The Numbers Don't Lie: Gamers Want Dead Or Alive Bikinis

The Numbers Don't Lie: Gamers Want Dead or Alive Bikinis

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate: Core Fighters is a free-to-play version of DoA 5 Ultimate. The game has perks and items available for purchase, including the story mode of the full game and all the other characters. But it looks like what players really want are the sexy threads.

One of the Dead or Alive series' major draws is the sexy characters. Multitudes of varying costumes are made available as DLC, and Dead or Alive series top man Yosuke Hayashi revealed some insight as to gamers' buying habits in an interview with Weekly Famitsu. "With the DOA series, the bathing suits seem to have been popular with Japanese gamers while overseas a lot of people say 'give us male character costumes!' However, once we release the game, it turns out the bathing suits sell quite a lot overseas as well." Hayashi added with a laugh, "Everyone is just trying to save face, but the numbers are honest."

You may say you just read Playboy for the articles, but everyone knows why you really do.

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate: Core Fighters is available for free on the PlayStation Store. Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate is available for the PS3 and Xbox 360 in both disc and download versions. Bathing suits sold separately.

The Numbers Don't Lie: Gamers Want Dead or Alive Bikinis

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    I saw this story on Eventhubs too. I don't really see any contradiction at all....saying you want something which is not available, and buying something that is, what possible conclusion can you draw from that?

      I think he was just making fun of the 'social justice' movement everyone in the west is obsessing about these days, albeit in a roundabout way.

      True, his statement about the contradiction begs the question of whether anyone in the West actually said they didn't want the bikinis as well as male costumes.

    I've never bought DOA for the girls. I've always loved the girl characters, but never gone, "wow, they're hot, let's put them in less clothes."
    I seriously just like the game. And to be honest I think it's kind of gross to get two girls, put them in bikinis, and make them fight each other. But hey, that's just me.
    I'm also someone who played DOA: Extreme Volleyball for so many years without realising, people only bought it to perve on the girls. Soooo, yeah.


        How is that "bollocks"? Just because you think that way?

      "You may say you just read Playboy for the articles, but everyone knows why you really do."

      There was a time when DOA was a fighting game and not an adult magazine.. Sadly it's why I have still yet to purchase 5

      My sister and I both played XBV for a long time, it was a really simple 2 button game but eventually we gave up on trying to collect all 400 swimsuits :(

        I actually liked DoA for both gameplay and fanservice =P

        Back then I couldn't really stand to play Tekken and VF because the combat seemed just clunky at the time. DoA was nice and fast combat which I liked. I've only just recently playing Tekken because it's a lot more "faster" these days compared to it's older versions. DoA has been consistently "fluid" combat hence I liked it from Day 1.... and fan service was icing on a yummy cake! =P

          the icing on 3 was fine i dont mind a little fan service ie. DMC series, i like that the XVB manual had character details, likes, dislikes, ect (including cup size) , it just seems odd that every fighter had boob jobs after XVB, I know Zack won all that money I just didn't think augmentation was part of the contract for entering XVB2

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