The New GTA V Title Update Is Now Available

GTA Online Is Now Live on Xbox Live

The New GTA V title update, in addition to enabling GTA Online, fixes a number of other issues players were encountering. Notably, Rockstar says that the lost car-upgrades issue should now be resolved, cash can't get stuck at zero, and players won't be occasionally be locked out of the Vanilla Unicorn strip club. Phew.


    Well online was sort of fun last night. Managed to get an hour in. In between a ton of issues that is.

    The highlight was setting a world record apparently on the first race. Either because not many people had the game yet or it was bugged. Probably the latter.

    The game bugged out my single player auto save. Hopefully an older save is fine.

      I received three notifications one after another that people on my friendslist had set a world record on the same race. One was around 2:54, the next was 2:53, the next was 2:52.

      If it's anything like any other game with leaderboards there'll be 150,000 people all tied for first with times of 0:00.01 by tomorrow anyway.

        Hehe same here. Then I hit 2:40something. But I suspect it's probably bugged and everyone gets a world record. :P

          That record was getting a pounding from my friends last night too

    Wonder if the '32-bit integer' cash bug was fixed..

    I couldn't connect, or managed to connect enough to create my character and watch the opening sequence then get disconnected again.
    Then that somehow killed my single player game where I couldn't switch characters or start any missions. Thankfully I was able to recover a save file from the cloud saving thing that PS+ does so I got singleplayer working again without losing progress.

    Gonna hold off on playing online for a few days I think.

      I still had to do the final mission last night so I wasn't too fussed about jumping into the multiplayer but when I checked the menu around 9:15pm (on Xbox) it said it would only load disc content and cloud saving was disabled. I wonder if they disabled that to prevent any unfortunate occurrences - not that I backup saves to the cloud anyway. I do always make a quicksave when i'm quitting so I'm not too worried about coming back to find my autosave is gone.

      Mine was stuck on Michael, but reloading my auto save fixed it. Wasn't anything wrong with my save file.

        I had managed to overwrite my autosave with the broken singleplayer where I was stuck as Trevor. My last manual save had been from a day earlier so I didn't want to use that (and have to jump on top of that damn train again!) so luckily the cloud had a later autosave.

    Managed to play for an hour but with the cloud severs down all I could do was the tutorial, rob a few stores and try not to get killed by other randoms.

      Just be glad you got to do that much, I am stuck in a endless loop of walking toward the race corona, getting a error notice, booted back to single player, over and over

    I was able to get in from just before 9 to 1 am last night. I had a good bit of fun and only had one character corruption (meaning I had to start again).

    This update is bullsh*t. I still get locked out of the damn strip club and I need to do a mission there, this is really starting to piss me off.

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