The Splendour Of Deep Space Starships


    The problem with Eve is that when you are in these big ships, because of the way the camera pans and scales you don't get the feeling you are flying something massive. They move and align slower, but you can still dart around them with the camera which that kills the illusion.

    Higher res textures, higher poly models and the tessellation they showed off a few years ago (if it ever happens) will help a lot.

      Yeah but in space there's always something bigger. So what's the whole point of size then when it comes to spaceships. Unless you are able carry more cargo and do more stuff.

      If you use the cinematic camera angles (ctrl alt + left arro + scroll, I think) The scale is shown to its full intentional. I did it with one of my firs ships with a station as a backdrop and I was just a pixel compared to it. Of course, you wouldn't do that during a fight.

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