The Stig Will Feature In Forza Motorsport 5

This is cool. So cool. The Stig, the legendary, anonymous, helmet wearing race driver from Top Gear is set to feature in Forza Motorsport 5. You can race against The Stig, you can watch him clock times around the famous Top Gear tracks and, if you're good, you can beat The Stig.

This is one of those licensing deals that just makes sense. Racing fans love Top Gear, and some Top Gear fans — even if they don't necessarily play video games — tend to buy consoles solely for racing games. There's a great crossover audience there. Very cool idea.

"The partnership between Forza Motorsport and Top Gear has featured many highlights over the years," said Dan Greenawalt, creative director on Forza Motorsport 5. "Including The Stig’s digital cousin in the game is a natural extension of that creative partnership. Now, on top of racing against the best virtual drivers in the world online or against brand new cloud-powered Drivatar opponents in career mode, players can tackle the digital cousin of one of the world’s most celebrated racing icons."

The Top Gear folks seem very focused on making sure that people know The Stig can be beaten, which is surprising to me! I thought there may have been some wrangling over what The Stig could and couldn't do in a video game. It's great to hear that the Top Gear team doesn't take the whole branding idea of The Stig as this unassailable driver too seriously.

"Trying to beat The Stig on track has long been the petrol-fuelled dream of Top Gear fans everywhere and whilst Jeremy and the team did not want to frustrate or embarrass gamers by putting forward the real Stig, they did help us track down a potentially more fallible relative of their tame racing driver," said Duncan Gray, Top Gear’s Commercial Director at BBC Worldwide.

Nice idea, great implementation.


    I bet underneath that helmet you'll find TT from Diddy Kong Racing.

    That bastard was impossible.

    So, we got Clarkson in Forza 4, we're getting The Stig in Forza 5, so does that mean they'll give us "captain slow" in Forza 6.

    Also, I wonder if they'll have Clarksons voice telling us about the Bathurst track. I thought it was amusing when they had that Bathurst Edition Commodore on Top Gear and they were pronouncing it "Bar-thurst", It's Bathurst you English gits.

    Seriously though, I'm really trying to resist getting an Xbone, but Bathurst, and The Stig, dammit, ME WANTY!

      Apparently there is even more Clarkson stuff in Forza 5.

      Its like the only thing making me want an xbone.

      they have announced all 3 of them will be featured in the game this time.

    If only they'd bring Forza to the PC.. It's an amazing looking game, but I don't feel the Xbox One is worth one game to me..

    Is there any word of a wireless wheel ala the dildo from forza 4? I was sceptical of that thing at first, but grew to love it and couldn't play without.

    I know there are other wheels, but I want to sit on my couch and drive.

    So, is this an Australian clip? Holden as the car? I know the TG guys loved the monaro, but that's pretty cool right there!

    I'm so glad I took a few days off at the end of November. Going to spend a whole lotta time racing Cousin Stig.

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