The PS4 Sure Makes Basketball Look Good

OK, yes, this is a marketing video by the folks who make NBA 2K14, which is already out on current-gen consoles and will be released for Xbox One and PS4 later this year. The real game might not look this good.

But still... they're claiming this footage was captured off a PlayStation 4. It's pretty slick. I wonder how much time they spent on Anthony Davis's eyebrow.


    I would be surprised if it didn't look that good. It all comes down to ball physics though doesn't it?

      Pft, if you want ball physics, go play pong. This game is about shirt fabric movement and sweat textures.

        And armbands, post-dunk animations...

        For me it's not about ball physics, it's about smooth pass/shoot/positioning transitions. That's where the 'reality' starts to kick in.

    PC version looks like trash compared to this :(
    Really would like a patch for that...or...a re-release, id pay 20 bux for it too.

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