The Oculus Rift On The Today Show Was A Thing Of Weird Beauty

Yesterday, on The Today Show in the US, host Matt Lauer briefly tried out the Oculus Rift as part of a larger segment on wearable technology.

It is great to see mainstream media cover the Oculus Rift in a legitimate way, even if it still looks kinda goofy. Watch the video above for more. For those of you who can't watch the video, here is a GIF of Matt peering into a virtual winter wonderland, his eyes full of childlike wonder, without ever leaving New York. Enjoy:

The Oculus Rift on The Today Show Was a Thing of Weird Beauty


    his eyes full of childlike wonder

    He does say 'wow'. He seems to get over it in about 2 seconds though and go back to asking questions.

      Well to be fair he's a news presenter doing a tech segment which has to be done fairly quickly...

        That's true.

        I gave a dev kit a go the other day. I was super excited to try it but was kinda underwhelmed. Screendoor & blur were worse than I expected, and nausea was much worse than I expected. Guess I'm negative because of that too..

          I look at this Occulus as the entrypoint into this technology. In around 2 generations I'll get into it, when the res is upped and the clarity etc.

          What did you check out on it? I find that reactions tend to depend on who is trying what demo, some people really get a kick out of a different one to others.

            I tried the Tuscany demo, the rollercoaster, and that AaAaAaA game. It was fun, but yeah, super nauseating. A bunch of us were there and everyone who tried it felt at least a bit nauseous after.

    Damn, when I saw the link I thought it was going to be Karl Stefanovic wearing it. :(

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