kind of expected, since they remade the all the previous generations before it and all.

    Actually I heard Nintendo is planning for pokemon Plus and Minus! Not to get people confused with snapshots of Pokemon Hoenn remakes! Whick may indeed be fakes! According Satoshi and Iowata pokemon X and Y has 3ds graphics! Unlike Blue and Red and Gold and Silver were remakes 2ds graphics that made it necessary for ds! I also rumor that plus and minus will include 3 new starters! The game take place in western china!

    Since we know the Ruby and Sapphire lack 3ds graphic it does not meet there will or probably have to be third? Not too mention! It would be a complete waste of Nintendo franchise and money! Sorry but Nintendo is loosing a lot since the release of poke bank!

    So comment what you think?

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