The League Of Legends World Champs Looked Incredible

The League of Legends Season 3 world finals went down in Los Angeles over the weekend. It was a big deal. You may not have known that from simply following online, but if you'd been at the Staples Center, like all these people were, you would have got a taste.

Sequenced: Season 3 World Finals [machinima]


    I went from Dota2 to LoL back to Dota2, and have to say the later is a lot more satisfying to play, especially with hero variety always on hand. On the other hand Ahri <3

    I watched 90% of the grand final. As I said on the other thread, the anime bit was the best part. T1 just dominated, and I think Riot is waaaay behind Valve in terms of how things are run, in and outside the game client. Hopefully Riot catches up a bit next year.

    There's also this video from RiotOceania:

    Showing some of the action of the worlds at the EB Expo.

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