The Perks Of Being Sony Boss, #1832

The Perks Of Being Sony Boss, #1832

Don’t let the graphic fool you. We’re not here for the back of Placido Domingo’s head. We’re here for the gentleman on the right. That’s Sony boss Kaz Hirai, just chillin’ on the starting grid at the Japanese Formula 1 Grand Prix. Lookin’ sharp, Kaz. Also lookin’ like a kid in a candy store.

@paulmccarthy [Twitter, via @tombramwell]


  • Sony going to steal the F1 licence away from Codemasters and deliver another F1 game like they did for the PSone, which was absolutely fucking glorious? Yes please!

    • I would wait until CodeMasters makes their next-gen F1 game before making that judgement. As far as I’m concerned, the F1 games at the moment are great!

      • Brother in law and me has been plowing through a full season in CO OP, following this years race calendar (as much as possible due to some variances between 2012 and 2013) and i concur, this generation of F1 games a fan-freaking-tastic… Codemasters has managed to capture the feel of F1 very, very well…

        • The only thing I would like to see, is another attempt at doing interviews and press conferences again. More depth and selection. More to do off track. That would be very cool, because realistically, there is only so much you can do year to year regarding advancements. Aside from the obvious, like up-to-date stats, physics, tracks, looks etc.

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